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How Do You Know If You’ve Had An Orgasm? (15 Climax Ways)

When you experience an orgasm you feel a change in your body. You feel intense pleasure, your heart begins to pump so fast, and your blood pressure increases. Orgasms don’t only depend on the penis or vaginal penetration to happen, it goes beyond that and involves pleasure in various ways.

It is easier to tell when men reach orgasm than women, and this is because for every woman getting to the climax varies; some ejaculate or squirt while others don't. The feelings are also different for ladies, some people feel the same way every time they have an orgasm while others experience something special with different partners.

Are you still wondering if you have ever had an orgasm? It's very easy to feel like something is wrong with you after trying different positions and maybe even ‘penises’ with no 'evident' success. 

I know how it feels to be so unclear about an issue as important as having an orgasm or not having a personal story to share when your friends or boyfriends ask you about it. If you are in such a situation then don't worry, you are in the right place. Here are 15 ways to know if you have ever had an orgasm.

15 Ways To Know If You’ve Had An Orgasm

1. You Feel Contractions In Your Vagina

This is one way to know you had an orgasm, these contractions usually occur when you are sexually stimulated and as it goes by the feeling gets more intense until you climax. 

Research has shown that some women can actually control their vaginal contractions, others can’t. The good thing about these contractions is that it makes the sexual experience enjoyable not just for you but for your partner as well. Never try forcing a contraction though, let it flow as you go, so you can enjoy every moment and probably have an orgasm.

2. There Is An Increase In Your Heart Rate

there is an increase in your heart rate

This usually happens when you are at the peak of getting an orgasm, your heart rate begins to increase rapidly and becomes faster and ‘louder’. This is one sign that you can't hide; it’s always obvious. This is a physiological, emotional, and physical experience. 

The trick is to stay calm and continue with the flow. As your heart rate increases, it means you're almost there!

3. Fluttering Of Muscles

When you have an orgasm your muscles might flutter or flare-up, for some women you feel like a muscle is twitching in your vagina. The main reason for this is because your clitoris has numerous nerves and these nerves are being triggered.

At this point your legs might just begin to close up and when it stops you could feel weak and a bit shaky too. But not everyone twitches, so you need to understand your body. Just because you didn't twitch doesn't mean you didn't get an orgasm.

4. Your Toes And Fingers Curl

Are you wondering why your fingers and toes curl during sex? You don't need to be worried or surprised, our body parts are all connected by nerves, and that’s why the whole body could respond in different ways when you climax. So, your toes or fingers could naturally curl up just before an orgasm takes place. 

In most cases, this isn't intentional, because you can't be in control of those hormones when they get triggered. Curling usually occurs when the orgasm is very intense. So, don't feel weird or shy when you experience this, it’s perfectly normal and it means you have gotten to the peak.

5. Your Temperature Increases

I know you might be thinking it's normal to feel hot when having sex, two bodies are actually in contact. Yes, this is true, but what I mean is, right before the release, your body temperature would most likely increase.

It’s either the body temperature increases or the skin begins to turn red, and sometimes, you’ll notice that you're sweating profusely. So, pay attention to your body temperature when having sex you might actually have had an orgasm, at the same time, an increase in your body temperature could simply mean the action is hot and steamy, but nothing more than that.

6. Moaning


When you have sex with your partner, one of the most pleasurable moments is when you reach orgasm. At this point, different hormones are released. When you moan so loud and grip your man very tight, you do these things unconsciously. Things you wouldn't want to do normally like muttering strange words or shouting in different languages. 

When you have an orgasm, the tempo of your screaming increases. It isn't the same as when you are having regular sex. One thing many ladies don’t know is moaning during sex could actually stimulate an orgasm, it’s like communicating with your mind and body to get in tune with the pleasure you’re already feeling. 

7. You Feel A Giant Release

It is important to know that not all women squirt. This solely depends on your body, so when you hear others talking about squirting don't ever feel bad. You could actually release without squirting. This process is also called ejaculation, and yes women ejaculate too. 

Ejaculation occurs when sex is very intense and when both parties are fully involved in the sexual experience. Releasing is a very difficult part for many women. That’s because their bodies are not just ‘programmed’ that way.

8. You Feel Like You Completed Something Good

you feel like you completed something good

Have you ever felt so fulfilled after sex you either wanted to sleep or have a calming warm shower? Having good sex with your partner is one of the best feelings in the world. Something in you just makes you feel at that moment that you are complete and satisfied, most especially if you haven't had sex in a while.

