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13 Interesting Things To Send Your Boyfriend At Work

Maybe you’re looking for things to send your boyfriend at work. When you’re apart, you might text him and tell him you miss him. There are other, more interesting texts you can send him to make him even happier.

This topic is important because you may be running out of ideas for things to say or you just want to make things more exciting. Try one or two of these texts to see what your boyfriend thinks!

I Know You Have a Busy Day and I’m Proud of You

If your boyfriend is stressed out about work and everything else that he has to get done, he would probably like to know you’re cheering for him.

This little text can go a long way. You will probably encourage him to continue working hard.

It also shows him that you listen to what he has to say. He probably told you about his busy schedule, which is why you’re reminding him that you’re proud. It means a lot that you heard him and are there to support him.

He might think that you have enough going on at your own job or at home. It will be pretty sweet to him that you remembered what was happening today for him.

Your boyfriend will be happy to know that you’re thinking of him like this. His efforts being appreciated will keep him on the right track too!

I Can’t Wait to See You Later

This is a simple but important thing to text your boyfriend while he’s at work. It shows him that you’re thinking of him. He will probably end up saying it right back to you.

This is also a different way of saying that you miss him if you’ve been using that one a lot. It’s a good way to switch things up slightly.

You could even use “I can’t wait to see you later” in a flirty or seductive context to give your boyfriend something to look forward to.

Nonetheless, your boyfriend likely can’t wait to see you either. He’s probably feeling the same exact feelings that you are!

Can I Make You Your Favorite Dinner?

This is a great thing to send your boyfriend while he’s at work. He should be excited to receive this message from you.

First, it shows him that you’re thinking of him. It also shows him that you remember what his favorite dinner is and that you know it’ll make him happy.

Of course, you also have the added romantic gesture of making him dinner. He will love it! You’re going out of your way to do something sweet for him. You’re planning ahead to make him happy.

If you don’t really feel like cooking, you can simply offer to take him to his favorite restaurant for dinner. It’s the thought that counts! You are giving your boyfriend something to look forward to as he works through his day.

Let’s Go Out Later

Let’s Go Out Later

If you’re in the mood to go out on a date to the movies or a restaurant, let your boyfriend know this.

If you text this to your boyfriend, he will have something to look forward to when he gets off work. Who doesn’t love dates? Plus, he will get to spend some quality time with you.

This one is especially great if you haven’t had an opportunity to go out in a while. Maybe you have both been too busy or you just haven’t felt like going on a date for some reason.

He might also like that you’re initiating the date. Not all girls do this so some guys appreciate it when the girl takes charge.

You can also tell him where you want to go on a date or what you’re going to wear to give him even more to get excited about! It never hurts to let him help decide on a restaurant though.

Thank You For Working So Hard

If your boyfriend is hardworking and puts in the extra effort, he should be appreciated for this. You can send him a sweet text like this to thank him for his hard work.

This text shows him that you know how hard of a worker he actually is. You notice that he’s putting in a lot of time and energy. You appreciate that which is a good reason to send him a quick text about it!

It also encourages him to keep working hard. He may need that extra little push—especially on a harder work day.

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Sometimes, people’s work goes unnoticed, which can be discouraging. It can be really special to your boyfriend that you are aware of his effort and that you appreciate it.

Obviously, you shouldn’t send this to your boyfriend so that you get a sweet response in return. He might compliment you on your hard work too though. This can be extremely motivating for both of you!

This video shows some other ways you can show your boyfriend you appreciate him:

I Miss You

You can’t go wrong with a random “I miss you” text while your boyfriend is away at work. It’s sweet to let him know that you’re missing him.

This short statement tells your boyfriend how much you miss him and how much you wish he was there with you.

You could go into more personal reasons why you miss him. You could say that you miss seeing his smile or hearing his voice while he’s at work.

Telling your boyfriend that you miss him is a simple way to show him that he’s in your thoughts. Plus, it shows that you care enough to let him know how you feel. Your boyfriend will likely let you know that he misses you just as much too.

I’m Thinking About You

If your boyfriend is on your mind, let him know. He will love hearing this!

Most guys love to know that you care and that they are such an important part of your life. It means a lot to them that you’re thinking of them and took the effort to tell them too.

To be even sweeter, you could list specifics. You can tell him exactly what you’re thinking about him. Maybe you’re thinking about what you would do if he was there with you right now. You might be daydreaming about something.

