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Type Of Men To Avoid (13 Types Of Men To Avoid If You Want True Love)

May 3, 2024

A lot of times, there’s this frog-kissing phase the average girl goes through before she finally finds the one. This is not an unavoidable situation though, knowing what type of men to let in and what types to avoid would help save millions of women a lot of time. 

A lot of us avoid dating the kind of guys that are good for us and end up dating the ‘bad boy’ type of guy that will live up to his name description. In this dating game, you’ll save yourself a lot of heartbreaks by just looking out for a guy that is level-headed and sweet.

If you’re one of these women who want to skip all the ups and downs of the dating world, then this article is definitely for you. As a fairy-tale-loving woman myself, I will take you through the 13 types of men to avoid while searching for Mr. Right.

13 Types Of Men To Avoid

1. The selfish man

This particular guy is not hard to recognize, he doesn’t take long to show his true colors. He makes it clear that he loves himself more than anyone else including you. He’ll always put his needs before yours and never ask what your own preferences, passions, or interests are. The selfish man will hardly ever agree to being self-centered but will claim that it's self-love. 

Selfishness usually comes hand in hand with arrogance, so the fastest way to spot a selfish guy is by observing the way he talks about himself. If he’s constantly trying to prove how great he is at everything, then he probably falls under this category, and it’s best to avoid these types of guys.

2. The constant liar

the constant liar

Dating Mr dishonest will make your entire relationship and therefore your life, very emotionally draining. You can recognize this mister by the way he is so willing to make promises and not very willing to fulfill them. He’ll continuously make up stories about his life and never make an effort to be transparent. 

The moment you recognize a pattern of deceit from a potential love interest, this is a major red flag and you should run! A dishonest guy can never be trusted and can never make up the other half of a healthy relationship.

3. The unfaithful one

You can't have a healthy relationship with an unfaithful man or player, as they’re popularly referred to. They will always want to keep your relationship at the most neutral level, so he can go about his usual philandering. 

Some players even relate with you without officially making their motive known, if you’re with someone who has refused to define the relationship, then he’s a major suspect. The unfaithful guy is always protective of his phone, is never really honest about his location, and always avoids introducing you to his family or friends, this is how you can recognize him. 

4. The on-and-off guy

In this age where the internet has made it possible to have a large dating pool, it's no surprise that some people would want to keep their options open for the person who best suits them. Although this is understandable you should never allow yourself to be strung along. 

Never fall a victim to the guy who only calls when he’s in between dates, bored, lonely, or looking to ‘hook up’. You should be with a man who sees you as a priority in his life and not disposable. 

If you realize that you’re involved with someone who is out with you one day then you don’t hear from him until he needs some free entertainment, then he’s probably in this category. These are one of the most dangerous of the bunch because they don’t regard you as human but only as a form of entertainment. 

5. The lazy guy

This particular guy is just plain annoying, he always takes and hardly ever gives. This is not because he's selfish but simply because he's too lazy to make an effort. If you notice that you're always making most of the effort, keeping the relationship going, constantly remembering birthdays, setting up dates, and keeping the communication alive, then you're probably with a lazy man. 

If you constantly feel like the relationship would wither away and die without you, then the smart thing to do would be to cut it off. Relationships involve two people and therefore should take the effort of both parties to keep it going. 

6. The emotionally detached man

the emotionally detached man

It's true that most men aren't as emotionally intelligent as most women, but everyone should be open emotionally to a certain extent. Knowing how the emotionally detached guy feels about certain things or if he feels at all, would be a big challenge to you and therefore, would make it more difficult for you to relate with him.

The emotionally unavailable guy could even keep hurting you without knowing and should therefore be avoided. If you're looking for any sort of meaningful relationship, then avoid the emotionally absent man. This guy will constantly keep you at arm's length and may even sometimes neglect your own feelings the same way he neglects his own. 

7. The control freak

Being with a guy who takes control is completely different from being with a controlling man. A man who takes control is a good leader and is able to lead and handle a relationship, family, and any situation he finds himself in. A controlling man, on the other hand, is constantly imposing. 

He’ll try to control your social life, your living situation, and your overall personal life. A controlling man would always try to lord over you and intimidate you, he’s a control freak in his own life and would certainly bring it into his relationships. Controlling guys are often very jealous, their controlling nature most times stems from a place of insecurity and fear

They never feel secure unless everything goes the way they say it should. If at any point during your relationship you begin to feel manipulated or oppressed, this is your cue to leave immediately. 

8. The forever bachelor 

the forever bachelor

Have you ever been in a relationship with a guy that swears he’s all in but makes no evident moves towards commitment? He is extra charming, well-mannered, attractive, most times successful, and even witty. He has a way with women because he has been with a handful of them. 

He will wine you and dine you, sweep you off our feet, and make you feel like the only girl in the world. You would wonder why he is still single and has never been married, this is because no woman is ever enough for him and commitment is his greatest enemy. The forever bachelor is hard to resist, so it's best to avoid him completely. 

