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Signs He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend

Last updated on June 6, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Sometimes we are dating a person that we’re not sure whether they want us for a serious relationship or not. Or, sometimes we are friends with a person who we think may want us as something more, but we’re not sure. 

For that reason, it can be helpful to look out for signs he wants you to be his girlfriend. Doing so can help us know what a guy wants - whether he wants to be your boyfriend or want a relationship with you that is more serious than what you have presently. 

Here, we outline clear signs that he really wants you to be his girlfriend - not all of them need to be displayed in his behavior however for him to want more from you. Pay attention to these signs, but do not be disheartened if you only see just one or two. The guy you are seeing may still want to make a future with you and have you in his love life. 

31 Ways To Know He Wants To Be In A Relationship With You

Here is our extensive list of signs he wants you to be his girlfriend. They can be intimidating reading them all like this, but take confidence in the fact that he wants a relationship with you if you only see one or two of these signs.

1. He calls you all the time

A guy who calls you all the time is a guy that may want to be with you in a relationship. If he calls you all the time, it is a clear sign he wants more from you than just platonic friendship or just harmless dating or flirtations. On the whole, most men will only make the effort to contact a woman that they are seriously into. 

For that reason, it is a good sign that he wants a relationship with you, so keep an eye out for the consistency of his calls or messages. 

2. He wants to introduce you to his family

he wants to introduce you to his family

If a guy talks to you about meeting his family, your immediate reaction is that you want to make a good impression. However, take time out to recognize this as one of the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend. Introducing a girl to his family is a big step for a guy, so if he wants you to meet his parents, you can be pretty certain that he wants to be in a relationship with you. 

So if he makes plans for a family BBQ, you’ll know what his motives really are. 

3. He talks about the future

If a guy talks about the future, and you feature in it, you should note this down as one of the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend. This is particularly the case if you have been dating the guy for a while, but neither of you has broached the subject of where you both see the relationship going. 

So, if he’s talking about the future and he makes plans with you included, your guy wants something pretty serious with you. 

4. He mentions having children with you

A really serious sign he wants to spend time together with you in a committed way is if he mentions having children with you. No guy will bring this up if he is not serious about you remaining in his love life for the foreseeable future. 

It’s such a serious subject that men will not want to bring up such a topic unless they are certain of the fact that he wants to be your boyfriend and you be his girlfriend. 

5. He suggests going away

Getting away together and spending time together on holiday is another of the signs to keep an eye out for if you are not sure the guy you are seeing does actually want a relationship with you or not. 

If he says that he is booking you a weekend away or a bigger holiday together, you can be pretty confident of the fact that he is really into you. He is not just giving you his attention for a bit of harmless fun. He likes spending time with you enough that he wants to dedicate a whole weekend or week to be with you.

6. He knows what you do for a living

Guys aren’t always the best listeners. As a result, they can sometimes be guilty of not really taking on board a lot of what their girlfriend has said. 

But, if you are dating a guy that knows very well what you do for a living, it’s one of the best signs that he wants to start a committed relationship with you. It also shows that he respects you and will be an attentive boyfriend in your love life. 

7. He talks to your friends

If a guy is serious about you and wants you as a girlfriend, he will happily talk to your friends and give them attention. He’ll do so in an effort to get to know you better but also because he respects you as a person and therefore won’t find talking to your friends a chore or something he has to do. 

He’ll simply do it automatically which is why it is such a good sign that he wants more from you than just dating. 

8. He asks you round to his place just to chill

he ask you round to his place just to chill

When you first start dating a person, you often go out on dates that take you to romantic restaurants, trendy bars, and cute little coffee shops. However, when things start to get serious, the romance can start to trail off. As a result, you tend not to put so much effort into organizing cool and interesting dates anymore. 

So, if he asks you round to his place just to chill, yes he may be after one thing, but it can also be one of the signs that he wants you as his girlfriend.

9. He asks your opinions on small things

If a guy wants you as his girlfriend, you may notice that he starts to ask your opinion on everything and anything - even the small things. That’s because of that aforementioned respect that he has for you after a few weeks of dating. So if you have become an important person in his life, he’ll want to know how you feel about certain things that he is uncertain about.

10. He’s consistent

Men, when they are dating women casually, are not always the most reliable of creatures. A man who is really into one woman only that he wants to be in a relationship with will be consistent and reliable. 

So if you can trust that the man you are dating is going to turn up when you make plans, or you are certain you’ll hear from him most evenings, the likelihood is that he wants you as a girlfriend. Men don’t waste their time doing things they don’t want to do - especially when it comes to women they are dating. 

