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29 Really Annoying Things Boyfriends Do (What You’ve Got to Know)

There are many really annoying things boyfriends do, things that drive girls crazy - not in a good way. Instead, girls get very annoyed when guys do certain things. 

For example, if your boyfriend has a bad habit of checking out other girls in front of you, this can be very annoying. He’ll probably come up with lame excuses when you confront him about this problem, so what’s a girl to do? 

If you have a list of annoying things that your boyfriend does, you should talk to him about what’s bothering you. Let him know that you care about your relationship and don’t want it to be ruined because of annoying habits. He will likely want to change his annoying habits once he realizes how much they bother you. 

Today we will look at 29 really annoying things boyfriends do, so you will know that you are not alone in these irritations. Are you ready to learn more and dish in the comments about the annoying things your boyfriend does? Let’s get started!

29 Truly Annoying Things Boyfriends Do

1. Some interrupt you when you’re talking

some interrupt you when you're talking

This is one of the most annoying things ever. I can’t stand it when people try to talk over me because they are too eager to explain what they want to say. When my boyfriend does this, I’m not the type of girl who can sit around and take it patiently. I get mad and annoyed; I usually just stop talking in order to indicate that I am upset.

I find it helpful to just give my boyfriend the silent treatment after that to show him that I no longer feel like he is listening to what I’m saying and that upsets me. Because he knows his girlfriend well, my boyfriend knows he has made mistakes in the conversation and stops to listen. Every boyfriend is different, though. For some, this may not work.

2. Some leave their socks on during sex

This is one of those annoying habits that can be easily changed if you tell your boyfriend this bothers you. Explain that you would like him to change habits like this, that you have an idea of a way to improve your sex life, and that you would like him to respect this idea even if it makes him a little uncomfortable. Discuss annoying habits like this.

Not every boyfriend will change when you discuss annoying habits, but many will be glad you want to work on the relationship rather than break up over something so small. Have a heart-to-heart conversation with your boyfriend to let him know you’d like him to stop doing something, and hopefully, he will listen and comply with your request.

3. Some are indecisive

Indecisive guys have trouble making up their minds. If your boyfriend does this annoying thing, you may want to tell him you are tired of making all the decisions in the relationship, and you’d like him to please start making choices on his own. This bad habit can be very annoying if you are an impatient person and want a decision to be made.

If you don’t know how to deal with an indecisive boyfriend, you should check out our article on the topic. We want you to succeed in your relationship, so we’ve given you just the right tips to combat this problem. Soak up the information and use it on your indecisive boyfriend so that your relationship can improve!

4. Some don’t shower or brush their teeth often enough

These may sound like obvious annoying things, but many guys do not shower or brush their teeth enough. I was actually surprised that so many of the guys I dated had such poor hygiene. Of course, not every boyfriend is going to have this problem, but many of the guys I know don’t like to shower daily or brush their teeth regularly. Gross!

5. Some forget important date

This is one of those annoying things that many guys do, unfortunately. If your boyfriend forgets your birthday or anniversary, you might let him know how hurt you are and that you expected more out of him. This should make him feel pretty guilty for doing this annoying thing. You are not alone if this has happened to you. 

I think many boyfriends just don’t have a great memory, so they forget things like this by accident. Of course, mistakes like this can be hurtful, especially if the occasion was important to you. Christmas is an important time of year for me, so if my boyfriend forgot to buy me a Christmas gift, I’d be hurt and very annoyed!

6. Some lack manners

Some boyfriends just don’t know how to behave properly. They can be just plain gross, doing annoying things like burping, farting, or cursing in front of their girlfriends. Many girls don’t appreciate these annoying things because it shows a lack of care and respect on the part of their boyfriends. Why do guys think it’s okay to act that way?

If your boyfriend does annoying things like this, you could just step outside or leave the room. This will tell him that you are irritated. You could even say something like, “Gross!” Hopefully, he will stop doing these things if he knows how much they annoy you. If he doesn’t stop, you may just want to decide if you can tolerate things like this long-term.

Do you want to be in a relationship where the guy doesn’t respect you? When guys do annoying things like this, they usually have zero shame in their disgusting behavior, but every boyfriend is different. You may notice that your boyfriend is apologetic as soon as he does something like this; guys can be sorry for letting something slip.

7. Some make lame excuses when they are late

For many girls, being late or being stood up are unacceptable, annoying things that guys do. If their boyfriends stand them up or are very late because they forgot the time, girls should evaluate how much their boyfriend really cares about them. Why would he want to make plans only to not follow through? 

Girls should think about the long-term ramifications of actions like this because their boyfriends may never change. If he will be late for every occasion for the rest of your life, do you think you can tolerate that? Will you be able to handle this kind of behavior if it continues to happen in the future? Evaluate your relationship to figure this out!

8. Some forget to notice when you get your hair trimmed

When boyfriends don’t notice that you cut your hair or did your hair differently, it can be quite annoying because you did something and they didn’t notice. You can make your boyfriend feel guilty about this by letting him know how hurt you are that he didn’t notice the effort you put forth to look your best. Also, try to be patient and understanding!

