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25 Interesting Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Someone

July 6, 2024

It's not a new thing that many people have heartbreaks, failed past relationships, or are in relationships that don't seem to work. For some, it's going easy. But, others find it hard to meet the right person. If you fall in the latter category, you get to a point where you get tired of searching for true love.

You could lay blame on everyone and everything you believe in, whether it's God, the universe, or relationship experts. But, did you ever pause to ask yourself if there were lessons you needed to learn from those bitter experiences?

The truth is, these things happen to create a clear path for you to find love with the right person. 

You discover that there are certain people you knew before you got hurt, but never appreciated them the way you do now. That's growth. The universe knows how to design these things. It knows you may not appreciate the right person for you if you don't have certain experiences.

But, when the time is right, the universe sends you signs and signals. Sometimes, they could look or feel so small that you can’t recognize them. When they look bold enough for you to see, your attention may be stuck somewhere else.

Whatever the case may be, here are 25 signs the universe wants you to be with someone.

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25 Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Someone

1. You won’t put in so much effort.

If you look back, you'll notice you were either trying to make your past relationship work or trying to make your ex see reasons with you. It happens to most people. They'll put in their best efforts to please their partners. 

True love doesn't do that. It lets you flow with your lover, naturally. You'll understand their other's jokes, lifestyles, perspectives, and personal decisions. You won't have to compromise your values to please them. This is a sign that the universe wants you to be with him.

2. Confusion of what you want in a relationship ceases.

You may have gone through many phases in your past love lives, trying to figure out how to mend things to suit you. This could've been because of your incompatibility with your exes. But, it's a different ball game when the universe wants you to be with someone.

You'll know what you want from a man. You'll be sure if you would like to end up with him in marriage or not. You'll know your self-worth, set and maintain your boundaries, and know how to grow in the relationship. That's a sign you're on the right path.

3. Your gut feeling tells you so.

Your gut feeling has a way of sending signs and signals to people about situations, people, or events. Some people call it intuition. Your gut feelings would make you know when your dating life is successful and when things are heating up a bit. 

You can feel when something is positive, or negative, and when it will switch up halfway. This is a good sign you get when the universe is trying to tell you that you should be with someone.

4. Past hurt automatically disappears.

Most previous relationships leave people hurt. Many people know it's not always an easy thing to move on from. One sign you can use to tell when the universe wants you to be with someone is when you let go of your past regrets and hurt. 

It would be surprising how they'll vanish without you stressing so much. You'll find yourself moving on and having fun with this person. You'll feel free and would only fall about your past regrets as a sad story that has no hold on you. This is the universe telling you something.

5. You have the urge to love without holding back your feelings.

When you meet your true love, everything feels right. Everything would go well, from your first sight of him, to how you both relate, and how you discuss various topics. You'll give it your all without any fear of what could happen wrong.

You would be free to express your feelings without thinking if you're overdoing it. Beautiful ideas of surprise dates, vacations, and little thoughtful gifts would pop into your head. While all of these are going on, you would get to understand his love language.

6. There's an increase in your confidence.

Another sign the universe sends to you when it wants you to be with someone is an increase in your confidence. You'll start having high self-esteem, you'll make decisions and be sure they're right, and you'll be ready to face life the way it comes.

No past hurt will have a strong hold on you anymore. You'll look at people and say what you have to say without having any fear of how they'll respond. You'll also be bold to tell people about yourself and how wonderful you are.

7. You’re not tired of seeing him.

you're not tired of seeing him

Not everyone loves spending time with people. Some are so reserved they would prefer to either spend time alone or relate with people they're most comfortable with, which could be family or close friends. You may or may not fall into this category.

But, if there's someone you can spend an entire day with, saying senseless and meaningful things, he may be the person. If you're feeling good with him being around and you don't mind seeing him every day, the universe is trying to push you in the right direction.

8. Everything seems fine already.

When you meet someone and everything goes fine, that's a sign the universe wants you to be with them. You'll notice how much you'll grow in a short time. That's because you're happy and you feel comfortable in your skin whenever you're with them.

You won't feel caged. You'll gradually let your fears go and reduce ties with toxic people who are not adding value to you. If you've been friends with a guy or you met him and you feel this way, it's a good sign you're meant to be.

