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Why Are Men Attracted To Pregnant Women? (13 Possible Reasons)

Did you know that there are men who are crazy about pregnant ladies? If you happen to be a single pregnant mother, I suggest that you should be very careful too. 

Unless you are very sure that a guy is genuinely into you, and not because he is merely attracted to your pregnancy. It sounds crazy but the truth is some men are just attracted to pregnant women. That's just their sexual personality. 

Even if you are in a relationship, a man would want to test your loyalty because they see the pregnancy to be so attractive. This leads to the obvious question: Why are men attracted to pregnant women? Let me give you some reasons why.

13 Reasons Why Men Are Attracted To Pregnant Women

1. Biology in session

biology in session

If a woman is carrying her man’s baby, naturally, that man is bound to be protective of her. I think it is one of nature’s many mysterious ways. Because once a man is attracted to his pregnant wife, he is bound to protect her, the baby, and the siblings too (if there happens to be any). 

So he will make provision and try to cater to their needs by working hard to provide the necessary resources.

2. Men love nurturers

Among the two sexes, women are naturally known to be nurturers. It should be noted that this nurturing ability comes at different degrees in different women. Some women have it more than others—although research shows that the maternal instinct of a lot of women happens when the baby is born.

No doubt, men are attracted to nurturers, and a pregnant lady fits the definition of one. The whole theory that a woman has willingly decided to give up her body to grow another one has a certain kind of attraction to men. 

This is because giving birth comes with its own challenges, and even the whole thing about pregnancy is a dangerous journey on its own—not to talk of the morning sickness, unnecessary cravings, stretch marks, etc. However, the woman has decided it is a risk worth taking.

It is a brave decision. I mean, let’s face it! This is the 21st century, where some women are deciding not to have any babies, and there is also the option of surrogacy. While, for whatever reason, they have a right to do what they want with their bodies, it is a very brave thing for a woman to endure a pregnancy. 

This is because sometimes, they don’t even live through it sadly enough. That bravery is also one of the many reasons men are attracted to pregnant women.

3. Full body

Pregnancy is a time where a woman’s body undergoes a lot of physical changes. The breasts become larger and more pronounced, the nipples appear larger and darker, the butt becomes bigger and the expectant mother gains weight. It has even been found that good hair days are part of the package. 

4. Hormonal changes

Pregnant women ooze a lot of hormones. While it is not intentional, it makes men attracted to her because of the hormonal releases which in turn changes her body. Men tend to be attracted to pregnant women because she now has a body that oozes fertility and has a curvaceous appearance. In a survey, most men admitted to being attracted to their pregnant wives.

5. Confidence

Somehow, pregnant women have this glow about them. They revel in this glow which can make the would-be dad attracted to his woman. However, as they’re aware of their weight gain, they stress less with trying to look more beautiful. A pregnant woman does not really care about the perfection of her body.

Her attention is rather on the development of the baby inside her. Their being accepting of how they look creates a certain attraction.

6. Loyalty


It is no news that a pregnant woman can't cheat. She would rather be home or too tired to go about cheating on the father of her child. Besides the pregnancy by itself is an obvious sign that that woman is someone else’s claim (by virtue of the baby growing in her belly). 

That is an obvious message to any guy she may want to cheat; if she even wants to think about cheating, which is unlikely. I think every guy will be more attracted to a woman—knowing he has her all to himself.

7. Competition

Naturally, men are competitive. This nature of the competition has existed since prehistoric times. Men love to breed; it is like a natural instinct. And in order to do this, they would have to be with a woman. It is no wonder that men have a certain attraction to the bodies of younger women because it oozes fertility and reproduction.

It is one reason most guys choose women whose age is lesser than theirs because their bodies are bound to be more youthful. In a weird way, that competitive spirit arises when they see that another man has planted his seed in her body. And of course, they know they cannot have anything to do with the pregnant woman. But they will try to be close to her. 

It is very odd but that is how men respond to this competitive nature. It just comes as a mask of them being attracted to pregnant women when in actual fact, their competitive spirit has been challenged unconsciously.

