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Why Do I Attract Married Men? (11 Possible Reasons)

Are you going through a phase of attracting married men to want to date you?

Are you wondering why this keeps happening? Would you like to know how to stop this from happening?

Perhaps you have no intentions of being a home-wrecker? That’s very honorable and I would like to help you.

The article below explains 11 potential reasons why you are attracting married men, plus several tips for how to stop this from happening.

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It’s understandable that you want to stop attracting married men. So, let’s now take a look at why they keep creeping on you.

Scroll down for my list of 11 reasons why married men are trying to date you.

11 Reasons Why You Attract Married Men

1. You are too open

Married men will come to you to be their side girl because they feel you are easy to get, and they think you are sending a message that you are open and ready. Sometimes, when you are desperate for love, a boyfriend, money, or attention, it is obvious.

Your insecurities and needs may be so clear to them; that's why they catch feelings and are attracted to you. Lack of seriousness in telling them off gives them the mind to proceed, and it is a significant advantage to them because the guy has enough time to play around and impress you.

2. You’re independent

you're independent

Independence here doesn't only mean financial freedom. It means you are a strong woman who can do whatever she wants to do, afford her stuff, and be whatever, whenever.

And trust me, that is a huge turn-on for guys. They like the vibes of an independent woman and find it fun pursuing her. You may even have a husband, and that married man is aware of your marital status. 

Despite your status, they like to dive into things that seem hard to get. The whole adventure of pursuing an independent woman excited them.

3. You are not straight forward

When a married man approaches you, you have to set clear and firm boundaries with the guy without compromising. Because even when you tell him you want to be friends, he will continue pressing and pushing, mostly when your actions don't rhyme with what you are saying. He will apply pressure on you to make you bend to his desires. 

That's why you need to be very serious in telling him off. Be clear about it without mincing words. When you play around with him, he stays attracted to you since he enjoys the game and chase. So, you must set the right standards and make them clear.

4. You are the kind of girl they want

Married men like their side chick young and single, and it's not your fault that they want you. They want an available woman and ready to give them that more youthful and ecstasy ride on the bed. That way, they experience something new and fun. 

Also, they want what they can't get in their marriage. It's mostly about sex to them. You are young, and they don't know if you have a boyfriend or not; you seem available. It may not even be about sex all the time. 

Sometimes, they need someone to listen to them. Maybe their partner is busy with the children. So, dating other women or having an extramarital affair or relationship gives them the affirmation that they are in trend and valid. That could be why they pursue other relationships.

5. You can keep a secret

Men that are married are attracted to women that can keep their mouth shut. He is married, and if he is cheating on his wife, he wouldn't want her to find out he is in a relationship with you. So when a married guy notices you have that quality of secrecy, he is drawn towards you.

Some ladies have set such high standards for themselves and feel that revealing their secrets to others belittles them. Married men admire a girl that doesn't wear her dealings like a badge, and they like it when you deal with stuff without announcing it to the whole world. So, if you are kind of secretive, it could be why you attract married men.

6. Your physique is attractive

your physique is attractive

Your figure-eight shape, pretty face, nice skin, and fantastic scent is why he is attracted to you. You may not see yourself as that beautiful and gorgeous, but you are. Your beauty and body are to die for. That is why even married men cannot help but get attracted to you.

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It's not something you can change because even if you do plastic surgery or change your skin color, you may become way more attractive and irresistible, and no matter what you change, you'd still be somebody's spec. And you owe no one any form of explanation why you were created beautifully.

7. The signals you send

If you want to attract a single guy, you can barely escape attracting a married man because you send different signals, both the conscious and the unconscious.

As free-minded as those non-verbal signals, maybe, a man who is married is looking for a side chick or a lady that can deal with his shits. He will actively follow those signals and pursue you. Plus, you can't control who is attracted to you. It just happens, but your ability to take charge of the situation matters.

8. It is in their character

Some men will be attracted to you, not because of your attitude or physique or dressing, but because it's in their character to flirt with and date younger girls. This can be for validation or to boost their self-esteem. 

They could also date an older woman. They look out for validation and an ego boost, so even if he is married, he still continually looks out to others for what his wife lacks. These men are yearning for something different and fun. So once they perceive you can offer it, they get attracted to you already.

They'd turn to you to discuss issues they can't discuss with their partner. There are many things they can tell you, and you won't make a big issue out of it, unlike when they tell their partner.

9. You are attracted to them

Someone once told me she is very attracted to married men, that every guy she had ever had a crush on was married. Her speech was all taken. She said because most married men are matured and responsible. They know how to treat you right and take responsibility for your needs and desires financially, emotionally, and sexually.

They are everything you dream of but can find in a single guy, so before they know it, you are attracted to a married man already. And when he notices you feel something for him, he tends to want to act on that. That is how the attraction grows from his end. So, one of the reasons a married man is attracted to you is because you are attracted to him. 

10. Nature is simply taking its course

nature is simply taking its course

This point consists of both nature and opportunity because at a point in our lives as women, depending on age. You will most likely be surrounded by married men, or you will meet them daily at work, events, and another social gathering. 

And since there is social pressure on them to get side chicks, they turn to you that is around them and available. So, it's probably just that time in your life, around your 20's and 39's you will experience this kind of attraction, and it's nothing to be worried about. It is happening because you are currently in their target group.

11. What message are you sending out?

Why do I attract married men? Well, are you flirting with them? Are you the one throwing yourself at them? Are you at the wrong place searching for a boyfriend? The message you are sending out to these men is important. 

Some of them care little about fidelity and may just be waiting for that green light to strike. You are the one who shows her assets to these men, allows conversations, and displays other things to fuel the fire. 

If you do not want a relationship with a married man, you are very much in control of how things will eventually turn out. So, when you lead the man on and play it safe and show that you don't want anything serious or long term, the married man is happy because that is what he wants. He doesn't want any clingy, entitled girlfriend, and he is married. 

He is no longer searching for a life partner, so he feels happy when he benefits and gives back without commitment. And don't forget you could be breaking relationships, so make sure you send the right message.


Why do married guys flirt with me? 

The issue isn't from you, and he could just be trying to feed his desires. Maybe he lacks attention and intimacy in his home and loves the chase and attention. Or he notices he can easily manipulate you, so he goes for you. 

Why do married men cheat? 

Because they choose to cheat and they are unwilling to work on their marriage and talk to their wife. They lack love and attention, and their wife might have a low sexual drive. Some cheat because they think cheating is a normal routine for men. 

How do you tell if a married man is attracted to you? 

He does whatever he can to talk to you, he always looks for ways to be with you alone, he tries to get involved in your personal life, he wants to know if you have a boyfriend or not, he chats with you regularly and takes care of you even when you don't ask him to. 

What is crossing the line for a married guy? 

He seductively squeezes your hands or shoulders, leans on you when he sits close to you and tells you all about his marriage and personal life. More so, he always tells you how he enjoys your company. 

Do men regret cheating? 

Yes, some men regret cheating on their wives immediately after the act, while some do not feel guilty until they get caught. That is the only time they are remorseful, and some feel no form of regret at all. They feel entitled to cheating on their partner. 

In Conclusion

I hope you found this article helpful. You don't need to feel bad that you attract married men. The problem isn't from you; in most cases, the guys have a significant role in this, and you are not the only one attracting married men. A lot of single women out their face. Let me know what you think, and please don't forget to share this article with others.

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