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How Often Do You See Your Boyfriend? (3+ Useful Tips)

Once you start a relationship with your partner, you have to make it work. To do this, you'll want to spend almost all the time in the world that you can go with him. This happens especially when your love language is physical touch. However, they are women who don't mind spending time away from their boyfriends, whether the relationship is new or not. 

Long-distance relationships put the most strain on a couple who would like to see each other. I bet you would want to see your man at any time you want to. It's challenging to stay apart; absence makes the heart grow weary. It's an excellent idea to allocate much time to you two being together and appreciating the company. It helps balance things out when you make time for your boyfriend. 

It’s best to go over your work schedules, even though you're living together, and fix a date with him if you have to. That saying ”out of sight, out of mind” is more accurate than you choose to believe. No matter how many weekends you go out of your way to see your boyfriend, the reason it matters is consistency. 

Whether it's boyfriend or girlfriend time out, make sure you see your partner as often as possible; or you may run into problems. In this article, I'm spilling the tea on how often you should see your boyfriend without any issue arising based on how long you two have been together as a couple. This way, you can create the best balance.

How Often Do You See Your Partner?

1. If you've been dating for a month

If you've been dating for a month

The relationship is still a baby at this point, agreeing to meet with your new partner at least twice a month or more if you'd like. You must enjoy being together at the beginning. This doesn't spend hours on end together. I suppose you both have jobs and other engagements that make you take time away from yourselves. 

This period is where you try not to impose a meeting with each other and let it happen naturally. Meeting up twice a month for a nice dinner gives each of you time to adjust your schedule. That you don't see yourselves doesn't mean you have to stop communicating until you do. 

In my opinion, it's more interesting to starve yourself of that initial desire to want to be with him always. It helps you analyze what you're walking into. Rushing into things has ruined over a thousand relationships, including the one you had before this one (you know I'm right). 

Apart from the need to starve yourself a bit, it makes you more intriguing to your partner when you aren't too available to him. Don't agree to every hookup; take time and adjust to the new phase. This doesn't mean push your partner away when he wants to spend time with you; just don't cross the threshold yet. 

2. If you've been dating for 3 months

By the third month, you should have observed your partner enough to know what he wants. You can see yourselves in this period a lot more than you did at the beginning of the relationship. Maybe you've even attended a family event at this point. 

However, your relationship's pace should be derived from what you want, the end goal. If you're not ready to settle down with this person for a while, avoid making commitments or, better yet, get out now! A lot of women get clingy by the third month. Hopefully, you're part of the few who aren't. At three months, things aren’t as stable as you think it is. 

I agree that you need more time with your boyfriend, but you still need to keep your guard up. Move from seeing your partner twice a month to meeting up three to two times a week. The meetings with your boyfriend should be memorable, and for this to happen, I don't advise you to see him too often. Give enough time apart to miss yourselves. So when you finally meet up, it's unique. 

As I said earlier when you both have a job (nine to five) or an occupational hobby, giving each other space won't be difficult. Just find a way to make it work. 

3. If you've been dating for 6 months

If you've been dating for 6 months

In six months, a couple can even move in together. How often you should see your boyfriend or girlfriend entirely depends on you. You could see him all day if you want. By now, I suppose you've met the family and have attended a couple of family meetings together. 

Your union has grown beyond planning to meet with each other; it could and should happen almost every time you both have nothing much to do. It's the spontaneous acts during this period that keep it exciting. Now, your partner knows what you like to do during your free time, what your favorite food is, and all the tiny details that make loving you easy for him. 

This is the part of the relationship where you go all-in with everything you've got. If you don't give it your best shot now, you may never! Good relationships aren't built on half and half; it's built on commitment, and you must be committed to the cause of your relationship by now. 

If you've been dating for six months now, there's hardly any estimated amount of time to spend with your man. You can call him up at any time to come to Netflix and chill with you; it's also the period in a relationship where you loosen up. 

4. If you've been dating for 12 months

At twelve months, you've crossed the threshold of time limits. This is where it's not absurd to see each other every single day. However, it could get unhealthy to spend most of your time with your partner. If you want to know how, here's how: it overwhelms you. 

When the relationship becomes overwhelming, there's a chance you don't think about your personal needs and desires anymore. It's also controlling. When you spend all your time with your partner, there's a chance he'll try to manage activities in your life. I mean, a couple can get married or move in with each other after dating for twelve months. 

There are no longer any surprises between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend because you both know each other better. It'll be bizarre to meet up still only when scheduled at this phase of the relationship, except in a long-distance relationship where other factors come into play as well. 

It's essential to think about who you are without your partner, and often, take time out to spend apart from yourselves to gain clarity. Even if it means traveling, spending more nights out with your friends, and some of the things you did when you were single. Also, keep in mind that there's no rule book or formula to how often a lady should see her man. 

It all depends on how you feel and what you're looking to get out of it. You and your partner should find a routine that works for you and then shut the entire world out. 


How often should you see someone when you start dating?

There are no rules or a set number of days a week to see someone. When you start dating, whether your boyfriend or girlfriend, I don't advise you to go all-in with each other; take your time to ease into the new relationship. However, the relationship is yours; you decide how often you want to spend time with your partner. It could become exhausting for any of you sooner than expected if you spend all your time together. Start with two times a week or three times a week and maybe it's not such a great idea to sleepover at first. It's smart to give each other time to adjust to the relationship. 

Is it healthy to see your boyfriend every day? 

This is something you get to decide as a girlfriend. It is relative and has no rules to it. If seeing your boyfriend every day means you do not have a life for yourself, it's unhealthy to spend that much time together. However, people can live together and see themselves daily but still turn out fine with no problem. I know it's because they take some time apart to focus on personal development and whatnot. It's essential to take time off and help the relationship function properly. As I said, it's relative, so you may be able to handle seeing him all the time. 

How often do you see your boyfriend long distance? 

Every long-distance relationship should have a meeting point, in my opinion. More so, it's not plausible to be with a person you have no plan of spending time together with. It's reasonable to see your boyfriend in a few months or so (really depends on you), some people wait for a whole year and more to see their partner, and it works fine. However, I think the longest should be six months to a year (especially if you're not married yet). 

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Can a relationship last without seeing each other? 

Well, yes! I mean, not forever; you have to see each other at some point. A relationship can blossom for a long time without physical touch, especially in this twenty-first century, where social media gives you the luxury of video calling. However, I bet you've been a victim of one of those long-distance relationships that begin with when you don't see your partner and end on the same note. 

Should couples spend time apart? 

Again, this is something you get to decide. Yes, couples should stay apart occasionally. I don't know about you, but I get tired of doing the same things or hanging with someone a lot. It's normal to hit a ”time out.” Focus on a hobby, hang with other friends, or generally have a life outside your partner. It's like hitting a reset button. It's not like there's a rule-book. If you would like to ask for time off. Don't be afraid to go out there and enjoy it without feeling guilty. Let your partner know that you want some time to yourself. There's hardly anything good communication cannot fix if you try. 

To Conclude

I bet you've enjoyed reading this article. Keep in mind that everything on here is relative. The pace of your union is something only you can decide. Take it one step at a time, but if you want to dive in, you can as well. Place it right where it will work for you. ease write your comments on this subject below and share this article with your friends. 

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