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Does My Guy Friend Have Feelings For Me? (23 Ways To Know)

A lot of relationships actually start out as friendships. Having a male friend eventually ask you out could be really amazing. Of course, there are upsides and downsides to entertaining romantic feelings from a guy friend. 

A friendship sets the perfect foundation for a loving and respectful relationship; as this male friend already knows a lot about you, so it’s easy to connect.

The downside is, if things go bad later on, it would end up affecting or ending a good friendship. 

That being said, how can you tell the signs your male friend has feelings for you? How do you know if he wants to be more than a friend? Well, they are obvious tell-tale signs that show your guy friend is interested in you.

So here we go, let’s see if he’s interested in taking things to the next level, or is satisfied with the friendship both of you already have. 

23 Signs Your Male Friend has Feelings For You

1. He Is Always Around You

he is always around you

When we like someone, we want to be around the person all the time. It's funny how we never get tired of that person's company. Your guy friend might want to study with you, accompany you on errands, hang out with you and your other guy friends and even go to events together. 

In the beginning, it might seem purely friendly but as time passes you'll realize that he is always close to you such that people notice and ask where he is when they see just you. In this case, you don’t have to ask “does he like me as more than a friend? If he always wants to be around you, he probably does.

2. He Flirts With You

Yes, ladies! This is one of the signs your male friend has feelings for you. A guy friend that doesn't like you will not flirt with you. Flirting is an indication of interest to get to know you better. If he has been a good friend to you for a while, he won’t want to mess with your feelings. So if he subtly flirts with you, he may want more than the friendship he already has with you. 

3. He Stares At You

When we really like someone, we are drawn to the person. Apart from wanting to be around the person all the time, we also tend to stare as well. That’s the thing about attraction, he may not say it, but his eyes will. 

Do you catch him staring at you regularly? Do you guys maintain eye contact sometimes? That just shows he finds you really attractive. And when he finds you really attractive that means he wants something more than friendship.

4. He Talks Differently To You

At the beginning of the friendship, you noticed this guy friend was more of his macho-free self, dishing out a few insults here and there and would even drop you off at your boyfriend’s house. Now he has sort of changed. He talks to you calmly without his former macho and care-free voice and there’s no one else he really talks to like that. 

You can decide to observe how he interacts with other women, does he touch them when he's talking? Does your guy friend stare at them or seem really interested in what they are saying? If he reserves that kind of vibe for only you, that’s a good indication your friend likes you. 

5. He Reaches Out First

Have you and this guy planned to do something together before, and when the time came, he called or came over first? It could be two things, he’s a really good friend or he actually likes and respects you. You may feel like it’s a normal thing for him to do, but coupled with the other signs, it may show that he may be interested in you. 

Does he reach out to you consistently? Always calling, texting, and visiting? Then these are signs that he is into you.

6. His Body Language Is Different

Your friendship with this guy could have lasted years or even months, so you have probably stopped paying attention to how he acts around you. Do you really want to tell if he likes you? Then pay attention to how he behaves around you. The body always gives a crus off; the gestures, eye contact, body direction and more will help tell if he has feelings for you. 

If he’s now adjusting your dress, laughing and touching you, or even putting his arm around your shoulder, that extra physical contact may mean something. Orbuch, a relationship expert states that these changes in body language are signs that he finds you attractive and would like to take the next step with you.

7. He Invites You To More Hangouts

he invites you to more hangouts

You guys have always hung out together with your mutual friends but now he invites you more to hang out with him and his friends and sometimes it's just you! This is a sign that he's into you. At parties, he happily introduces you to his friends and takes special care of you. 

According to Terri Orbuch the author of finding love again, this is a sign that he wants to be more than just friends.

8. He Asks More Question

You guys have been friends for a while so you know a relative amount of information about him and vice versa. Recently, he's been asking more questions about you, your past, your family, things that have made you sad, your aspirations in life, and all other deep well-thought-out questions. 

When he texts you, he also wants to know what you are up to and how you're feeling. You see, if you observe any of these, it might be a sign he's into you.

9. He Finds Time For You

You've probably been wondering if he likes you, but have you noticed that no matter what you're doing he creates time to be there for you?. A normal friend will try to be there for you but won't go out of their way if they can't make it. If you notice that he makes out time to be there for you then that is a sign that he is definitely into you.

10. He Gives You Compliments

Male friends do not always give their female friends compliments on their looks. This could be because they have friend-zoned them so they really do not care much about how she looks. A guy that likes you would always notice how good you look and compliment you. 

He would comment on everything, from your hair to the dress you're wearing, and would notice if you applied mascara or not. It's all in the little things. The compliments are definitely a sign that he sees you and wants to be more than your friend.

11. He Gets Jealous

Usually, a guy who is your friend cares about you enough to want to know who it is you are seeing at the time but that's about it. They too would share stories about their escapades with different girls. If you notice that he asks more questions about the guys around you and even acts jealous then that's a sign that he is into you.

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12. He Listens To You

Men are not known to be very good listeners. Their brain works differently from women so they process things differently and do not really pay attention to stuff. One of the signs a guy likes you is if he listens to you. He would listen to everything you have to say; talk about clothes, shoes and your other friends. 

He would often drop everything else he's doing at the moment so you have his undivided attention. This also stems from him wanting to get to know you better and listening is a good way to achieve that.

13. He Opens Up To You

Men are not fans of opening up about what's going on in their lives, they don’t want to feel vulnerable or emotional. A lot of them believe that if you have no solution then there's no point telling you. It can cause issues in relationships. Male friends talk about things bothering them once in a while but never go into details. 

