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Libra Sextrology (12 Things A Libra Wants In Bed)

May 2, 2024

Dating can be tough sometimes. We all start seeing people with the hope that once we get to know them, they are someone that we can love and be in a relationship with for a long time. 

Helpfully, we can use zodiac signs as a way to know whether we will be compatible with them in the long term by identifying what signs have traits we find attractive. 

Another way that star signs can help us realize whether we are compatible with others is by learning about the sex drive and sex style of a potential lover. Here, we look at the Libra sexuality and what having sex with a Libra is really like. 

The Libra man sexuality or the Libra woman sexuality is a good idea to have an awareness of before you sleep with them. It can help you understand where they are coming from so you do not misinterpret their sex life in the wrong way. 

Sextrology - Libra Style

Here are 12 things you can expect from a Libra lover. A notoriously indecisive person makes them a curiously good lover as they often channel all their energy into pleasing their lover in one way or another making them a great target for seduction

1. Sensual

The sensitive and charming ways of a Libra helps make them one of the most sensual lovers out there. They love to make sex as tactile as possible and get to know the one they are with as much as they can. This means they will want to get to know every inch of your body through the powers of touch to help make sex with them something that you love to do time and time again. 

2. Exciting


Because Librans are so sensual and therefore so good at making their lovers feel great, sex with them is always exciting. Additionally, because they are such a kind and caring sign of the zodiac, sex with them is also exciting because their lovers trust them implicitly. They know that the Libra will always be doing everything that they can to please them which makes it easier to try out new things and go with the flow making it a really exciting experience to go to bed with a Libra

3. Arousing

As all good sex should be, sex with a Libra is almost always going to be arousing. This is down to that sensual nature and also wanting to please all the time. When you are in bed with a Libra, you can be sure that this sign will be doing everything in their power to make you as aroused as possible which in turn results in making love even better. 

4. Fulfilling

A technique that the sensual Libra often employs is to build that arousal to the point that their lover can’t almost take it anymore. By building up that arousal and anticipation, being in bed with a Libra is ultimately even more fulfilling as when they help their lover realize that arousal, the whole experience has been incredibly fulfilling and worthwhile. 

5. Passionate

The caring nature of a Libra makes them one of the most passionate lovers out there. They are also incredibly charming and flirtatious so that when you end up falling into bed with them, one of the ways their charm manifests itself in the bedroom is through extraordinary passion. Being between the sheets with a Libra is therefore even more exciting and exhilarating thanks to that passion which you will end up reciprocating due to its consistency. 

6. Variety

Because Libra loves to please their lovers, they will often have a lot of variety in their repertoire of moves. This is down to having had a number of past lovers who he or she tried to please in different ways before. As a result, they like to try things out with their present lover to help them achieve maximum pleasure when making love

7. Desire

Thanks to being one of the most charming signs of the zodiac, lovers of Librans will often say that their desire to sleep with the Libran lover is strong. What is perhaps stronger is the desire a Libran has for his or her lover in return. 

They love to be with people and enjoy sex a great deal so that when they have found someone they enjoy flirting with and simply holding a conversation with, their desire to sleep with them is maximized to the highest levels. 

8. Foreplay


Thanks to being a usually experienced lover, a Libra will often employ a lot of foreplay in the run-up to sex. This is because they know it is a great way of increasing arousal and therefore overall pleasure during the whole experience. 

If you’re with a Libra, it can be a good idea to reciprocate foreplay too as it will be a good way of finding out what they like as well as building their anticipation as well. 

9. Pleasure seeking

As alluded to above, Libras love to give pleasure to their partners. They do so in all manner of ways, but it is key to remember that they do so to gain pleasure themselves. They like giving pleasure to their partners as they find it a massive turn on. It’s a win-win situation for both, but do remember to try to give them pleasure too by finding out what they like and how. 

10. Satisfying

Ultimately, the lovers of a Libra will find sleeping with them one of the most satisfying experiences of their lives. The reason being is down to the insatiable want to please so that the lovers of a Libra are always pleased during their time in bed. 

Plus, once you get to know a Libra you will realize that they love to give that satisfaction too. It will make the whole experience a much more relaxing and therefore rewarding time when you realize how much pleasure a Libra gains from satisfying their partners. 

11. Imaginative

There is no denying that if you sleep with a Libra, you will find them one of the most imaginative lovers you will ever have. This is down to the fact that they love that very variety and realize that it keeps the anticipation and therefore pleasure levels sky high for their partners. 

This is great news for anyone that wants to push the boundaries in the bedroom but also for those that find simply the very act of making love a hugely bonding experience for a couple. 

12. Hot

Due to being so pleasurable and passionate, sleeping with a Libra is almost always a hot experience. The build-up and desire that comes from the anticipation of sleeping with a Libra result in a hot time between the sheets when you eventually manage to satiate that very desire. All in all, sleeping with a Libra is something that should be enjoyed to the fullest. 


Are Libras good kissers?

Libras are usually very good kissers thanks to being both sensitive and intuitive. It means that they respond to the signals a lover is sending them. Plus, they are usually very good communicators so will be more in tune with their lover’s wants and needs as a result. 

How do you please a Libra sexually?

Pleasing a Libra sexually is all about talking to them about what erogenous zone they like the most and what they want from a sex partner. Communication is one of the biggest and easiest ways we can get to know what our lovers like in bed. 

What are Libras attracted to?

Libras are attracted to beauty and kindness. If you are either of these things you are on course for being a great partner for this air sign. Libras tend to be very kind too so like to have their kindness mirrored in their partners. They also like their partners to be tactile and sensitive to their needs. 

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Where do Libras like to be touched?

Libras liked to be touched on various body parts and, thanks to being one of the kindest zodiac signs, they like to be touched in a way that pleases their partner. They have a fairly high sex drive as they like to take any opportunity to be close to their other half. 

Are Libras good with money?

Depending on what Libra traits are strongest within a particular Libra will make a big difference in whether a particular Libra is good with money or not. If they tend to be very indecisive, Libras can be quite scatty with cash. However, if they are a very sensible, ambitious Libra, they tend to be better with money. 

In Summary

A Libra can make for a fantastic lover given that they are so keen to please their partners. It is perhaps this point alone that helps make them such a sensual and passionate person to have sex with. They understand that arousal is a key and essential part of sex and as result foreplay with them can be expected to be almost as satisfying as sex itself. 

Additionally, knowing that a Libra is so focused on giving pleasure to their partners is key as it can help those partners relax and enjoy the whole experience so much more. 

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