Chances are, you’re on his mind as well.He’s probably thinking about you or imagining what it will be like to go home and see you later.

I Love That Shirt You’re Wearing Today

If you caught a glimpse of your boyfriend on his way out the door, you should compliment him. Maybe he picked out your favorite shirt or did his hair a new way. Let him know that you noticed and that he looks good.

You never know. He could be having a low self-confidence day and need some encouraging words. Plus, it’ll mean a lot coming from you.

Sometimes, guys are expected to compliment their girlfriends. Girlfriends don’t always reciprocate this, but it’s super meaningful to guys. Try to throw in some compliments to make your boyfriend feel even better about himself.

Find a compliment that means a lot to your boyfriend and let him know how you feel more often.This can really uplift him and make him feel more confident.

How’s Your Day Going?


This is an easy way to check in with your boyfriend and see how he’s doing. It’s nice to touch base throughout the day and see what’s going on at work.

You might get lucky and text him just at the right time. Maybe he needed some encouragement while he was working on a tricky project.

This shows him that you were thinking of him. It’s also a way of showing him that you miss him. He will know that you care about him when you make efforts like these to talk to him throughout the day.

Remember to be patient in case he’s busy. He might not reply right away, but he will still appreciate the sweet gesture!

Again, when you send these seemingly little texts, they are actually really special to your boyfriend and will go a long way.

I Have a Surprise For You

Who doesn’t love surprises? If you come up with a small surprise to give your boyfriend when he gets home, he will be so excited about it!

This doesn’t have to be anything complicated. You could take him out to dinner. You could make him a special dessert. You could get him a little gift.

A little goes a long way and it’s the thought that counts. You don’t have to do something extravagant to surprise your boyfriend and make his day.

You can even have a fun little guessing game throughout the rest of the day to keep him excited. This gives him something to look forward to at the end of the day. Maybe he will do the same for you next time you are on your way home from work.

When you’re planning this surprise for him, try to think of his favorite things. This will show him that you truly listen to what he likes and that you know him really well. He should be pretty appreciative of this effort.

Can I Meet You for Lunch?

This one might be a little bit challenging to actually follow through with. Your boyfriend might not have enough time to meet you for lunch on any given day.

You can still attempt to grab lunch with him. This may work out depending on what’s going on with his schedule. It may be better to text him a few days in advance so that he can plan a longer lunch.

Even if your boyfriend doesn’t have time in his schedule to meet with you, he will appreciate the gesture. It’s sweet of you to show him that you want to spend this time with him. Plus, eating lunch with him isn’t something you do every day.

If he’s not able to meet for lunch, you could still offer to drop something off for him.He would get a good lunch and you could say hi for a minute.

You Make Me Feel So Happy!


This is a quick text to send your boyfriend that will brighten his day. It will let him know that you’re thinking of him and how he makes you feel. This is a good way to show your boyfriend that you appreciate him and everything that he does for you.

To make this even sweeter, you can let him know some of the particular reasons that he makes you happy. He would probably like to hear them so that he can continue to do them. He doesn’t know your favorite things unless you let him know.

Think about how you would feel if someone told you that you make them happy. It’d probably make you feel warm and encourage you to keep making them happy.

Everybody likes to be appreciated for their efforts and know that they are loved. There’s no reason not to explain this to your boyfriend. He would be glad to know that he makes you so happy!

You Still Give Me Butterflies

Butterflies are a common way to describe the feeling you get when you’re first falling in love with someone. It’s often that tingly feeling in your stomach or the fluttery feeling in your chest. This usually happens right at the start of a relationship, but there’s no reason for it to stop.

If your boyfriend is still giving you butterflies, be sure to let him know. He would probably like to be reminded of how he can make you feel when he’s being sweet and loving toward you.

To make this text more personal, tell him a specific phrase that gives you butterflies. You could say something like, “When you say that you love me, I still get butterflies.”

Chances are that you still give him butterflies as well. If you tell him how he gives you butterflies, he might do the same thing.


Did you enjoy this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Share the article with a friend who might find it to be useful too!

This topic is important because you might not always know what to say to your boyfriend. These texts can be easy ways to show him that you’re thinking of him and that you love him. He will love getting texts from you—especially if you keep things flirty or interesting!

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