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Signs He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend (71 Signs He Wants You To Be A Couple)

When you’ve been friends with a particular guy for so long, or both of you have been flirting on and off, you’ll certainly want to know if it’s leading somewhere.

You’ll want to know whether this guy wants to date you, or is just playing around in the meantime. But that’s the question, how can you tell if a guy what’s something more with you? Is there any way to know about his intentions beforehand?

There are many unanswered questions in the game of love and attraction, but thankfully, we're here to answer those questions. The truth is, people are different. Some guys may be direct and forward with their intentions while others would rather be mysterious and unpredictable

Here’s another you’ll agree with, women are too anxious and impatient to wait around for the guy to express his feelings. We’d rather know the signs a guy likes us early enough, so we’ll know how to react or respond to the situation. 

Below are seventy-one exciting ways to tell if a guy is head over heels in love and desires to be in a relationship with you. These clues will help you identify when he's secretly trying to take the friendship to another level and wants you to be part of his life.

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71 Signs He Wants You to Be His Girlfriend

1. He Gets Jealous

A man that desires something serious with you will feel threatened by your close friendship with other guys. A little jealousy is cute and will reveal that he wants you to be his girlfriend. He doesn’t want competition and secretly wants you to himself.

2. He Gives You A Nickname

A guy that likes you will call you unique names that no one else calls you as a sign of intimacy. It means he desires to be closer to you than anyone else. This also suggests that he wants you to be his better half as time goes on.

3. He Won't Allow You To Pay For Things

he won't allow you to pay for things

A man that desires you as his girlfriend will want to prove that he can be the perfect gentleman. Whenever he's around, he'll want to cater to your needs, and treat you like a queen. He won’t allow you to pay for things when he’s around, even though you insist.

4. He Notices The Little Things About You

A guy that likes you will be quick to observe that you got a new haircut, put on a new pair of earrings, or any other little thing that has changed about you. If he’s paying this much attention to you, it means he enjoys your company and might be thinking of taking things further.

5. He Asks A Lot Of Questions

When a guy likes you, he wants to know everything about you, and won't get tired of hearing you talk. He’d want the conversation to keep flowing without a reason to leave your side.

6. He Listens

When a guy remembers every little detail that you tell him, it’s one of the signs that you're immensely important to him, and he's paying a lot of attention to you. It could also suggest that he's hoping the two of you could get to know each other better.

7. He Tells You How Unique You Are To Him

If a guy sees you as a potential partner, it means you're peculiar to other girls. He will tell how special you are to him, and the qualities that make you different from everyone else.

8. He's Not Forcing You To Get Intimate With Him

To him, it's more about the connection the two of you have. He desires to build a profitable relationship, rather than a physical one. That’s an indication that he sees you in his life.

9. He Enjoys Doing Chores With You

When a guy goes out of his way to help with housework, he's trying to impress you. He also wants to spend some time with you in the process. He may not like it, but he's ready to take on the challenge to prove a point.

10. His Appearance Matters To Him

He’ll try to look good all the time because he's trying his best to impress you. He wants to seem more appealing to you and tries not to be caught unprepared. If a guy does pay close attention to his clothes and scent, he most likely desires to take things further.

11. He Tries To Be In Good Shape For You

You might catch a man in love watching the food he eats or hitting the gym because he's trying to impress a girl. If he wants you to be his girlfriend, he'll try to stay healthy to impress you.

12. There's A Form Of Romantic Tension Between The Two Of You

Both of you can feel it, and it spirals out of control when you're incredibly close, or he touches you. You might think he doesn't know about it, but ironically, it might be propelling him to take things further.

13. He Has Learned How To Make You Smile

he has learned how to make you smile

Even when you're unhappy, he knows the exact words to say, and what to do to make you smile. Any guy that masters this act desires to make you his girlfriend.

14. He's The Perfect Gentleman To You

He acts like your prince charming and doesn't hesitate to do things for you. He opens doors for you, and always wants to protect you when he gets the chance. It's one of the secret signs he wants something serious.

15. He Acts Funny Around You

A guy in love always knows how to reveal his witty and charming side when it's time to impress you. If he knows how to make you laugh hard, he's doing his best to win you over.

