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Tickle Fetish (21 Fun Ways To Tickle Your Partner)

July 2, 2024

Tickling usually delivers a pleasurable experience to people's bodies. Feeling good will undoubtedly create a sensual feeling, especially if someone special incites it. This notion is why tickling parts of the body can become a tickle fetish.

If you tend to derive sexual desire from being tickled, it's critical to learn how to tickle. Likewise, if your spouse seems to get stimulated while you pet them, you should discover ways to make this process more delightful for both of you.

Tickling someone is relatively easy, but with a few incorporations and insights, you can make the moment more gratifying. Here are twenty-one tricks you need to know today.

21 Ways To Tickle Your Partner 

1. Concentrate on standard tickle zones

The process of tickling someone is easy because the body's sensitive regions are the same as everyone’s. The common areas you can use to deliver a pleasurable feeling to someone's body are the armpits, inner thighs, ears, under the arms, the sides of the rib cages, and even the feet. 

Other weak spots of the body, including someone's genitals, can provoke a joyous feeling when tickled. It's important to know that scientists have associated the feelings of being tickled with familiarity and moods. This notion suggests that getting tickled by a stranger would be alarming and feel like tickle torture, especially with the wrong attitude.

2. Use your hands and fingers

Use your hands and fingers

A key factor to tickling anyone is to use your hands, and especially your fingers. It's crucial to engage this powerful tool to incite laughter with your partner, especially in the upper body region. This process will drastically help if you're aiming to spice things up in the bedroom. 

If you let your hands go places, it can become a fetish that will work wonders. If you have no genuine desire for someone else to laugh or feel good, they may not react when you tickle them. On the contrary, engaging your motive will bring about the spontaneous reaction of the moment and cause the person to express joy.

3. Focus on the neck region

The neck is an erogenous zone because it's packed with countless nerves. Concentrating on the neck is an exciting way to incite deep sensation in your significant other. It's not only sensitive to touch but also to someone's breath. Have you ever felt someone breathing down your neck, and it tickled you to your bones? 

Thus, if you're looking for suggestive ways to stir up sexual activities, you can focus more on the neck region. Tickling the neck in light proportions is crucial to make the moment enjoyable. Applying too much pressure can go as far as becoming torture. Therefore, using light strokes is essential to make this process effective.

4. Use light objects

Another alternative to provoking laughter with your hands is using light objects. You can control the amount of pressure you apply to someone's skin if you have the right item to aid you. This step is especially crucial if your significant other regularly complains that you're relatively rigid when tickling. Thus, you might need to opt for this option.

Objects you can use to tickle your significant other include hairbrushes, back-scratchers, or any small, blunt item like a pencil. It would help to avoid sharp objects to avoid puncturing the skin. It is also essential not to apply too much pressure, or the process would feel highly uncomfortable to the person.

5. Use an electric toothbrush

Using an electric toothbrush can become one of your fetishes during sexual activities if you use it the right way. This process is useful for tickling lower body regions that may seem tedious while using your hands. The soft vibrations that the brush makes wouldn't go as far as creating tickle torture. 

Therefore, it's why it's the right item for the tickling job. It's essential not to use a brush you would reuse on your teeth. Instead, use something you can reserve for the sole purpose of tickling your spouse. On the contrary, if you wouldn't mind the idea of using the toothbrush again, then you should go for it.

6. Use feathers for tickling

Feathers are naturally ticklish because of the tiny hairs situated on them. Both real and fake feathers can do a perfect job of tickling almost anyone because of their soft, soothing feeling. They can be used to incite laughter, and at the same time, deliver pleasure. You can choose between a range of feathers to do the job, whether big or small. 

If you want to tickle a larger portion of the body, you should opt for a larger sized feather like a peacock's own. On the other hand, smaller sized feathers would work tremendously on areas like the feet since they have tons of nerves.

7. Use your tongue

A traditional tool for inciting arousal is the tongue. It can also be a great way to tickle your spouse. The tongue incorporates both moisture and a tender feel, which makes the process of tickling much easier. Whether it's licking, sucking, or just running it over an area, using the tongue in countless ways can spice up your sex life drastically. 

