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What Do Guys Think Of Their Female Friends (11 Things They Think Of Their Female Friends)

The question, “What do guys think of their female friends?” is quite an interesting one. If your boyfriend has women as friends, there’s a high chance you want to know how he feels about them. Does he find them attractive or is he utterly oblivious to things like that? Is he keeping them in the friend zone, or resisting the urge to indulge?

For a girl with male friends, you might also be thinking of what they think of you. Is the friendly relationship strictly platonic, or do they secretly feel something for you? Are they hanging around you because they truly have your back, or are they hoping to have a relationship with you in the future?

Many unanswered questions revolve around this subject. Although this article narrows down eleven of the most prudent things guys think of their feminine friends, it’s essential to understand that these factors could be favorable to you, or not. It all depends on the guy involved.

11 Things Men Think Of Their Female Friends

1. He’s clueless

Many girls have guy friends they’ve never been attracted to. In the same way, men have feminine friends they’re not attracted to. A guy can see his female friend as nothing more than a friend, without feeling attracted to her. The truth is, he could be entirely clueless about a possible attraction occurring.

Although you might feel uncomfortable about the situation, the friendship might be harmless. His female acquaintance could be attractive, but your boyfriend may not see her in that manner.

This is one of the reasons why it’s essential not to be too skeptical about your boyfriend’s friendship with other women 

Being suspicious could push you to ask the wrong questions, which would make your man uncomfortable. If your man hasn’t given you any reason to doubt his loyalty to you, stay positive about everything.

2. He finds her attractive

he finds her attractive

Men find women attractive in one way or the other, for some it’s physical, and for others, it’s an emotional connection. On the bright side, finding someone beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be with that person. As a girl, it’s not every guy you think is cute that you want more than a friendship with.

Most times, it’s more about the admiration of someone’s attractiveness than the feeling of the attraction itself. Your boyfriend could find his feminine acquaintance attractive but wouldn’t think of her in that way. He may not be thinking of having anything other than a platonic friendship with her. 

He is most likely going to meet other attractive girls as well, and in the same manner, would choose to focus more on building a friendship than physical attraction. The only reason why a guy would take action when attracted to his feminine acquaintance is if he’s an unfaithful person. 

Otherwise, it would be best if you didn’t get worked up that he finds his friend attractive because that’s normal; men will always find other women attractive, it’s their decision to act on it that matters.

3. There’s history between them

There’s always an unexplainable tension or history between men and women that are friends. Before a platonic friendship is established, there was most likely a somewhat misunderstood situation-ship.

In some cases, you would observe that a relationship would have occurred if one person didn’t get involved with someone else. In other cases, at some point, one person most likely felt stronger emotions.

If your man has a friendship with a woman, understand that there’s probably history, but it may not be too serious. This realization will keep you secure in case you find something out as time goes on.

There might have been tension or a situation-ship before you came into the picture, but there’s a likelihood he doesn’t even consider it anymore. In a nutshell, men always acknowledge the history they’ve had with the women in their lives, but it’s up to them to prevent it from affecting their present relationship.

4. She’s honest to him

Arguably, the primary reason why men have women as friends is that they know they can be honest. The plain truth about friendships between men and women is that there’s more transparency than a single-gender relationship.

Most guys know that women would be more honest about certain subjects than their male friends. Likewise, most women know guys would be more open about certain things more than their female friends.

In a nutshell, being friends with someone from the opposite gender allows you to have a better interpretation of matters. It helps you see things from two sides, which improves your interaction with others. Not only would you be able to understand why people behave the way they do, but you can also form more intimate relationships.

A guy would prefer to tell a lady about relationship issues concerning women because he’s aware she would be able to relate to the matter better. A guy friend, on the other hand, would think like a guy and give a myopic point of view.

5. He can get support from her

All guys have a secret guilty pleasure, which they know their male friends wouldn’t condone. This could be getting a pedicure or watching a girly series. As a result, most guys would resort to their female friends to be able to express that side of them.

When guys think of their female friends, they know they can get support from them when they need it. When it comes to subjects like fashion, dating advice, or ideas (which their guy friends would never consider), they can always count on their female friends.

It’s common knowledge that women tend to be more judgmental amongst themselves, but are more friendly and supportive around men. As a result, some men and women prefer hanging out with the opposite sex where both parties can get quality support from each other.

6. He has fantasized about her

he has fantasized about her

A guy fantasizing about his feminine acquaintance isn’t typical, but it indeed happens. If a guy can fantasize about female celebrities and his babysitter at a young age, there is a chance it can happen with his female friend. Having fantasies about someone is one thing most people can’t control. It can occur whether or not you’re attracted to the person, in a relationship or not.

This, however, doesn’t indicate that you want to have anything to do with his person. Women also have weird fantasies about men they barely even talk to. Women can also have a dream about men they have a strictly platonic relationship with. This wouldn’t necessarily change the dynamics of the friendship; neither will it change how you feel about that person.

