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The Best 25 Excuses for Hickeys (What You Should Know About)

June 6, 2024

If you are looking for the greatest excuses for hickeys, look no further. But before we get to that, you might want to think about why you need to make excuses for them. Are you cheating on your partner? What do you plan to say to them when they notice these little indiscretions? 

I think it’s important that you decide why you might need to make a good excuse for a hickey. I mean, if you are cheating on your partner, that’s a whole different topic, right? Rather, you need to know how to lie in a convincing way; wouldn’t you agree?

Rather than lie to your partner, is there some truth you are trying to hide? Do you think maybe it’s time to come clean and admit the truth? Maybe hickeys aren’t your greatest problem right now; maybe it is hiding the fact that you got them from someone else - a new partner that your current partner knows nothing about. 

Let’s discuss all of this further and talk more about excuses for hickeys! After all, that is why you are reading this article, so we will address some great, believable excuses that you can use!

25 Excellent Excuses for a Hickey

1. I cut myself shaving

This is one of the more common excuses for hickeys on the neck or skin anywhere. No one would really question this unless it is a concerned family member. If your mom or some other family member were to hear that you cut yourself, they would likely give you some home remedies to treat the wound!

2. I used a heating pad for too long

Okay, so this one is actually something that happened to me! One night, I let the heating pad stay on my neck for too long, so now I have a permanent burn mark on my body. It’s really on the skin on my shoulder, but it is a daily reminder that I should be more careful when it comes to heat and my skin. You don’t want to get this one wrong!

3. I was resting on my arm or hand for too long

This happens to me a lot. I rest my head or neck on my hand, and before you know it, I have a mark that looks like I burned myself in a tanning bed or something. Of course, I was not anywhere near a tanning bed, but it definitely looks suspicious! I need to wear gloves or just stop putting my body in this position when I am tired at night!

4. I slept wrong

Like the last excuse, this one is great if you do not live with the person you are trying to fool. Just don’t allow your boyfriend or girlfriend a chance to make the area start growing larger than it already is, or you might have difficulty explaining the mark! It’ll be tough to talk your way out of the reason that your “wound” is getting bigger! 

5. The seatbelt hit my neck in an odd way and left a mark

So you have an upcoming road trip planned? Do you travel in your car a lot? You could easily use this excuse if so. You don’t have to say any far-fetched excuse if you have this one in your pocket. Just say that you did notice the mark and that it was determined to be from a seatbelt. It’s a believable excuse to use on someone else!

6. I had a temporary tattoo on my neck

If you have used a temporary tattoo in the past, you know that those suckers leave a mark when you try to take them off. It looks like pinch marks or an allergic reaction to something. Of course, you could have an allergic reaction to the ingredients or materials used to make the temporary tattoo. Who really knows for sure?

7. I have hives

Explaining that you have a medical condition should work well with your friends, but it won’t fool your family. They will likely know whether you have a medical thing or not. If you want a believable excuse, it’s better to choose something like an insect bite. An insect bite is not something that your family can disprove!

8. This is just a heat rash

Just like you get burned when you are out in the sun too long, it is very plausible that you have a heat rash for another reason. This excuse might take a little more explaining than an insect bite, so you might want to say you have an insect bite if you can pull that off! You don’t want to get caught because you said the wrong thing.

9. I am allergic to animals

i am allergic to animals

This is very believable unless you are trying to convince your family that you’ve had an allergic reaction because when it comes to pets, your family will know better. This is one of those great hickey excuses you can use in the short term, but as a long-term strategy, it is not realistic if it’s not true. In other words, you will get caught!

10. I have a heat rash in that area

We all get embarrassed or warm in different areas of our bodies from time to time. Maybe you showed up to perform at a comedy night at your school or have decided to join the debate team and have to give a speech. This is a believable excuse if you can keep your story straight! Hit the nail on the head by saying you have social anxiety!