11. He will turn up to work events 

A man won’t put himself in a position where he could potentially be bored or feel awkward - which can often be the case when it comes to attending a partner's work event. This is even more so the case if that partner is really only someone you have been casually dating

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So, if a man you are dating will happily turn up to your work events, this is one of the crucial signs he wants you in his life as a girlfriend. 

12. His friends know who you are

If, when you meet a man’s friends, they already know who you are, it's a brilliant sign that he is really into you. If men aren’t interested in women for a committed relationship, they won’t often bring her up in conversation with friends. Instead, they’ll talk about other things that they think are far more interesting. 

However, if he is really into a woman, a man will not stop talking about a woman and will almost bore all his friends telling them all about her. So if you turn up to a bar or pub and his pals know who you are, your man is serious about you. 

13. He doesn’t mind meeting your family

Men will only agree to meet a woman’s family if he wants a serious relationship from her. So if your man is more than willing to meet your folks or siblings, then he is willing to put himself in a situation that he may find stressful. Meeting the family is a big step for any person and it is notoriously a step that makes or breaks a couple. 

There will be a lot of pressure on the meeting, therefore, but if your guy happily will go to your family home, he is a man you can expect to stick around for a long while yet. 

14. He turns down nights out with the boys

he turn down nights out with the boys

In an effort to spend as much time with you as possible, a man who is really into a woman he is dating will even turn down a boy’s night out. So be sure to keep an eye out for instances where the man you are dating does this. If he is turning down his friends just so he can spend an evening with you, and he does it repeatedly and for no real reason like your birthday, for example, you can be certain of his intentions towards you.

15. He puts his arm around you

Men are prone to getting protective over the women they are seriously into. So, if your man is constantly putting his arm around you out in public and you haven’t yet had a conversation about where your relationship is going, you can be certain of what he actually wants from you. A man will only put his arm around a woman he wants as a girlfriend.

16. He introduces you to his friends

While it’s great that a man’s group of friends know who you are when you meet them, don’t overlook the fact that your man is actually willing for you to meet his mates too. That’s a big step. Most men won’t bother if they are dating a woman that they have no intention of entering into a committed relationship. So if he suggests meeting up one evening with his pals, you can take it as a good sign of the fact that he wants to take things further with you. 

17. He smiles when he sees you

It’s an instinctive reaction, but when we are with a person that we are attracted to, we smile more. So, if you notice that he is either doing this or he smiles immediately when he sees you, the man you are dating is highly attracted to you. While it may take a while yet for that attraction to turn into a long-term relationship, you do at least know that his physical desire for you is strong. 

18. He doesn’t just contact you when he’s alone

A man can sometimes be guilty of dating a woman in a way that can be seen as stringing her along. Key characteristics of such behavior are contacting that woman when he is alone and simply wants female company.

Men who just want female company when they are alone won’t care about who that female is - and it certainly doesn’t have to be someone they want as a girlfriend. So if your man is making plans to see you, even when they are busy, he has serious intentions about your partnership. 

19. He wants to share experiences with you

When a man is into a woman, he will want to spend as much time together with her as possible. That is done in various ways, some of which are mentioned above, but a key way that a man may do so is if he simply wants to share some new experiences with the woman he is dating. Having common experiences is important to a man who is into a woman he is seeing. 

20. He is very tactile with you

Being very tactile when you are out and about is one of the biggest tells that a guy is into a woman. Often, it is actually an instinctive reaction that they won’t even realize they are doing. That’s why it is such a big sign to keep an eye out for. It means their body is doing things that they are not even consciously aware of. 

So if he is tactile with you in public, it is his subconscious’s way of ensuring that everyone around you knows that you are together. 

21. He listens to you

he listens to you

It’s key for any relationship to be with a partner who listens to you. However, it’s not actually something that comes easily to many couples. However, it does occur when a man is really into a woman he is dating. So if you notice that the guy you are dating is really listening to you when you are out together, it’s a good signal that he wants to take things further with you. 

22. He doesn’t go silent for days

Men can sometimes be a bit funny when it comes to dating. They don’t like to feel tied down so they often don’t always treat the women they are dating with the highest degree of respect. 

Often, this can mean a guy goes silent on a woman he is dating for fear that things are getting too serious with her too fast. But, if your man doesn’t do this and he calls you when he says he will, he’s serious about you. 

