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How To Annoy Your Boyfriend (101 Ways To Handle The Situation)

Generally speaking, one of the most important reasons why we go into relationships is because of the peace that comes with it. You want to make sure you're happy and content so you can be the best girlfriend to your partner.

However, you’ll likely agree with me that there are times when peace gets boring and you want a little trouble. You are bored and you want something interesting, like to annoy him playfully. 

You would like to shake things up a little and add spice and everything nice to the relationship, for the sole purpose of keeping things thrilling and edgy. 

It might even be to retaliate to something your boyfriend did way back, make him jealous, or just to tease him. Whatever your reason is, it is absolutely normal and not immature to annoy your boyfriend. 

So now you have the intention, the next step is thinking of how to annoy your boyfriend. I have compiled 101 ways to help you out.

101 Ways To Annoy Your Boyfriend

Spank his ass for no reason. It can be so cute and annoying at the same time. So give that man a little spank.

Repeat his words after your boyfriend even if he is saying something important. It would be annoying at first, but it is a sure way to make him smile.

  • Twerk on him when he’s busy with work. If you want to know how to get your boyfriend mad, dance around seductively when he is busy with that virtual meeting.
  • Make him listen to your type of songs. You know he would rather not listen to your songs, but he is going to hear it anyways.
  • Empty his favorite drink or juice and replace it with milk.
  • Draw on his face when he is asleep.
  • Nag him about how he doesn't text you when he is out with his friends.
  • If you want to annoy your boyfriend, jump to conclusions and then get mad for being wrong.
  • Expect him to read your mind. Get angry that he can not read your mind to see that something is wrong with you. I mean, if he is your man, he should be able to read minds, right?
  • Eat out of his food after he asked if you would like some, trust me, no one likes this. I mean, he deserves this because how dare he buy food without thinking of you, his baby!
  • Sing in his ears when he is asleep. “Why?” Because why is he sleeping and dreaming when the girl of his dreams is right by his side.
  • Turn off the electricity when he is spending a lot of time on video games.
  • Troll him on social media.
  • Turn him on and then leave for work.
  • Ask him questions and start crying if he is paying more attention to football games than you.
  • Overreact to something and be too stubborn to admit it.
overreact to something and be stubborn to admit it
  • Make plans for him on a Friday night without asking. 
  • Respond “Ok” to his really long text messages. Make sure you keep doing it for at least 5 minutes.
  • Do the ‘baby talk’ when he's discussing something serious with you.
  • Change your name on his phone to something funny, let him have trouble searching for it.
  • Guilt your boyfriend into doing what he does not want to do and say you are no longer interested after he has done it.
  • Sneak your panties into his suit pockets. Let him bring it out at work instead of his handkerchief.
  • Wear his favorite shirts.
  • Ask him if you look fatter and get mad at whatever response he gives. If he says no, call him a liar and ask him why he cannot see it when the scale can. And if he says Yes, get mad at him for calling you fat.
  • Punch him in the stomach and overreact when he does the same.
  • Get mad at him for something he did in his dreams.
  • Change his Netflix password.
  • Make him watch a movie he hates and sleep 10 minutes into it.
  • Pretend you have terrible menstrual cramps on game night so that he will miss it and tell him it was all a lie at the end of the game.
  • Fart and make him smell it since he claims to love you a lot.
  • Have an awkward conversation when his friend is in the car.
  • Get him to say silly things to you like “you are my best girl in the whole world” over the phone when he is hanging out with his friends.
  • Scream in his ears when he is not waking up to his alarm clock in the morning.
  • Change his ringtone to him snoring, so that you can embarrass him at work. I guarantee you, it’s funny and annoying.
  • Post a funny picture or video of him on social media and tag him on it.
  • Always ask him what he is thinking more than 5 times. Borrow a page from the book of a curious child. The more you ask, the angrier he gets.
  • Ask him what he would do in hypothetical situations and get mad if you are not satisfied with his answer.
  • Slap the phone out of his hands when he tries to use it or text someone.
  • Hide his car keys when you don’t want him to go out with his friends.
  • Be loud in the morning for no reason. Especially if he is not a morning person.
  • Burp loudly in front of him. This will really annoy him.
  • Eat from his plate at a restaurant. At the pretext of eating healthy, order for salad and eat from whatever calorie-giving food he ordered.
  • Cry unnecessarily all the time. Nobody likes a cry baby, not even your boyfriend.
  • Take too long in the shower. Men are big on keeping to time, they spend 20 minutes maximum in the shower so this will definitely annoy him.
  • Badmouth his friends. Talk about how they are all trash, and he is indulging them. Nobody likes to talk bad about their friends.
  • Show up unexpectedly at guys’ night. This will annoy him for sure because his friends will tease him about it for a long time.
  • Ask numerous silly questions while having a conversation with him.
  • Be as indecisive, and when he asks you questions, just ask right back.
  • Say you are ordering pizza but surprise him with salad instead.
  • Change your outfit right when you are both about to leave for a date.
  • Joke about how all his shirts are the same.
  • Don’t listen. Play with your hair, or honk the car horn while he’s talking.
