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How To Get What You Want From A Man (17 Ways To Get What You Want From Men)

Every relationship should involve giving and taking but, when one person is doing all the giving and is only taking by force, what you’ll have is an imbalanced relationship. 

Have you ever dated a man who wouldn’t do things for you without you having to nag him to death? Is your major love language quality service or receiving gifts but your man cannot be bothered with doing either?

It can be truly frustrating when you have to beat a drum before getting what you want from your man. It’s general knowledge that most men don’t understand what women want until they say it. Relationships can’t always be balanced, but there are some things you can do to tip the scales in your favor. 

You don’t have to make him feel like a Central Bank or be cunning, angry, and deceptive to get the best out of a relationship. Most times, these men just need help with identifying your wants in the relationship.

Are you ready to get the clean tricks of the trade? Do you need to know how to get what you want from a man without too much hassle? Read on for tips that will help you do so.

17 Ways To Get What You Want From A Man

1. Communicate with him

Like other aspects of a relationship, good communication might be the easiest way of getting what you desire. While you can trick him into getting you something or doing a service for you, you can simply tell him what you need.

Some men prefer to know what their woman needs and if you don’t tell them in plain words, they either don’t understand you or pretend they don’t know what you’re talking about. For example, if you want your partner to get you ice cream because you’ve had a stressful day, tell him so. 

Don’t think he’d know you need ice cream just because he'd pass the ice cream shop on his way home. Yes, that example may sound trivial, but it’s one of the best ways to show how to get what you want from a man without stress.

2. Timing is everything

Most men like to focus on one thing at a time, even when they are multitasking. You shouldn’t think or expect him to pay attention to you when he’s busy. If he’s working, he has compartmentalized his tasks to be centered around work, so you shouldn’t be mad at him for not paying you any attention while working. Relationships require tact and wisdom, make sure he isn’t busy before you try to approach him, so you’ll have his full attention. 

3. Leave breadcrumb ideas

There are times when the direct approach won’t work on your man, probably because of time constraints or his type of person. Leaving hints of what you want will help him sense what you need without having to say it bluntly. 

For instance, you want to go away on a vacation but your partner isn’t ready to do that anytime soon. You can leave tabs of vacation destinations open on his computer browser or tune in to shows talking about ‘baecations’. He may not feel good about traveling at the time, but he’ll certainly understand the message you’re trying to pass across.

4. Do nothing until he gets the point you’ve been trying to make

How to get what you want from a man can sometimes mean not saying anything about that thing until he starts to think “this woman isn’t talking about this thing again, what’s wrong”.

Men get uncomfortable when their woman stops asking them for something they’d been talking about for so long. For example, you do the cooking and cleaning and, you’ve been asking your man to at least help out with the cleaning but, he refuses every time. 

Simply stop talking about it for a few days, then on the weekend when he’s around, leave the dishes where they are, and go to bed. If he’s a smart guy with a conscience, he’ll do the needful.

5. Appreciate him for the little things he does

appreciate him for the little things he does

Many women make the erroneous judgment that their men don’t need special encouragement or appreciation apart from sex but, that’s very wrong. How would you feel if sex was the only way your man said ‘thank you’? Really bad right?

Similarly, men want women to appreciate them for what they do too. When you do this, they find it easier to do things for you. He picked up groceries for you, say thank you with a sweet kiss. He picked you up from work so you don’t have to take the tube? Appreciate him.

Even if you’re entitled to what he does for you, still appreciate him. Relationships thrive on that kind of positive energy, and it makes both parties more willing to give each other things. 

6. Stop indulging his ignorance and let reality catch up with him

If you’ve been the type of woman who turns a blind eye to her man's negligence, he may not budge regardless of what you do. So first, you need to stop making excuses for him. 

Don’t see this as being cruel, you’re just watching out for yourself and your relationship. If for example, you keep excusing his bad spending habit, it will eventually affect your relationship. 

In this case, you can leave him to finish his savings on other things then watch him come back to you in remorse. Then, you can give him the stipulation that he creates a budget for his finances. I assure you, next time he gets his paycheck, he’ll think about you first.

7. Be patient with him for as long as possible

Men are like big babies sometimes, they think they are always in control but they aren’t. If your man is finding it difficult to understand or do what you want, you might just need to give him some time.

If there’s anything men hate, it is for their woman to nag. Except your man is being plain unfair and selfish, you might want to be patient for him to see things from your perspective. He’ll understand you eventually and do what you want.

8. Be the better person sometimes by reminding him

One thing that drives a woman mad is having to repeatedly explain to her man what she wants to be done. “Pick up your socks", you say every day, “don’t leave the jam bottle open" yet, he'll still do just that. 

