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When A Taurus Man Is Hurt (7 Ways To Tell)

May 30, 2024

Are you worried that you’ve hurt a Taurus man you’re dating?

Perhaps he’s insisting that he’s fine, but you get the sense he may be lying?

That would be typical of a Taurus man. They’re often too stubborn and self-indulgent to admit when they feel wronged or hurt.

Thankfully, this article should be able to set you straight, so you understand where you stand with this guy. It features seven telltale signs that a Taurus man has been deeply hurt by your actions.

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Of course, it may be that your relationship is perfectly fine. Scroll down to find out whether a Taurus man has been truly hurt by you.

When A Taurus Man Is Hurt, How Does He Act?

1. Frosty

One clear method that Taurus men let you see how hurt they are is by acting frosty towards you a lot of the time. This means that any dealings that the two of you have - whether you are in a relationship or just seeing each other - will have an icy cool exterior to them, on his part. 

This means that his conversations with you may seem transactional, with as minimal emotion in them as possible. He will also steer clear of touching you in any way, which is very unusual for a Taurus male in love. 

2. Vague


One way that a Taurus man will add to the frosty feeling that is pervading your interactions is to be very vague when he answers any of your questions or suggestions to make plans with one another. 

He will give exceedingly non-committal answers that allow him to do as he pleases when it comes to future dates or events together. If his answers to questions are vague, it is because he is unsure who to talk to you while he is dealing with the new level of hurt that he is dealing with.

3. Elusive

In addition to being vague, a Taurus man will be particularly elusive when he is suffering from hurt. This is always the case when he feels wronged by a person. The result is that he will shirk any responsibilities he has with you and also ensure that you have as little opportunity to figure out why he is upset as possible, without you actually directly asking him. 

It can be very frustrating dealing with such behavior all the time as at times it is not practical when you are trying to spend time with him. Additionally, it can be pretty emotionally immature. For that reason, it is best to talk to him and see what has made your Taurus man act like he is. 

4. Defensive

A common characteristic for people to display when they have been upset or emotionally wounded by their partner is to go on the defensive. This is particularly the case if you are in a relationship with a Taurus.

The reason is that by being defensive over everything, it is your Taurus guy’s way of dealing with the fact that he could be partly responsible for what caused his initial upset. Being defensive reflects all the blame back on you so that you have to own up to what went wrong. 

This can be quite unfair and unfounded in the majority of situations. As relationships are between two people, arguments between a couple are often caused by wrongdoings on both people's part. If you feel your Taurus man is being overly defensive for this reason, you are quite within your rights to call him out on it. 

5. Angry

Along with being defensive, Taurus men are commonly very angry people when they have been suffering from pain caused by their partners. While it is quite understandable for people to be angry in the face of wrongdoing against them, it can make it difficult to have an adult conversation to sort the problem out. 

If you have hurt a Taurus man who then goes on to become very angry at you, it may be a good idea to let them calm down so that you can talk things through far more calmly at a later date. Plus, this gives you more time to go over what has happened in your head and get your reaction straight. It is often the case that when one person has become angry through an issue in between a couple, the other person ends up getting upset too. 

Having a time out can, therefore, make things easier on your relationship for when you do end up being able to talk things through with your Taurus man. 

6. Immature

As briefly alluded to, a Taurus man can be quite emotionally immature when he feels he has been wronged by his partner. This means that he can say some puerile things that are said with the intention of causing the optimum amount of pain possible to this partner. This is down to their self-indulgent character where they find it difficult to think of others - particularly when that huge Taurus ego has been challenged. 

The best thing to do in situations like this where you feel your Taurus guy is being guilty of acting emotionally immature is to meet it head-on with some adult conversation that is direct and to the point. If you don’t, you can end up seeing your relationship go through a lot more damage which emotionally immature behavior can do so easily. The reason being is that the person who is emotionally immature does not know when to stop. Instead, they keep acting in their insensitive ways which can cause so much pain, so quickly. 

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7. Physically Distant

Taurus men love to touch the ones that they love. This means holding hands, putting their hand son your knee, kissing you, and, of course, having sex with you. If they feel they have been emotionally wronged by their partner, they can demonstrate it by repealing all those tactile moments. They will become physically distant from you and shy away from any moments of closeness. This can mean no longer wanting to hold your hand when out in public and absolutely no kissing or sex when at home. 

This can be quite difficult to deal with as it will so often be such a stark difference as to what usually goes on in a relationship with Taurus men who are always so physically demonstrative with the people they love. If this is the case, and you have also apologized for what has upset your Taurus man, point out to him how his actions make you feel. Taurus men can be so self-involved that he may not have even realized what he is doing. 


How Do Taurus Act When They Are Hurt?

A Taurus man can suddenly become very introverted when they are hurt and can act exceedingly aloof. This means that they may give you the cold shoulder for a long period of time and ignore your messages and calls.

How Does A Taurus Woman Act When She Is Hurt?

A Taurus woman will be very similar to how a Taurus man act is when they are hurt. This means that they will try to escape all contact from the person who hurt them while their wounds heal and they get to grips with their feelings. 

What Kind Of Person Is A Taurus?

A Taurus man is the kind of person who will be a very loyal and patient friend or lover. They are a determined person who knows what they want from a relationship, career, or other aspects of their lives. This can make them very attentive boyfriends, lovers, and husbands. 

Do Taurus Hide Their Feelings?

If a Taurus guy is hurt, they may hide their feelings by regressing into themselves and ignoring you until they have come to terms with how exactly they feel. They will not be the person to broach the subject of how they are feeling, it will be up to you to bring it up so you can talk about what is wrong. 

How Do You Make A Taurus Miss You?

A Taurus man will miss you if you try to play a little hard to get in the initial stages of your relationship, or even before you even start out as boyfriend or girlfriend. This means that you may have to draw back from him a little so he knows that he has it great when you are around and a constant in his life. 

When A Taurus Man Is Hurt - The Bottom Line

Relationships with Taurus men can be hard when you think you have hurt his feelings, but you are also unsure how. By keeping an eye out for actions or behavior like the ones listed below, you can make sure you know when is a good time to talk to your man about how he is feeling and what can be done to right the situation.

A Taurus man can be so easily hurt thanks to his self involved nature that makes it difficult for his opinionated ways to see things from someone else’s point of view. However, over time, you will know how to bring the best out of your man and know when it is up to you to broach the subject of reconciliation.

Their elusive and evasive behavior after an argument where you have pointed out some of their own wrongdoings can cause them to regress into themselves even further at times. However, it is important not to be bulldozed by their behavior so that your feelings of pain are addressed too.

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