Even when you try to be careful he knows exactly what to say and do to lure you in. The moment you’re in a relationship with him and ready to commit, he’ll take off as fast as his legs can carry him. Dating this man is like running around in circles, you’ll keep moving but never make any progress. 

9. The serial husband

This man is the complete opposite of the forever bachelor. He loves the thrill of getting married but cannot manage a marriage or even stay in one. He sees marriage as an accessory that he can change at will. The moment the sparks and romance fade, he gives up and moves to the next person. 

The serial husband is obsessed with the new; when his marriage begins to get a bit old and familiar, he immediately moves to the next sparkling new wife. What's even worse about the serial husband is that he will always blame the other party for the mishap, it's never his fault that things get mundane or plain. 

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In his mind, his former wives were never ‘the one’, he believes that when he finds the one, he’ll stay in that state of constant infatuation. If you notice that a man has a long line up of ex-wives, then it's advisable to completely avoid him. 

10. The gold-digger

When a man is starting off in life or has had a hard hit later on in his life, he may be a bit financially unstable. It's ok to stand by him at these points if you’re involved with him. However, if a man is not financially stable and makes no effort to be, then any permanent or long term relationships with him should be avoided. 

The gold-digger guys are normally good looking and smooth-talking. They are not perturbed about their financial state because they feel like any woman would fall for them and be willing to support them financially. The gold digger is a very entitled man when he finds a financially stable woman who has fallen for his charms. 

He will expect her to keep his wardrobe in style, feed him, and ensure he has a comfortable life. The gold-digger knows and understands a woman’s maternal side and knows how to manipulate it to his will, this man should be completely avoided. 

11. The mama’s boy

the mama's boy

This man is one of the sweetest and most understanding men you’d ever meet. He’s a complete gentleman and is very considerate and kind towards women. This is no surprise since he’s his mother’s favorite, so he completely understands female sentiments. His thoughtfulness would seem like a breath of fresh air to you since most men don’t really understand emotions. 

However, here’s the downside; his heart belongs to another woman- his mom. His mom has a say in almost all his life decisions, his wardrobe choices, his home, and even his finances. 

Building a future with this man would be to your own detriment because his mom will decide everything you both do. To make this worse, asking him to choose between you and his mom won’t work because he will definitely choose his mom.

12. The man child

Women are usually attracted to men who are either older than them or the same age as them, this is understandable because most women like to be cared for, pampered, and led. Most times it's the mature men who know how to do this. 

However, not every grown-up man is fully mature in his mind, some have 30-year-old bodies with 18-year-old minds. The man child loves to be adventurous, have fun, and live like a teenager. The moment you have a serious life crisis or even a setback, he’d be absent. He’s absolutely terrible at handling real-life situations, these men should be avoided at all costs.

13. The narcissist

the narcissist

Have you ever been with a guy who wants it his way or the highway? It’s terrible. He believes that the world revolves around him. He doesn’t believe that he can be defeated and therefore has a massive ego. He’s most times very disciplined, decisive, and confident so it's easy to get attracted to him. 

The downside is that once you spend time with him he can’t stop talking about himself. He’s constantly talking about his accomplishments and seems to get offended when you try to correct him. 

The egoistic man loves to go out with successful and driven women, but not one who would match his success or surpass it. Being in a relationship with the egoistic man will be extremely hard if not impossible and therefore should be avoided. 


What are the 3 types of men?

The three types of men in the dating world are the good men, the average men, and the toxic men. The good men behave with integrity, the average men have some strains of good behavior but occasionally mess up. Finally, toxic men are dangerous and should be completely avoided. 

What are the four types of men?

The real men, the boys, the players, and the confused men. The real men are matured men who are ready for a healthy relationship, the boys are men who never want to grow up, the players are those who date multiple women at once, while the confused men are the in-decisive ones who never seem to know what they want. 

What are different types of guys?

There is a wide variety of men out there, they can be grouped based on some similar traits but most times they can’t be fully defined, so this makes it challenging to classify them. Every man has a character of his own. It's best to observe the men you meet and deal with them based on their individual personalities

Why do guys keep tabs on you?

It's normal for men to want to be protective and slightly possessive of their women. This is okay when it's at a healthy level. However, an extreme amount of this could indicate that he’s jealous and perhaps a bit insecure, this is not a good trait for a man.

What is male posturing?

Male posturing features a set of behaviors that involve and promote the male ego. It includes behaviors like showing off, boasting, and putting others down in order to look good in comparison to them. Male posturing stems from fear and insecurity, it's toxic behavior and should not be encouraged.

To Conclude

I hope you enjoyed this article. Remember that you can have your happily ever after without having to go through the stress of dating toxic men who could end up damaging you emotionally and otherwise. If you found this write-up useful, please let me know in the comment section and share it also. 

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