Yes, it’s aggravating how he doesn’t do what should be done at once. However, instead of always getting short with him, try to remind him a second time what he should do without getting mad about it. 

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9. Create a list of what you need so he’ll include it in his

Men are focused beings (at least the serious ones are) and so, they need to painstakingly plan their daily activities. They don’t need to write out a to-do list to follow their plans but, you might need to write one out so he’ll know you’re serious

Pin sticky notes to the fridge, his computer, or his briefcase as a reminder of what you need from him. You can do an electronic version if he prefers that. When you create reminders like these, it will be easy for him to remember. 

10. Don’t beat around the bush about what you need

dont beat around the bush about what you need

Some women can be complicated, don’t be one of them, especially if you want to get something from your man. Do you need a new weave? Say so instead of telling him your weave is old. A crafty man will answer you cheekily by saying “so throw it out!”. You’ll only be mad and think he’s making jest of you.

Don’t say your phone’s battery is bad when you should let him know you need money to get a new phone. Relationships thrive on good communication and understanding, if he understands how much you need something and has the means to give it to you, any caring man would do that. 

11. Create the culture you want him to practice too

Don’t be a ‘do as I say but, don’t do what I do’, person. You get what you give so if you want your man to normalize giving you gifts or doing things for you, lead by example. Start by doing or giving nice things to him too.

Many women may not agree with this because they only take and take. Taking without giving in a relationship is unhealthy. If your man is worth keeping, he’ll reciprocate even without you asking him for anything. 

12. Most men don’t like talking too much, so keep your explanation short

You don’t need to give a story inside another story before you make him see why you want something. Except what you’re asking for isn’t important, be bold to ask about what you need. You’re his partner and should have his attention, care, and gifts. 

If you always have to give a long explanation of what you need to a man who’s supposed to love you, your relationship might be heading for the rocks.

13. Don’t point out his mistakes when he buys you gifts

Some men try their best to make their women feel good and comfortable. A man can even go out of his way to do something unique for his girl, which is rather sweet. If your first approach to his gesture is to criticize what he didn’t do right, you’ll crush his spirit.

Even if he got the wrong size of sexy lingerie for you or he picked the wrong restaurant for that special date night, you should appreciate the gesture. The thought matters most right?

14. Make him feel like he decided to get the thing you wanted

You can ask your man for something and get it without him knowing you asked for it. How? Make what you want a collaborative effort. If he has been working so hard for a while and he’s been complaining about pain in his lower back, suggest to him a spa you’ve been hoping to visit. See? You’ll have what you want without asking for yourself! 

15. Ask him nicely

ask him nicely

To be honest, many women in this era hold on to the entitlement syndrome and paint other women as the same. Even if he is your spouse, nothing is stopping you from asking your husband nicely for something you want.

Always demanding what you want won’t work every time, even if you have a right to it. Men are proud beings who want to feel like they are respected. You don’t need to grovel to have what you want, just ask him nicely. 

16. Be understanding

No woman wants to hear that she doesn’t have the power to snap her fingers and get what she wants from her man. Unfortunately, that will happen sometimes.

Your man may be able to afford it but unable to grant your wishes at the time and, there’ll be moments when he can’t afford to give you what you’re asking for. As a supportive partner, you should try to understand this.

17. If he can’t get you what you want, you should get it yourself without holding any grudge against him

Another thing some women don’t like to hear is that they don’t need a man to attend to their every whim and desire. To avoid being completely dependent on any man, you should have the inbuilt principle that even if a man denies you something, you can get or do it yourself. There’s a certain freedom to feeling like this. 


How do you get what you want from a man without asking?

To get your man to give you what you want, you can leave subtle hints about it for him. Also, you can suggest a mutual activity that he loves doing naturally. He’ll bite the bait if you handle things well.

How do you make a guy do anything you want?

Guys are not puppets, they have feelings too. To get a guy to do what you want, you need to treat him well too. If you want gifts from him, give him gifts too. If you want him to help you with something, be available to help him too.

How do you get him to do what you want in bed?

The best way to get a man to do what you want in bed is to tell him exactly what you need. Telling him where you want to be touched will help a lot.

Where do men like to be touched?

The penis is certainly the most sensitive part a man likes to be touched. Other sensitive parts of their body include their nipples, the back of their knees, and the pulse behind their ears.

How can I make him miss me badly?

Being a great woman to a man in every way will make him miss you badly when you’re not with him. As long as you’re amazing to him and satisfy him as much as possible, he’ll always want to be with you.

In Conclusion 

It is the dream of every woman to have her man satisfy her desires at any time. However, reality reveals that once in a while, men need an extra push to do what their women want. By following the tips in this article, you should get your man to fulfill your wishes every now and then.

Do leave a comment below if you enjoyed reading through, and share this with others that need it.

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