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23 Signs of A Gentleman (What to Look For The Perfect Man)

July 3, 2024

A true gentleman knows how to treat a woman, making her feel like the luckiest girl in the world! 

When dating a gentleman, he will commit to you or tell you that his intentions are not romantic, so he doesn’t hurt you or use you in any way. Today, men like this are actually a rare thing to find in your life. If you caught one with your fishing pole, he’s a keeper!!

The best way to describe a true gentleman is to reference probably what you are thinking about right now. This man is someone you can rely on to not forget your birthday and to always lift you up in your life, making you feel like you can walk on air. He does these things because he’s got class, character, consideration, and care for the woman he chooses to be with. 

Today, we will look at the top signs of a gentleman so that you know what to look for if that’s what you want in your life. After all, let’s face this fact: Many girls go after bad boys - you know, the men who ignore women or play games with their hearts? Those are not gentlemen! 

Top Signs to Look for to See If He is a Gentleman

1. He is protective of you

A real man would throw himself in front of a bus if it meant you’d be kept safe! Like, if something dangerous were going on in your home, such as a gunman who was trying to rob you, your man would first and foremost put you in a safe place; then, he’d deal with the gunman, even if that meant he’d be shot! That’s just what a gentleman does!

2. He aims to improve the level of your happiness

he aims to improve the level of your happiness

Does this mean buying you white roses on your anniversary or handing you the remote when a commercial you don’t like comes on? It really depends on what makes you happy! Whatever thing floats your boat, you can be sure that he will put your happiness before his. After all, that’s what makes his world go ‘round!

3. He pulls the chair out for you

While this is a classic gentlemen sign from the olden days, some guys still do this today! It’s his way of giving you a chance to fluff your dress out, so it doesn’t get wrinkled, and ensure that you are comfortable and don’t fall on your behind when you go to sit down!

4. He doesn’t gossip

Really, what I mean here is he will not share with others what happens behind closed doors, aka the bedroom! He has manners and isn’t crass. He keeps your affairs secret from the other people in his life because you are so special to him! 

5. He offers you his arm when walking

I know my man will offer his hand when he knows I’m moving from a sitting to a standing position. This is one of those sweet things that guys do to help out their women.

6. He makes you a priority in his life

He’s not afraid to make you a priority. He’ll do what he can to show you that you mean a lot to him. He’ll push appointments around or call into work, whatever needs to happen if you are sick or need immediate care. He’ll figure it out; what matters is giving you his care, love, and devotion.

7. He follows through on his promises

A real gentleman keeps his word and does what he says he will. He may say that he will be there for you tomorrow. Guess what? When tomorrow rolls around, he will have a very good excuse, or he’ll be there. He’s someone you can count on to not let you down. 

8. He is punctual

Not only will he be on time or early, but you can bet that this guy planned his day in such a way that he doesn’t show up, needing a shower or half-dressed. 

9. He is supportive

A gentleman will encourage you and make sure that the things you really want out of life, your hopes and dreams, will come true - to the best of his ability, anyway. A man like this wants to see his woman’s dreams a reality. He wants to make his woman as happy as she has made him! That’s what love is all about - putting the other person’s needs first.

10. He works to become a better man

I used to love the song Better Man by Pearl Jam. I got confused by the chorus, though. It said, “...can’t find a better man.” I took that as she cannot find a man that is better than hers because he is the best man! You could take it as, “I can’t find anyone better, so I’ll settle.” That’s just one interpretation; I like mine better, though. 

Anyway, this guy strives to be a “better man,” someone who is “better” than who he is today; this means that he is constantly following up on self-improvement goals. I believe everyone should be like that, but a guy who is always attempting to reach higher goals and become a more well-developed person with improved traits is a keeper!

Be sure to put a guy like that in the front of the line of suitors you have waiting for you. A person who is mindful of who he is right now and has goals for constant improvement is an individual that you should invest time in because he’s going somewhere in life!

11. He offers you his jacket

he offers you his jacket

A gentleman would never let a woman stand out in the cold without first offering his jacket. He does things like this because he is full of respect and manners - traits you should look for in your ideal mate.

