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How To Get Ready For A Date? (21 Things To Prepare)

Whether you are getting ready for your first date ever, or you have just got out of a long-term relationship and haven’t dated anyone new in a long time, it can be a somewhat overwhelming and stressful experience. However, there are many ways to make preparing for a date easier and more enjoyable

Getting yourself ready and feeling good before a date is so important to help you feel like the best version of yourself. Everything that you do to get ready for your date should help you to feel more confident. You shouldn’t worry about what your date or what anyone else will think about you, rather you should love your own outfit, makeup and hair. 

If you have been eyeing up this person for a while, you will likely want to make a good impression, however, you should never alter your own style or personality for another person, no matter how much you want them to like you. Be you, the most authentic version of you and they will likely fall for you even harder for it. 

Keep reading to find out how to prepare for a date to make yourself feel confident… 

How Do You Get Ready For A Date?

For many, there are a lot of steps involved in getting ready to go on a date, however, it is up to you as to what you feel comfortable with. If you never wear makeup and don’t like the way that it looks or feels, don’t feel pressured to wear it just for a date. The same goes for your hair and outfit, just do what you feel comfortable with. 

There is no point in worrying and stressing too much when you are getting ready for a date, it is supposed to be a fun and romantic experience after all. Spending all of the time beforehand worrying and stressing about getting ready will take any enjoyment out of it and will likely ruin your chances of your date going well. Stay calm and confident in yourself.

It is a good thing to be excited about a date and you shouldn’t let stresses or worries about your appearance ruin that. This person is going on a date with you because he likes you. So make sure to stay true to the personality that he fell for, the real you. These tips will help to ensure your date preparation is enjoyable and runs smoothly. 

1. Be Yourself 

One of the most important things to remember when you are getting ready for a first date is to remember to be yourself. Pick the outfit, hair and makeup style that best suits you and your personality and don’t try to be someone that you are not. If you love a classic and simple outfit, wear that for your date. If you prefer a more edgy look, don’t change your style for anyone.

2. Stop Worrying

Worrying about every little thing about your appearance will likely just ruin the chance of your date going anywhere. If you spend the whole date messing with your hair or stressing about your appearance, you are probably not focusing on the conversation and getting to know your date as much as you would be otherwise. 

3. Be Confident

Be Confident

Be confident in yourself, nothing is more attractive than someone that is comfortable and happy in their own appearance. Remember your date is not perfect and likely has things that they worry about themselves. So, stop overthinking every little thing and try to just enjoy the date instead. Take this time to really get to know one another. 

4. Relax

There is no point going on a date with anyone if you are too stressed to relax and enjoy it. Rather than spending the time before your date stressing or worrying about your appearance or what you are going to say, take some time to just relax. Do whatever makes you feel good and calm, whether it be meditating, reading or going for a walk. 

5. Focus on the Conversation

The most important thing to focus on during a date and when preparing for it is the conversation. Think about what you would like to talk about and learn about your date, rather than simply worrying about your appearance. Going on a date is about getting to know someone and finding out whether or not you are compatible with one another. 

6. Take a Bath

Taking a bath before your date and making sure to really pamper yourself and make yourself feel good and relaxed. It is important to feel nice and clean before your date. So take the time to look after your body by taking a long soak in the bath, followed by moisturising your whole body. Taking the time to relax will make all the difference. 

7. Follow Your Eyebrow Routine

If you don’t want to wear makeup on your date, but you want your eyebrows to look good, make sure to follow your usual eyebrow routine before going on your date. Whether you like to pluck them yourself or get them threaded at a salon, make sure to do this beforehand so that you are feeling your best and you don’t have to worry about them on the date. 

8. Buy Yourself a New Outfit

It is a good idea to treat yourself every now and again and what better time than before a date. Go to your favourite shop or order from your favourite online store. Just remember to pick something that makes you look yourself. Don’t choose something that you aren’t comfortable in, just because you think that your date might like it. 

9. Try on Different Outfits

Before you go on your night out, take the time to try on a few different outfits to pick the one that you love the most. This way you will know you picked the best one and you don’t have to worry when you are out. Choosing something that you love will make you look confident and comfortable. Take the time to look after yourself properly.

10. Add Your Favourite Accessories

No outfit is complete without your favourite jewellery and accessories. Take the time beforehand to pick your jewellery, bags and shoes that perfectly match your outfit. However, if you don’t like to wear accessories, don’t put any pressure to wear them just to impress your partner. However, if you are wearing accessories, make sure to find the right combination. 

11. Put on Your Favorite Perfume

If you like to wear perfume, spray your favorite scent before you go out the door. Whether you prefer something fresh or musky, perfume can help ensure you are feeling great you when getting ready to go out. A signature scent helps to improve your confidence and ensure you are feeling great throughout the evening. 

12. Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is one of the most important steps that everyone should take before leaving for an evening out. Make sure to floss too to make sure that your teeth are perfectly clean. Remember you will be in close proximity to your partner for the whole evening so you want to make sure you make a great impression. 

13. Do Your Makeup in Natural Light

Do Your Makeup in Natural Light

If your dinner is booked for early in the evening, try to do your makeup in natural light. Making sure to do your makeup in a brighter or more natural light will help you to make sure you have properly applied it and blended in everything. Doing your makeup in a badly lit room can result in too much blush or bronzer that you may regret when you look in a mirror later on. 

14. Set Your Makeup

If you are wearing makeup for the evening, make sure that you use a primer and setting powder so that it stays in place. You don’t want to have to be worrying or running to the bathroom in the middle of your conversation because you think your makeup has smudged or slipped. Try out the makeup look the day before so you know how it will last. 

15. Try Different Colours of Lipsticks

It is not always a great idea to experiment before a night out, as this may result in stress and a rush at the end. If you want to wear a new colour of lipstick, make sure to try it the day before so that you can test it out and decide whether it is the right one. Changing your lipstick a few times before you go out can result in you having to redo the rest of your makeup. 

16. Listen to Music

When you are getting ready for the evening, do the things that help you to relax. Put on your favourite album or playlist and let it put you in a great mood. While it is normal to get nervous before dates, don’t let it ruin the fun or the chance of a future with this person. Be relaxed and have fun. 

17. Talk to Your Closest Friends

It is likely that you will be a bit nervous before your evening, however, this is nothing that your closest friends can’t deal with. If you are experiencing some nerves, give your friends a call and ask them what they think of your outfit. This quick call will give you a confidence boost and ensure you are feeling happy before you go out. 

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18. Pamper Yourself 

Before your night out, pamper yourself. Put on a face mask, brush your teeth, exfoliate and moisturise. Even if your partner won’t notice these things you have done, they will notice how confident and happy you are in yourself. These things will also help you to relax and take away any nerves you may be feeling. 

19. Dress for the Situation

Find out where you are meeting for the evening so that you can dress for the occasion and avoid having to think you may be over or underdressed. If you are heading to a fancy restaurant, you may want to pick a smarter outfit than if you were meeting your partner at a local coffee shop or cafe. 

20. Do Your Skincare

Do Your Skincare

Putting on every step of your skincare will help your skin to glow and look great for your evening. Exfoliate your skin the night before and put on a gradual tanner to help give your skin that extra glow. Then remember to put on your serum and moisturiser before you prime your skin for makeup. Even if your partner doesn’t notice, you will be feeling great.

21. Follow Your Normal Routine

When getting ready for an evening out, it is best to closely follow your normal everyday routine, rather than trying new things. If you are adventurous with makeup then go for it, otherwise, keep things simple to avoid any potential mishaps a few minutes before you are supposed to leave your apartment. You don’t want to look too different than normal anyway. 


How do you prepare for a date?

When preparing for a date it is important to do things that make you feel comfortable and confident. Don’t try to be anyone else but you, no matter how much you want this person to like you. Show your date the real version of you and they will fall for your true and authentic self. Wear something that makes you feel really good about yourself. 

How long does it take to get ready for a date?

There is no set rule as to how long it takes to get ready to go on a date and it will depend on each individual. There is no need to worry if you take a long time or a short amount of time to get ready, as everyone is different and everyone feels comfortable with different things. If you don’t love to wear makeup, don’t feel any pressure to wear any on a date. 

What a girl needs to do before a date?

There is nothing that a girl needs to do before a date apart from doing things to make her feel herself. There should be no pressure on anyone to look a certain way for a date. Wear the outfit that makes you feel good even if you think other people may not like it. Wear your hair in a way that makes you feel most confident, no matter what you believe your date might think.

How do I make my first date go well?

The most important thing to do to make your first date go well is to stay calm and try to enjoy the experience. Spending the whole time before the date stressing how things may go, is likely going to ruin any chances of success. Stop worrying about every little detail about yourself or your appearance and just relax and see where things go.

Do you kiss on the first date?

There are no set rules as to what should happen on a first date and instead, you should just do the things that you feel comfortable doing. If something feels right then there is no need to worry about whether it is the proper thing to do. Don’t feel pressured to rush anything and make sure to tell your date if something does make you feel uncomfortable. 

To Sum Up

Preparing to go on a date can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Stop worrying about every little thing and just do the things that make you feel most confident. Your date will be more likely to fall for someone that is confident in their own appearance compared to someone that is obviously trying to be someone that they are not. 

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