At this stage, you feel good and very excited that you forget all about your worries and just focus on the pleasure. If stimulation continues, it is very possible to attain multiple orgasms. So, if you want to have countless orgasms then jump into it because you are fully involved in the process at this point.

9. Lifting Or Thrusting Of The Pelvic

This all starts from the clitoris, the clitoris is surrounded by pelvic muscles and there is a nerve within that region that triggers an orgasm. When your pelvic wall and your uterus contract this leads to an orgasm and this can take place within 8 seconds of intercourse and gets more intense as you continue. 

But this isn't true for all women. For some women, based on their experiences, it takes quite a long time to reach the climax. And also in some cases, if your pelvic muscles are weak, getting an orgasm might be very difficult. This usually occurs more in older women.

10. You Become Hyper-Sensitive Immediately

Another way to know you had an orgasm is that your vulva becomes very sensitive and tender. At this point, you don't want your partner to touch you. The feeling makes you want to be on your own, especially after having multiple orgasms. 

Don't think you have an issue. This happens to many people, and it is perfectly normal for this sensitivity to last for some time. The rate at which people get sensitive varies. For some people, they can have sex with their partner minutes or seconds after, while for others they completely lose interest. Everyone can't react the same way to things.

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11. You Immediately Feel Calm And Serenity After Sex

you immediately feel calm and serenity after sex

Orgasms can make you feel very calm. Have you ever had a very hectic day, and when you got home, you had some great sex with your partner, and right after, all the ups and downs or anger from the day's activity just reduced? 

This is the way orgasms make you feel. You just have some level of inner peace and joy within you. If you have ever felt this way, then it is one of the signs that you have had orgasms. But take note, for some people this doesn't necessarily mean you have had one.

12. Your Skin Glows

Orgasms are great for the skin. Have you ever had sex, and a few minutes later people start telling you your skin looks good? Or ever looked at the mirror every time you get some good sex and you notice your face is free from irritations. Rather you see your face glowing, looking fresh and beautiful?

A researcher once wanted to be sure if this works, so she had 14 orgasms in one week and for all 14 times, her skin was far better than it was when she didn't have orgasms. So, having clearer skin is one of the signs that you actually do have orgasms.

13. If You Feel Like Sleeping

When you have orgasms, the hormones released helps to aid good sleep. Have you ever had good sexual pleasure with your partner and after everything, you felt like sleeping? When you get orgasms, it is natural for you to feel sleepy. 

This doesn't work for everybody though. But from research, many people tend to feel sleepy after having an orgasm, especially multiple orgasms. This is a positive sign that you reached an orgasm and everything is perfectly okay with you.

14. It Releases Tension, And You Feel Relaxed

it releases tension and you feel relaxed

When you orgasm, you feel like there’s a release of tension in your vulva this is because blood rushes to the area that’s being stimulated. Many people notice that after their release, their whole body comes to a point of rest. They just feel very relaxed and relieved. This is one of the major signs you have had orgasms.

15. Your Nipples Get Very Hard

Due to the high supply of blood to areas like your vulva, when you orgasm, your nipples become hard. This is due to changes in your hormones at the moment of intercourse. This occurs in about 84% of women in the world.

This happens because you feel good and just had one of your best experiences. At the same time, your nipples could get hard because you're stimulated; not because you’ve had an orgasm yet. So, pay attention to your body and understand your body’s language.


How do I know if I'm having an orgasm? 

For you to know if you are having an orgasm, it is important to pay attention to your body signs and follow the 15 ways I mentioned above. They will help you know when you have climaxed.

What are the benefits of an orgasm? 

It relieves stress and boosts relaxation, proper circulation of blood in your body, and helps fight infections. It also helps to relieve pain like migraines and helps prevent fast aging. It can also increase your fertility chances and regulate your period.

Is it easy to tell when someone’s faking? 

No, it isn't. Knowing someone is faking an orgasm can be very difficult. Especially if the person involved has had an orgasmic experience before, they are always very good at acting up. 

Is there anything you can do to help encourage an orgasm? 

It’s important to know your sexual pleasure points and communicate them with your partner. People tend to be shy about letting their partners know what they want. You can try using sex toys, masturbating, and encouraging more foreplay.

How can I help my body get to the point of orgasm? 

Be free with your partner. You can't enjoy sex if you are not comfortable having it. Also, don't make getting an orgasm your goal rather focus on the sex and enjoy it.

In Conclusion

I hope you found this article helpful. Not knowing if you had an orgasm doesn’t mean you’ve never really had one. Just take note of the points above and communicate with your partner while trying various methods to improve your chances. Let me know what you think, and please don't forget to share this article with others.

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