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Anniversary Gifts For Him (151 Perfect Gift Ideas)

It could be true that men usually put more effort into giving expensive or extravagant anniversary gifts but marriage is a union and should, therefore, be a shared experience no matter what. As a woman, it will be awesome if you give your partner a memorable present he won’t forget anytime soon.

Rather than going for the regular fancy wristwatch or a bottle of his favorite wine, why not think outside the box and get him something new and unique which will give him the ultimate pleasure on that day? He will appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into the new gift even if it’s a simple one. 

More so, there are so many new ‘for him’ anniversary gifts to explore. If your husband appreciates an elegant simple lifestyle, you may want to lean towards simple items such as handcrafted or molded ones that may or may not be functional objects. 

However, if your man is more of a glitz and glamour guy, it is fine to splurge on what you can afford. If he is an adventurer, maybe lean towards planning experience such as a new trip he will be absolutely thrilled about. 

He will adore whatever you give him but it is important that you not only know what gift will make your husband happy but also know which one will make him express his love to you all the more. 

To ensure your choice is easier, this article has 151 new and innovative ideas for the man you love. You can find most of the items listed online, in local stores or you can recreate some of them yourself if you’re looking to do something really special.

Also bear in mind that although you are getting him the present, you and your kids (if there are any) may also get to enjoy some of the gift ideas listed below. As such, be sure to pick something new, fun, whimsical, durable, functional, and of course, lovely. I’m certain this list will be truly beneficial for you.

151 Best Gift Ideas For Him

Best Gift Ideas For Him
  1. Hand-carved woodblock prints
  2. Get an Art kit (DIY canvas and paint)
  3. A back-lit wood-framed lightbox 
  4. A custom-made fancy keychain 
  5. Family card game (memory card game)
  6. One DIY Beer brewing kit for the man who loves his beer
  7. Himalayan salt BBQ plank for safe grilling 
  8. Himalayan salt tequila glasses for tequila shots
  9. DIY kit for making whiskey and rum for the elegant drinker 
  10. One DIY homemade gin kit for the man who loves gin with a traditional taste
  11. Coffee beans infused with bourbon 
  12. A pair of golf ball whiskey chillers for your golf and whiskey-loving husband 
  13. Date night bucket list game
  14. Pairs of beautiful and rare personalized socks
  15. Hand-carved wooden drink dispenser for easy pouring
  16. Decorative handcrafted stone drink dispenser for non-messy pouring
  17. Customized map coaster 
  18. Smart garden grow kit for the garden lovers
  19. Special journal
  20. Homemade chocolate maker kit for the man with a sweet tooth 
  21. A pair of personalized tree trunk glassware 
  22. Sexy truth or dare game card set 
  23. Ginger beer making kit for the man who loves a little spice in his beer
  24. Customized pushpin USA map
  25. Kinky truth and dare game card pack
  26. Customized family ski and snowboard art
  27. Personality game cards (what I love about you by my book)
  28. Personality game cards (how do I love thee from a-z)
  29. Custom-made family tandem bike art
  30. Personality game cards (marital bliss game)
  31. Homemade sushi maker kit for the man who loves the perfect sushi 
  32. Special wine box
  33. Special travel stub diary for the man who loves to explore and take notes
  34. Customized hand-carved ballpoint pen 
  35. Personalized LP record
  36. Personalized picture collage (map of our heart)
  37. Customized anniversary college postcard 
  38. Love token pack
  39. Guitar glassware if he is a music lover
  40. Personalized voice wavelength art
  41. Custom-made 3D wall art
  42. Custom-made 3D picture
  43. Personalized 4D picture 
  44. Signed original copy of his favorite book 
  45. NFL game-used uniform wallet if he is a sports lover
  46. Personality game cards (we found each other game puzzle)
  47. A pair of customized railroad date nail cufflinks 
  48. A pair of custom beach cufflinks 
  49. A bottle of barrel-aged dirty martini elixir
  50. A pair of customized edged champagne flutes
  51. Fitness bottle with phone holding sleeve
  52. Southern bourbon stout beer brewing kit
  53. A record clock for telling the time artistically
  54. Sweet-scented candles 
  55. Great outdoor-themed candles (national park themes)
  56. Engraved decanter set
  57. Homemade ravioli mushroom making kit
  58. Sake making kit 
  59. Coffee cold brew gift pack
  60. Suave wristwatch (equation geek watch for exquisite time-telling)
  61. Digital wristwatch for the modern man who doesn't joke with his time
  62. Portable camp grill and charger
  63. Vermont maple porter beer brewing kit
  64. One whiskey stone set
  65. An acoustic phone amplifier 
  66. Get a reclaimed license plate map
  67. Custom-made couple art book 
  68. Original NFL stadium seat cufflinks 
  69. Beer shampoo and conditioner 
  70. Beard grooming gift pack
  71. Customized vase
  72. Customized themed transfer prints
  73. Wall art (bike lovers wall sculpture)
  74. Customized stationery set
  75. Customized desk blotter
  76. Fancy paperweight 
  77. Poker book
  78. Handcrafted wooden chess board game is sure to get the whole family playing
  79. Customized graphic shirt
  80. Pizza oven is the best for the man who loves this Italian dish
  81. Grill maker
  82. Skydiving experience is sure to get his heart beating… for you.
  83. Upgraded bar set (strainer, bottle opener, jigger, and spoon)
  84. Complete outfit box  
  85. Vintage Bluetooth speaker
  86. NFL newspaper book
  87. DIY hot sauce kit
  88. Durable cooler
  89. Minimap globe is the best gift for the avid traveler
  90. Leather charger cord organizer 
  91. Water-resistant duffel
  92. Water-resistant hiking boots
  93. Customized hiking essentials 
  94. Digital photo frame 
  95. Tickets to an event he loves are the best way to show you know and love him
  96. A keyring with bottle opener 
  97. Leather glasses case
  98. Handcrafted glasses case
  99. Golf ball holder 
  100. Designer trench coat 
  101. Funny customized coffee mug 
  102. Plush cozy blanket
  103. Custom-made couple puzzle 
  104. Cool wireless headphones 
  105. A pair of dapper shoes 
  106. A cool fitness watch
  107. Trendy bedding set
  108. Diamond penchant
  109. Custom-made portrait 
  110. Customized tin mugs
  111. Premium turntable 
  112. Customized love book 
  113. Customized photobook of your husband
  114. Custom-made wine bottle 
  115. Customized milestone map
  116. A pair of tin date night dices
  117. A pair of pearl cufflinks 
  118. Voiceprint tin sound wave art
  119. An Airbnb gift card 
  120. Customized song lyric print
  121. Handcrafted maple wood vase
  122. Customized wine serving tray
  123. Cocktail making kit 
  124. Special cocktail recipe book
  125. Handcrafted wood map travel wall art
  126. Customized four-across couples game
  127. Custom-made flatware set
  128. Custom-made wood cutting board 
  129. Custom-made wood centerpiece
  130. Customized keepsake box
  131. Customized eternity ring
  132. Customized beach family puzzle game 
  133. Customized wall map decor
  134. Custom-made cutlery set with wooden box
  135. Customized engraved cutting board 
  136. Customized portable wooden map
  137. Customized engraved brass compass
  138. Cozy woven cotton throw
  139. Mate for life print 
  140. Posh cotton robe
  141. Beautiful origami wall clock
  142. Letterpress art print with personalized wording 
  143. Handwritten love letters on elegant scented papers
  144. A trendy pajama set
  145. Custom-made paper cut portrait 
  146. Snapshot mix photo art
  147. Create your own reel viewer
  148. Customized handmade calligraphy print
  149. Newspaper front page puzzle
  150. Specialized photo album
  151. Monogrammed leather spiral journal 