8. The “I also want it” attitude of men

Men have this “if Mr. A can have this, then I also can” attitude. A pregnant woman is like a public show of a man in her life because the pregnancy obviously did not happen by itself. A pregnant woman is therefore like a landed territory. She has been marked as belonging to someone by virtue of the baby in her body.

Men in general have an attraction towards things like these. If his fellow man has it, he would also want to, because he also thinks he is good enough to also have.

9. It gives him a sense of responsibility

Some men are known to care for pregnant women even though the child is not theirs. While they can back out anytime, some men stay because they love their woman and also because they are seeking responsibility

Hearing tales of how a lot of women send their husbands on some funny errands always make my day. It takes a mature and responsible man to go through all that. So sometimes, it may appear a man is attracted to pregnant women when in actuality, he is teaching himself to be responsible.

10. The sacrifice

Men are not exactly oblivious to the sacrifice of the woman during pregnancy. They know that she is putting her body through a lot in the name of pregnancy. More so, she is carrying his child into maturity. 

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In addition to her body, the mother would have to sacrifice her time and dote on the child in her belly. This is the woman putting herself at risk, and sacrificing herself so that the man can enjoy the amazing experience of being a father. And that right there is attractive.

11. “Damsel in distress” situation

A pregnant woman is not a damsel in distress. She is not fragile or her pregnancy has made her so vulnerable that she is always waiting for someone to save her. Such is not the case at all. However, that is the typical male’s perception about such a woman. Men love to feel all macho. It boosts their ego. That is why the idea of a delicate and vulnerable female appeal to them so much.

The funny thing about men who are typically attracted to pregnant women is that once she delivers her child, that attraction just vanishes. Then perhaps, she gets pregnant again, and during that period, he reappears. Then the moment that the first child gets his/her new sibling, such a man would then disappear.

12. The challenge involved

Being in a relationship with an expectant single mother can be challenging, and some men love the challenge. This is especially true when the baby has siblings with very small age gaps between them. That pregnant woman is closed off and not ready for a relationship. She probably also has high resistance towards love or relationship. 

Men know that once she is pregnant, it is double the trouble. But if they love the girl and they think she is worth it (because they are attracted to pregnant women), they are up for the challenge.

13. No questionable lifestyle

no questionable lifestyle

It can be weird but men tend to have an attraction towards women who appear “innocent”. A typical pregnant woman is not out partying, drinking, or having a very active social life. She also has to rest well and stay home for the baby’s benefit. This creates the picture of innocence. 

More so, if she is a mother with more babies, this means her baby will have a sibling awaiting. An expectant mother taking care of both the baby and siblings is not an easy task. Men know that. It, therefore, makes him feel more responsible. This responsibility can be attractive to men.


How do guys feel when their wife is pregnant?

Sometimes, guys experience nausea, weight gain, mood swings or even bloating when their wife is pregnant. This is a condition known as sympathetic pregnancy or couvade. Sympathetic pregnancy involves ritualized behavior by the father during the pregnancy until his wife delivers.

Why are men attracted to women?

Men are attracted to youthful traits in women. The probability that a man would choose a girl with a youthful body and a younger age than his is higher than one without. This is because men would want to reproduce with such women.

Do men's hormones change when their wife is pregnant?

Research shows that men experience hormonal changes when their significant other is pregnant. 

What are signs you're having a boy?

The following signs show that the child you are carrying is a boy: the child’s rate heartbeat is 140 beats per minute, you have cravings for salty or sour foods, your areolas have darkened considerably, you are carrying the extra weight out front during the early periods of your pregnancy, you did not experience morning sickness.

Also, your husband is gaining weight along with you, the hair on your feet grows faster while you are pregnant and your urine is bright yellow in color. 

What features make a woman beautiful?

The following features make a woman beautiful: beautiful skin, eyes, narrow waist, breasts, and healthy hair. Also, the overall grooming of all the features of a woman is what makes her beautiful.

The Bottomline

To end, the above reasons are why some men are attracted to pregnant ladies. While some have good intentions, some don't. So, if you happen to be a single expectant mother, I suggest you be very careful. 

However, some men love the change going on with their wives, because pregnancy is a time of change and shows a different side and personality of the woman (both inside and outside).

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and don't forget to share.

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