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How To Tell If He Loves You In Bed (21 Ways)

Are you wondering whether your man truly loves you?

Perhaps you’ve been together for a while, but you’re not sure whether he’s going to commit fully?

Maybe that’s partly based on paranoia though? Are you looking for a way to be sure about his feelings?

If so, this guide is here to help. It reveals 21 signs of true love to look for when you’re having sex. 

However, before we dive into those, I want to share a story that will help this guy fall in love with you even quicker. 

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Of course, it may be that this guy is already smitten with you. To find out, check my list of giveaway signs below.

How To Tell If He Loves You In Bed

There is a big difference between lust and love. Lust is full of fiery passion. Love can be passionate, but there are certain things a man will do when he genuinely loves you. If you want to see if he loves you, pay attention to these things when you’re in bed together. 

Instead of getting lost in the passion, you’re going to need to pay attention to what sex with him is like. Watching for eye contact, body language, and other signs while in bed will tell you a great deal about how he feels about you. 

Most men don’t even realize that they do, or do not, do certain things in bed, which makes paying attention to the way he acts more accurate than having a conversation with him. 

1. He Takes His Time

When a man loves you, he takes his time when you’re in bed together. It will feel like you’re making love for hours as he plants sensual kisses up and down your body. He’ll guarantee that you’re in heaven. Every bedroom session might feel like you’re making love. This is because he is making your needs a priority

2. He Wants To Try New Things

He wants to learn every possible way to please you. Men that don’t have strong feelings for you don’t care if you’re bored in bed. They will not put forth an effort to keep you on your toes or push you to your limits when it comes to your pleasure zones. Instead, expect the same tired moves over and over when you’re having sex. 

3. He Remembers What You Love

he remembers what you love

When he loves you, he’ll make sure to remember what you enjoy in the bedroom. If you say that a certain position is your favorite, you can expect to see that one make an appearance without you having to request it. He wants you to be happy, and that means remembering what you like. 

4. He Wants To Please You In Bed

He remembers those things and makes sure that there is plenty of foreplay instead of quickie sex because he wants to please you. This man is far from a selfish lover! That’s because this emotion is selfless

5. He’ll Make Sure You’re Satisfied

If you’re not satisfied in the bedroom, a guy takes this personally. He feels it’s his job to guarantee you’re completely satisfied in the bedroom. As soon as he so much as thinks you’re not, expect to see some changes until he can sleep peacefully at night again. 

6. He Cares About Your Sexual Fantasies

It’s not just about making sure you have an orgasm. Instead, he wants to take things to the next level with you. That means learning about your hottest fantasies and then acting them out with you. It doesn’t matter what it is, he’ll probably make an effort as long as it doesn’t push any boundaries. 

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7. He Can’t Keep His Hands Off You

A powerful emotion makes you ditch the boring routines. There is no sex before going to sleep every night. Instead, there is making love in the bathroom while dinner is in the oven. Random wake up calls at one in the morning. You know he loves you when he will not be able to stop himself from initiating sex

8. He’ll Look Into Your Eyes

he'll look into your eyes

It’s not just the eye contact or the way he won’t avoid eye contact, that gives you butterflies. Instead, the pure passion and caring look in his eyes will have the power to make you feel emotional in bed. This is one of the definite signs that love is in the air, even when you’re having sex. 

9. He Loves Cuddles With You, Cuddling In General

Love doesn’t stop when one of you collapses on top of the other one like it might with anyone else. Instead, you’ll feel that there is actually love in every moment, including the ones after sex. He smiles while he wraps his arms around you. Cuddling is as important as sex is to him because it’s not just basic sex when you’re in love. 

10. He Goes Down On You With No Complaints

This doesn’t mean that he’s always in between your legs, but he’s happy knowing that you’re happy. That means that he doesn’t object when it’s time to take care of that business either. Sex isn’t just sex when there’s love. Every one of your needs will be met. 

11. It’s Mind-Blowing

A quick hook up can’t compare to sex with someone you love. Those extra emotions are so powerful that they will make you see stars. He makes love to you and it’s the most unforgettable experience of your life. 

12. Giving Is His Top Priority

Have you ever gotten nasty with a man that has no emotional connection to you? Their number one priority is usually a blowjob. Not one that loves you though! This guy’s top priority is being a selfless lover as he carefully calculates moves to try to please you. 

13. Every Inch Of Your Body Gets Attention

Those same men without an emotional connection tend to have the same moves. They kiss here or there and slowly work their way down before humping you for three seconds. Those emotions make him touch every single inch of you, from your head to your toes. You’ll love sex with him. 

14. Sex Is Never Basic

sex is never basic

It’s never basic when you’re in bed. You can expect him to want to try new things. One night you might be making love. Another night he might do that one thing you love. It’s because he will really want to please you, and that means keeping it interesting. 