The tongue is particularly excellent for this task because no matter how you use them, it can never induce torture. It only becomes uncomfortable when it's used excessively and with too much pressure with other components like the teeth. Otherwise, it's the best way to introduce intimacy into a sexual relationship.

8. Use paintbrushes

A paintbrush can deliver similar sensations to a feather because of its soft-hair construction. Therefore, you can use it as a replacement in any activity you would use a feather. Using this tool can serve as a tickling fetish because it works wonders on the body's most challenging regions. 

The smaller the brush's tip is, the more reaction you're bound to get from the person. It can be a foot fetish because it motivates a response every time people use it in that region. Apart from paintbrushes, you can also go for alternatives like makeup brushes, which will make tickling the erogenous zones of the body less challenging.

9. Try to nibble

Try to nibble

Nibbling is a gentle way of tickling with the use of your teeth. You can grab a section of the skin and make tender strokes until it provokes laughter. You can use this process on sensitive areas of the body, like the nipples, guaranteeing you're bound to get a reaction from your spouse. 

If you nibble too hard, it could become a painful experience for the person. You can incorporate some tongue to make nibbling less painful or tedious. This act is synonymous with giving a love bite or hickey to someone. You can suck on their skin enough to make them express joy and leave a love mark with consent.

10. Try a Wartenburg wheel

A Wartenburg wheel is a spinning wheel made with stainless steel and overlaid with small pins. It's one of those fetishes that can deliver an immense amount of sensation play because of how it's constructed. This nineteenth-century tool can create odd yet satisfying ticklish feelings because it is relatively sharp. 

It's easy to roll over the skin, making it excellent incorporation for everything that happens in the bedroom. It's crucial to moderate the amount of pressure applied when using this equipment to avoid creating much discomfort. It can be tempting to go a little further when ticking your spouse, but remember that moderation is vital.

11. Use vibrating sex toys

Another good tickling fetish is a vibrating sex toy. It's an excellent consideration because it was specifically made for the bedroom and suits this purpose excellently. Choosing a humming sex toy is key to producing that ticking feeling. It will create a sensual feeling without necessarily having to touch any area. 

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Vibrations on the skin are also quite soothing because it feels like a massage. There are numerous sex toys that people aren't aware of, which is why many resort to standard vibrators shaped like the male genitals. However, if you're willing to spend some extra bucks, you can get an excellent item to pacify your fetish.

12. Use your toes to tickle someone's feet

If you're in bed with someone, you can provoke laughter by using your toes to tickle their feet. This process requires no tools and is an easy way to ignite arousal in your significant other. Tickling with your toes may feel more intimate to a significant other than using an object. More so, it's a suggestive way to request sex. 

It can become a fetish if your spouse easily gets aroused by this action or senses that you demand intimacy in this way. Your toes can be a powerful tool because it's a skin-on-skin reaction that's bound to leave an impression.

13. Try ice cubes

Ice cubes are notably the cheapest sex toy you can use to spice up any bedroom activity. It can deliver sensational feelings that can send your significant other into shocks of pleasure. Interestingly, it will be tickling if you use your mouth as a weapon. 

Place the ice cubes in your mouth and run them over the sensitive regions of your significant other's body, from their arms down to below the abdomen. The ice cube will begin to melt due to the heat the body naturally emits. However, before the cube turns liquid, you can tickle and arouse your way to a fun night with your spouse.    

14. Try a feather duster

A feather duster is an excellent prop for role-playing in the bedroom. You can play the part of a naughty housekeeper if you use this tool effectively. A feather duster can also serve as the perfect tickle object to spice things up between you and your spouse. 

Since it comprises soft bristles, it will inevitably be tickling on the skin, helping you combine role-play with a tickling fetish. You can walk into any fetish shop and get a feather duster with ease and try arousing your significant other one time. If their reaction is pleasant, focus on the part they reacted positively.

15. Think about involving animals

You can get a pleasant tickling sensation by involving animals if you smear some food on a sensitive part of your body and have an animal lick it off. However, before you consider using animals for your fetishes, it's crucial to be aware of some governing laws concerning this action. Some states have banned sex with animals, making it a criminal offense to engage in such activities. 

More so, some see this act as ethically questionable, while some might pin it to be since the animal can't give explicit consent for the action. People also psychologically damage animals with such acts, so it's advised not to involve your pets.  

