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Why Am I Embarrassed Of My Boyfriend? (11 Unfortunate Reasons)

Do you feel a hidden sense of shame about your boyfriend?

Do you find yourself reluctant to introduce him to your friends, or to bring him to social gatherings, even though you love him?

Are you wondering why you feel this way?

Don’t worry. This isn’t as uncommon as you may think. Most of us experience negative feelings without truly understanding them. That’s why I want to help you get to the bottom of this embarrassment. 

In this guide, I have listed 11 reasons why women tend to feel embarrassed to show off their boyfriend in public. 

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With that said, let’s now focus on shame, embarrassment and why you’re feeling it. 

This guide will focus on why women develop these feelings about their boyfriends. Scroll down for my comprehensive list of suggestions - and have a look to see if any of them resonate with you.

11 Reasons You’re Ashamed Of Your Boyfriend

reasons you're ashamed of your boyfriend

1. He Has Poor Fashion Taste

For some women, guys with poor fashion sense do not appeal to them at all. If you’re someone with an excellent taste in fashion, your partner’s lack of taste may be why you feel uncomfortable around him. 

As much as it causes you some embarrassment, it shouldn’t be the end of your relationship. Suggesting fashion styles to him and accompanying him to shop are ways you can help him improve. 

2. Poor Personal Hygiene

Poor personal hygiene can negatively impact our friendship with other people. When you find someone that looks good, but probably smells a lot worse, then that’s something you definitely won’t be proud of. 

Being ashamed of someone you love isn’t necessarily bad, as long as it’s momentary. In a case like this, you should be looking for ways to improve the situation, so that feeling of shame won’t linger. 

3. Bad Eating Habits

Yes, I have eaten with a person who had no table manners whatsoever, and I felt ashamed for him. Having bad eating habits is not only shameful but overly embarrassing. It’s better these habits are done in secret and not out in the open.

Some people have resorted to eating at home or in private places because of cases like this. Before you think about different hiding tactics, talk to him about it before it causes you any further embarrassment. 

4. Reduced Sexual Desire

reduced sexual desire

We often hear women raving about how good their man is in bed. Maybe you’ve joined the conversation once or twice, but you’re running out of lies. If your man is less interested in returning your advances or having sex with you, there could be an underlying problem causing it. 

Wasting time feeling ashamed won’t solve it. Rather, explore medical, therapeutic, or natural ways to solve the problem. 

5. He’s Over-Possessive Of You

An over-possessive partner tries to control and monitor your every move. Often, we mistake this sort of behavior as caring or sweet at the initial stage. Being with an over-possessive partner can be very toxic and unhealthy for you. On top of that, it could lead to some very embarrassing moments. 

For instance, when he sees you talking with a male colleague or friend and quickly jumps in to interrupt the conversation, even I’d feel ashamed.

6. Negative Character Traits

Anger, selfishness, laziness, and being overly pessimistic, are typical examples of negative character traits. Personality or character traits define an individual as well as describe the person’s behavior. However, the worst way to discover those traits is in public! Maybe if he gets aggressive, shouts at strangers, or just loses his cool in public.

7. He’s Always Rude And Aggressive Towards Your Friends

It’s normal for people to display some level of hostility and aggression in the face of heated arguments. What’s not normal is turning it into a regular occurrence. Having a lover who spares no effort in transferring his aggression on people can become increasingly embarrassing for you, plus, it’s a red flag.

Not only that, but this sort of behavior can ruin certain friendships or get you barred from your group. Your man may need to slow down and calm his nerves when you are around people. 

8. Low Self-Esteem

No woman wants to be seen with an insecure man, talk more of one who’s not man enough to handle certain situations.

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9. He Ignores You In Public

Having a partner who snubs you is one thing, but doing so in the presence of a third party can be highly embarrassing. We ladies love positive attention, so when we’re not getting it, or getting ignored in the process, it can make us very uncomfortable and uneasy

10. He Talks Too Much

he talks too much

Silence can be a bad thing in a relationship, but too much noise can be worse. Having a partner who talks too much can make you feel very uncomfortable. What’s more embarrassing is being with a guy who is loquacious, or too chatty. 

For one, you’d be hesitant about going out on dates with him, or taking him along for family gatherings.

11. You’re Not Intellectually Compatible With Him

Contrary to popular opinion, being intellectually compatible with your partner is just as important as being emotionally compatible. Intellectual compatibility implies having the capacity to engage in deep conversations that mutually interest the two of you. 

This relationship characteristic is often overlooked by many, while for some, it’s a must-have. A typical embarrassing moment is when he finds it difficult to indulge in conversations when you are both out together.


How do you know if your BF is embarrassed of you?

The mere thought that you embarrass him can be heartbreaking. One of the ways to know is if he refuses to introduce you to his close circle. On top of that, he ensures that all of your dates do not involve him running into a familiar face. 

What to do if your boyfriend is embarrassed of you?

If you ever feel like your partner is self-conscious or unsettled around you, the appropriate thing is to talk to him. Indulging him in a conversation would not only help straighten things out but also put your worrying mind at ease. Whatever the case may be, try and find ways of resolving them. 

Can you love someone and be ashamed of them?

True love covers all faults and imperfections. At times, your partner’s actions, inactions, and characteristics could make you feel ashamed of him. However, if you truly love him, you shouldn’t let it drive a wedge between both of you. It would be best if you were willing to help him through his excesses and weaknesses.

Is it normal to be awkward around your boyfriend?

Relationships start this way in most cases, as both parties are still trying to understand each other. However, this feeling of awkwardness is typical for ladies who have never been in relationships in the past. It’s not a self-esteem issue, except, of course, you don’t feel comfortable being around him.

How often do you see your boyfriend?

Ideally, you should see him at least once a week and then gradually scale it up with time. Try to find out if your partner likes regular or occasional visits as some guys value their personal space. Some factors that may affect how often you see each other include your relationship goals and individual schedules. 

In The End,

I trust you enjoyed reading through this list and found it very helpful. Can you relate to any of the reasons mentioned above? Feel free to drop your comments in the dialog box below. Also, kindly share this article with your loved ones.

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