11. It’s because of a food allergy that I have

Allergic reactions do take knowledge of medical conditions. With most people being informed in society today, there’s a good chance that someone will know more about the allergy than you do. If you don’t want to get caught, read up on this excuse before committing to it. You will have an easier time with things if you do a bit of research!

12. It is actually an ingrown hair follicle

I have a question for you: Is it actually an ingrown hair, or did your lover get too passionate when the two of you were fooling around? This hickey excuse will hit the nail on the head perfectly because even YOU may not know which response is the truth. If you do want to get rid of the ingrown hair follicle, use tweezers to get that sucker out!

13. It is from acne

While acne does not really look like a hickey, it could fool someone. It is possible that you have the aftermath of a zit on your neck, and this is the result. It is not impossible that this would happen to you; a believable excuse like this will work well with your uneducated friends - those who don’t really know if you are telling the truth or not.

14. It is a rash

This is VERY believable because you would have a rash of some kind - any kind. There are all types of rashes out there. I have great skin, but I do have red rashes on my arms, as though someone has hit me time and time again. If I did get hit on the arm, it would look very similar to a hickey. 

15. The mark is from a bug bite

A spider bite is a great excuse for a hickey. You can explain that you never noticed the spider bite until now, but that you know it is a spider bite because you saw a spider in your home or at work or school. A spider bite works as an excuse because it is a very likely scenario. You won’t have to give too many details with the excuse of insect bites!

16. A temporary tattoo left a mark

On special holidays or any time really, you can talk about how you wanted to get a temporary tattoo for a sports game, for example. Explain that the ink stamp from the tattoo left a mark on your skin. This is not an impossible excuse and very likely will fool anyone if you are the type to get temporary tattoos like I am!

17. I had ice in that area

While ice can work as a hickey excuse, it’s not the best because it is a good way to get rid of a hickey mark. Now, you could say that you were on the ice, playing hockey, and got hit in the neck, which left a mark! That would be one of those great hickey excuses that people wouldn’t question! Just get creative whatever you decide to say!

18. My friends and I created a fake hickey on each other

my friends and I created a fake hickey on each other

Maybe it was a truth-or-dare game or just something you decided to do for fun. Regardless, you can use this as one of your hickey excuses and no one is going to doubt you. The only way you’ll get busted with this one is if your partner knows your friends really well and knows this is very unlikely!

19. I am just embarrassed so my skin is red

This is a great thing to say because you are essentially saying that you realize that you are red in an area of your skin and don’t want to talk about it. If the person who is curious about the mark continues to question you after you’ve said this, they are going to look like a jerk, like someone who hit you where it hurts the most!

20. I have sports excuses

Sports excuses can work in your favor because everyone has had them at one point in their life. Whether you are playing football or are the champion of your wrestling team, this is definitely one of those believable ways to explain away hickeys. You could even go as far as explaining you were on a team at school and unfairly matched!

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21. It is a burn mark from a curling iron

Explain that you were curling your hair with a curling iron or doing a friend’s hair and accidentally let it rest on your shoulder, which is why you have a mark on your neck. This excuse would also work if you used a straightening iron on your hair. People feel bad for those who have burn marks on their necks because they’re noticeable and look painful!

22. I don’t want to get into it

Here, you are essentially explaining that you know you have a place on your skin that is red. You would just rather not discuss the details of what happened to you. The other person will feel guilty for asking you about it. You could always say that last night was a wild evening and you aren’t sure what all happened!

23. I spilled my coffee and got a burn mark from it

Coffee spills happen to everyone from time to time. If you are a normal person with a normal schedule and drink coffee, this has likely happened to you at least once in your life. You could easily get away with using this excuse because it also happens to everyone from time to time! Just say that you are embarrassed about the story!

24. I am sore from the gym

With this excuse, you might have to elaborate a little more, so make sure you know the back story you are going to use. You could say that you were lifting weights, doing yoga, or some other gym-related activity. The key here is commitment and understanding the details of your story because people will ask!

