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Do Guys Like Redheads? (13 Interesting Reasons Why)

One of our greatest wishes as women is not to be judged solely by the color of our hair, the color of our eyes, skin and definitely not by the size or shape of our body parts. However, we can not ignore the fact that men are visual beings and women also love being admired from time to time. 

So, every now and then our female minds lead us to ask the question, "Do guys think I'm hot?". 

Surprisingly, this question isn't only common amongst women who are insecure about their looks, women who know that they have features that are considered desirable also find themselves wondering about this. Women with red hair are not excluded from this, in fact, they often wonder if they're attractive because of all the stereotypes they’re associated with. 

Redheads are a rare breed and possess a genetic rarity that women with a different hair color don't. First of all, they happen to be more sensitive to most stimulus triggers like pain and light. But it is said that they're more tolerant of chili foods. İt's also said that they're unpredictable, mysterious, feisty, and adventurous. 

If you're one of these lucky auburn women and you seem to find yourself wondering if you're considered sexy, wonder no more. There are so many things that our men find very attractive about you. If you'd need a little more convincing, then stick around and I'll give you thirteen reasons why men find you irresistible. 

13 Reasons Why Men Are Drawn To Redheads.

1. They're the 'white whale' of women

Guys have confessed that though they've met and been drawn to a few auburn belles, they’ve never successfully dated one. Aside from the fact that it's ridiculously hard to meet a natural redhead, women with red hair are generally stand-offish and picky when it comes to choosing their men. 

Some guys who consider themselves good with the ladies find it a bit frustrating that they've never actually been able to date these attractive redheads. Some admit that girls with red hair hardly even acknowledge their existence. As disheartening as this may sound, it also serves as a turn-on for some guys. 

They seem to like the fact that women with red hair are almost unreachable and feed their need for a good chase. As weird as this may sound, it's one of the reasons that some men are drawn to women with red hair, I guess a little snubbing never hurt anyone. 

2. The unnatural-looking nature of their hair

the unnatural-looking nature of their hair

Apart from the fact that red is a noticeable color, having red hair looks very “out-of-this-world” thanks to their genetic rarity. Some men have confessed that there's something attractive about a woman with unnatural hair colors. 

In combination with their pale skin, their red hair sometimes makes them look a bit mutant, and trust me when I say that there is a truckload of men out there who aren't afraid to admit that they have a weakness for this look. 

Men who are into comics and superhero narratives also admit to being very attracted to women with red hair. As bizarre as it sounds, they happen to remind them of their favorite female mutant heroes. İf this isn't a turn-on, I don't know what is. 

3. They can't resist the pale skin

It's still a mystery what men find attractive about pale skin, and it's a bit creepy to think that most things associated with paleness aren't very positive; for instance death and sickness. However, we can't really control what our minds find appealing. 

A countless number of men admit to loving pale skin on women and in addition, tend to love the redhead-pale skin combination even more. Most of them cannot explain why, but some admit that it gives many redheads this soft yet fierce look that portrays strength and vulnerability at the same time. 

In addition to this, their alabaster skin usually comes with freckles. The brown spots spread out across their skin make it seem like mother nature was feeling creative when she made our lovely red-haired sisters. 

4. Red equals danger

If we were asked to list out words that are synonymous with the color red, the words daring, dangerous, adventurous and adrenaline would probably be part of the list. Our ginger beauties remind us of all these things. When you see their full, red hair, it makes you think of danger and adventure. 

A number of men have admitted that redheads make them feel like they're up for the ride of their lives. They admit to having a thrill when they see them and want more of that red-hot adrenaline rush. 

It's true that not all men appreciate danger or risk, but most love that sense of adventure even if they may not put themselves in daring situations in real life. So in summary, some men see redheads as walking, talking mind-blowing experiences just waiting to happen. 

5. A freak in the sheets

This stereotype is enough reason for a man to lean towards our Auburn-haired beauties. İt's hard to meet a man who wouldn't love to be with a woman who shows him a good time between the sheets. 

Women with red hair are generally known to be adventurous lovemakers. They're not just open to trying new things but also aren't afraid to explore more crazy ways to spice things up in the bedroom. 

Apparently, redhead women have the most sex compared to women of other hair colors. Guys have admitted that a night with a redhead left them drooling over the memory for weeks. 

6. They make a pretty good fetish

For some men, carrot top women are a major fetish. They just can't seem to understand why they're drawn to them. Just thinking about running their hands through their red hair is enough to turn them on. 

It also helps that most redheads have a head full of hair. Most times their red hair has that messy, wild look that makes these women look effortlessly fierce. They also generally have a body most men would describe as voluptuous, and a temperament that’s just asking to be tamed. They're just sexy without even trying and that’s what makes these men love redheads.

7. They're usually witty

they're usually witty

Who doesn't like a little wit here and there? There's just something about making a statement and getting an unexpectedly smart and funny response in return. 

It isn’t only a person's looks that contribute to their sex appeal, other qualities also add to this. Being able to hold a simple conversation with a person while giving them some attention-grabbers, a little humor, just the right amount of detail. Women with red hair are known to be witty, they just have a thing about the way they think fast and respond smartly. 

