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11 Tips on How to Text Your Crush Without Being Boring

If you would like to learn how to text your crush without being boring, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you are worried you cannot keep the conversation flowing once you start a text message conversation. Perhaps you just don’t ask interesting questions.

If something is making you believe you do not know how to text your crush without being boring, it might all be in your head! However, maybe you’ve heard this from past crushes. Maybe you’ve been told you were a dry texter.

Have no fear! In this post, you will learn how to text your crush without being boring! You will know the right things to say and do so that your insecurities about being a dry texter will float away and be a part of your life no more! Let’s dive right in to learn more about this topic.

How to Text Your Crush Without Being Boring and Make the Conversation Interesting

It’s critical to know how not to be boring when texting if you want to keep a person interested. There are many ways to do this, but we will focus on this list. When trying to be less dry as a texter than you have been in the past, remember to always be yourself.

1. Send a joke or a funny meme

Learning to make your crush laugh is definitely a great thing! What do you feel like when someone makes you crack up and almost wet yourself? Maybe you have watched a lot of comedians on television. Share something really funny to lighten the mood!

Talking about this stuff is definitely not boring, right? Think about the people in your life who make you happy or make you laugh. You enjoy being around them, don’t you? In fact, you probably want to spend more time with those people.

If you can remember what it was like the last time someone really made you laugh, you can use that material when texting your crush! Ask them about their most embarrassing moment or what their funniest time was like. Send a few silly pick-up lines, too.

2. Ask open-ended questions

Texting open-ended questions can be tricky. However, it’s usually pretty fun. The problem arises when the other person is busy. In that situation, the recipient may be too busy to respond right away, making you doubt yourself.

Try not to let texting get to your self-esteem too much. It should be a fun activity for all people involved. Tell yourself that your crush might not have seen the text quite yet, or maybe he or she is afraid to respond because they are crushing on you, too.

Whatever your feelings are about this, be sure to ask more interesting questions than usual. Don’t become an annoying person with repetitive texts because you are wondering if they have lost interest in you. Do not allow the voices you hear in your head to thwart your self-worth!

3. Avoid drunk texting

If you decide to send a text message when you are not yourself, there is a chance you will text something that is totally inappropriate and off-subject. You might hear one thing in your head, and it might not be boring, but your sober self would never speak like that!

Be careful when sharing things at times when you are not yourself. You will likely regret it later on. For example, maybe you’ve had a stressful day or a horrible work week and want to share. You are probably dog-tired and are not at your best at night.

In these situations, it’s not wise to try to put your best foot forward. Get some rest instead. After you are clear-headed, text your crush. Make sure you also send him or her a text when you know they will be awake and not too busy.

4. Don’t send one-word text messages

To keep things interesting, start talking about what you are interested in. Maybe you should mention your “other interests'' - those things that you rarely share with people because they are so unusual. Maybe you have a weird, cute habit you could mention!

When thinking of good conversation starters with your crush, the best way to get it is to find a common interest. While keeping things light between the two of you, ask questions that take longer to answer. Keep him or her interested by making them really think!

One way to become more interesting in your texts is to make fun of yourself. According to Medical News Today, you should basically loosen up in order to have more fun! This will make you more appealing as you pursue your crush or crushes.

5. Chat about their passions

chat about their passions

Who doesn’t love spending time talking about the things that interest them the most? Keep in mind that what interested you in the past may not interest your crush. You can best gauge this by chatting with them about the things you are interested in.

For example, I have an unhealthy collection of books. It is certainly not a boring topic to me. In fact, on a good night, you will catch me organizing my collection. If I were trying to chat with my crush without being boring, I’d likely have a conversation about books.

If, based on his response, he gave me short answers in this conversation, I would move on to another topic until I found something that he did not find boring. The other night, I did spend time categorizing my books, but what is cool to me might be annoying to someone else! It’s all a matter of what interests your crush.

6. Be random

Sometimes, to avoid a boring conversation, you must discuss things that require more than a one-word response. Get a little strange in your small talk. What kind of weird dreams have you had lately? What’s the most interesting crime you’ve witnessed?

Maybe you do not have a lot of weird things to talk about. Read a book, watch the News, or hit the mall to listen to some clever gossip! That will surely give you some random things to mention to your crush. You really can’t be interesting if you do not have stories.

Think back in your life to memories of your childhood. What was your most embarrassing moment? When did you first fall in love? What has been your experience with crushes in the past? All of this would certainly be interesting to me!

7. Keep the conversation going

Before you can keep things going, you must get a great conversation started. A boring texter would ask about the weather or about one’s career. Maybe you are wondering more about those things. You can always ask them once the conversation progresses.

If you want to have a fun conversation, be sure to keep a list of great things to say by your side. Maybe you heard a funny story the other night or just want to share some fun message you heard a motivational speaker say. 

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According to Psychology Today, becoming a good conversationalist involves listening to the other person, keeping an open mind, and being totally honest with them. You don’t have to share your life story right away, but these tips will help you a lot!

8. Don’t be needy

We all have moments of insecurity. If you are trying to keep your crush interested, you’ll need to exhibit patience and understanding. They might not be able to respond right away. Don’t continue to send them message after message. Be patient!

I will admit that I have quite a lot of difficulty when it comes to patience. This is because when I am waiting on a text, I think the other person should respond right away. I forget that others have a life outside of our conversation. This is not a healthy mindset.

According to Healthline, some of the best ways to practice patience include meditation, getting plenty of sleep or rest, exercising regularly, and having an attitude of gratitude. Work on those things if you find yourself becoming impatient with your crush’s texts! 

