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Aquarius Man And Leo Woman Compatibility In Sex, Love and Life (9+ Exciting Characteristics)

If you are in a relationship or dating someone, it can be scary at first knowing whether you guys have what it takes to make things long term. A good idea is to look at one another’s star signs to see if you are compatible with each other.

Here, we look at the compatibility Aquarius and Leo have to see if they stand a chance of having a long-lasting and loving relationship in their life. More specifically, we look at the good points and bad points of this pairing by weighing up the best traits of each sign as well as the worst. Depending on how strong each of the traits is is key to how much success these two have. Additionally, how well they can talk to one another when their more negative traits cause problems between them is also key. 

Leo And Aquarius Advantages

Here are the great points to both a Leo and an Aquarius. If this pairing has a huge weighting towards to these advantages, the pairing has a great chance of being a long-lasting relationship full of love and happiness. That’s not to say that the relationship will never have its problems. For the relationship to be able to get through tough times, Aquarius and Leo will always need to be able to talk to each other.  

1. Kind


An Aquarius man is a very kind being. This is fantastic news for the Aquarius man and Leo woman compatibility as it means that the Aquarius is more likely to make the Leo happy. Plus kindness is such a positive trait in anyone that it is likely to attract any star sign, but most specifically the Leo. They see kindness as one of the most important characteristics anyone can have so this is a massive advantage for all Aquarius men who are interested in dating a Leo.

2. Easy Going

Aquarius men tend to be one of the most easy-going and relaxed star signs that there are. This is great news for any Leo who wants an Aquarius in their life as a Leo can be a very passionate and intense person. It means that there is a great balance in this partnership which can keep each of the signs on an even path. An Aquarius man will sometimes need a person to encourage them along. Whilst a Leo may need their partner to tell them to calm down on occasion. 

3. Sociable

An Aquarius man and Leo woman can be a fantastic partnership as Leo will love how sociable an Aquarius can be. A Leo likes to be in the company of people but can sometimes find interacting with those they don’t know hard at times. They can feel a little self-conscious, but the Aquarius’s sociable ways will help put them at ease. This can make their relationship stand the test of time as Leo will love how the Aquarius makes them feel. 

4. Independent

Both signs have a tendency to be very independent people. This is great news for the Aquarius man and Leo compatibility as it means that neither will get hurt if they are not in each other’s pockets all the time. A Leo woman and Aquarius man can happily spend time apart from one another and then enjoy each other’s company, even more, when they come back together again. It may sound counterintuitive, but this time apart can make their relationship stronger. 

5. Charismatic

A Leo woman is a very charismatic person - despite feeling quite shy. This is why having an Aquarius around them is fantastic as it gives them the confidence to let their personality shine through. When they feel confident and at ease, they can be so charming. This is a strong attraction for the Aquarius and is a key reason why this relationship can materialize into love. Plus, the Aquarius will love how Leo is liked by so many other people due to their charisma and charm. It will make the Aquarius so proud to be with the Leo, which in turn helps the Aquarius man and Leo woman compatibility. 

Leo And Aquarius Disadvantages

Here are the disadvantages that the Aquarius man and Leo woman may have to contend with in their life together. If their relationship is to last, these bad points either need to be some of the smaller parts of both their personalities or they need to be able to talk through the problems that these negative points cause. 

1. Strong-willed

Perhaps one of the most difficult things that this dynamic will have to deal with is the fact that the Aquarius is so strong-willed. This can make things hard as it means that Aquarius men can often become quite stubborn. Being in a relationship with a person who must always have their way can be tough for anyone, but particularly for a Leo who is such an intense and passionate person. It can be a pairing that ends up in many arguments, therefore.

2. Detached

While both an Aquarius man and Leo woman can be independent creatures, the problem with Aquarius and Leo is sometimes that the Aquarius becomes too independent. This results in them becoming detached which can not only hurt a Leo woman but also frustrate them too. Again, thanks to that passionate nature, this can be a recipe for many arguments that not even the Aquarius’s easy-going nature can diffuse. 

3. Indecisive

The trait that may irritate the Leo more than any other in the Aquarius personality is the Aquarius’s predisposition to be very indecisive. As Leo is so intense, they simply won’t be able to grasp why the Aquarius can’t always make a quick decision. The reality is that an Aquarius is often indecisive because they are able to see things from two different sides so they confuse themselves to the best course of action. Sometimes, Leo can therefore be a great partner for them as they help the Aquarius make decisions in their life. 

4. Proud

Something that may irritate the Aquarius is the fact that Leo is known to be the proudest of all zodiac signs. This can infuriate the Aquarius as it means that Leo will rarely back down in an argument to save face. Given that an Aquarius, though stubborn, can see things from two sides, they simply won’t understand that pride means a Leo can never admit they are wrong - even to the love of their life. 

5. Fiery


Being the star sign symbolized by the Lion, it’s perhaps no surprise that they are a fiery character by nature. This is what some Aquarius men will struggle to contend with given how relaxed they are in their approach to life. They will deal with many issues in their life in a calm manner and will therefore find that the temper that can be found within many Leos very abrasive. However, sometimes opposites attract and an Aquarius may find that fiery way a huge attraction. 


What does an Aquarius man like in a Leo woman?

An Aquarius man likes that a Leo woman is independent like him as well as very charismatic. This appeals to his sociable ways, but also he appreciates that her independence doesn’t tie him down. 

Why is Leo attracted to Aquarius?

A Leo loves that an Aquarius man is independent like her. However, she is also attracted to his kind and easy-going personality which makes him fun to be around. She likes knowing where she stands with him and confident that he will be there for her when needed. 

Are Aquarius and Leo a good match?

Aquarius and Leo can be a great match - as long as their plus points outweigh the bad. This will depend entirely on what each individual has as the strongest characteristics in their personality. If they have strong bad points, they will both need to communicate with each other a lot to work out any issues that arise. 

Can an Aquarius man fall in love with a Leo woman?

An Aquarius man and Leo woman can easily fall in love with each other. On the side of the Aquarius man, he will fall for her warm-hearted ways that are coupled with her driven and courageous personality. 

How do Aquarius act when they like someone?

An Aquarius will be a constant support to a person that he likes - whether romantically or not. When it comes to romance, if he likes a person and is attracted to them, he will be thoughtful and as romantic as he can be with them on dates. 


The Aquarius man and Leo woman relationship can be one that is full of a lot of love and happiness. This is thanks to many of their characteristics being either a good balance for each other or so similar that they have a lot of things in common. 

When issues arise is when some of the bad points are the stronger elements of either sign’s character. However, couples can still stand the test of time if they are willing to be upfront and honest about any problems as soon as they arise. 

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