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Is He The One? 17 Signs You’re Dating The Right Guy

You are going out with this guy, and everything seems right between you two. It's all fireworks, and your heart misses a beat each time you see him. He says the right things, calls you often enough to check how you are doing. Not forgetting the special treats thrown your way every so often.

It feels right, and you’re almost convinced you’ve found the one. But perhaps you were hurt before, and are afraid just to let yourself fall for him this time. Don’t worry; you are right to want to protect your heart.

Luckily, there are several ways to be able to find out whether he’s the one for you, ways that are tried and tested.

One thing though, is that you should not get too caught up trying to find out whether or not he’s the one, or you may end up missing out on the good in him. Don't be detrimental in the attempt to try to get to the base of his feelings for you.

Below, there are 17 signs you’re dating the right guy. Check them out.

Accepts your flaws and all

You have them, and the fact that you are aware of your flaws should make you thankful for your guy. He’s aware of them too but has decided to be with you despite the fact. At times, he has to bend backward trying to overlook them, yet he does this without complaining.

You are lucky to have found a guy who is not judgmental but takes you for who you are. Lots of girls suffer lack of understanding from the guys they love. Since you’ve found one that is willing to take you as you are might be a pointer he’s the real thing.

He is willing to talk things over with you

The art of conversation does not come automatically, and many in relationships suffer from lack of it. It is crucial for both of you to talk; otherwise, how else you can get to know each other?

Your guy sets aside the time anytime you need to talk things out with him. Could be that all you want to share is unhappiness at your workplace or something more personal that is stressing you out.

The fact that he makes time to be with you means that he really cares about your feelings. Listening is caring, no wonder he makes the time to sit by your side, hear you out. A guy who is ready to listen to you is definitely one you should consider serious enough.

He's proud of you and your achievements

You’ve been awarded the best worker of the month, and your guy is all happy to celebrate with you. In fact, he comes home that evening with an offer to take you out to dinner to celebrate the achievement. And does not forget to bring flowers when he comes to pick you for the date.

There’s no way he’d go to such lengths to celebrate your strengths unless he cares for you. A good reason to be optimistic is the fact that, at the end of the day, he has no merit in your success yet still commits to celebrating it.

He takes your achievements on a personal level, what other proof do you need he’s the one? Bragging about you to other people means there’s more to what you have than a short-lived fling.

He gives you freedom without any restrictions

Many relationships go wrong as a result of lack of freedom between the two. There are many instances of love gone sour as a result of one of them imposing too much on the other. Almost to the point of curtailing normal activities.

Without going over the board with the needs, an amount of freedom is required in order to pursue personal goals. It is essential for a healthy relationship to be in place.

If your guy understands the fact without expecting accountability for your every breathing moment you can be sure you have found a keeper. One who understands well the basic human need for partners to enjoy the freedom to be themselves.

Celebrate the privilege of having someone who is so open-minded as your guy. Unlike many girls that are seeing guys who act insecure, lady luck smiled your way giving you the one who knows the meaning of liberty.

Trust is important to him

Trust might well be the main factor to either make or break your relationship. If you trust him, you can open up a lot to the guy. Think of it as an avenue for you to really be tight with a guy due to the fact you can count on him.

Bear in mind he also expects the same from you. Trust is both ways so if you’ve found a man you can trust be ready to be worthy of his trust as well.

Did you know that being able to trust your guy is an excellent weighing scale whether he is the one? Since you hope to be together a long time it is good to know if he’s worth your trust. Or values it in other people.

He brings out the best in you

You feel confident when with your guy. Reason being he encourages you, bringing out what's best in you. In his presence, you feel like you can conquer the world. That’s right; you have a man who cares enough about you to help you achieve your dreams.

He probably wants things to work out for you since he plans to be part of your future. He has it in his mind to stick along otherwise why would he bother about what lies ahead of you?

If he helps you develop yourself in any way or takes an interest in what concerns you he’s not a guy whom you should let go. You have the right one right there, and you’d better make sure he does not escape your grasp.

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You feel alive in his presence

A sure way for you to know if he is the one is to check how you feel around him. If you feel alive and liberated when he’s with you that’s a pointer he is right for you. He makes you feel as if you have the world’s president on your side making you believe you can do it all.

The flip side of it is a man who drains you, making life dreary instead. Thank God that your guy makes you come alive he sure is one you want to stay with you since he’s right for you, no doubt.

You make plans for the future

Your guy has given you confidence he’s going to be around. Therefore, you can make plans about the days ahead with him. There is no risk there might be a change of ideas, and you can go ahead to make the bookings.

A relationship with the possibility of a future comes from a commitment between the two. Being able to plan helps build confidence in what you have together with your one.

Can you imagine making plans and then having to abandon them halfway through? Thank goodness he’s not that kind of a guy.

