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What is a Libra Man in Bed Like? (19 Things to Know)

June 6, 2024

Are you wondering how to please a Libra man in bed?

Perhaps you’re about to hook up with a Libra for the first time, or maybe you’re looking to spice things up with a dude you’ve been seeing for some time. 

Either way, this guide will help.  

It features 19 ideas that’ll help you to blow a Libra’s mind in bed.  

However, before we begin our list, I have to tell you a story that I think you’ll find useful. 

I used to be TERRIBLE at keeping men’s interest! I thought I was giving men everything they wanted, before inside and outside the bedroom, but they’d always bail on me within a few weeks. Worst of all, I had no idea why!

Fortunately, I was able to turn things around once I began to read about the aspect of male psychology, which triggers their attraction to women. 

This part of the male mind is commonly referred to as ‘The Hero’s Instinct’

Once a woman can learn how to trigger that part of the male brain, he can quickly become putty in her hands. 

It’s not easy to learn, but it’s amazingly CONSISTENT.

I tried it myself, and suddenly the men I dated were wanting to spend more time with me than ever. They’d be trying to lock me down in a relationship faster than I’d ever experienced.

No longer am I being treated as a pump and dump. Thank goodness for that! 

If you’re hoping for a future like this in your romantic life, I urge you to read my blog post on how I discovered the power of the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

Of course, being able to rock his world in the bedroom helps too! So, scroll down to read my list of sex tips to excite a Libra man.

Libra Man In Bed

So, you have started dating a Libra man? You are excited and nervous - at the same time! What’s a girl to do? After all, you don’t automatically know what a Libra man in bed is like, right? How will you know how to pleasure him? What if he does not like romance as you do? What is this sign even like?

The good news is this article will answer your questions about this sign, and yes, he does love romance as much as you do! He will make sure you have a great time in bed! You won’t have to worry about the sexual side of your relationship because he is quite flexible when it comes to trying new things in bed. 

Whether it’s foreplay or the act of making love, you can bet that your Libra man will be interested in making sure you have a good time in the bedroom. You can enjoy plenty of foreplay with this guy as he explores your body with his mind and hands!

If your body is on fire for a Libra guy, you can bet that you’ll desire this one! He’ll bring you to a new level of pleasure! Are you ready to learn more??

Let’s dive in to see what else a Libra man is like when it comes to the bedroom!

What is a Libra Like?

A Libra man is a unique creature. This sign enjoys being in a love relationship because this is an area where he shines. Libras actually love sex! They like making their partners happy, so it’s a good sign to have a sex life with! He will make sure you experience pleasure. The Libra male also enjoys romance in bed before sex even comes into play.

Libra men enjoy relationships where balance plays a key role. When it comes to bed, Libras like a little give and take. Relationships with harmony like this are of the strongest desire by Libra men. The act of sex takes second place to the fire he feels when it comes to his sensitive nature. This could have something to do with the fact that he enjoys romance so much.

A Libra man loves to spice things up in bed, too. He might enjoy playing board games or just talking for hours before having sex. This way, the two of you can get to know one another better before having sex. His sensitive character doesn’t have to turn you off, though. In bed, Libras are great about making sure you are fully satisfied (Think: oral sex in bed).

What is a Libra Man Like in a Romantic Relationship?

When it comes to relationships, a Libra man is going to want a balanced relationship. He will desire to have both of you involved in the relationship; he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt or be concerned with hurting one another. He is more interested in keeping his partner happy than he is in having sex with her. Don’t get me wrong; sex is important, but it’s not everything.

When you think about a Libra man in bed, think about what he would most enjoy. He will probably have just as much fun with foreplay or dirty talk as he would with the act of having sex. A Libra man cares about what his partner finds to be most enjoyable in bed, but there needs to be a balance between what is sexual and what is not about sex.

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How to Win the Heart of a Libra Man

If you are trying to win the heart of a Libra man, your best bet is not to focus too much on sex. He won’t only be interested in sex. He will want to talk to you about how you are doing and feeling, also. A Libra man is all about balance. I married a Libra man, and I can tell you that they care about more than just sex; they want their ego stroked too - not in a bad way!!

For example, a Libra is more likely going to enjoy a great deal of conversations about his social life or job than he will be discussing your sex life. He is well-balanced and will seek a partner that is just like him or who can become like him in this way. I know it seems like I’m saying that Libra men do not want to have sex; I’m not saying that at all! They love it just as much as anyone!

You might notice that a Libra man is going to want to have a few stimulating conversations before jumping into bed. This is because that is the way his brain works; he is all about balance in life. He wants his other areas of life to be nurtured just as much as he wants sex - if not more!! Win his heart by asking him questions, listening to him, and showing interest!

Things to Know About a Libra Man in Bed

1. A Libra will make you happy

He will care a great deal about your happiness! This is great news because it means that he won’t just care about himself in the bedroom. You will get a say in how things go between the two of you, and you’ll get to participate in sex!

2. A Libra will make sure you are satisfied

a libra will make sure you are satisfied

You can bet that your Libra man will make sure you walk away satisfied! You won’t have to worry about being sexually frustrated because he is selfish in bed, like some of the other Zodiac signs! He’s a giving and nurturing soul and will want you to leave a happy woman!

3. A Libra won’t get bored easily

What can I say? He’s adventurous! He won’t leave you stranded in the bedroom. He’ll try new things if you allow him to! If you are game, there is a good chance that he is too!