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Therefore, if you happen to find out that your boyfriend had a weird dream about his female acquaintance, try not to take it too seriously. This should only be an issue when he takes action on those fantasies, and not before.

7. She looks out for him

Many guys look out for their female friends, and likewise, many women do the same for their male acquaintances. Every girl has that one guy that regularly calls to see how they’re doing or helps with one activity or the other. In the same way, guys have female friends that help them out when they need it the most.

A girl can help a guy to compose the perfect text to ask a girl out, or perhaps, to cook a meal. Just like sisters watch out for the brothers, female friends watch out for their guy friends accordingly. A female acquaintance wants to ensure her male friend is being a perfect gentleman to other ladies and would give him advice like a real sister.

Since everyone likes genuine assistance, it’s no surprise that guys have female friends merely because they look out for them.

8. He can get turned on by her

It’s human nature for a man to get turned on by women. Men, generally, have little control over this and can get aroused easily, even when they aren’t meant to. This means a guy can get stimulated by his feminine acquaintance. 

If she has sexy clothes on, there’s a chance that would excite him, but feeling sexual desires towards someone doesn’t necessarily push you to act on those emotions.

It takes self-control and discipline to be able to manage situations appropriately. Knowing that your boyfriend can get turned on by his female friend shouldn’t make you feel insecure. On the other hand, you should have faith that he can handle situations. If his friend isn’t deliberately trying to get him turned on, then you have nothing to be worried about.

Other things would eventually still get him turned on, and that’s the fact that you should always remember. You, likewise, will also be aroused by other people, apart from your man.

9. His thoughts change

The minds of men and women sometimes operate in entirely different ways. Women can have a platonic friendship with men and would never envision anything sexual with them. On the other hand, a man’s mind can run wild from time to time. A man could have a friendly relationship with a woman, and have sexual thoughts of her.

Although he’s not attracted to her, neither feels any strong sexual desire towards her; his mind can still remind him that she is, in fact, a woman. Though most men don’t react to the thoughts they have, it doesn’t indicate they don’t have these thoughts.

Women react to emotions and experiences before they can express desires towards an individual. Men, on the other hand, are moved by what they see.

In most cases, it’s essential to be aware that the thought of a man towards women can change from time to time, because he is, in fact, a man. This notion, however, doesn’t mean he’s interested in taking action on those emotions.

10. Sometimes, gender doesn’t matter

There’s always a reason why guys have friendships with ladies. They could have grown up in the same neighborhood, or bonded over a similar experience or hobby. This reason could be the foundation of their friendly relationship, regardless of gender.

As a result, it’s essential to put this into consideration when trying to understand what a guy thinks of his friend. He may be more interested in her personality, rather than her gender. He could also be more focused on the experiences they’ve had, and would possibly have, rather than the common friendly relationships men and women could have.

Since many girls have guy friends they let into their personal lives without considering their gender; guys can also do the same. Therefore, if you know guys with female friends, there’s a chance they’re looking past gender and looking at their personalities.

11. He likes her

he likes her

The idea of being friends yet liking each other cannot be entirely ruled out, because it can happen. Many guys are close to girls because they would rather build a strong, friendly relationship first before confessing their feelings. They also hope that they can win them over before revealing how they genuinely feel.

If you’re a girl interested in your guy friend, but not sure how he feels towards you, this point may favor you. It’s not impossible for a guy to be attracted to his close friend. The truth is, he could indeed like you, but not know how to reveal it. As a result, he would rather stick to a platonic, friendly relationship, rather than spoil his chances of being close to you.


Are guys attracted to their female friends?

Guys can be attracted to their female friends, but this depends on some factors. It could be a seasonal thing that comes and goes, or it could be a situation where he has to conceal his emotions. In some other cases, he could feel no form of attraction whatsoever.

Can a man be friends with a woman he finds attractive?

Many guys hide under the guise of a friendly relationship to be close to the women they’re attracted to. Though not all men have the courage to do this, many, on the other hand, would prefer to form an intimate relationship, and possibly win them over.

What do guys think is attractive in a girl?

It’s natural for a man to be drawn to what he sees, which means men are naturally attracted to the physical beauty of women. However, for a long-lasting relationship, many overlook physical features and focus on the personality and nature the girl exhibits.

Can a guy and a girl be best friends without falling in love?

A guy and girl can be best friends without falling in love if they choose to focus more on their friendly relationship, without considering their genders. This would inevitably prevent them from falling for each other.

Can guys have platonic female friends?

Platonic friendships can be formed between individuals of the opposite gender. A guy can have feminine friends without feeling any form of attraction towards them. This would require a certain level of discipline, maturity, and self-control.

To Sum Things Up

Did you enjoy reading this article? Remember that guys think somewhat differently from ladies, and may not see their female friends as anything aside from mere friends. They could find them attractive but still build a platonic relationship with them. As crazy as this sounds, it’s the truth. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic, kindly leave a comment below, and share this article if you liked it.

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