16. He Doesn't Like The Idea Of Hookups

A booty call isn't something he'll ask from you. Instead, he'll treat you right, get to know you, and allow you to get comfortable with him. He's indirectly telling you he desires to have something serious with you.

17. He Gives You Whatever You Ask

As a guy, he sees appeasing you as an opportunity to prove his love to you. It doesn't matter how small or big the request is, he tries his best to make the things you need available. He’s not ashamed to be a fool for love, as long as it makes you happy. 

18. He Celebrates Your Exceptional Qualities

He likes you for a reason, and although he may not be vocal about it, he points out your vital attributes. He appreciates how you are around him, and that propels him to want to make things official.

19. He Tries Not To Use His Phone When You're Together

One of the signs he wants something serious is when he's polite, sensitive, and not interrupting his alone time with you. He will pay attention to you maximally, without any distractions.

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20. He Likes To Surprise You

Whether it's a gift, a walk down the park, or a trip to the museum, he doesn't hesitate to surprise you with the things he knows you'll enjoy. He desires to see you happy while spending quality time with you.

21. He Always Wants To Meet Up With You Face-To-Face

Even if it's for an hour a day, a man that likes you will desire to spend time with you. This act is one of the signs that he sees you as a potential girlfriend.

22. He's Vulnerable Around You

If a man is telling your personal stories and revealing his weak side, it shows that he desires to be real around you. This act is also a sign that he likes you, trusts you, and might want something serious.

23. He Never Looks Down On You

A guy that sees you as a potential girlfriend would never make you feel incompetent. He knows and establishes the fact that you're capable of handling things on your own, even without his help.

24. He Brings Up The Relationship Talk

If a man asks about your thoughts on a long-term relationship, it means he's thinking about being in one with you. He's indirectly suggesting it, and also wants to know where you stand on the subject.

25. He Doesn't Yell At You

Every guy expecting to have a relationship with a lady will never try to disrespect or make her feel bad. Even when he's angry, he'll refrain from raising his voice. It's one of the signs that he desires something serious.

26. He's Polite To Your Friends And Family

Although he may not like all of them, he respects them because he knows how much you love friends and family. Behaving this way indicates that he values you, and doesn't want a reason to be separated from you.

27. He Lets You Know You're In His Life

he lets you know you're in his life

A guy that likes you will be sure to include you in his life stories. He'll enact them with you in it, thereby, indirectly telling you he desires to have you in his life.

28. He Keeps You Updated About His Whereabouts

He tries his best to keep a close and unbroken connection with you all day. Even though you're far apart, he ensures you know where he is, and who he's with, so there's never any miscommunication.

29. He Uses The Term 'We' Instead Of 'I'

This act is one of the signs that he wants something serious. Any guy that involves you in his activities desires you to be around him, and potentially, become his partner.

30. He Doesn't Let You Worry

He's always one step ahead to help you with your needs and to make sure you're happy around him. Even though he's at a far distance, he's ready to drop everything to cater to your worries.

31. His Friends Praise Him

The only reason why a guy's friends will vehemently praise him in front of a girl is that they know he likes her. They're trying to boost his reputation, and give the girl reasons to admire their friend too.

32. He Gives You All The Details About His Day

He wants to share every experience with you, just like you were there with him. He also asks about your day because he wants to know how it went.

34. He Tells You He Misses Your Voice

A man in love would use these words as a valid excuse to call you most times. He doesn't have a reason for the phone calls but desires to be in constant communication with you.

35. He Stands By You

He'll be your full support system whenever you need him. He'll cheer for you, boost your self-esteem, and give you all the encouragement you need. A guy that sees you in his life wants the best for you and would inspire you to get there.

36. He Knows How To Apologize

One of the signs that he desires something serious is when he doesn't let his pride get in the way. He knows when to say sorry, whether or not he's the one at fault.

37. He Doesn't Hide Things From You 

He always wants you to be in the loop so that he won't break the trust between the two of you. He'll rather tell you a harsh truth than expect you to hear it from another person.

38. He's Interested In Your Hobbies 

A guy that likes you will find interest in the things you love doing. Even though he naturally wouldn't engage in such activities, he'll go the extra mile to show you that he cares for you.

