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8 Signs You're Loyal To A Fault In Your Relationship

Loyalty is one of the most important characteristics for someone to have within a relationship. Unfortunately, it's become increasingly harder to find someone that's loyal to a fault. But have you ever wondered "Am I loyal to a fault in my relationships?"

The first thing you need to do before answering this question is to understand what it really means to be loyal to a fault.

Loyal to a Fault Meaning

A lot of people seem to believe that being loyal simply means never being unfaithful to your partner. It means so much more than that - it means being a team, being there for your partner in the best way you can, never taking advantage of the relationship and standing by your love.

If you are questioning whether you're a loyal person, take a look at the 8 signs below. These signs are the characteristics you will display in your relationship if you are loyal. So, pay attention and see if they apply to you.

You are supportive of your partner.

You are supportive of your partner.

Someone that's loyal is undeniably supportive of their partner. A loyal person is supportive of all the things their partner wants to do and lets them be their own person - they believe in their partner's dreams as if they were their own. A loyal person is a person that cheers their partner on silently in the background and commends their significant other for doing everything they want to do.

You are trustworthy and your partner knows that.

If you are loyal, you will be trustworthy. Right now, it's important to say that we're not talking about being faithful, although we will come to that one later. Being trustworthy in a relationship doesn't just mean being faithful, it also means that your partner can confide in you and know it won't go anywhere. For example, if your partner shares negative comments about their mother, you are not going to go and tell their mother! Your partner will know that it's ok for them to open up to you and discuss things with you because they have confidence that what they say isn't going to be shared.

You are honest.

To be loyal to a fault, you also have to be honest to a fault. This means that you are honest with your partner about everything - from giving honest feedback on the outfit they are thinking about wearing to dinner, to speaking honestly about where you think the relationship is headed. Anyone that's in a successful relationship knows that honesty is one of the most important aspects - and it is a key aspect of loyalty.

You are optimistic about the relationship.

You are optimistic about the relationship.

If you're loyal in a relationship to a fault, you're guaranteed to be optimistic about the relationship, because you are committed to it and genuinely see it going somewhere. You will plan the future, feel confident and secure in the relationship, and never have doubts about anything. If something makes your partner doubt the relationship or feel worried, it's certain that you will be the one there holding their hand and telling them you have faith in it, and they should too.

You are generous.

If you're loyal to a fault, you're also going to be generous to a fault. This doesn't have to mean that you buy gifts for your partner, but it means that you are generous with your time and your love. You will be more than happy to show your man that you're generous, and you will want to be because you're in the relationship for the long-haul.

You stand by your partner, in good times and bad.

Standing by your partner in both good times and bad is a really vital aspect of loyalty. You are definitely loyal to a fault if you are willing to stay by your man's side when he is going through tough times, as well as when he is feeling on top of the world. Life isn't always easy, and things don't always work the way we want them to. However, your man will be able to deal with things a lot better, knowing you are by his side. You will show him you're a team.

You would never dream of being unfaithful.

You would never dream of being unfaithful.

Although it doesn't mean everything, being faithful in a relationship is a big part of loyalty. It's a vital thing, when you're in a monogamous relationship, to make sure your partner understands that you don't want to be with other people. If you know that you only want one man, and you're not going to look for something else and you have no intention of doing that, then you're loyal.

You never complain about your partner to others.

If something goes wrong within your relationship, or your partner is being particularly difficult (as we all are at some aspects of life), you aren't going to go and tell others about it. If you're loyal, you won't bad mouth your partner. You never want to disrespect them or paint a bad picture of them to others because of something that you can figure out within the relationship exclusively.


Loyalty is a difficult thing to define, and loyalty to a fault incorporates a variety of characteristics. Hopefully, after you have had a look at the 8 signs listed above, you have realized loyalty is a characteristic within you! Most of the signs listed above are also true if you show loyalty to a fault in other aspects of life, not just in romantic relationships - after all, this is only part of your wider life. If you show loyalty within your relationship, you will most likely show it in every aspect of life.

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