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8 Signs A Libra Man Is Falling In Love With You (Irrevocably)

April 28, 2024

Are wondering whether a Libra man is falling deeply in love with you?

This star sign tends to be confident and blatant with their feelings, but maybe you’re still not seeing the signs. 

Luckily, I have listed 15 signs that a Libra man will show when he’s beginning to feel smitten. 

By the end of this article, you’ll be in no doubt over his feelings for you. 

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With that said, these Libra-specific tips can help you out too.

What Are Libras Like?

Libra men always are some of the easiest to figure out when they start falling in love. Unlike other zodiac signs, men that belong in the Libra box (born between 23rd September and 23rd October) are usually more confident and territorial about their feelings. So, you'll certainly find that although he's pretty sensitive, he is still very manly. 

However, the signs that a libra man loves you are not always clear cut and no doubt, you're here for a few tips that'll help you discern what he's been showing you already.

The good news is, being kind, fair, a little stubborn and argumentative are healthy attributes of a Libra man. But knowing if your Libra man is in love (or is falling in love) involves looking out for all the signs - from body language to psychological cues. 

Luckily, men who fall under the Libra sign are emotionally balanced enough to show their feelings and even talk to you about them. In fact, these charming, clever gentlemen know what to say at the right time. That’s why I believe that after reading this post, you’ll be clear in how he feels; as the following signs a libra man is in love are just as simple and reassuring as they sound. I'm sure some things will start sounding familiar as you read. 

Libra Man In Love - How Can You Tell?

1. Be suddenly becomes Mr. problem solver.

Be suddenly becomes Mr. problem solver

Life is no game for a Libra man! When he starts getting serious about a relationship, he wants his woman to be at peace and will do all he can to solve problems that may arise. However, solving problems does not translate to swooping in and taking over all your credit card debts. Rather, support can also come from an emotional angle, as they're naturally kind and generous.

More so, when he is honestly concerned about you and your future will become more evident if you pay attention to all the little details. For example, you’ll likely catch a Libra man making plans for you, sorting out your problems, and if you notice him continually going out of his way to make you happy, that's another one of the major signs. 

Certainly, the desire to meet someone's needs often stems from the feeling that they are a meaningful part of your life; so, when a Libra man has fallen for you, he will go all out for your happiness. However, he may not necessarily be able to help you in some situations, but he'll still try to provide solutions. 

In fact, you will know a libra man is all in with you the moment he starts sharing your problem or generally wants to be involved in what you're doing with your life. 

2. There’s a different side to his emotions.

Despite the fact that men are generally known to hide their feelings when in love, it's not often the case that they are not in love. In fact, one study published by the Journal of Social Psychology reported that men are more likely to express their love earlier than women.

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Likewise, emotional attachment is another clear cut sign when a Libra man is falling in love. However, his emotions are only subtly expressed in the beginning. This is because a Libra man will first mentally process your actions by looking at the positives and negatives and asking himself questions about your actions. 

Best believe - it will take a reasonable amount of time before he starts getting relaxed around you. But as soon as he does, you will notice how emotionally attached he becomes. From then on, this Libra man will want to share his big moments in life with you and discussing intimate feelings becomes more of a go-to. 

Make no mistake; although Libra is a free spirit, men who fall under this sign carefully choose their friends and only gradually let their guard down. So, if you notice he's not so bothered about showing up in his old jeans and t-shirts unshaven, that’s a good sign that he's getting there with you.

3. He’s now a commitment freak.

He’s now a commitment freak

Is your man suddenly committing more to your planned date nights and other future events? If so, ladies, listen up - this is definitely one of the most significant signs to look out for. When a Libra man is in love, you’ll certainly notice subtle efforts to lock you down. You both may already be in a commitment of some sort, but he will always want a little more.

Also, keep in mind that although Libra men are flirtatious; as soon as his eyes stop wondering and the compliments to other women cease, he will expect you to do the same with other men. And even though the Libra sign suggests him to be light and airy, when in love, things move up pretty fast; in fact, his proposal may just drop on you before you even know it.  However, a Libra man will first ensure no other man is trying to get his way with you... 

Nevertheless, keep in mind that not showing commitment to a Libra man when he subtly demands it suggests to him you don't feel the same way about the relationship. All in all, you don't want to give off that vibe if he's not that important. Clearly, he’s after indicators that he’s not alone in his feelings and expects just as much commitment as he gives. And sadly, it’s hard to come back from breaking a libra’s trust, especially if you were unfaithful to him. 

4. His time is no longer important.

Taking time out for you is one of the clear signs a Libra man is falling in love with you. Remember, Libra is a cardinal air sign; this means they are initiators. So, with a man like this, you can expect him to initiate romance at every turn. You see; they put a lot of value on the mental part of a relationship. And once his mood towards you changes, he will start mentally processing the feeling to find certainty within himself before expressing it to you. 