  • Pretend to make yourself food without including their portion.
  • Contradict your partner’s views or opinions. This is a sure way to annoy him.
contradict your partner's views or opinions
  • Talk over the television when his favorite show is on.
  • Be a chronic latecomer. Come late to everything; to bed, dinner, just come late. It is certain to annoy him.
  • Never put your phone down. Always use your phone even when he is talking or saying something serious. Especially when he wants to spend quality time with you. This will surely sting him and make him feel insignificant. Try it.
  • Guilt-trip him into doing things he hates. Like going on double dates, attending cooking classes, and more.
  • Say “ it’s fine”. It’s so annoying to say everything is fine especially to your partner when things are not fine. 
  • Steal his food! This is only right. He stole your heart, might as well retaliate by stealing his food. Get your revenge sis!
  • Force him on a “eat clean” diet. Make him do it for a period and reveal to him that you haven’t been doing it with him.
  • One of the ways to annoy your boyfriend is to invite your girlfriends over without letting him know. Have them giggling all over the place, listening to music he hates and a movie he would rather not watch.
  • Send him a “we need to talk” text on games night with the boys. There is no better way to ruin his night. Men dread that text, so many things will be running through his mind.
  • Stand in front of the television when he is playing games. Cleaning the house is better when your man is playing video games, right? So clean the television exactly when he is playing games virtually with the boys.
  • Mother him. Men hate it when you boss them around and tell them what to do like their mothers. So do just that.
  • It’s time to wear your clingy shoes. This will drive him crazy. Volunteer to follow him everywhere and cry when he denies you the chance.
  • Make a big deal out of everything. If he wants to blame this on hormones, make it an even bigger deal.
  • Hang with the girls. Cancel plans with your boyfriend to hang out with your girls. This will definitely get to him. 
  • Wear your “overly jealous girlfriend” boots. Tease him lightly if he hangs out with his female colleagues from work. Ask him so many questions about what he discusses with them and tell him he’s being an irresponsible boyfriend.
  • Make him squirm with sexual innuendo over text messages while he is working at the office or with his friends.
  • Call his name multiple times and touch him when he is trying to get work done.
  • Nag him constantly. Repeat things hundreds of times. Men hate this.
  • Call him a nickname he does not like. Once he says he hates a name, then make it his new name.
  • Prank call him and tell him to rush down home from work.
  • Shame him for the things he likes. If he likes watching “family guy” then call him a baby.
  • Mimic and pick on the way he walks and talks. It will sting him where it hurts.
  • Pretend to be on the phone with a guy he knows nothing about for a long period. Play with your hair while talking to this ‘mystery dude,’ it will certainly get his attention.
  • Ask him for the outfit you wore a day before and get mad at him for not knowing it. Cry for emphasis, it works wonders.
  • Blame him for things that are not his fault or for things out of his control. It really gets to him.
  • Be too much of a princess to pick up coffee for him, because you are his princess.
  • End an argument with “k” or “whatever”
  • Don’t delete Tinder. Your partner does not want to discover you on an app where you can find a replacement for him.
don't delete tinder
  • Withdraw sex as punishment. They hate it when you use sex as a tool. So punish him and annoy him.
  • Start talking ratchet to him when he comes home from work. No matter how many times he insists you stop, keep doing it until you’re satisfied with his reaction.
  • Take advantage of him when he is drunk. Use his ATM card to order a dress for yourself. Blame it on the drink.
  • Criticize his flaws. Take about his bad habits when you’re having a conversation with him. How he bites his nails, twitches his eyes, or bends his neck, anything. It will get to him and tick him off.
  •  Reject his compliments. This will make him mad. Say, “oh please” when he calls you beautiful.
  • Obsess over a celebrity. Men are competitive. So obsessing over a celebrity will make him feel less of himself and a little jealous, try this.
  •  Text him the whole day, or at least for a good part of it. Do not give him space. I mean, he asked for this when he asked you to be his girlfriend right?
  • Place sticky notes on his car, and write anything you want from funky to embarrassing stuff.
  • Call him fat jokingly and tell him to hit the gym soon. That will sting. It’s stinging me right now as I type this.
  • Get his clothes and form a trail from the bed to the door, your boyfriend will be furious when he sees the mess you’ve made. 
  • Ask him your boyfriend if he is going to cheat. It will annoy him because it will make him feel like you have no trust and confidence in him.
  • Text him in gibberish, it’s one of the fastest ways to get him annoyed. Your man will be so busy spending his time deciphering your nonsense while you’ll be having a good laugh.
  • Tickle him. Do this especially if he is busy with work. Tickle him and kiss him all over.
  • Drag his hair or beards when he is trying to concentrate. This is playfully cute.
  • Scream like you are being strangled and when he comes tell him “I love you baby”
  • Lick his face when he is watching a movie. Since he is your ice cream, he is going to get licked, and he better taste good.
  • Tell him you need to tell him something really important and whisper “I am a bad bitch” in his ears.
  • If he has long hair, braid it when he’s sleeping. He’ll be in shock when he wakes up.
  • If he wants to get something from the fridge, tell him you want “mountain dew”, and when he brings it, change your mind. Repeat this till he gets really mad.