How can I make my anniversary special for him?

Instead of just doing the same old thing, you can plan this year’s special occasion more uniquely by putting more thought into how you want to celebrate it as well as the gift you will give to him. If you used to dine out in the past years, you may consider making this year an indoor romantic dinner and give him something different.

What is a good 2-year anniversary gift for him?

A very good gift to give your partner of two years is a digital portrait of either him alone or the both of you on one of the special days you spent together. You could also opt for a nice watch, cufflinks, a customized map if he likes to travel or a bottle of his favorite wine with a customized glass. This will create good memories and remind you why you love each other in the first place. 

What is the best gift for anniversary for boyfriend?

Even though he hasn’t popped the golden question, he deserves to receive a unique gift because he means a lot to you. Depending on your budget, give your boyfriend experience instead of an actual present. It could be a ticket to a show by his favorite music artist, a trip back home, a sensual and intimate massage, or a trip back to the 1990s. Play some of his best tracks from back in the day accompanied by homemade dinner.

What can I do for my anniversary with no money?

Creating homemade gift items or ideas is the best option if you want to make sure you still get him something. It may not even be because you don’t have enough money but because you just want to do something out of love. A very good anniversary gift idea is giving your partner a relaxing body massage with scented oils and whatever soothing items you have at home.

How can I make my anniversary special at home?

Create a romantic atmosphere, prepare his favorite dinner, organize fun and sexy games, serenade him if you can, give him a special gift he will remember for a long time, and end the night with some good loving between the sheets. 

To Conclude

Celebrations like this allow us to reflect, appreciate, and strengthen the bonds in our relationships. Giving the right gift can tighten these bonds even more. If this list has been exactly what you needed, you should definitely share it with other women who need it too. Do leave a comment below as well.

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