9. Some spend too much time with their friends

some spend too much time with their friends

If your boyfriend has a lot of guy friends, he may neglect you for them. If these guy friends are not people you like, this can be one of those annoying things that you have to take or leave. In other words, you need to decide if you can handle your boyfriend’s friends. Do they hate you and badmouth you when you aren’t around?

If they are feeding your boyfriend negative information about you because they don’t like you, they may be doing this because they like it better when your boyfriend is single; when he’s single, he can hang out with them more and won’t have to “check-in” with you when they are doing their “thing.” Decide if you can handle his buds or not!

While most girls don’t dump their boyfriends because of their friends, sometimes, you have to draw a line; it’s them or me. Many boyfriends won’t choose their girlfriends because they’ve been friends with the boys much longer, so make sure you are ready to leave the relationship because of this annoying fact.

10. Some give you one-word answers

It’s pretty annoying when your boyfriend sends you one-worded texts after you’ve sent a long, heartfelt text message. However, every boyfriend has different ideas when it comes to texting. Some boyfriends will not enjoy texting and would rather speak in person. Other boyfriends want to pour their hearts out via text messaging.

11. Some are unable to have a serious conversation

Many boyfriends are jokesters; they love practical jokes, funny stories, and hilarious video clips! They are pretty much incapable of being serious about anything, and this can be one of those annoying things that set a girl off. We don’t always want to have fun and games going on. We need to talk about our relationship a lot; at least, I do!

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If you want to talk about the status of your relationship, you might explain to your boyfriend that you are tired of him joking around and need to have a serious talk about something. Tell him that your relationship’s status depends on it. Hopefully, boyfriends who hear this will want to change this behavior and stop joking around so much.

12. Some enjoy playing video games

This is the worst! I once dated a guy who was totally addicted to Madden football. He would wake up and have the video game controller in his hands. He was truly hooked on video games, and I got really irritated about this. He never changed, despite my best efforts to tell him annoying things like this were ruining our relationship

However, every boyfriend is not like this. You may have a boyfriend who is the same way, but you can just have a heart-to-heart talk about what is bothering you. Let him know that this behavior is just unacceptable in your book. Not every boyfriend will listen to this, but it may get through to some of them. Give it a shot!

13. Some do not listen when you talk

Listening is a crucial skill that every boyfriend should be a master at. Sadly, this is typically not the case. Boyfriends don’t realize how much this bothers us. Not listening is probably the worst of the annoying things that boyfriends do. They should listen intently to every word their girls say! If only they understood things better!

14. Some pick on you too much

My boyfriend loves to give me a hard time about things. I tend to be a little more serious than he is, though, so this annoys me. Not every boyfriend in every relationship is like this. Some will be able to stop picking on you if you ask them nicely. Others are just silly by nature and will never change. In that case, you need to decide if you can stick it out.

15. Some don’t care about what is important to you

The passions and hobbies of girls are important! After all, they are what make us happy and make our worlds go-’round! If your man doesn’t care about your favorite things, he may not be the right guy for you. You might want to reevaluate the status of your relationship and see if you really think there is a future for the two of you. 

16. Some watch too many sports

some watch too many sports

Ugh! Nothing is worse than having a guy who only wants to talk about and watch sports - all the time! When guys think that the world revolves around sporting events, it can get pretty old. If you hate watching or talking about sports, you may want to discuss this with your man. Let him know you are open to discussing other subjects, but not sports!

17. Some like tickling too much

Have you ever been in a relationship where the guy thinks it’s fun to find your tickle spots and never let that go? Instead, he thinks it’s fun to make you squirm. This can be fun from time to time, but in general, you’ll only want to be tickled when you are in a playful mood, not all the time! Tell your guy that you need him to cut that out!

18. Some are addicted to social media

I will confess that I am NOT addicted to social media. Sure, when I’m at the beauty salon or in the bathroom, I’ll check out what’s happening on Facebook, but I tend not to do this very often. I post every day, but I don’t keep up with the latest news with all my friends. I know, that’s probably a bad thing to admit to in this century!

Anyway, if you are like me and are a medium social media addict - someone who checks her Facebook or other social media channels every day but not every 30 minutes, you probably don’t want to be with a guy who does this. My man is totally addicted to Facebook. Anytime I see an interesting status on someone’s profile, he has commented.

His nose is always in his phone, looking at the feed on Facebook. It’s like, come on! Pay attention to me a little bit, please?!? Right? I don’t enjoy coming in second place to Facebook or any social media platform, and I’d just like it if he cared a bit more about what is new with me rather than what’s happening to people he barely knows!

If you have the same dilemma, talk to your boyfriend about what you think. Let him know that his addiction to social media is affecting your relationship, and you’d like it if he paid that much attention to you! I think this is the only way he is going to know that what he’s doing is bothering you so much. What do you think??

