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Boyfriend Ignores Texts But Goes On Facebook: What Does It Mean?

Is your boyfriend ignoring your texts?

Does he somehow still have plenty of time to go on Facebook and talk with others?

Does it frustrate you like crazy?

If so, keep on reading because there's one important thing you need to do if this is happening, which I'll explain below.

You're probably wondering why he doesn't respond to you but somehow has time to go on Facebook.

You start doubting yourself and asking...

"Do I mean that little to him that he thinks going on Facebook is more important than replying to my message?"

"Does he really not care about our relationship, the way that I do?"

"Why am I always putting so much more effort into our relationship than he does?"

And you know what...

You're absolutely right to be thinking those things.

It's not nice of him to go on Facebook while ignoring your messages because it doesn't respect you as a partner.

Now let me know get into why he may be doing this.

I know it sounds harsh, but the first thing that we have to rule out is that he is cheating on you.

Perhaps he's talking to her while on Facebook, and he doesn't know how to respond, so he just ignores your texts.

While this may not be the case, you have to rule it out to be sure.

I always recommend using a background checker like this for this (click on the link to go to their site).

You simply enter his details and the tool will give you a bunch of information on what your boyfriend has been up to.

It will show you on what dating sites he may be active, who he has been hanging out with in his free time, and potentially who he has been communicating with when he ignores your messages on Facebook.

Many girlfriends have found their boyfriends to be cheating on them through this tool.

Of course, hopefully this is not the case with you.

It's very important to rule that out completely though, otherwise it makes no sense to look at other reasons why he's ignoring your texts.

Just enter his name and location into the background checker to rule it out.

Now that I assume you've rule that out, let's see what may be some other reasons he's not responding to your texts.


He Wants to be Alone

We all need some alone time sometimes. How we spend our time alone can vary. Some people like to work out. Others take naps. Your boyfriend may spend his alone time on Facebook.

If your boyfriend is on social media and isn’t spending time texting you, he might just be relaxing. He may not be interested in having a conversation and wants to relax instead.

Now, don’t go thinking that he doesn’t enjoy talking to you. Sometimes it’s best to spend time truly alone though. This may be why your boyfriend doesn’t always reply to your texts. It’s not that he needs a break from you at all.

If you become really concerned about why your boyfriend isn’t replying to you while he takes a break, you might feel like asking him about it. This is okay, of course. You don’t want to upset him or make him feel bad though.

Alone time is very healthy and can actually strengthen your relationship as well. Acknowledge the fact that we all need to recharge and take it easy. You will get your opportunity to talk to him shortly.

He Got Distracted

We’ve all gotten lost on Facebook before. We start out on one post and end up on a totally different person’s cousin’s page 10 minutes later.

Facebook and other social media can be endless and can keep drawing us in. There is so much to take in, from the posts to the pictures to so many new people.

If you and your boyfriend were texting and he stopped replying, it could be because he has been sucked into a Facebook page. He may not even realize how long it’s been since he replied to you.

This definitely doesn’t mean that Facebook is more interesting than you are. This is all likely an accident. One video led to another and made him lose track of time.

If this happens to your boyfriend, it’s likely that he’ll text you shortly after to explain and apologize. You can assume this is why he’s not replying if he does this frequently.

Personally, my boyfriend watches a lot of YouTube videos when he’s relaxing. Sometimes he forgets to reply to me because he gets so distracted by everything he’s watching. It can be a little frustrating if I need a quick answer, but I try to be patient.

He May Not Feel Like Texting

Just like we all need breaks from life, we sometimes need breaks from texting. Your boyfriend may not be replying to texts for a little while. That’s totally fine. It can be very healthy to unplug from just one app or social media obligation.

I understand that Facebook is still a distraction and a form of communication. Your boyfriend might be spending his break from texting by going on Facebook.

Relationships require a lot of communication every single day. Your boyfriend isn’t necessarily tired of you or upset with the relationship if he isn’t replying. He may just want to step away for a few minutes and try something else.

Hopefully, you can relate to this and get a feel for what he’s thinking. Though it’s a little frustrating, it can be helpful to put yourself in his shoes.

After a little while, your boyfriend should be done with his texting break.

If this bothers you, you can tell your boyfriend. You shouldn’t limit his breaks because that’s not fair. You can let him know that you would appreciate him telling you beforehand. Then you would know he’s okay and you wouldn’t be so concerned.

You Got in a Fight

If you and your boyfriend have gotten into a fight recently, he may be taking some time off from texting you. This is a pretty normal way to cope with conflict, especially if things got nasty.

When he is dealing with a fight, he may go on his phone or computer to distract himself. He probably doesn’t want to reflect on everything that happened right away. He needs a break and he needs to relax.

While he does this, he’s going to be focused on Facebook. He might allow himself to get lost in quizzes and games. He wants to take his mind off of the fight.

Now, he’s not going to ignore you for the rest of your life. It might be a few hours or a whole day. After that, he should be able to reply and talk about the issues.

If he doesn’t reply and you start to get worried, you might want to try giving him a call or asking one of his friends if he’s okay. This can come across as being annoying or overly attached, so use this with caution.

He’s Searching for Someone


If your boyfriend is on the hunt for someone on social media, he may be very focused in on it. It happens to all of us from time to time.

You don’t need to automatically assume it’s another girl. He could be looking for an old friend, a future boss, or anyone in between.

Facebook and other social media are great for forming connections and reconnecting people too. This can be helpful for a number of different reasons. Getting a job would be a major one!

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Now, if you have used Facebook to look for someone, you know that it’s pretty simple. If you have mutual friends, it’s quick. If not, you may have to do some looking around.

Of course, he isn’t just looking for someone. He is likely going to take a look at their page and do the normal stalking that anyone else does. This could be the reason that he’s taking so long to reply to someone.

