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23 Brilliant Excuses For Hickeys

Last updated on June 6, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Hickeys can be delightful but also embarrassing when you have to live with it for a few days. You would also have to deal with people trying to pry into your sex life and find out if it’s indeed a hickey or not. 

To get people out of your business, you’re going to need some excuses, especially in a professional environment like work or church.

There are many believable ways to cover up for hickeys, and that’s why we’ve put together this article. Below are twenty-three excuses for hickeys to say to anyone, which will really get them out of your business for good. If you’re curious to find out what you can tell your parents or anyone else that will stop them from interfering, continue reading to find out.

23 Top Excuses For Hickeys

1. I Burnt My Skin

A burn mark looks slightly different from a hickey, but it’s a good excuse you could use. Getting that size of burn can occur from a limited number of sources, which is why a brilliant example is a curling iron. 

You can narrate how you got a new curler you weren’t so used to, and your neck got in the way at the wrong time. No one would be able to dispute your story because they weren’t there when it happened, which is why it’s good.

2. Insect Bite

insect bite

If you’re looking for good excuses for a hickey, then an insect bite is a good option. An insect bite fits nicely into the category of what might make your skin turn red without having too much information about what insect bit you. 

You can talk about going to a place where insects are bound to bite, like a trip to a wildlife reserve. If it’s impossible to come up with a travel story, then you should settle with the fact that you were bit by a mosquito at home.

3. My Neck Got Caught In Something

This excuse may sound silly, but it works wonderfully. You can say that your neck got bruised by the car door. Indeed, that would leave a mark that everyone would notice the next day. 

You can also add details to your story like bending or stretching over to get something from the car, but the door rolled and hit you in the neck. You can think of other objects that might easily hit anyone in the neck and use it as one of your excuses.

4. Sports Excuses

Another event that can leave a mark synonymous with that of a hickey is sports. You can explain how you got a blow to the neck either by the ball itself or a fist. Of course, this would require extra work on your neck to make it more believable. 

You might have to increase the number of patches or perhaps the size of it to make others follow your story. For example, the type of game you mention, a volleyball game or golf, will determine how you would patch up the hickey.

5. An Allergic Reaction

You can give the excuse that you’re reacting to something you used topically on your skin. This can either be a perfume or a new skin treatment you tried. Whatever the case may be, everyone would understand because skin reactions are pretty standard. 

The bright side is that no one would ask too many questions about the hickey because it’s something that’s out of your control. They would only want to know what you think really caused it.

6. Paintball Game

paintball game

This is similar to sports excuses except that you don’t have to explain too much here. Everyone knows how paintball games work, so they can imagine how you got that stain on your neck. You can narrate how you went out for fun, and someone competitive shot your neck with a paintball gun. 

Since the paint is hard to get out, this story would easily be believable. In some cases, you might need to increase the patch’s size for a more believable story.

7. A Virus Or Something Similar

The excuse that you woke up to a patch on your skin can help if you accompany it with the possibility of having a virus or something similar to that. You can also be reacting to something that you ate the previous night. 

Since a virus or allergy can leave a form of redness on the skin, you should be able to convince anyone of it. You can add other patches on different parts of your skin and also complain about discomfort or itchiness. This process will discourage anyone from thinking it’s a hickey.

8. Party Stamp

It’s no surprise that some parties use party stamps as a means of entrance identification. It can be at any visible area of the body, including the neck. Therefore, excuses like this help you get away with a noticeable hickey on your neck. 

You can also point out that it looks exactly similar to a hickey, and you’re sure that’s what the night club was aiming for. This type of story would immediately throw anyone off the fact that it can be an actual hickey on your neck.

9. A Tattoo

a tattoo

Of course, it has to be a temporary one because no one would believe you got a permanent red patch design on your skin. If they bring up the fact that it looks similar to a hickey, you can easily throw them off saying they don’t understand the design. 

You can also tell them that they’re thinking way too far or dirty for something as innocent as a tattoo. You could also place an actual tattoo over it to make the excuse more believable.

10. Birthmark

Lying about a hickey being a birthmark is really tough, especially if someone has your old photos. If you’re amid individuals that know you well, such excuses about the hickey probably wouldn’t work. If you’re among co-workers, this excuse might not work either. 

It will only work for people you randomly meet, where there’s no propensity to run into them again. You can point out that the birthmark runs in your family.

11. Someone Attacked You

It can be anyone, even a road attacker. The fact that you were attacked will throw anyone off the idea that it could be a love mark. They’ll immediately show concern and ask if you’re hurting in any way possible. 

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They’ll also advise you to be more careful when outdoors or doing certain activities. It would help if you also got your story right beforehand because they might want to know more details like what the person used to attack you if someone else witnessed the attack and where it happened.

12. Deny It

Sometimes, you can use reverse psychology to win an argument if you wish to. If a person accuses you of having a hickey, you can disagree and act surprised that they would think that far. You may not have general excuses for why there’s a red patch on your neck, but performing this way will get them to think otherwise of the situation. 

Let the person believe that they are imagining the worst when it could easily be anything else that caused it. Throw their mind off the possible fact of it being a hickey.

13. You Had One Too Many Glasses Of Wine

you had one too many glasses of wine

You stained yourself the previous night when you had way too many wine shots. You woke up this morning surprised to see you had a mark on your neck that resembled a hickey, but it’s not. 