You’ve met his family, and he’s proud to show you off

You’ve met most members of his family, and his mom appears to like you. The fact he has taken you to his folks can only be taken to mean he sees a future together with you.

To make things even glossier is that he likes your family too and has an impact on them also. Clearly, you’ve both got affirmation from the others’ folks meaning there’s a possibility you are likely to be together quite a while.

The way he treats members of your family has a lot to say about what he’s got on his mind. If he’s out trying to endear himself to them, you can bet you’ve found your one. If that were not the case, he’d probably not care even about meeting them.

Hardworking and is not afraid to break a sweat

Grandma was right, after all, a guy who is hard-working has the future in mind. He’s not some lazy slob who only hopes to make it in life but does nothing to make it happen. Your guy has passed the test as he’s focused and hard-working too.

When a person has plans for the future, he secures it through hard work and commitment to the cause. If he does an excellent job at his work and somehow does not miss being with you means he’s the one.

If he puts in more hours to ensure work is done and is not afraid of extra time on the job consider him the kind of guy with forever stamped on his forehead. He’s a keeper that one.

You miss him when you are apart

The heart does not lie and especially about the way you feel. It reveals the emotions that go on inside and is a good place to look when trying to determine what lies ahead of you.

Just hours ago you were together with him, and already you feel a tug on the heart because you miss him. That’s not plain excitement but your heart’s longing to be with him.

Or perhaps he’s away for a while, and you find yourself lying awake in bed way past bedtime counting the hours till you’re together again. If you miss him, he’s made a stamp on your heart and might be the one for you.

You love his scent

Did you know that by the scent your guy gives off you can determine if he’s the one? That’s right, as his scent either makes you excited and filled with joy or can have a dulling effect on you.

Do not ignore this important sense you have but be on the lookout for the feeling his scent evokes in you. Just like your pet at home, you too have an important way to tell if a person is right or wrong simply from his scent.

Empathy is part of who he is

You are bedridden with terrible cramps unable to do much that day. You have already in sick at work called and intend to spend a day or two tucked in bed from the pain. If he comes around to check on you and even makes you some hot soup to help you feel better he is the one.

The thing is he feels for you and will do all that he can to help you feel better. It may just be a little thing, but the fact is he’s willing to try. That tells a lot of his feelings, and since he shows understanding, you can safely say he is right.

Being able to feel for another person means that the person has a capacity for caring. You want a guy who cares about you, and if he shows it especially when you are down, you don’t need to trouble your mind trying to figure him out any longer.

What does cuddling with him feel like?

What’s the feeling you get when you cuddle with your guy? Is there a strong connection that shows how intimate the two of you are? A simple cuddle can tell you loads about the future of you both.

If it leaves you with a warm feeling inside making you further bond with him, then most likely you are on the right track together with him. The body does not lie and will offer leads on how deep things are with him.

If you are yet to find out, the next time you’re together, listen to your feelings when he cuddles you. There’s a lot for you to learn in the warmth of his embrace. Why won't you close your eyes, listen to the vibe you are getting from him.

You agree on quite some things

Even though you have separate ideas about some things, you still agree on many others. He enjoys spending hours watching football during free time on weekends. While you’d rather go out shopping as a way to de-stress.

The fact you are able to reach an understanding and agree on the way to go means he is a good one for you. He’s willing to negotiate and does not push his own agenda but meets you halfway.

It is not something to take for granted being able to agree on some things, as there are couples who can't seem to agree on anything. Celebrate the fact you can reason and come to an agreement with your guy.

He’s emotionally available

It is disastrous for you to date a guy who is not emotionally available to you. Sort of like trying to open a stubborn door that’s been shut against you. Nothing can be so frustrating than having to spend time trying to get through such a person.

If on the other hand your guy is like an open book and you don’t have to keep trying to figure him out, you have some luck with him. He lets you into his emotions and also hears you out on yours.

You can start planning for the future together if you’ve found a guy who bares himself to you. You can comfortably claim to know him since he’s not some puzzle you have to keep trying to figure out all the time. It can be quite tiring and have a toll on you.

You are best friends

You share so much together and can have a basis to keep going a long time. If you were friends at first before you fell in love with him, that’s a sound basis for your relationship.

Do you spend lots of time together and enjoy being with him? You have a common goal, and that is to make each other happy. Both of you channel the right energy into it. Therefore, you are quite right for each other.

It is not such a significant effort for you to spend quality time with him, after you fall in love with a guy who, to start with, is your friend.

Final Thoughts

The question of whether he’s the one spans centuries for many couples before. Even though there is no direct way for you to find out, you can have a good idea through the way he treats you.

In line with what is mentioned above, is he the one for you? You have the answer based on how well he fits the bill. He may not possess all of the qualities mentioned above, but since he has most, you can be sure of having found the right man for you.

A guy may not say it in words, but the way he treats you speaks volumes about the way he feels. So if he’s doing all the right things and shows there is a future, he is beyond doubt the one for you.

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