15. You See Him Make An Effort

Not only does he keep it interesting, but he’ll also make a significant effort to keep you satisfied. It’s because your new man will want to see you happy, and that means making sure that you’re satisfied. 

16. It’s Never A Quickie Just For Him

Granted, we all enjoy a quickie before work on occasion. With a man that has feelings for you, you get a lot more than that, though. Alongside the random quickie, you’ll also have plenty of bedroom sessions where you can see him take his time

17. He Tells You He Likes To Indulge In Foreplay

Guys that want to please a woman know thatforeplay is important. Women love foreplay and men love the act of sex. If a man truly loves you, he’ll care about what you think is important as well as his own needs. 

18. Sex Is Romantic

Sex isn’t limited to nasty sex that you would be ashamed to talk to close friends about. Instead, it has an element of romance that most people associate with making passionate love to each other. Any type of sex gives you the butterflies of romance when there are feelings between the two of you. 

19. Nothing Matters When You’re Together

The second that he plants a kiss on your neck you lose track of what’s going on around you. When you kiss him back, you can tell that he is lost in the moment too. Nothing else seems important when the two of you are together. Love is simply that powerful. 

20. You’ll Hear Your Name

you'll hear your name

This one is a bit in the middle. Just because a guy doesn’t call you by your name in the middle of a steamy night doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. However, a man that doesn’t have strong feelings will never say your name. He’ll find something else to call you. A guy that does call you by your name usually has some type of feelings for you. 

21. You Make Him Smile

As he lays next to you in the bedroom, you roll over to look at him. You can’t help but notice that he has a glow and a little smile on his face. Lust can’t give you that glow. 

Other Signs He Loves You

Men don’t just show that they love you when they are in bed with you. When your boyfriend has strong feelings for you, there are actions outside the bedroom that you can watch out for to determine if his proclamations of intense feelings for you are real. 

1. He Remembers All The Little Things

He doesn’t just remember the way that you like to be kissed. Outside of bed, there are the random gifts that he remembered you pointing out to him. 

There’s the way he doesn’t mention the twelve pillows on the bed he finds pointless because he remembers that you really like them. He might not remember your anniversary, but he’s got it marked on the calendar because it’s important to you. 

2. Physical Relationship Outside Of The Bed

physical relationship outside of the bed

He doesn’t just smother you with kisses when he wants some booty. Instead, expect to be showered with kisses and affection throughout the day, while you’re cooking dinner and when there isn’t a reason. Strong emotional connections and a strong physical relationship both go hand in hand together. 

3. You’re Past The Honeymoon Phase, But It Hasn’t Changed

One of the stages of a relationship is the honeymoon phase. When you first begin to fall for each other, you instantly get butterflies. You rush to answer your phone when they call. Every moment is full of passion. Sometimes, this fades away as the relationship progresses. 

Yet, you won’t see the relationship fizzle out when you move past the honeymoon stage or other initial stages of a relationship. Instead, you’ll still see plenty of passion, physical affection, and feel butterflies. 

4. He’s Becoming Your Best Friend

When he has genuine feelings for you, there are several little things that come together to slowly turn him into your best friend, not just your partner. For example: 

  • He always includes you in things 
  • You’re in the loop
  • He’s kind and respectful
  • Your happiness is important to him
  • You feel like you can talk to him about anything
  • He doesn’t betray your trust

As more time goes on, you two find yourselves sharing more secrets, inside jokes, and spending more time together. It’s because he’s become your best friend. 


How do you know if a guy loves you in bed?

If a guy loves you in bed, he’s going to show it. He’ll spend extra time to kiss your entire body up and down to guarantee that you’re satisfied. This is because he cares about you, and your needs. Men that do not love you can be a bit more selfish in the bedroom. 

How do you know if he thinks you're good in bed?

When a man thinks you’re good in bed, he’ll never be able to get enough of you. He’ll want it all from quickies to romps in between the sheets that last for hours. He will ask about your history because he’s attempting to figure out how you’re so amazing.

Can you tell if he loves you by his kiss?

When there is intense chemistry, you will feel the electricity run through your body as soon as his lips touch yours. This is passion, which is a part of love. He will put extra time and care into the way he kisses you too. 

How do you know if a man loves you secretly?

A man will not take his eyes off you when you’re his secret love. He will be respectful and kind. You’ll quickly discover that he suddenly shows up where you are, whether it’s at the club or a get together with mutual friends. 

How do you test a guy to see if he really loves you?

Don’t test him by trying to make him jealous or watching his reaction concerning other men. Instead, simply pay attention to his actions. He will show you love and respect through daily interactions, your physical relationship, and the way he speaks to you. 


Men show that they love you in everything that they do. Sometimes, they are not the best at communicating their feelings with words, though. How do you tell if your man loves you? What does he do that shows you his feelings are genuine?

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