9. Be funny

It’s easier to say that you can be funny than to actually do it, right? This is especially true if you are talking to someone you like. You could catch some funny comedians on YouTube and use some jokes you’ve heard from them to keep your crush interested.

You can also make your crush laugh by talking about experiences that you have had in your life. Did you once trip and fall in front of a large group? What was your first kiss like? When did you wish you could just hide from other people? 

In what ways have you been embarrassed in the past? How did you react at that moment? Giving yourself a hard time can be a challenge, especially if you are very confident, but it is a great way to make someone else loosen up in a conversation.

10. Become the only person they think about

If you truly become not a boring texter, you will likely have the attention of the one you admire. Maybe you are really funny or just fun to chat with. If your texting conversations leave them wanting more, you’ve excelled at this.

Just remember to be yourself because one day, the two of you might meet or go out in person. You want to be authentic in your texting so that you will not “let them down” when you meet them in real life.

11. Practice makes perfect

The final suggestion I can make when it comes to texting is to practice! It takes work and perseverance to be the one that stays on their mind. You might practice texting someone you do not like nearly as much as your crush. They can be your “test subject.”

Get their feedback on how you are doing with texts. They should be able to tell you if you are boring or not. However, you will never progress with texting unless you practice it on a regular basis. 

Another smart idea when it comes to practicing is to type up or copy and paste your conversations with your crush. Then, you are able to analyze what was said to see if there were things discussed that you can ask questions about in the future.

Good Conversation Starters with Your Crush

Lots of us want to learn how to not be a dry texter or even how to not be a boring texter. But what do those words mean? Basically, you are putting to sleep the person you are texting if you are dry or boring. Avoid those things that make you boring in communication.

How to Start a Conversation with Your Crush on Text

how to start a conversation with your crush on text

When you begin a texting conversation with your crush, you will want to grab their attention. You can do this by talking about the things they are most interested in. If you do not know what those things are, you might have a bit of work to do!

Ask their friends, if possible! Maybe it’s model trains. Do a deep dig online and learn all you can about the subject to keep them interested.

When I was single, I used to really follow sports so that I would have great things to discuss with the guys I was texting at the time. It really gave me a leg up amongst others. It’s a great way to start a conversation via texting!

How to Make a Conversation Interesting with Your Crush

Once the two of you have been texting for a while, you will want to keep the texts coming along. Find out more about your crush’s schedule so that you can be respectful of their boundaries. Consider what times work best for them so that they will be well-rested and ready to chat.

Another really good point here is that you should try to keep things short. What I mean is do not just text for hours at a time. You want to keep him or her wanting more! Leave the conversation a bit mysterious, and they will wonder why you had to quit texting.

Playing hard to get like this might seem a bit old-fashioned, but it’s mentioned for a reason. It really works! Give it a try to see what I mean.

How to Not Be a Boring Texter with Anyone

While we have been focused on your crush in this article, there are specific tips that might help when you chat with friends or family members, too! You can make anyone smile if you know the right words to share with them. You will also become a more likable person by doing this.

How to Not Be a Dry Texter

Think about what interests you the most and lead with that. What do you think about the most? Keep in mind we are talking about subjects, not people. However, if you have a girlfriend that loves to gossip about boys, feel free to tell her all about your crush.

Maybe your aunt loves the fact that you are boy-crazy or that you talk about your ex non-stop, you can text her all about what’s on your mind - your crush!

On the other hand, if you have a friend or family member that enjoys discussing the weather, chat about what it is like where you live. When did it rain last? Do you love the snow? When do you expect that to happen again? The key is to be engaging and chat about their favorite things!

How to Be an Interesting Texter

You can easily learn how to not be a boring texter with a little practice. Saying “Okay” is not really acceptable if you want to be an interesting texter. You need to respond with more than one word. Consider some descriptive words - coolness, awesome, or neatness!

Get their attention. You want to have a memorable conversation - one that will not soon be forgotten! Often, when I say things like “Awesome Blossom” or “Coolness,” people laugh and say they haven’t heard that in a long time! That’s okay. I got their attention, right?


How can I have a meaningful conversation with my crush?

Once you learn how to text your crush without being boring, you’ll be able to focus on having a thoughtful conversation with that individual. Think about your favorite childhood memory, and share something personal like that to really get your creative juices flowing.

How can I learn how to not be boring over text?

If you want to know how to not be a boring texter, you must give yourself a little grace. No one is perfect. You might just have a boring recipient! Maybe it has nothing to do with you. Sometimes, just having an open mind when you text keeps things interesting.

Can you learn how to start a text conversation with your crush?

You can always learn how to up your texting game! Talk about the same things you would talk about in person in order to not have your crush lose interest. There is a fine line between getting too personal, though, so be sure to keep it light and fun.

How will you know what to talk about with your crush over text?

Sometimes, you do not have to say much. You could send a funny meme for a good laugh. That is often better than having a long conversation. If you want to be a fun texter, you should, most of all, be yourself! Let your fun side shine while you text your crush without being a boring texter.

How can I learn how to not be boring when texting?

If you want to potentially date this person one day, text your crush about his or her favorite things. Ask what their favorite animal is and keep asking open-ended questions until you find common ground - an area where the two of you can keep chatting for hours.


Do you now know how to text your crush without being boring? What did you think of my list? Will you now avoid one-word responses and give your crush something great to mull over? Be sure to leave a comment about how you’ll keep an interesting conversation going.

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