9. You're not afraid to let him go.

Because you've been with toxic people and you know how it feels. When you meet the right one, you let go of some fears. Fears that make you feel you'll lose him for a particular reason. It doesn't mean you don't love him.

It could be because you have an assurance and a good sign from the universe that they're yours and nothing can go wrong. Whatever the situation could be, you won't be afraid to let your newfound love go. And that's a sign the universe wants you to be with them.

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10. They appear many times in your dreams.

Dreams are also a way to get certain information even though some people don't believe in them. The universe uses your dreams to convey most messages, especially when they're very important. The same thing applies when the universe is trying to tell you about your soulmate.

It uses dreams. Whether it's someone you've met or not, your close male friend, or a work colleague. They will keep popping in your dreams until you get a clear message about them. They could be as real as possible for you to understand them, as long as they're from the universe.

11. You're attracted to their vibe.

Have you ever heard someone saying they're attracted to you or someone else for a strange reason? The same thing applies here. When the universe wants you to be with someone, you're attracted to their vibe no matter how weird it may seem.

For instance, you may not like smokers for some personal reasons. But, you could meet a smoker who does it in a certain and attractive way to you. You'll notice that something keeps pushing you to him. It could also be their way of handling issues in public or relating with other people.

12. You feel the love even when they're not around.

There's this level of joy you'd feel about someone even when they're not around. It makes you anticipate the next time you'll meet them. Suddenly, everything you experience at that moment seems better and less stressful. In some scenarios like this, the person could be thinking about you too.

That's when you'll start reminiscing about the little past memories you've had together if you have some. You'll feel positive with thoughts of them. If you experience something like this, it's one of the signs the universe wants you to be with someone.

13. Coincidentally, you keep meeting each other.

When the universe wants you to be with someone, you'll notice how often you meet the person at significant times. You'll keep bumping into each other, whether you're both at a mall, festival, or on an adventure to another country. 

It's not the same as seeing people who live in the same community as you. This is different. It's like seeing this person just at the right time when you need help, or a special event is about to happen. You may both ignore how often you see it until the occasion arises for it.

14. You can feel it when they're thinking about you.

you can feel it when they're thinking about you

You may be wondering how it is possible for you to feel when someone is thinking about you. It's easy. When they're thinking about you, you could be thinking about them too. Sometimes, you'll find yourself talking about them to someone else unconsciously.

In some cases, when they're thinking about you, they could send a text message or call you on the phone to find out how you're doing. If you feel good when texting or answering their calls, it's one of the signs that the universe wants you to be with them.

15. The people who are not good for you suddenly become distant.

While you're in search of the right person for a committed relationship, you may be talking to random guys to keep you going. Your exes may also be messaging you once in a while to make sure you still have feelings for them even when they don't want you back. 

But, the thing is, when you finally meet the perfect person, those toxic relationships will end. You'll lose interest in toxic people, the ones you try to impress or survive with. A new and blissful life will begin. This is how the universe works.

16. You both have random coincidences at different places.

Another sign the universe wants you to be with someone is when you realize you've both been through a similar chain of events at different places. For instance, reading the same book, listening to certain love songs, going to the same place for the same purpose, and not knowing you're both there.

You may not know this until either of you says something that relates to those times. This is how the universe speaks to people about being with someone, but you have to be open enough to see every good sign it sends.

17. He's the first person you feel would understand your issues.

In most relationships, not every partner understands the other. This makes it impossible for one partner to express themselves, knowing that no matter what they say, they'll still be misunderstood. Understanding, for many, is one of the subtle signs they need to be in a committed relationship

You may have experienced this in your previous relationships or with random guys you thought you'd end up with. When a guy understands you and suggests possible solutions to your problem without so much explanation from you, the universe is trying to say he's right for you.

18. You’ll know the reasons why your past relationships ended.

As hurtful as your past relationships may have been, they were not as bad as you think. They just happened for you to learn from them. While still dating your exes, you may have thought they were the best for you until it ended.

But, you'll get to learn why they ended even when you felt they were perfect at that time. You'll have a clearer perspective when you meet your soulmate. It'll feel like all the puzzles are finally falling in place. This is a good sign and the universe is trying to say you've met the man of your dreams.

19. You're eager to know more about them.

Whether you're in a serious relationship with this person, or you're just getting to know him, one sign you would use to know he's your one true love is your eagerness to know them. You may want to spend a long time asking questions out of curiosity.