Plus, if he exits out of the app, there’s a chance that it will lose all of his progress. He’s not trying to be mean. He just wants to complete his search without losing where he was.

He’s Mad at You

One major reason that your boyfriend isn’t responding to your texts is that he’s mad at you.

Him being mad at you could be happening for a number of different reasons. For one, maybe you guys had a disagreement. Maybe he found out about something you did behind his back.

Along with this, he could be seeking revenge for all the times you haven’t replied to his texts. He might just be trying to play your game.

If your boyfriend is mad at you, you might have some other signs as well. This might mean that he is very quiet when you talk to him or doesn’t want to hang out with you.

It’s best to give him the space he needs to handle his emotions. Don’t pressure him too much about replying because you might end up making it worse. He won’t be able to ignore you forever.

If your boyfriend doesn’t reply for a long time, it’s okay to try texting him to let him know you’re willing to talk about the problem. If you show that you are open to communication, he may come back to talk about it.

He Got a Facebook Message

Maybe your boyfriend texted you and said that he was going to bed. Then, all of the sudden, he receives a message or a different notification on Facebook. His ringer might have gone off and woken him up.

In this case, he might quickly reply to a comment on his post or like one of the recent posts he sees. Then, he likely goes right back to bed.

There is a chance that he didn’t read your texts or reply to them when he got done checking Facebook. If you saw that he was active on Facebook but didn’t reply to you, it can be pretty frustrating.

It’s not that he’s trying to ignore you or to make you mad, in most cases. He probably just didn’t reply because he wanted to go back to bed.

Of course, there is a chance that he was purposely ignoring you. This is pretty unlikely though, especially if he just told you he was going to stop texting to go to bed or to watch a movie.

If this happens, let your boyfriend finish what he’s doing and shoot him a text about it later. You could also just let it go to avoid drama.

He Doesn’t Have Time to Text

Let’s say your boyfriend is at work and has a quick ten-minute break. He might use this break to scroll through Facebook. This doesn’t mean that he is going to text you, unfortunately.

In his mind, it might not make sense to text you and have a 10-minute conversation. He might think that you won’t be available to reply that quickly. It may not be worth it to start talking and then have to go immediately.

Another example is if he’s with his friends. If they’re taking turns playing video games, he might have just a few minutes before it’s his turn again. He may not see a point in texting you when he’s waiting for his turn because he doesn’t know when he will reply after that.

Now, some of this depends on how quickly the two of you usually reply to each other. If quick replies aren’t a necessity in your relationship, he might be more likely to text you at some of these random times.

If he’s busy, it’s probably not because he’s trying to avoid you. It’s more likely that he’s truly busy and doesn’t have a lot of time to reply. If it’s a major concern, you can try talking to him about it.

He Wants to Break Up with You

This one is a bit rarer than the other reasons your boyfriend is ignoring your texts. Still, it needs to be mentioned.

There’s a chance that your boyfriend is ready to break up with you but hasn’t talked to you about it yet. He might be waiting for the right time to bring it up. He might still be evaluating his decision to make sure it’s the right choice.

If this is the case, you won’t know it until he actually talks to you again. This can be scary and stressful. You are waiting for a potentially life-changing piece of information. Try your best to relax and take it easy. Remember that this isn’t likely to happen!

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t jump to any conclusions here. If your boyfriend doesn’t reply to your texts, there are quite a few logical possibilities. This is one of them. Your boyfriend ignoring your texts doesn’t automatically equal a breakup.

If your boyfriend does want to break up with you, he should talk to you about it immediately instead of continuing to put it off. This is especially necessary if he’s dropped hints and scared you about it.


What Does It Mean If Your Boyfriend Ignores Your Messages?

If your boyfriend is ignoring your messages but is online on Facebook then you may get frustrated as to why he hasn’t replied to you. You are probably wondering about the reason why he hasn’t replied to you if he has time to be on Facebook instead. However, it probably just means that he is looking for a bit of chill time and it is not something serious.

What To Do When Your BF Ignores Your Messages?

If your boyfriend ignores your messages don’t stress too much about it, especially if you are always talking and messaging throughout the day. He may ignore your messages if he is spending time with his family or friends or if he is having a really busy or stressful day at work, if everything else in your relationship is fine then don’t worry about this. 

Why Does My Boyfriend Never Reply To My Texts?

If your boyfriend absolutely never replies to your texts then you might have an issue. This is especially true if he isn’t spending time with you or planning dates with you either. However, if you spend all of your time together and he just doesn’t reply to your texts when you are apart from a few hours then don’t worry or stress about this.

What Should I Say To Him After He's Ignored My Texts For A Week?

If your boyfriend has ignored your texts for a week then it is normal to be unhappy with this. If you have seen him during this week then there isn’t such a big problem. However, if you haven’t seen him for a week either then you need to have an honest think about whether this guy is treating you properly.

How Do I Make Him Worry About Losing Me?

There shouldn’t be a need to make your boyfriend worry about losing you. If you are in a strong and stable relationship then this shouldn’t be necessary. If you are not happy or feeling stable in your relationship with him then it is important to tell him how you are feeling. Communication is so important in any relationship.


If your boyfriend isn’t responding to your texts but is still active on social media, it’s okay to be concerned. In most cases, he’s probably just distracted or doesn’t feel like replying.

If this becomes a pattern, you might consider talking to him about it and letting him know how you feel. This doesn’t mean you can control the issue entirely, but it can help him to understand that it sometimes makes you sad or confused.

Please feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any questions for us! We enjoy reading your thoughts.

Utilize this tool to verify if he's truly who he claims to be
Whether you're married or just started dating someone, infidelity rates have risen by over 40% in the past 20 years, so your concerns are justified.

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