If you say these words the right way, you could be persuasive enough for someone to believe you got stained with wine the night before. Keep your story simple and straightforward because, after all, you were intoxicated. Too many details will cause everything to look sketchy and similar to trying to cover up for a hickey.

14. A Fake Hickey

Saying the hickey is fake is an easy way to turn the situation into a joke if necessary. You can narrate how you decided to give yourself a phony hickey to trick your friend into believing you got the real deal. 

You also wanted to see how far their minds would go in determining who gave you the hickey. You can also include how it was a fun thing to do since you were bored over the weekend. This story is something anybody will laugh over and brush aside easily.

15. A Friend Thought It’d Be Fun

It’s not a bad idea to admit you were goofing around with your friends, and one of them thought it'd be fun to give you a hickey, right? 

You can twist the story to suit the situation you’re in, and I’m sure no one would take it seriously that you have a red patch on your neck. If people get too nosy, you can point out the sole fact that having fun once in a while is indeed not a crime. That would get them to back off.

16. You Got Punched

Just in the same manner, anyone can get hit in a sports game, you can use this as a good excuse for the apparent hickey on your neck. You were seated at a bar, one thing led to another, and before you knew it, you were plunging into the floor from a punch to your neck. 

You can omit some details if you’re unsure of how to put the story together. You can also use the excuse that you weren’t completely sober. What really matters is that you got that tag on your neck from a punch and not a kiss.

17. You Were Writing A New Book

you were writing a new book

Sometimes, you need to get into character for some inspiration. You can think of a perfect theme that would suit the imaginary book you want to talk about and create a story behind why you wanted to get a red patch on your neck. 

You can admit that the main character in the story got a hickey, but you wanted to know what it felt like to write about it more proficiently. You can also write about it being a birthmark to the character or any other excuse listed above.

18. I Got Hit

In the same manner, you can get hit with a flying ball during sports, you can also get hit with random objects at home. This can be anything you can think of, even an apple being thrown in your direction. 

The more natural it feels, the more believable the story will be. Think of all the possible objects someone could throw in your home, strong enough to leave a mark on your neck. After this, you can slide it into your story.

19. You Are Practicing Stage Makeup

You can tell others about your new passion for stage makeup and how you want to create a believable hickey. You could also add how you decided to wear it for a day to hear individuals’ thoughts on your makeup. 

To throw people off guard, you can end your statement with, “It looks just like a hickey, right?” This last part will make such excuses hard to refute. You can get away with a hickey anytime you wish. 

20. You Were Stung By A Jellyfish

It’s not unlikely for someone to get stung by a jellyfish. Hearing such a sad story will make individuals show a high level of sympathy towards you. You might even get some care and support you didn’t bargain for. 

At the end of the day, you’ll be a winner. You can add some extra details to the story, such as how you’re experiencing some pain, and everyone will be drawn to your situation.

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21. Commemorate A Friendship

commemorate a friendship

Most friendships have weird traditions that create a unique bond. You can tell individuals you’re commemorating a friendship with a strange and embarrassing habit of wearing a hickey all day long. People might feel sorry for you, while some might praise the special yet awkward relationship you have with your friend. However, nobody will believe it’s an actual love bite.

22. Cut Yourself Shaving

Everyone gets a red patch after shaving excessively, don’t they? If you’re a man, you can quickly get away with such excuses. Talk about how you were in a rush to get to the office, or perhaps meet up with someone, and you applied too much pressure on your skin. 

It’s a believable story that nobody will dare to refute. At the end of the day, you might get some shaving tips without anyone interfering with your sex life.

23. You Were Practicing Wrestling

This is a good excuse that can summarize getting punched in the neck without even realizing it. Simply talk about how you were practicing wrestling with your friends, and you didn’t even know you got hit until you saw the patches on your neck afterward. You would have to make the story really believable, or else someone would be able to see through your lies.


What is the best excuse for a hickey?

You can give several excuses for hickeys, including telling others that you’re practicing stage makeup at home on yourself. You can also say that an insect bit you, or you hit your neck at the time you were trying to get into your car.

What do you say when your parents see a hickey?

Excuses to give for a hickey includes saying someone hit you in the neck at a time you were drunk or wrestling or say that it’s a tradition you had with your best friend. You could also explain that it’s a makeup look for a stage play.

How can I get rid of hickeys fast?

To make a hickey really look like natural skin in the nick of time, you can apply makeup over it. A practical method to help the skin recover would be using a cold compress on the spot for the first few hours after you got it.

What do you do when someone’s giving you a hickey?

When you’re receiving a hickey, you can do or say multiple things rather than giving a bland look. You can say how much you’re really enjoying it while rubbing or caressing the head of your partner. This process will make them feel happy about what they’re doing.

Do hickeys feel good?

Some may say they feel really good, while some might not enjoy it. It might seem ticklish or, in some cases, feel similar to nothing. The experience of pleasure while receiving a hickey differs and is based on factors like the person giving and the person receiving the hickey.

The Bottom Line

Did you enjoy this article on excuses for hickeys? If you want to avoid individuals prying into your love life, you can try using a concealer to hide the affected area. Another option would be to make sure it’s done in a conspicuous place. If there’s no way to avoid getting one, and you don’t want to give an excuse, then consider telling people not to pry. 

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