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8. They're hot-headed

It's shocking what we tend to be attracted to sometimes, humans have the ability to be attracted to the most bizarre things. It sounds strange to say that some men love to watch women lose their temper and act out, but believe it or not, most do. 

The famous redhead temper is not just a stereotype, it has also been scientifically explained. Redheads are a bit more sensitive to certain things compared to women of a different color. This makes their reactions to certain things slightly more heightened than the average person. Some men have admitted that they love redheads for this reason.

9. They're unpredictable

With redheads, you never know what version of her you're going to meet the next morning. they're known to be very mysterious and unpredictable. 

Some people may look at this as a negative thing since you don't know if you'd be attracted to a person who can't be predicted. Not knowing what to expect may scare a few people. 

Most men, however, have admitted that the spontaneity of being with a redhead gives them a rush. As opposed to being drab, boring, and routine, redheads keep them on their toes, making them anticipate the next second, minute, day, and even year.  

10. They're fun to be around

Redheads are also known to be energetic, bubbly, and fun. Once they're in their element, there's no stopping them. Everyone enjoys a bit of playfulness around them and our men are not an exception. 

When they're in their outdoor mode, they can go all day non-stop, so buckle up for the ride of your life. However, if for some reason you hit a funny nerve and they happen to get upset, they won't hold back. They will give you the tongue-lashing of a lifetime! Some extra feisty carrot tops may even break a few bones while they're at it. 

How is that considered fun you ask? Well, we can't always question the mystery of attraction and how we’re wired. Let's just say our men like what they like. 

11. They're known to be very loyal

Getting a redhead to agree to be with you takes a huge effort. As we saw in one of our earlier points, most men confessed that they have never been able to get with a red-haired woman because of how picky they are. 

However, when you do actually get them to give you a chance, they prove to be very loyal. They take loyalty very seriously and do not joke with the people they love. No matter how appealing the grass seems on the other side, she will always stick with you. 

Similarly, there's hardly any threat scary enough to push her away from you. Redheads usually develop thick skin since they often get bullied from a young age because of certain features like their freckles. So there’s hardly anything that can push her away.

12. They're unbelievably beautiful

they're unbelievably beautiful

You don't need to search too far, just think about our beautiful red-haired celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Joanne Moore. They’re stunning. It's hard to find a redhead who doesn't turn heads when she walks by, they're rare but more times than not, they have killer looks. 

İn addition to their looks, they have the attitude to back it up. Most redheads are either confident and classy beauties with enough poise and grace to win a Miss Universe contest, or they’re a cool, witty, bubbly, and slightly girly broad who's ready to give you a run for your money. Just like the Julia Roberts character in the movie classic, 'pretty woman'. 

13. The media

The media plays a major role in building beauty standards and redheads aren't left out of this. As mentioned repeatedly in this article, redheads are very rare. They're rarer in some regions than others, so much that some men have never laid their eyes on an auburn-haired woman before. They've only ever seen this different color on television. 

This is a major factor that could affect the way some men look at redheads, in terms of attraction. Perhaps they fell in love with the feisty, witty, and sexy-headed persona that was portrayed on their favorite TV show. Aside from the fact that not all gingers are like that, the media has not done very badly for redheads so cheers to that. 


Are redheads considered attractive? 

Yes, redhead women are considered to be attractive. It's true that one of the most popular stereotypes about redheads is that they’re hot-tempered and feisty. However, this is not always negative, especially where our lovely male counterparts are concerned. Some men like a little spice in a woman, to some, this is one of their most desirable qualities.

Why are redheads attractive? 

Well, with auburn-haired celebrities like Isla Fisher, Emma Stone, and Marcia cross it's hard to imagine why anyone would need to wonder what makes gingers hot. However, there are a few qualities they possess that make the imagination run wild. For instance, their fire-like hair makes them look daring and adventurous. 

How many guys would say no to an adventure especially when it extends to the bedroom

What do they say about redheads? 

A number of popular stereotypes come to mind when you think of the average redhead. First of all, everyone believes they have a temper which is sometimes not entirely untrue. They’re often said to be nerds and their freckles have been associated with this in some way. They’re also said to be wild love-makers. 

Are redheads angry? 

Well considering the fact that most of them get teased and picked on in school because of their features, it's hard to imagine that they’d grow up without some suppressed anger. Their temper is however not directly linked to being bullied in school, it's actually genetic. 

The MCR1 gene; responsible for pain, is more active in their brains, making them more sensitive. So certain things could end up making them flare up a bit more than the average person. 

What hair color is the most attractive? 

According to a 2018 poll, a higher percentage of men considered brunettes to be sexier. Followed by ebony women then blond and finally redheads. Bear in mind that this poll was taken 3 years ago in the US, so it doesn’t speak for men all over the world.


I hope you enjoyed this article. Remember, the color of your hair is not what makes you beautiful, but your self-carriage, attitude, and the content of your mind make the package complete. Please let us know what you think about this topic below and remember to share it.

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