How do you annoy your partner?

You know your partner well. So how to annoy him is to do the exact opposite of all the things he likes. So, for instance, if he likes peace and quiet, act the absolute opposite, be loud and wild.

Is it normal to annoy your boyfriend?

Yes, it is absolutely normal to annoy your boyfriend. Playfully of course, and without hurting him. It helps rekindle the spark and keeps things interesting in the relationship. However, if he’s sensitive, don’t annoy him in front of his friends.

What can I say to my upset boyfriend?

If you really want to upset your boyfriend, talk about other guys when he’s around. Keep complimenting their bodies, manner of approach, and cuteness. 

How can I annoy a girl?

This is so easy, there are a thousand and one ways to annoy a girl, but I will leave just one that will always work. Just reorganize her stuff without letting her know, this is sure to work. I can bet that it will surely get her furious.

How can you make your bf happy?

You can make your partner happy by telling him and showing him how much he means to you. It is easy to tell him he means a lot to you but more challenging to show it in your actions. So let him know and make him really happy.

To Sum Things Up 

I hope you enjoyed reading my list and found it helpful. However, you know your partner better and know which of the aforementioned things will be too extreme. So, tread carefully, the aim is not to lose your relationship or take things too far. 

If your aim is loosening up, having fun, and having a good laugh with your partner, then, by all means, try them all out. Let me know what you think by commenting below. Don’t forget to share the article if you enjoyed reading every part of it.

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