Also, the moment a Libra man sees potential in a relationship, he will start putting in the effort, spend more time with you, even call just to talk with you. More so, romantic gestures start flowing in from here. So, don’t be surprised if he starts sending you flowers and asking you out on a couple more dates so he can spend quality time with you. 

In a nutshell, a libra man can be likened to a cat when he's in love; they always want to cuddle up in the arms of their lover. He'll also want all the attention you're willing to give him… and maybe a little more. This is also where a Libra man gets a little protective because he doesn't want to lose what he has. No doubt, if a man truly loves you, he will give you his time, and that's a vital sign to look out for in a Libra. 

5. You catch his eyes more often.

When a Libra male is in love, he can't take his eyes off you. He'll see you in the crowd of women and still only have eyes for you. In fact, have you ever caught him staring yet he doesn't dart his eyes away immediately? If so, stick by this Libra guy as he’s head over heels for you.  

Certainly, there is nothing as beautiful in a relationship as being noticed by your partner; especially when your opinion means a lot to him, even though it's as little as ”not that tie darling.” Even better is when your Libra man encourages you to discuss your feelings. And if he is giving you room to be your best self and nobody else, it's a clear cut sign that he is in love with you. 

Sure, it may not work out if you have other differences, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he loves you. All in all, this behavior points to signs that a libra man is in love with you. 

6. His family and friends become more familiar.

His family and friends become more familiar

Another sign that stems from the fact that Libra men are free-spirited is the desire to show their woman off and mark some sort of territory - which they tend to do a lot. This extends as far as introducing you to family, friends, co-workers, and pretty much any person that matters to him in his life. 

So, if you sense your libra man doesn’t love you and he is keeping you a secret, it could be your cue to leave the relationship or simply be direct by asking a few questions; you might find he is either not in love yet, or he is still trying to figure his life out, in the relationship side of things. 

Nevertheless, It's reassuring when you've met his family and friends. Certainly, when you are around people who are fond of him, you’ll further have an idea of how much your Libra guy loves you by how fondly he speaks of you, when around others. And if he finds joy in hanging outdoors with you often, holding your hand in public, and spending as much time as he can, girl, he is definitely in love. 

7. He cares more about you.

Beyond solving problems, a Libra man in love with you will genuinely care a lot. He'll want to take you home at wee hours to make sure you're safe; and will even cancel all his plans for the day just to be in your company. Make no mistake; this Libra man wants to be sure you're always happy - they don't want you feeling down, or upset about anything. That he's there for you when you need him is such a massive sign that he's in love with you. 

More so, do you notice him going out of his way to please you, or doing something he doesn't necessarily enjoy? For example, like waiting in the salon reception whilst you get your hair done, or complimenting your nails (even though he has no interest in nail art)?

Even better; does he surprise you with repeating something you said passively? Better yet, does he remember your birthday or the anniversary of your first date? Trust me, all these little things add up to him, and falling in love with you is his motto. This comes as no surprise as a Libra man in love knows exactly how to express his feelings in the language of the woman he loves; he wants to make sure you get the message when he sends it. 

So, if you are in a relationship with a Libra man and you feel he doesn't care about you, the harsh truth is that you're probably right. This is because a true Libra man can hardly hide it when he is genuinely in love with you; he will send you messages first or call when you're not together.

Side note: You should also know that even though he cares deeply about you, he might want to take some time off to get in his feelings in check. 

8. He starts planning a life with you.

He starts planning a life with you

When you keep appearing in his plans for the future, it's a sign to note. It takes a while for a Libra man to adjust his plans to fit someone else’s.  So, if he's already doing that, it shows how important you are to him. Sometimes, he doesn't even have to change his plans; you just fit right in.

Also, you will notice a Libra man in love not only takes care of you but involves you in decisions about his future and yours, respectively. He'll want to know what your dreams and ambitions are, where you see yourself in a couple of years, what your thoughts are on marriage, how many kids you'd like to have, and other things that suggest he's planning for the future.  

In fact, when a Libra man bombards you with so many questions, he's not only in love with you; he likely wants to build something more with you. However, one of the most obvious signs that a libra man is in love with you is when he doesn't hesitate to actually vocalize his feelings.

Nevertheless, make sure you pay close attention to details like his body language. He's not an emotional expert, but you will hear  'I love you' from him when he means it. 

To Sum Up

No doubt, knowing your Libra man is in love with you will help you be at your best in the relationship. Remember, he doesn't give his heart easily, so if he does, you can trust that he won't break yours. Libra men are usually very faithful and tend to build their relationships on trust. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and more importantly, I hope these signs will help things to start coming together in your relationship. Please drop a comment below and be sure to share this article too. Certainly, someone out there needs a little reassuring about their Libra guy!

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