39. He Remembers The Important Dates

A guy that's hoping to be in a relationship with you would ensure he remembers any date that's important to you, like your birthday or the birthday of important people in your life. He desires to impress you and show you he's a responsible gentleman.

40. He Includes You In His Hobbies

he includes you in his hobbies

A man that desires something serious with you would want you to be interested in his pursuits. He'll welcome you when he's doing his favorite thing and would like to bond over these subjects.

41. He Won't Scold You In Public

A man that sees you as a potential girlfriend wouldn't do anything to embarrass you. If he's angry about something, he'll wait till there's nobody present before tackling the dispute. Such a man values and respects you.

42. He Cares About Your Thoughts On Him

One of the signs he desires something serious is when your opinions of him are all that matters. As a result, he's continually looking for a way to make you proud.

43. He's Not Overly Clingy

A guy looking to have something serious with you wouldn't overwhelm you with his presence. He'll give you space, and make sure you hang out with your friends and live your life. Your time away is essential to him.

44. He Constantly Flirts

If a guy wants you in his life, he will naturally flirt with you all the time. He'll tell you how cute your smile is, how beautiful you look, and anything else that would make you smile.

45. He Shows You Off

You will know a man is in love when he brags about you to the people in his life. He's not just proud of your accomplishments, but everything about you. He also lets you know from time to time that he admires you.

46. He Makes Promises And Keeps Them

When he's trying hard to impress you, he won't fail at any promises he makes. If he says he's going to be there, he'll ensure he's there.

47. He's There When You're Down

If you're sick, he doesn't leave your side until he's about your well-being. He does all he can to care for you when you're not at your best. He’ll be a phone call away whenever you need him. 

48. He Doesn't Judge You

If a man desires something serious with you, it means he has already embraced your flaws and accepted you for who you are. He won't see any reason to judge you or highlight your mistakes.

49. He Helps You Learn From Your Mistakes

A guy looking to have you in his life will try to make you grow, and wouldn't put you down. When you make a mistake, he'll always be there to show you the way out.

50. He Texts You A Lot

A guy that likes you wouldn't be able to stay too long away from you. He wants to know how you're doing, or how your day is going, through texts. It's a subtle way of having you around him all day.

51. You're The First He Calls When He Has News

You can tell how much a guy cares about a lady by how he keeps her informed. If you're his first line of call, it means he holds you in high regard and longs to have something serious with you.

52. He Tells You He Misses You

he tells you he misses you

A guy that likes you, and desires to be in a relationship with you wouldn't be able to hide his emotions from time to time. As a result, he'll tell you how much he misses you, either in an honest way or a playful one.

53. You Always Catch Him Staring

Staring sometimes shows how a guy feels about a lady. If he continually stares, it means he has deep feelings for you and is astonished by your personality. It's also a positive sign that he desires to take things forward.

54. He Calls Unexpectedly

A man that sees you as a potential girlfriend will call regularly just to know how you're doing. This could be in the middle of the day, or the cool of the evening. To him, there's never a wrong time to pick up the phone and check up on you.

55. He Deletes His Dating Apps

A guy in love who's hoping for something serious wouldn't hesitate to let go of things he no longer needs. He clears out his dating apps and loses close contact with an ex-girlfriend to prove a point to you.

56. He Makes Long Conversations Over The Phone

A man that likes you will find any reason to keep a conversation going, either when texting or making phone calls. He enjoys your presence, and wants to be around you, but wouldn't directly say that to you.

57. He Sends You Funny Clips

The best way to get to a woman's heart is to make her smile. Every guy knows this and tries their best to make their subject of attraction happy. If a guy is doing this, he hopes for a blissful time with you.

58. He Doesn't Leave Your Messages Hanging

A guy that desires to be in a relationship will reply to your messages as soon as possible. Peradventure he can't text you back early, he always updates you and apologizes for the delay.

He always wants you to tag along. 

Any male individual that enjoys the company of a lady, to the extent that he desires her everywhere he goes, wants something serious. He likes you to be his partner because he can't stand being away from you.

59. He Tells You How Beautiful You Are

If you're a potential girlfriend, he will admire your beauty all the time. He will also respect your qualities and abilities because all these qualities make you a beautiful person.