23. He tells you how he’s feeling

Men like to feel confident in their relationships. That confidence means that they feel comfortable around the women they are in a partnership with. As a result, if you are dating a man who wants to be in a relationship with you, you can tell if he talks to you about his feelings. If he does so happily, without much prodding from you, so much the better. 

24. You know you are his number one priority 

The confidence a man has with a woman he is dating will often mean that that woman knows where she stands with him. So, if you feel like you are his number one priority, then you can be sure that he would like you to be his girlfriend. 

25. He tells you that he likes spending time with you

Men don’t often say things that they don’t mean when it comes to putting their feelings on the line. So telling a woman that he likes being with them is a way that a man is actually opening to his potential girlfriend. If the guy you are dating opens up to you about the fact that he enjoys your company and spending as much time with one another as possible, it’s a great indication of his intentions for a relationship with you. 

26. He compliments you

In addition to not opening up unless they really do mean what they’re saying, men also don’t bestow compliments unless they really mean them. So, if you notice your potential love interest is complimenting you a lot - and it doesn’t appear to be in an effort to have sex with you - you can take it as a good sign he wants a long-term relationship with you.

27. He’s always looking for excuses to kiss you

Another knee-jerk reaction that the body has is wanting to kiss the person we are really attracted to as much as possible. When you are dating a guy who is constantly trying to kiss you, it can be a brilliant sign that he wants to have a relationship with you. 

Some women, of course, may find this constant want for kisses a bit overwhelming or intimidating - but the majority of the time it will be kindly meant. If you don’t like it though, tell him!

28. He can get jealous easily

he can get jealous easily

Jealousy goes hand in hand with strong attraction. If a man you are dating suddenly gets jealous of you just talking to another man, he most likely will want you to be his girlfriend. He’ll want to ensure that you are both on the same page, but he may not have had the confidence to bring it up with you specifically. So if you spot jealous behavior from him - ask him why. 

29. He asks you about your exes

A lot of women rightly don’t really like to talk to their date about a past girlfriend or girlfriends. However, if a man asks you about your exes, he could be doing so in an effort to figure out your past. As a result, he will be getting to know whether you are really over your ex and therefore ready to be in a relationship with him. The inference is that he wants you to be his girlfriend.

30. He is no longer on dating apps

In the modern-day, we can date a lot of people through the use of dating apps. So, if your man has deleted his accounts from dating apps, it’s a strong sign that he wants you as his girlfriend. 

He obviously believes in you both and thinks that your fledgling relationship is really going somewhere. Take huge comfort in this if you notice he is no longer using his smartphone to meet other people.

31. He asks how you are

Men aren’t always the most sensitive of souls. However, they can be when it comes to the woman that they are really into. So, if he asks how you are and asks how your day has been - and he actually listens - you take a lot of confidence in his intentions towards you. Men just won’t waste their time asking if they’re not really serious about a woman.


How long does it usually take before a guy asks you to be his girlfriend?

It really depends on the two individuals involved who are dating how long it takes a guy to ask you to be his girlfriend. Some guys are romantic and intense and it will take just a few short dates. Others will need a lot longer. 

How do you tell if a man wants a relationship with you?

Keeping an eye out for any number of signs is a good way to tell if a man wants to be in a relationship with you. Consistency and listening are two key ones, however. Plus wanting to be with you as much as possible is another sign that they are into you for a relationship. 

How do you know he likes you more than his girlfriend?

If a guy is constantly trying to see you overseeing his girlfriend, it’s a crucial sign that he may like you more than his other half. Plus, if he says a lot of scathing remarks about his girlfriend to you it could mean that he is more into you than her. 

How do you know if a guy is serious about a girl?

If a guy is serious about a girl he will do as much as possible to ensure he sees her at any given opportunity. He will also listen to her and remember what she says. He’ll want to please her and often be happy to miss out on guys’ nights just to be with her. 

How does a man act when he's falling in love?

When a man is falling in love, he will often have a smile on his face. Additionally, he will want to talk about his new love as much as possible, whenever he is not with them. However, he will spend a lot of his energy trying to spend as much time with his new love as he can. 

Signs That He Wants You To be his girlfriend - The Bottom Line

Dating can be a total minefield when it comes to emotions. That’s because trying to figure out how the other person feels towards you can be exhausting and frustrating all at the same time. 

So, keeping an eye out for the above signs can be really helpful when you are trying to figure out if the guy you are dating wants you to be his girlfriend or not. Remember, he doesn’t need to be doing all of the above - just one or two things can be enough to spot that he wants a long-term relationship with you. 

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Sonya Schwartz
A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr "Right" and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating. Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married. You can read more about me here...

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