12. He is truthful

Not only does this guy avoid lying to you, but he’ll also tell you the truth when it comes to how he feels about you, even if it stings. He’s not going to intentionally lead you on just so that he could have you “on the hook” in case he doesn’t find a better woman. His manners, probably instilled at a young age, teach him not to do mind games like this.

13. He helps you whenever he can

I like to call this category “guy help.” Basically, I’m referring to those things that women have difficulty with or just flat out don’t want to do - taking out the garbage, reaching a flower vase at the top shelf, or mowing the lawn. He’ll also always be there when you need him. 

14. He walks on the curbside of the sidewalk

This is another oldie but a good one. Guys who do this have traditional values. What does it mean? Well, if a car were to be out of control and skip the curb hitting you guys, he’s going to stand closest to the street so that he will be the first one hit. This is another way that a guy shows he’s a protector.

15. He opens doors for you

A gentleman will always rush to open doors for you, including the car doors!

16. He is not rude or aggressive

A gentleman doesn’t say offensive, rude things. You’d never hear him ask your weight or call you a name. He knows better than that!

17. He gives up his seat

On a bus, you can see a caring man sacrifice his seat to give to another person. That’s just how he is; you should see compassionate characteristics like this in a gentleman.

18. He waits for you before taking the first bite

While some guys don’t do this, it is a polite mannerism that some guys still have. It just shows he’s putting your needs before his.

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19. He pays for dates or buys you things

This has changed a lot today for men and women, but if the guy at least offers to pay, that will show he has a good degree of manners. He will also remember your birthday and send you flowers while you are at work. He’s just caring.

20. He is considerate when it comes to your care

He may do the little stuff like make sure your drink is full before he sits down to watch his shows on the television. With things like this, you will definitely pick up on the clues that he is different from most men. 

21. He shows that he has manners

he shows that he has manners

This gentleman is very respectful and wouldn’t dare embarrass you in public (or private for that matter)! He probably puts his napkin in his lap, knows the right forks to use, and doesn’t raise his voice…ever! He will show you his true character through his actions and behavior so that you can recognize a gentleman when you see one!

22. He would never hit a woman

Abuse is not in the vocabulary of a gentleman. If you are in an abusive relationship, get out, seek help, and move on. A man who beats women doesn’t deserve to call himself a “man.” Never put up with this!

23. He doesn’t curse in front of a woman

Another old-fashioned trait of gentlemen, cussing or cursing is not a part of the vocabulary of these men. Instead, they strive to keep conversations, at least initially, polite and honorable. He wouldn’t say or do anything that might make you feel uncomfortable, uneasy, or uncertain about what kind of man he really is. 


How do you know if he is a gentleman?

A true gentleman doesn’t ask you inappropriate questions, gossip about you behind your back, forget your anniversary, or make you feel less of a woman by the things he says to you. He strives to be courteous and considerate, always being respectful in the way he treats you.

What are the characteristics of a gentleman?

A true gentleman doesn’t expect sex on the first date or something like that. Instead, he’s very respectful of people, especially the women in his life. He works to make the world a more cordial and respectful place by doing what he can to contribute positivity wherever he goes.

What makes a man a gentleman?

A man who is a true gentleman isn’t selfish; instead, he shows respect for the people he’s around. He has class - something very rare in the world today; this means that he is uncharacteristically polite, patient, and considerate. He’d never ask a woman her weight or make her feel uncomfortable.

What does it take to be a gentleman?

To be a true gentleman, you must put yourself out there in a way that may be uncomfortable, at least, in the beginning. Over time, the actions will come easier, but when starting out, you’ll need to put other people before yourself - something that’s not always easy to do.

How do you know you're on his mind?

Men who care about the women in their lives take the time to show respect and care by calling, texting, emailing, or communicating in some way to show you love, care, and compassion. If this man has you on his mind, you’ll be able to tell by many signs.

To Sum Things Up…

Are you some kind of dating gentleman or looking to date one? One thing you can do to attract a man like that is to be a respectable woman, someone he’d want to be with.

Do you have any signs that I left out? I’d love to read your comments!

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