You want to know their strengths, weaknesses, their future plans, why you both have similar random occurrences, and what they think about you as a person. If this is happening, it's the universe trying to say something significant to you. Don't ignore the sign.

20. You'll naturally become friends and have unplanned hangouts.

When you keep seeing each other in the same place at the same time, it becomes a coincidence. But, the coincidences gradually become signs when they happen too much. After a few random coincidences, you could casually start talking and having unplanned sit-outs together. 

That's when you unconsciously start knowing about each other with little or no effort. So, you could keep meeting each other during your morning jogging, in a particular cafe or restaurant. From these little meetings, you gradually become friends, and it's one of the signs that the universe wants you to be with them.

21. You feel the urge to improve other aspects of your life at your pace.

you feel the urge to improve other aspects of your life at your pace

Do you know what happens when you meet positive and hardworking people? You feel happy like you've finally arrived at your right destination. You feel fulfilled and inspired by these people, whether you know them or not.

This is the same thing that happens when you meet someone the universe wants you to be with. You're motivated to do the things you never dreamed of doing. You would go as far as improving your career, personal life, and even the lives of your other loved ones.

22. There's a good feeling you have when you're around them.

It's not everyone you can feel comfortable with. Some people have a toxic aura. But, it's different when you're with your best person. Things would become less stressful. Your problems would become lighter than usual, whether there's a solution or not. 

Their aura makes you feel calm, warm, and at home. When he's around, you feel like you can go to war against the whole world and conquer. That's a good sign that the universe wants you to be with someone. You should accept it wholeheartedly.

23. You both communicate even without using words.

When you're in sync with someone, you don't need to explain yourself or describe your feelings to them with words. They just understand you. They know the next step you're about to take, how you would react to something, and when you're very happy.

From your part, it will be obvious how well you know them. You can tell their thoughts from their facial expressions, body language, and response to you or any situation that happens. This is a sign the universe wants you to be with them.

24. There's so much gratitude for everything he does for you.

This is one positive sign the universe wants you to be with someone. You'll appreciate every single thing he does to keep a smile on your face, no matter how little his actions are. It could be little love letters or a special meal for you.

Even when he tries to do something, but it doesn't work out as well as it should have, it will still go a long way to touch your heart in deep ways. If you're seeing a sign like this, just know that's how the universe speaks to different people.

25. You tend to have many similarities and differences you can manage.

Asides from seeing him in your dreams, another sign that the universe sends is how well you can both survive with each other. That means how much you're in sync with each other and how well you can manage your differences.

You will be willing to survive with their flaws and correct them where necessary. If you have this kind of love, patience, and tolerance for a man, you should know that's a great sign from the universe to be with him. He may just be the right man for you. 


How do you know if the universe wants you to be with someone?

You may have already had the key positive things you want in your relationship. If you see the person exhibiting those positive acts, that's one sign. When you also notice that you're happier with good peace of mind when you're with them, it means the universe wants you to be with them.

Does the universe really bring soulmates together?

Yes, it does, but it doesn't happen mechanically. It happens naturally. You could both cross paths for a particular reason. And in some cases, the soul mates may be in different relationships with other people. But, with time, they get to know why it was designed that way.

How do you know if you are meant to be with someone?

You feel comfortable whenever you're with them. There's a different feeling of happiness. You're humble enough to do certain things around them. You don't need to put so much effort to please them or show the best side of you. That's how you know when you're meant to be with someone.

What are warning signs from the universe?

There are many of them. Some of the warning signs are; not being encouraged to see them, always having a misunderstanding, not seeing or understanding things from each other's perspectives, and trying to force a happy feeling when you're with them. These are a few out of the numerous ones that happen each day.

When you feel a connection with someone, do they feel it too?

Most times, they feel it too. The only thing is, they may not feel it at the same time as you, or they could feel it before you. It takes two hearts to achieve a good emotional connection. So, most likely, they're feeling the same way as you are, even though they may not say it.

In Conclusion

You would only see and appreciate these signs if you're open to them. Why? Because things become clearer when you're ready to learn and accept them. Start with the 25 signs one mentioned and let things flow. Feel free to share this with others and don't forget to drop a comment. 

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