25. I fell and had an accident on a wildlife trip

This is one of those hickey excuses that works because you go into detail. Explaining that you were on a wildlife trip with your best friend will show that you were out having fun without requiring extra details about what happened to your neck. This is because when it comes to the outdoors, anything can happen and leave a mark!

Additional Good Excuses for Hickeys

  • Your new blood sisters required that you make a blood oath and it left a mark.
  • A party stamp did not come off and the party stamp left a mark on your neck!
  • You were messing with a paintball gun, and the paintball gun got your neck!
  • You were a test trial at a school event and this was a reaction to the event.
  • I was doing wine shots and fell asleep on the glasses we were doing the wine shots in!

How to Cover Up a Hickey

Use stage makeup to cover up a hickey. Stage makeup is created in such a way that it will help you cover up the same exact spot where you have a hickey. A base or foundation that matches your skin color is a great way to cover up a hickey, too. If you do an excellent job at covering the little guy up, you might not even need an excuse for it. 

However, if your partner suspects you are cheating and sees you when you wash the makeup off, you will likely need an explanation. If you are in a new relationship, you should expect your first fight with your lover to happen because you got busted with a hickey. If you were cheating and can’t get out of it, you will likely end up breaking up over the mishap.

It’s far better to analyze why you decided to get crazy enough to get a hickey from someone other than your partner. You have cheated; now you need to decide why you did that. Were you trying to fill a void, or were you lacking something in your current romantic relationship? Maybe you should talk to your partner about those things rather than about the lies you tell.

Why You Might Have a Hickey

When it comes to passionate moments in your love life, it’s very easy to get hickeys, which is, of course, why you are looking for hickey excuses! Maybe your boyfriend did it, and you never even realized that was what was happening at the moment. This is because, during passionate moments, we get carried away by the love we feel for our partner.

You might have a mark that looks like a hickey if you do abstract painting, and painting has splattered everywhere. Additionally, if you enjoy a paintball game from time to time, you will likely get a mark in an unwanted location every once in a while. On a side note, you should know that if you plan to play a game like that, the wounds hurt really bad!

It’s not something you want to get involved with if you can’t handle a little pain. You might have your finger open up after a cut playing a game, but that is nothing compared to a paintball wound - depending on the cut, of course! While these are all excellent reasons for having a hickey, you likely got it from your partner’s mouth! Oh, what fun that is!


How do you get rid of a hickey in 5 minutes?

The best excuses for a hickey won’t get you out of the mess in 5 minutes. Just act surprised that you have a love bite. You can always start practicing stage makeup in the area. Practicing stage makeup means that you will apply that makeup to that spot on your neck.

Should I be embarrassed about a hickey?

It depends on who you are hiding it from. If your belief system is one where you come up with reasons for hickeys, you could always try reverse psychology. Reverse psychology happens when you basically trick the other person into believing what you want them to.

What is called a love bite?

Love bites happen when you get a mark like a hickey on your neck or a similar skin area. If it looks like a hickey, there is a good chance that it is a bite like a hickey. You can use a skincare product to cover it up. A skincare product like a base or foundation works well for the neck.

What does it mean when a boy gives you a hickey?

If your sex life has gotten hot and heavy, there’s a good chance you have a mark on your neck like a hickey. This means a guy has sucked on your neck while making out. If you are looking for believable excuses for a hickey, read the ones in this article, and you’ll be covered!

Are hickeys immature?

Not always! It can be great to have hickeys on your neck, but you might need to know excuses for a hickey for your job or family if you are shy about your love life. Even the best excuse won’t prevent people from making assumptions about what’s going on in your bedroom!

To Sum It All Up

So, did a temporary tattoo form on your neck to create that mark? Did you burn yourself with a curling iron? Maybe some idiot attacked you and left a mark on your neck. What are some good excuses you have for hickeys on the neck? We’d love to hear what you have up your sleeve!

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