16. Try ants

There are other forms of sexual acts involving animals that might appear less rigid than involving mammals. A fruitful example includes using ants. This action is a form of zoophilia where a person gets sexual satisfaction from having insects crawling all over their body or nibbling on their skin.

In such a scenario, insects are allowed to run over regions of the person's body, even to the inner thighs, to deliver a ticking feeling that can be arousing. This action is another way to engage the act of tickling in your bedroom if you're up for it.

17. Use massage oils

Use massage oils

Massage oils have an intense way of inducing arousal because it is soothing to the skin and creates an avenue for softer strokes while tickling. Specific massage oils are indeed lighter and make the skin more susceptible to tickling. For example, fetish experts recommend baby oil to provoke laughter or get a sensual response from a partner. 

If you're not keen on using objects to tickle or stimulate your spouse, this process is a harmless way to spice everything up in the bedroom. You can even choose to give your significant other a soothing massage, which can lead to some hot action later on.

18. Try electrical stimulation

Electrical stimulation uses equipment or devices to send mild electrical pulses through the skin. This process can either be for muscle or nerve stimulation. Know that electrical stimulation sends mild shocks to the body, which feels like a massage. Using this device on sensitive regions of the body will seem tickling enough to cause delight. 

You can use it one time to get a tickling feeling and see how your body reacts to it. However, be careful not to use it near the heart or any part of the body too close to the chest, or it might be hazardous or could cause muscle spasms.

19. Try a blindfold

The spontaneousness of tickling is what induces both laughter and pleasure. Therefore, if someone can predict your movements to touch or tickle them, their reaction will diminish. Using a blindfold can increase the sensation of the moment because the person's senses are limited to a great degree. 

When tickling someone that's blindfolded, be careful not to overstep the person's boundaries of delight, or it might become torture. If they prefer you to go at an individual pace, it would be best to respect their wishes. However, you can introduce BDSM with this act with consent from your significant other.  

20. Look for their tickle spot

As a tickler desirous of tickling your spouse, your primary goal should be locating their tickle spot. Sometimes, it might be intuitive to focus on multiple areas, but finding an erogenous zone sensitive enough to be tickled makes a bigger difference. Your significant other may not be ticklish in common areas and might make the process tedious. 

However, locating their distinctive susceptible zones would ease a great deal of work. Remember that this process depends much on the person's mood, so you wouldn't want to end up ruining the mood by focusing on rigid areas.

21. Why they may not be ticklish

Since it's seemingly natural to be ticklish, it's entirely unclear why some people may not seem touchy. However, there are mental actions people can use to diminish their reaction to someone tickling them. It's easy to say that some have more control over this mental response than others. It can also be relative to the mood of the person. 

If they're always angry or serious-minded, it might be challenging to get them to respond to your tickles. If your significant other may not seem ticklish, try catching him in his pleasant mood instead.   


Is it weird to like being tickled?

Tickling can become a fantasy to anyone because it's undeniably a pleasurable experience. Therefore, it's entirely understandable for anyone to enjoy this encounter. This process can also stir up sexual desire if someone you're intimate with does it to you.

Is tickling a sign of love?

Tickling can only be effective when there's a sense of familiarity between the parties. Therefore, it's easy to say that a tickle from a stranger would inevitably be uncomfortable. If someone tickles you, and you respond positively, it's a sign of love and closeness between both of you.

Why does tickling feet feel good?

The majority of the nerves in the body end at the feet, making it a powerhouse of sensation. Tickling someone in that region is undeniably effective because it's a sensitive area of the body. You will involuntarily get a response with this act because the body is naturally susceptible there.  

Is ticking flirting?

If someone is fond of you and without a doubt likes you, they would do anything to get close to you. One of these actions includes tickling you. A tickler wants to get a positive response from you, and this is the same intention that a person flirting with you has.

Why would a guy want to tickle you?

Tickling is an act that expresses fondness between two parties. If a guy likes you or is fond of your company, they might resort to this action to get closer to you. Your significant other can also use this as an avenue to stimulate sexual desire.

In Summary

Did you enjoy this article on tickling? Among the above-listed ways, remember to focus on what resonates with your significant other. Don't solely concentrate on what widespread knowledge insists about tickling a spouse. This act will guarantee a profound response. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article and share it with others.

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