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Taurus Man In Bed (The Ultimate Guide)

March 31, 2024

Have you just started dating a mind-blowingly handsome Taurus?

Are you beginning to imagine what he might be like in bed?

Would you like to discover what really revs his engine in the bedroom?

Well, strap in because I’m about to reveal which sexual traits that Taurus men tend to like more than anything else!

You can consider this your ultimate guide to pleasing a Taurus man in bed!

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That’s not to say it doesn’t help to rock his world in the bedroom! In fact, this is a great way to tempt a man to stay with you too. Sex is an important part of any relationship, whether it’s a short-term fling or a life-long marriage!

So, let’s now dive into my ultimate guide to sexually satisfying a Taurus.

What Does A Taurus Man Want In Bed?

Here, we look at what exactly a Taurus man likes in bed so that you can make sure that you please him when you make love and if there is one way in particular that you can please him. As a human being in general, a typical Taurus man is one that is very sensual at all times so you know from the outset that sex is something that is very important to him and something that he pays a lot of attention to. 

1. He wants his partner to lead 

Bearing Taurus man traits in mind, when it comes to sex and making love, a Taurus will love the times that his partner takes the lead. This doesn’t just mean instigating sex, it means leading the proceedings too - telling him to want they want or telling him what they want him to do. 

To some women or men, this may be quite intimidating or even overwhelming at times as it will be way out of their comfort zone. However, it should really be seen as an opportunity and realizing that can really help both you and your Taurus man have some fantastic sex as well as strengthening your connection and relationship. 

The reason being is that sex is such a great method of bringing you physically closer together. A Taurus man understands this implicitly and that is why he wants his partner to lead a lot of the time. He wants to get closer to you by pleasing you and one of the best and easiest ways for him to know all the things you like is by you telling him. This means saying where you like your body to be touched as well as how.

2. He wants to please his other half

On an even level with wanting his partner to lead, a Taurus man in bed really wants to please his partner and sees it as one of the most important things to get right when having sex. Again, this is down to being sensual and understanding that sex can play such an important part of a partnership between two people. 

Not only is it a major difference in a romantic relationship and a purely platonic one, but it is also one of the key ways that a couple can bring pleasure to one another in a way that no one else can. Knowing this, a Taurus man will be keen to bring pleasure to his partner and do all the things she or he likes a lot of the time. 

If you are a man or woman who is not great at talking about sex, which can so often be the case, you need to find a way to get comfortable with doing so as it is so important to your Taurus man. They will not feel self-conscious talking about it and will actively enjoy hearing you talk about your wants and needs between the sheets. Everyone is a winner in this situation as you will undoubtedly have better sex after talking about what you like, which in turn will make your relationship stronger too. 

3. He wants to get closer to his partner

Sex is such a great method, in so many ways, of bringing people closer together. The basic, physical closeness of making love is such a key way of making two people stop and pay attention to each other. The focus of the physicality of sex is a moment when all other things going on in a person’s life has to take a back seat and you simply be with your partner. 

A Taurus man loves this about sex. He loves the dedication and devotion that sex allows him to bestow upon the woman or man he is with. Again, a Taurus man in bed also loves that it gives him the time to make sure he brings pleasure to his other half in a way that nobody else can. He understands in doing so, he materially sets himself apart from all other people in his partner’s life. 

4. He wants to push boundaries

In terms of what exactly a Taurus man likes in bed, it’s good to know for the woman that when a Taurus man has sex, he likes to push the boundaries. This does not necessarily mean that he is into very kinky sexual acts and likes to do things that may make you uncomfortable - all it means is that he wants to push the boundaries of what goes on between him and his partner when they make love. 

He likes to do this so that he gives each other the opportunity to explore each other’s sexuality and really focus on what brings each other the maximum pleasure. Again, this may make some men or women uncomfortable at first, but this is not at all what a Taurus boyfriend or husband wants. He simply wants to push boundaries as he likes to make sure that he and his other half keep things fresh and exciting. 