4. A Libra will not cheat on you

A Libra man will only have eyes for you while the two of you are in a relationship; he won’t stray to someone new if you stay engaged with him! Remember the keys to making him fall in love, and you’ll surely win his heart forever!

5. A Libra would not enjoy having more than one sexual partner at a time

While he might not be opposed to trying something with a third party if that is what makes you happy, he generally would not enjoy this because he only has eyes for you! Once you are the focus of his attention, there is a good chance that his eyes will not veer elsewhere!

6. A Libra is adventurous

This is something else to keep in mind when dating a Libra man! He’ll try new things!

7. A Libra is willing to try something new

He definitely has a fun side; just give him room to blossom, and he’ll surprise you from time to time!

8. A Libra will be gentle with you

You might not have to worry about the rough stuff with a Libra man - unless you are into that sort of thing! He will likely surprise you with his kindness!!

9. A Libra will be nice and polite in bed

This is not to say he can’t be a bad boy once in a while! His general nature is to be soft and loving, though.

10. A Libra will keep things interesting

Because he has an adventurous side, he will likely keep you guessing! Look out for some fun things to come your way!

11. A Libra is likely to spice up the bedroom

As mentioned, he will surprise you from time to time. Just give him the opportunity to do things his way, also. He might want to woo you with roses and soft music, but he will spice things up when the time is right!

12. A Libra might suggest trying something new

a libra might suggest trying something new

There is always a chance that he will suggest new things, also! You can bet that your love life won’t be boring if you are involved with a Libra man! Plus, your sex life will likely be just as exciting, provided the two of you have reached that point in your relationship!

13. A Libra will enjoy romance in bed

Whether it’s flowers or candles, there is a good chance that you can win him over with romantic gestures! Keep that in mind the next time you want to get him in the mood.

14. A Libra will keep his bed nice and tidy

He’s not a slob; he’ll keep the bedroom in tip-top shape so that when the two of you make love, it is not gross in the room!

15. A Libra will enjoy it if you wear something sexy

Consider investing in some lingerie, as this is a surefire way to win him over in the sexual department! Dress up in something extra special to really wow him!

16. A Libra will love your sexy side

If you know how to talk dirty, this might be a clever thing to do when it comes to sex!

17. A Libra would not enjoy a threesome

As mentioned, a Libra likes to have you all to himself. He might be willing to try something new, but in general, he would rather shower you with attention all by yourself. Why not enjoy that while you have the chance to do so?

18. A Libra wants a serious relationship

I would be remiss if I did not bring up the subject of a serious relationship with a Libra man. He likes monogamy! He would prefer to just date you and no one else. That way, he can give you all of the attention in the world and not worry about some other girl. If you are thinking he would cheat on you, don’t worry; he’s not the type!

Of course, you will likely be able to prove me wrong with a few bad apples in the bunch, but generally speaking, Libras do not stray. They like to be with one woman, and they would, of course, like to be the only guy that you are dating, as well. They don’t want you to split your time between some other dude and them!

This is great news! You know he just wants to give you his attention when he is not at work or at school, but, of course, he expects the same treatment from you. He’s no fool to be played by you if that is what you had in mind. Just treat him well, and you can expect the same from him in bed and outside of it!

19. A Libra is trustworthy

a libra is trustworthy

You can open up with this guy and tell him your deepest secrets; he will not spill the beans (share your secret with anyone else)! There’s a good chance that opening up will bring the two of you closer together even! Consider this a great time to tell those sexual secrets that you have been keeping in the back of your mind.

He will not be judgmental or accusatory; in fact, he’s a great listener! If you can share your hurts and hang-ups - the things that trip you up in life - you will grow to be the best of friends! What a great relationship to have with someone! Making sure the two of you are compatible is crucial when it comes to sex with this sign!

He needs to be stimulated intellectually and emotionally before he will be able to “put out” to your satisfaction. The thing about these guys is that they want to have a connection with you before binding their bodies to yours. This is a good thing, though! It means that he truly cares about you as a person!


What are Libra men sexually attracted to?

Libra men enjoy it when women take control of the situation; they don’t mind it if they are in submissive positions, as they enjoy women being happy. If you are with a Libra guy, know that he understands how the female body works! Libra guys love a woman’s body!

What do Libras do in bed?

When it comes to his sex life, a Libra man believes a woman should be taken care of. This might mean he will perform oral sex or another form of pleasure. Libras truly understand erogenous zones! If you want to make a Libra man attracted to you, compliment his sexual traits!

Where do Libras like to be touched?

Libra guys like more than just being touched. Air signs like Libras have a sensitive nature. This air sign likes the other sign in the love relationship to have a subtle balance of power in the partnership. Turn on a Libra man sexually by touching him and being romantic.

Who is Libra sexually compatible with?

This Zodiac sign is an air sign and is most compatible with other air signs. When it comes to romantic relationships, a Libra man will enjoy romance with anyone. This could mean light music, lit candles, a bubble bath, strewn-out rose petals, or something else entirely!

What are Libras turn-ons?

Men born as an air element like a cozy ambiance. Their turn-offs include things that cause chaos and anxiety. People born with a worrisome nature don’t float well with Libra men. Introduce him to your luxurious bathroom with pretty candles and red roses! He’ll love it!

To Sum It All Up

When it comes to a Libra man in bed, do you think you are a good match? Even the best match cannot deny that Libra men love romantic relationships because they are romantic! They also enjoy harmony and balance in relationships! Are you ready to have a man in bed with this sign?

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