19. Some get uncomfortable when marriage is mentioned

Yikes! A guy who is scared of a long-term commitment may be afraid of marriage or any kind of serious relationship. If you think your man is afraid of commitment and wish he would settle down with you, you may have bigger problems than just a few annoyances. Consider talking to him about what he thinks the future of your relationship looks like.

20. Some don’t clean up after themselves

This is a big one! Many boyfriends don’t think to pick up after themselves, which means if we want a clean house, we’ll have to do it ourselves. My best suggestion for this problem is to decide if you can handle the mess or learn to pick up after him. The reason I suggest this is because most guys are not going to change - even over time!

21. Some do not compliment you when they should

Women love to get compliments and to know that they are appreciated for all the little things that they do. If your boyfriend does not show appreciation or encouragement, it can be quite frustrating; you may want to talk to him about what you need in your relationship and hope that he will take the hint and start complimenting you more.

22. Some don’t give enough attention or affection

Another great annoyance is when boyfriends don’t give you enough affection or attention. Some boyfriends are just oblivious and don’t realize they aren’t doing enough. Sometimes, if you speak to them about what you wish they would do, they will change their behavior, at least temporarily. If you want more attention, you should have a chat.

Many boyfriends will understand that they are not meeting their girlfriends’ needs and might change their behavior permanently, but this is not the usual result. Remember that it takes 21 days to create a new habit, so if you are able to get your boyfriend to commit to increasing the affection and attention for that long, it may happen for a long time.

23. Some repeat themselves too much

I don’t know about you, but I find it really annoying when people repeat what they just said as if I didn’t hear it the first time. When my boyfriend does that, I just want to run away or scream! I heard him fine the first time, and I acknowledged what he said. It’s not like I wasn’t listening or responding!! Is this an annoyance you also have?

24. Some walk around in their underwear

Sometimes, boyfriends will let themselves go once they enter a relationship. They believe that they don’t have to put forth as much effort as before, so they do things like walk around in their underwear. Come on, guys! We don’t want to see that unless we are having a romantic tryst!

25. Some don’t introduce you to people when they should

When you go out on dates, does your boyfriend forget to introduce you to the people he’s speaking to? That’s pretty annoying! You don’t want to just look like any girl hanging around him. Instead, you want your man to be proud of who you are and want to show you off to other people, right? Try making introductions on your own if he does this!

26. Some say I love you too much

Some boyfriends are insecure and needy. Often, they do things like say, I love you or say, “Do you still love me?” instead of just being secure in the relationship. They might do other annoying things like asking you if you still want to be in a relationship with them when you’ve been with them for a long time. Tell them you’ll always love them!

27. Some hate PDA

It’s true that many boyfriends don’t like to show affection in public. They think it’s embarrassing, tacky, uncomfortable, or maybe even too public; some just want to show affection in private. If you are into PDA and your man is not, you may want to discuss this with him to see if you can change his mind on the subject!

28. Some compare you to other girls

some compare you to other girls

Some guys love girls with long hair, so one example of comparison is maybe when they look at a girl and ask why you don’t grow your hair out like that. Clueless guys may even say you need to lose weight or change your appearance in another way! Let them know that this is not okay because you are perfect just the way you are!!

29. Some refuse to stop and ask for directions

This is a classic thing men refuse to do. They think they have it all figured out, so they refuse to stop and ask for directions when you are in the car. If you are going on a road trip with your boyfriend, consider buying a map ahead of time, so you won’t have to worry about him getting you lost!


What do boyfriends do that girlfriends hate?

An indecisive boyfriend can be especially annoying because he is unable to make decisions for himself. That means that you will have to make all of the decisions in the relationship, which can get old over time. That’s one thing that boyfriends do that girlfriends hate.

What do you do with an annoying boyfriend?

If your boyfriend is really annoying and makes mistakes, you may want to expect less from him because clearly, he has some bad habits that need to change. If he forgets your anniversary, you might let him know how much and why that does really annoy and upset you!

What is the most annoying thing about your partner?

My partner watches sports more than I would like. He also does not always notice when I fix myself up, which can upset me, especially on those days when I put forth much effort to look beautiful; I guess he thinks my hair always looks like that or something like that.

What should boyfriends not do?

Boyfriends should not wear socks when making love or forget to brush their teeth. These habits can make a girl very annoyed because she wants a man who has good manners and hygiene. A girlfriend shouldn’t make her man feel guilty for this, but let him know it annoys you.

What do guys like that their girlfriends do?

When a girlfriend is sweet and pretty, guys love that! They want a girl who is willing to accept when she is wrong and has made mistakes - someone who does not play games with their heart. A boyfriend is likely to love it when his girlfriend initiates sex, too!

To Conclude

As we have been talking about annoying things boyfriends do, what is your opinion? Does your boyfriend listen to you when you talk? When do you get the most annoyed with your boyfriend, and how do you fix the mistakes he makes? Please leave us a comment, and share this post!

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