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A Taurus man will see pushing the boundaries of sex as a moment to make each other vulnerable, which can then improve the trust the two of you have between you. This again then strengthens your bond. 

5. He wants to have variation

He wants to have variation

A Taurus man likes to have variation in his sex life too - again as a way to keep things fresh and interesting. A Taurus man in bed can, therefore, be exciting and intriguing - which in turn can make the anticipation of sex that much more riveting too. This is great for a couple’s sex life as it makes the passion and expectation between two people even more heightened - as well as the actual act of sex being even more pleasurable too. 

Some may be a bit frightened to hear that their partner likes to change things up regularly between the sheets - particularly if they have not had a lot of sexual experience. But have faith in the fact that a Taurus man does not do so to make their partner feel worried or fearful. Instead, they like to use variation simply as a means to ensure that your every desire is met - even if it is something that until now you didn’t know you have. 

Take a little leap of faith if you have not been in a partnership like this before. Know that a Taurus man will never want to put you in a scenario where you are doing anything you truly do not want to do. Also, remember that variation does not necessarily mean doing things only seen in very niche porn films. It can simply mean having sex in another room in the house, trying out a new position, or focusing on particular parts of each other’s body. 

6. He wants a partner to be sensitive to his needs

Given that a Taurus man puts so much importance on the role of sex in a relationship and its ability to bring two people closer together, it naturally follows that he wants his partner to also want to address his needs and desires. While everyone wants to have a good sexual experience which means having their needs met, a Taurus man can be quite self-involved and self-indulgent at times, which is why having a partner who is sensitive to those sexual desires is so key for him. 

This is a classic case of “people do in bed, what they want in bed”. This means that you can take it from a Taurus man’s want to hear what you like in bed, that he too wants you to listen to what he wants as well. He wants you to question him on what the particular things he likes are and wants you to be aware of what his needs and feelings can be. 

This can be tough at times as sometimes people just like to go with the flow a bit more, and a Taurus man’s dedication to sex always being an act where two people strengthen each other’s connection can be intimidating. However, as long as you pay attention to your Taurus man, both when having sex and not, you should find that you have a very fulfilled sex life on both parts. 

7. He wants consistency

Perhaps one of the most intimidating things for some people when dating a Taurus man is the idea that a Taurus man wants to have sex as much as possible. This is not actually strictly true, even though he wants to talk about sex so much may appear to give this impression. Instead, all that a Taurus man wants is consistency. He wants sex to play a constant part in his relationship with the man or woman he is with.

This is because he sees sex as the experience that really harnesses trust and loyalty between him and his partner. By consistently having the time to dedicate to each other’s body and sexual needs, he feels that their love will only deepen. 

8. He wants generosity

While a Taurus man in bed can be very attentive and generous, a Taurus man does want this reciprocated too. He loves it when the man or woman he is with is generous in turn and will make sure that if there is something that he likes, they will do their best to meet that need. This can be hard to do intuitively, but it is not something to be afraid of or worry about when dating  Taurus man. 

This is down to a Taurus man’s willingness to talk about sex and what each other likes in bed. When you talk or communicate more about your sex life, you will find that you are naturally more generous in bed as you will know exactly what to do and when. Whether that is oral sex, or touching them in a specific place or kissing them in a particular way, this will add to a Taurus man’s feeling that he is with a generous lover. 

Are Taurus Good In Bed?

While Taurus men do come with their bad points, as sexual partners, they are up there with the best of the best. This is because they love bringing pleasure to their other halves and love the new experiences that a couple can have while having sex. Here, we look particularly Taurus men traits that make them such good lovers.

1. Sensual

Making love to a Taurus man will always be sensual thanks to this sign’s exceedingly tactile nature. He knows the power of touch in the bedroom and he will touch all parts of your body in an effort to please you and bring you the most pleasure. 

Remember that he also likes honesty so if he is touching you on a part of your body that you don’t like, don’t shy away from telling him so. He will love to hear what you do and don’t like so that he can focus on what you do want from him and his sensual nature. 

