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Why Do Men Like Naked Women? (11 Obvious Reasons)

Are you wondering what men think when they see you naked?

It’s actually quite simple. Most guys are thinking the same things - and it’s not just that they want to have sex with you.

Below, I’ve listed 11 thoughts that go through men’s heads when they see your naked body.

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If there’s one thing that a man won’t hide though - it’s his joy at the sight of a naked female body. For a deeper look into what he’s thinking in these intimate moments, scroll down.

11 Things Men Think When They See A Woman Naked

1. They want to stare freely

Some men say they’re often blamed for staring at a woman in public. Some women would even ask “what are you staring at?” So most times, they have to keep their eyes fixed like zombies or look for something to keep them busy.

But when they finally get a perfect time to see a naked woman, especially for the first time, they just want to admire her to the fullest. A few men say that’s when they get to find answers to long time questions. Some of them say it feels like they’re in a world of their own—with a different touch of breeze and realization.

2. She’s not as imperfect as she thinks

She’s not as imperfect as she thinks

Research has it that 65% of women are not proud to have their bodies. They tell guys all the flaws they feel they have ahead of any form of relationship, just to aid acceptance.

However, some guys won't even mind the flaws. They’ll still think you are so beautiful. Other men feel that women should be reminded occasionally about how beautiful they look without clothes. So sometimes, they expect to see the flaws but they get shocked when they don’t. 

3. They want to touch

Believe it or not, some men think that women have an extra layer of flesh under their skin that feels so good to touch. Sometimes, some of them just love to cuddle with the soft body and feel the warmth as well.

Some guys even love fondling women’s tummies. For them, it feels good to play with something so soft without the fear of ruining it. Some of them just love touching. In fact, the first thing some men think of when they see nudity is how soft the breasts would be or how flexible the waist would be during sex. That’s what most of them use to keep it going.

4. To have a great time with you

Nudity is a major physical cue during sex and helps more with the experience. Truth be told, some guys just want to have sex. Seeing your bare body could naturally turn them on without even touching or feeling you.

It’s pretty much okay if you both have already had a mutual conversation. This, to me, is one way to know exactly what he’s thinking about you in that state. He could either be admiring your hot body, feeling a bit low on what he was expecting to see, or just waiting to have you in bed. Most men in this category of thought just want to satisfy their desire and move on.

5. Different from what they imagined

The first time a man sees a woman, he imagines a lot of things. Some men say they go as far as stripping you in their minds and giving you imaginary features. Now that sounds very sensual and unacceptable but they do it, even though they blame curiosity for it.

One of my male friends who is a nude artist said when he meets a woman for the first time, he loves imagining her in different ways or poses. That helps him keep the flow of the kind of relationship he wants with her going. When he finally sees her naked for the first time, he tries to compare to see if he was right about some things. 

6. Confused on what to do next

This relates more to sex times. I even overheard some guys talking about being confused in the middle of a make-out or session. They say if it’s the first time, they really don’t know what to do next, especially if the girl wants to be in control.

So, when next he looks at you naked without a clue of what to do, he probably wants you to direct him on what to do next. He could know, but he may not have the nerve to make a move. Or, he could want you to be happy by being in charge. His thoughts may be different from yours. This is just one of the few things that go on in their minds when you’re naked. 

7. They want to see if you’re comfortable in your skin

They want to see if you’re comfortable in your skin

Most times, men just want to know you’re fine and okay being naked in front of them. So sometimes when they see you. They try to observe if you’re confident or not. A guy said his thought when he sees women naked solely depends on her confidence.

What’s more, some men will openly tell you they like to see a woman comfortable in their natural state. They’ll even flat out say “I want to see that you’re not uncomfortable in your own skin. Feel free and move as much as you can as far as you’re comfortable.” So, basically, your behavior without clothes determines their reaction as well. 

8. They are speechless

From my analysis, some of my male friends' say their first reaction to a naked girl was two to three seconds of shock. They all agreed they would be speechless about it which makes the point I said earlier to be true. They become as blank as a human brain at birth. So, when next a guy sees you naked and says absolutely nothing, it’s normal.

9. They want to have you to themselves

Ever heard of a story of a guy that got married to his nude muse? Well, the mouse was the best model he had. Her gestures, body language, and poses just seemed to match all his concepts. Her body was in sync with his costuming and lighting techniques. 

She appeared nude a lot of times in front of him. Yes, it was professional but a lot of things he saw during and after the shoot could have moved him to a lot of thinking. Little things like this could go through a guy’s mind when he sees you naked at any time.

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10. Feeling of luck

Men also have insecurities, especially when they meet girls they feel are out of their league. If you’re his girlfriend and you go naked in front of him, the first thing that may come to his mind maybe how much he wants to show you to the world. 

On his part, he may be thinking of how to make you feel happy and special enough to keep you with him. As his girlfriend, your bare body may bring a mix of positive emotions. This could show in his eyes or send a little message to his thinking faculty which is pretty much okay in any situation as long as it is all positive. 

11. They fantasize

I think everyone does a part of this in their own way. We all fantasize when we see a man that is attractive to us. Talk more of a guy seeing a beautiful woman without her clothes on. I don’t know about you but that sounds so much like a turn on for me.

He may not be thinking of anything sensual or being in a relationship with you. He may just fantasize about having you as his girlfriend, going on trips and vacations in different locations. It could pretty much happen in a split second of him looking at you. 


What guys really want from a woman?

Most times, guys are mistaken for wanting only sex from women but research shows that most guys want to be loved as well. They want to be shown some form of affection and care. Massages when they’re tired, or little love messages to show they’re valued.

What does a woman like about a man?

A woman appreciates a man who’s not selfish or self-centered. She appreciates an ambitious man who is confident and also believes in her ideas or perspectives about things. Women love to be respected and carried along in plans all the time.

Do men like short girls?

It depends on each guy and his preferences. While some of them love short girls, others love average and some others love tall girls. But most tall men do love short girls. But like I said earlier, it depends on each man and his preference.

How do you tell if a man is sexually attracted to you?

Most men can’t control it when they’re sexually attracted to you. Their gestures say it all. Their choice of words, closeness to you, and eye contact say it all. Sometimes, they could go as far as noticing any guy that checks you out or has an interest in getting close to you. They also could flirt a lot.

What features make a woman beautiful?

A lot of people say her breasts, thighs, hips, buttocks, and flat tummy. But truth be told, I’ve seen a lot of beautiful women who had different features but were very beautiful in their own unique way. So I would say what makes a woman beautiful is her confidence in her features and how much she appreciates them. 

In Summary

You can never be sure of what men think when they see you naked. It’s up to you to be cool and confident in your body. Remember, no matter what, it shouldn’t affect your self-esteem. Please don’t forget to like and share this article if you liked it.

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