60. He's With You Even On Your Bad Days

When a guy sticks with you through thick and thin, it shows he's ready to build a life with you. Your bad hair day or giant pimple isn't going to change his mind about wanting something serious with you.

61. He Introduces You To His Friends

he introduces you to his friends

When a man wants something serious with you, he won't only talk about you to his friends, but he'll also want you to meet them. More importantly, he'll hope you get along with them, because it means the world to him.

62. He's Reliable

When a guy shows a sense of responsibility towards you, it can only mean that he desires a strong association with you. He ensures you can rely on him anytime and does his best always to be available.

63. He's Keenly Interested In Your Love Life

If a guy wants something serious with you, he'll ask if you're dating anyone or about your thoughts on a long-term relationship. He's indirectly creating space for himself by prying into your love life.

64. His Family Knows About You

One of the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend is when he tells the important people in his life about you. He can't stop talking to his friends and family about you and hopes everyone gets along with you.

65. He Acts Differently With You

A man that likes you will want you to know that he does and would act quirky or silly. He's different around his friends but is exceptionally cautious around you. Such a guy does this because he wants a relationship with you.

66. He Tells You His Password

Any guy that does this wants you to get comfortable around him. He does this because he sees you as a potential girlfriend and wants the relationship to grow. He allows you to use his phone and tries not to hide anything from you.

67. He Puts You First

A man that wants you to be his girlfriend would take you a priority in his life. He wants to make you happy all the time, and be there when you need him. Your needs are as important as his, and he'll do all he can to cater to them.

68. He Wants Everyone To See That He Likes You

One of the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend is when he's not afraid to show his affection for you in public. He'll hold your hand confidently and might even lean in for a kiss.

69. He Doesn't Have A Backup Plan

When a man truly loves you, you'll be his only option. He wants something serious with you, and won't be talking to other girls even though you don't agree to be his girlfriend. He won't give you any reason to doubt his love.

70. He Tries To Make Sex Even Better

If you're in a sexual relationship with a guy that wants you to be his girlfriend, he'll do all he can to please you and make the sex special. He'll want to show you that he's capable of satisfying you.

71. He Has Confessed How He Feels About You

he has confessed how he feels about you

The most prudent way to know that someone wants something serious with you is if they say, "I love you, and I would love to take things further." If he's not sure about building something profitable with you, he wouldn't tell you how he feels.


How long do guys wait to ask you to be their girlfriend?

As a rule of thumb, guys tend to wait an average of two months before making a relationship an official one. Nonetheless, relationships are quite different, and the timespan might differ. A woman might appreciate a man who’s courageous enough to ask her out even though they're still warming up to each other. In contrast, another would understand when he gives her time to get comfortable with him.

How do you know if a man sees a life with you?

When any guy sees life with you, he'll actively be including you in all his plans. He will make statements using 'we' instead of 'I' and get himself accustomed to the activities you love doing. He'll also want to share his hobbies with you, and bond over activities the both of you enjoy. More importantly, he wouldn't want to spend any time away from you.

How do you tell if a guy is serious about you?

When a man is serious about a woman, he'll make more efforts to be there for her, and cater to her needs. He'll want to impress her, and genuinely see her happy. Checking up on her will be his routine, while he continually makes plans that involve her. Lastly, he wouldn't miss spending time with her because he enjoys it more than he can admit.

What is the 3-month rule?

The 3-month rule was created to help individuals get through their breakups more healthily and efficiently. The rule implies that after a breakup, both parties are to refrain from entering into another relationship for three months. This process will enable both of them to recuperate, get over issues, and maybe even forgive their exes. Dating someone new with a clear mind will allow them to put in more effort into seeing the relationship work.

What is the 3 date rule?

The 3-date rule applies to people that are still in the process of getting to know each other. They are expected to refrain from sexual intercourse until after the third date. This process helps them get to know each other better and avoid the fear of abandonment or coming off as someone without self-control. By the third date, both parties would determine whether the association is worth it or not.

To Conclude

Did you enjoy this article on signs he wants you to be his girlfriend? Among the signs listed in this article, the one you should always take into consideration is his honest confession. If he tells you he has feelings for you and hopes to build something profound, the situation becomes crystal clear. It's up to you to decide whether you want to date him or not. Kindly share and leave a comment below if you liked this article.

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