2. Attentive

As a lover who values consistency, this in turn makes a Taurus man very attentive in bed. He will love to ensure that you always have your needs met and so will bend over backward to ensure that his approach is exactly what you want all the time. 

You can expect him to invest in a lot of foreplay therefore and to move his hands over your body and touch you where you want while exploring new senses with each other. 

3. Imaginative


As a Taurus man likes variety, it can make him quite imaginative in the bedroom too. At times, this can come out as pure romance. He may put candles around a room that he wants you to make love in or anything else that he knows you find romantic to enhance the sensuality between the two of you. 

At other times, he will bring a different type of energy to your sexual behavior and change things up in a way that heightens the passion between both of you. As ever, just because he is imaginative between the sheets, does not necessarily mean that he will push things with you that you find too out there - all he wants is to keep things fresh so that you don’t take each other for granted or get bored. This is another reason why a Taurus guy makes such a wonderful lover.

4. Masculine

A Taurus guy is a man’s man in all aspects of his life. This translates into the bedroom and means that you can expect him to be a strong lover who uses his physical strength and other physicality to please you. The masculine energy is balanced out by his sensual and attentive nature, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will want an animalistic experience with you every time you make love. Instead, it just means that he is happy to use his strength as a method to turn you on and heighten your passion or desire for him.

5. Supportive

As a person who likes to ensure that you both have your needs met in the bedroom, while also keeping variety as the spice of your sexual life, it is good to know that a Taurean lover is also a very supportive one. This means that as his partner, you can be confident that he will not judge you for any of your sexual interests and instead will actively try to meet you on them as and when he can. 

The reason being is that he understands that a big part of why making love is such a good method of strengthening a partnership is that you have to implicity trust the person you are with. You have to know that they will be supportive of you when you are at your most vulnerable - either because you are naked or simply because you are trying something new that you are unsure of you. 

Because of this, being with this sign, you can look forward to a mutually beneficial sexual partnership that can really see you explore parts of your sexuality in a safe and fun environment. It is perhaps a key aspect of a Taurean guy’s character that makes him such a fantastic lover. 


What does a Taurus man find attractive?

A Taurus man finds many things attractive in the woman he wishes to have a relationship with. The most important things to him though are independence and strength of mind. He wants a woman who will be able to stand up for herself. 

Are Taurus good in bed?

Thanks to being very sensual and attentive lovers, Taurus men make some of the best lovers of all the zodiac signs. Plus, because they are an earth sign, they find making connections with their lovers easy and see it as a way to strengthen their relationship.

How do you know if a Taurus man is in love with you?

A Taurus man in love is a man who will put his partner first and make her priority. Any woman who are in a relationship with a Taurus man who is in love will find that their partner is devoted and dedicated to everything that she does. 

How can you satisfy a Taurus man?

Satisfying a Taurus man can be difficult as he likes women to be independent and forever pushing the boundaries of their connection in an effort to bring them closer together. This means it can fall upon the woman to keep things fresh and new. 

What does a Taurus man want in a wife?

A Taurus man wants a wife to be able to stand up for herself in all aspects of her life while also staying true to his traditional sensibilities of a family. While that does not mean he has archaic views of women, he does at least want to be with a woman who wants a stable home life with children. 

The Bottom Line

If you are dating a Taurus and are worried about what he is like in bed before you have actually had sex, you can be confident that you will have a good lover. The reason being is that Taurus guys are such good communicators when it comes to making love and intimacy. They like to have a two-way conversation about what both people love in bed and the things that each other likes so that their sex life can be as good as it can be.

This is a great mentality to have and can help make relationships with a Taurus man one of the deepest connections you will ever have. This is because a Taurus man understands how important a fulfilled sex life is to the success of a partnership and how it can bring two people closer together in a manner that nothing else can. The basic physical closeness of lovemaking for starters is so key to enhancing a connection and the emotions and pleasure that you can both gain from it is what can keep you both attracted to one another.

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