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How To Flirt With A Capricorn Man (17 Effective Ways)

If you have recently met a Capricorn man and you have already found yourself falling for him, it is likely that you are looking for ways to flirt with him, grab his attention and make him fall for you. It is useful to gain an understanding of this zodiac sign’s unique qualities so that you know how to flirt in a way that will appeal to him and his natural characteristics. 

Perhaps this Capricorn man’s flirting techniques seemed effortless to you and you want to match this, but you are unsure of where to start. You want to make sure that you don’t mess anything up as you really do like this guy and want to see where things could potentially go between the two of you. 

It is helpful to look to astrology and to someone's unique zodiac characteristics when you are trying to win them over. There are certain things that a Capricorn man will be attracted to that other signs may not necessarily share. Thus, it is a good idea to learn a bit more about typical  Capricorn characteristics and desires. 

Keep reading to find out how to flirt with a Capricorn man.

How To Flirt with A Capricorn Man: 17 Ways To Make Him Fall for You

Perhaps you have already been on a date or you have a first date planned with a Capricorn man, it is likely that you want to do everything you can to make sure that the night goes well. If you have never really flirted with a guy before, there are some things to keep in mind if you are trying to attract a Capricorn man. 

1. Talk to him 

Talk to him

Capricorn men enjoy having deep and meaningful conversations with potential partners to ensure that they are on the same level. Make sure that you don’t start off the conversation with any topics that are too deep, but if it feels right, start asking him about his desires, hopes, and dreams and see how he responds. 

If you are able to talk to a Capricorn man in this way he will begin to fall for you. He will love to know that you are interested in his life and his feelings and will want to learn more about you too. He is a man that is passionate about life and will want to know that you feel the same way too. 

2. Show him your passion

Capricorn guys love to follow their hopes and dreams and are usually extremely passionate people. He will want to find a partner who has the same hopes as he does. He will only look for a relationship for a partner who shares the same lust for life as he does, he wants someone that he can go on adventures and explore the world with. 

If you want to make him fall for you, be passionate, and show him your true authentic self. Tell him about everything that you adore and hope to accomplish in life and he will be attracted to this side of your personality. 

3. Show him you care

Capricorn men care deeply about the world and those around him. Show him that you care for your family, those around you, and the environment just as much as he does, and he will begin to fall for you. Show him everything that you do to try and make the world better and he will be deeply attracted to your caring qualities. 

4. Be calm 

Capricorn men will usually be scared off by anybody that comes across too strong at the beginning. They are looking for someone that they can have a calm and fun relationship with, so don’t flirt too hard with him at the start. Simple touches of his hand or leg, while you are talking, are the kind of thing that he will adore. 

Show him that you are calm and collected, you know what you want in life and you are independent. When he learns how balanced and calm you are, he will be likely to start imagining a relationship with you. 

5. Show him you are interested

Capricorn men hate mind games, so if you are interested in him make sure that you let him know. However, make sure that you let him know in a subtle way so that you don’t come off too strong. Tell him how you feel and then give him a chance to react in his own time. Don’t put any pressure on him too early on. 

6. Smile

Capricorn men love people that are happy and smile a lot. Make sure that you relax when you are with him, don’t put too much pressure on anything, and don’t make the date too seriously. He will be much more likely to fall for you if you just relax and have fun on your date together. 

7. Don’t rush anything

It is important if you are dating a Capricorn man that you don’t try and rush anything. He is the type of guy that likes to take his own time and will only act when he is really sure about something. Let him know how you feel, don’t put any pressure on him to rush or make any commitments to you too early on. 

8. Give him space

Capricorn guys like to be independent and they enjoy having their own space. They like to be in control of the situations they are in, so make sure that you give him space and freedom that he needs to come to a decision on his own. Don’t expect to spend every day together with this guy when you first start dating

9. Ask about his passions and interests

Ask about his passions and interests

A Capricorn man will like to know that his potential partner is interested in his life. Show him that you want to learn more about his passions and interests and he will begin to fall for you. Tell him about what you love to do as well and you will begin to see your bond growing in this way. 

10. Show him your intelligent side

Capricorn’s love people that are intelligent and that enjoy having conversations on deeper, intellectual topics such as literature and philosophy. The more you can enjoy a conversation on these topics the more he will fall for you. 

11. Be thoughtful

A Capricorn man will fall for someone that is kind and thoughtful. Show him that you have been listening to him by buying him a gift based on his interests or buy him his favorite takeaway food on your next date. 

12. Build a friendship

A Capricorn man is one of the zodiac signs that like for a love affair to develop from a friendship. This type of relationship is one that is likely to last long into the future as it is built on a strong foundation. 

13. Take him on adventures

Capricorn guys enjoy going on adventures and want their partners to as well. Take him on an adventure into the outdoors or on a city break. 

14. Show him your funny side

Capricorns are looking for someone that is funny and lighthearted. They don’t want their relationships to be too serious, so make sure that you show him your funny and goofy side. 

15. Be honest

Capricorn guys are looking for partners that are honest and truthful. They hate playing mind games, so if something is on your mind, make sure that you tell him about it. Never lie to a Capricorn as they will not be likely to ever forget it. 

16. Be open

Don’t try to hide anything from this Capricorn man as he will feel betrayed if you have kept something from him. Lay a good foundation by always being open with him. 

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17. Be passionate

A Capricorn man when in love is passionate and loving. Show him your passionate side too and he will fall deeply for you. He will want someone that can reflect his passionate nature. Tell him about everything you love deeply, what you want to accomplish in life and how you want to care for those around you. 


How does a Capricorn flirt?

Capricorn guys are usually good at flirting. They are often naturally charming. He will like to date people that are happy and relaxed. So, even if you believe you are not naturally talented at flirting, just relax and try to have fun and he will be more likely to fall for you. 

How do u know if a Capricorn man likes u?

If a Capricorn man likes you he will let you know. He is one of the zodiac signs that hates playing games, so if he is attracted to you, you will be able to tell from his body language and approach. Make sure that you are open and honest with this Capricorn man too.

What is a Capricorn man attracted to?

Capricorn guys are attracted to people that are intelligent, caring, and honest. Show him these sides of your personality and he will be likely to fall for you. Don’t put any pressure on only our relationship too soon as this will likely scare him off

How do you make a Capricorn man fall in love with you?

If you want to make a Capricorn fall for you, show him your passionate and caring side. He is looking for someone that he can spend his life going on adventures with and fulfilling his dreams, so show him that you can be this person. 

Are Capricorns good in bed?

Capricorns are by nature passionate and are thus good in bed. Make sure that you approach your relationship slowly, however, and don’t rush into anything until you know that you are both ready. Rushing things will push a Capricorn man away. 

To Sum Up… 

Capricorn guys are often naturally charming and this can sometimes be somewhat intimidating, especially if you are not well versed in flirting. However, just remember to be yourself, show him what you are passionate about and he will likely start to fall for you. He is one of the star signs that is looking for a life partner that he can go on adventures with, so show him that you can be that person for him. 

Let us know what you thought in the comments and don’t forget to share this article. 

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