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Michele Kelsey

Contributing writer
Michele L. Kelsey is a professional freelance writer and owner of Sharing Life and Love - a website where she writes about relationships, self-improvement, spiritual growth, and more! After years of searching, she met her Prince Charming and has now been married for nearly a decade. Michele has written and published hundreds of relationship articles. She resides with her family in Edmond, Oklahoma.
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Should I Say Happy Birthday to My Ex? (21 Things to Consider)

My boyfriend and I just broke up. We decided not to talk for a period of time. Should I say happy birthday to my ex? Maybe you are going through a similar situation with…
By Michele Kelsey
December 10, 2023

Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me? (35 Alarming Signs He May Be)

In this article, you'll discover that: 70% of all Americans, according to official affair statistics, have admitted to cheating at least once in their relationships Men are by far more likely to cheat than…
By Michele Kelsey
December 2, 2023

Should I Write A Letter To My Ex? (6 Ways To Do It Right)

Are you thinking about writing a letter to your ex? A lot of women dither over this idea, either as a means of getting him back, apologising or just to let him know that…
By Michele Kelsey
December 1, 2023

When To Say I Love You (20 Signs You’re Really In Love)

Are you wondering when to tell your partner you love them? Are you terrified of mis-timing it? Do you feel as if you have no idea whether it's the right time to be declaring…
By Michele Kelsey
December 1, 2023

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