However, if you notice a friend opening up to you and sharing details of something that is bothering him then he has feelings for you. Bearing himself to you is an act of vulnerability and it shows that he not only has feelings for you but he also trusts you.

14. He Remembers Everything About You

he remembers everything about you

With you, he pays attention and listens to the little things that matter. This is a giving he likes you because most men don't pay attention to the tiny details. They might forget a birthday or the day of an event that is important to you. 

It doesn't necessarily mean your male friends don't care, they do but remembering the details requires more attention and a certain amount of emotional attachment that they do not have. However, the one that really likes you will remember every detail regarding you.

15. He Is Interested In Your Love Life

Male friends are interested in who their female friends are seeing but not interested in the details. A guy that likes you would be interested in your love life. He would want to know who you're seeing and what he's like. 

He would also want to know how you feel about him, about the relationship and if he is in love with you. All these questions are to test the waters and see if you are happy or not. He would also often be critical of the people you date, it's all because he's into you.

16. He Doesn't Talk About His Love Life

Does he try to find out everything going on with your love life but is ambiguous when it comes to his? You might have probably seen him with a girl but he wouldn't give any details about it. The fact that he is in love with you doesn't mean he wouldn't have a love life outside the two of you. 

However, he wouldn't talk about it in detail so he doesn’t dash any opportunity he might have with you. It could also be because he is not willing to listen to dating advice from the person he would rather be with.

17. He Protects You

Your male friends will protect you in ways that they can. They will pull up to defend you when they need to but a friend that likes you will go out of his way to show his protective side. To him, you are a little damsel in distress that he has to look out for. Although he recognizes that you are a strong independent woman, the urge to look out for you is still there. This is definitely a sign that he has feelings for you.

18. He Wants To Meet Your Family

Does he ask about your family a lot? The names of your siblings, your parents’ favorite things, the school your brother is going to? Or the band your cousin is in? This shows that he wants to be integrated into your family. He would also want to meet them, be friendly with them, and help out in any capacity

19. There's Sexual Tension

His touch felt normal before but now there's some sexual tension between you both. He is flirting with you intentionally and trying to tell you that he wants to be more than just friends. Body language is the best way to denote a person's behavior and it tells you most of what you need to know.

20. He Seems Happy When You Are Together

You can tell that when you are together he’s very happy. He looks at you in a very sweet way, he’s very nice, pulling your chair and getting the door. He also smiles a lot and tells a lot of jokes. These are signs that he is into you. See if he acts like that around other girls or it's just you. This will help you come to the right conclusion.

21. He Gets Nervous Around You

he gets nervous around you

It probably never used to be this way but suddenly it looks like he's nervous around you. Your male friends will never be nervous when they are with you, in fact, they probably see you as one of the guys! So, if he can't look you in the eyes, he's fidgety, conscious about how he looks, then that’s a sign that he likes you. 

22. He's All Over Your Social Media Pages

Is he always the first to comment on a recent post you've made? Dropping comments aren't bad but he drops on all your posts. This is definitely a sign that he is into you. Our male friends might like all our pictures but will definitely not comment on all of them.

23. Tries To Get You Alone

He might be shy so he doesn't know how to tell you outrightly how he feels. Maybe he's afraid of rejection because he isn't sure of how you feel about him as well. So he decides to stay in the friend zone till he is more assertive. 

However, if he tries to catch you alone and have a one on one hangout with you, it’s with the aim to get to know you better. It's hard getting your full attention when out with so many people. One-on-one hangouts are a way to tell if he likes you more than a friend.

24. He Respects You

It's obvious when a man respects you. We've all had at least one experience with a disrespectful man so when we meet a man that respects us, we can tell. A man that respects you will respect your time. He will not cancel on you at the last minute without a reasonable excuse or not even call at all. He also will show up on time and not keep you waiting. This is one sign to know that he likes you.

25. He Finds Any Reason To Contact You

If a guy likes you more than a friend, he will find any reason to contact you. This is because he always wants to be in touch with you and know what you're up to. He might call to just update you on things happening or send you funny videos and memes, he may also send things like articles to read and things he feels you would be interested in.


How do I know if my guy friend has feelings for me?

If your guy friend has feelings for you, he would always want to be around you. You might not notice it but other people will such that when you are not together, people start asking where he is.

How do you tell if a guy has feelings for you?

When a guy has feelings for you, you can tell he gets jealous easily when it comes to you and other guys. No matter how hard he tries to hide it, it would always show. He would often be too critical of the other guys you see as well.

How can you tell if your guy best friend has a crush on you?

He would spend his free time with you. He would spend a lot of time with you that people would actually think you're dating. You would also catch him staring a lot and when you guys have eye contact he would avert his eyes.

Should I tell my guy friend I have feelings for him?

If he isn't in a relationship then yes you should. The truth is, he probably feels the same way about you but hasn't said anything for fear of rejection. It's best to observe him as well to be sure he likes you before telling him.

How do you know if a guy likes you but is hiding it?

If a guy friend likes you and he's hiding, he would always find a reason to talk to you. He would message for trivial things like movie recommendations or what you think about a particular statement.

In Conclusion

If your guy friend likes you and you like him too, go for it. It's always better to be with someone who really likes and respects you. If you've been having doubts about it, try observing him using the tips listed above. 

I hope you found this article insightful. I would love to hear what you think in the comment section and remember to share the article if you liked it.

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