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If Your Ex Wants To Be Friends What Does It Mean (11 Reasons)?

February 23, 2023

Has your ex told you he wants to stay as friends?

Are you wondering if he’s being honest about his intentions? 

Would you like to find out if he genuinely wants a friendship or if he’s trying to sneak back into your pants? 

This guide is here to help. It explores the main reasons why men try to remain friends with an ex and how they will behave in these situations. 

However, before we explore these reasons, I want to share this story with you. 

I’ve been in this situation on a few occasions - and I learned this lesson each time; it’s impossible to immediately be sure about your ex’s true intentions.  

There are too many emotions involved. 

That’s why I want to recommend this powerful online communications tracker tool to you. 

With just a few of your ex’s personal details, you can program this tool to perform a background check on his recent communications. 

It will reveal who he’s been communicating with, what apps he’s been using, what online services he’s signed up to... and a lot more.  

This check will give a lot of clues as to whether he’s truly moved on from you. The truth will appear in black and white, more often than not. 

This tool will save you from a lot of guessing games, and there’s no way of him being able to find out he has been tracked. 

Of course, it may be that he actually wants a friendship with you.

Regardless, it’s still infuriating not knowing what’s going on in another person’s mind. But don’t despair. The guide below will help you figure out the most likely outcome he wants from staying in touch with you.

Reasons Your Ex Wants To Remain Friends With You After The Breakup

Has your ex requested you to stay friends after your breakup? Are you confused about how to handle this situation?

I’ve been there! When my ex asked me to remain friends, I could not decide what I should do. My mind was filled with things like why did he want to be friends? Did he still have feelings for me? Will I be able to remain just friends?

I eventually realized that every relationship is different, and the way I wanted things to be between me and my ex was solely our decision. I did not have to compare my bond with others and do whatever I felt was suitable for my mental well-being.

In today’s article, we will look at the reasons why your ex may want to be friends with you. These reasons will help you decide what you should do if you are in such a situation.

As a final note, we will try to determine if it is right if you both choose to be friends.

1. He still loves you

There are chances that even after the breakup, he still has feelings for you and wants to win you over. However, he might feel that you won't give him a second chance easily, so he should make a place in your life again by starting with friendship. 

Once things start going smoothly between you two, there are chances that he may confess his love for you again and try to convince you to start dating him again. There is nothing wrong with getting back to your ex if you feel that your breakup happened in the heat of the moment. 

However, if your split happens because of issues that do not have any solution, understand that the same problems can crop again if you get into the relationship without finding a solution. If you cannot work on things between you two, it is better to stay friends without hopes for the future.

2. You had a messy breakup

If you guys had a messy breakup, there are chances that your ex-boyfriend wants to stay friends so he can apologize and leave without any hard feelings. There are chances that he might be regretting the hurt that he caused you and might be wanting to have a clean break to help him move on.

It does not mean that he wants to get back together, but it just means that he wants to feel better about the situation, and if you also feel the same way, you should forgive, forget and try to move on.

3. Remaining friends means he won't have to lose you

Sometimes it isn't easy to see the difference between love and habit. When we are in a relationship and spend a lot of time with someone, it is natural to form an emotional attachment. 

A breakup, especially after a serious relationship, means that you have to let go of a constant person in your life, which can be quite a difficult adjustment to make and is not easy for everybody. Thus, if your ex wants to be friends with you after you have ended things with them, it might mean that they are scared to be lonely and afraid to lose you.

4. You are in the same friend group

If you two have many mutual friends, a breakup can make things extremely odd. Being in the same circles means that you will occasionally keep bumping into each other, and your ex wants to stay friends so that things don't become uncomfortable for you two. 

When couples in the friend group often split, others are forced to take sides, and your ex might want to avoid this situation and make his life easier.

5. They want to be friends with benefits

they want to be friends with benefits

Your ex might want to remain friends instead of having a romantic relationship with you, as they might just want to have sex with you with no strings attached

There is nothing wrong with being in a relationship based only on sex if you also want. However, the problem can arise if you are having sex with your ex, with the hope that this will turn into a healthy relationship one day. It will hurt a lot when he falls in love again, and you will be put in the friend zone without any hope for the future.

So, be in this friends with benefits set up only when you are sure you will not become attached and leave once they find a new partner.

6. Staying friends means you are always available

Your romantic partner might have friend-zoned you because they might have genuine feelings for you but might not be ready to commit to a relationship. Staying friends means that the friendship will allow him to fulfill his needs and be available whenever he needs you.

7. You are a backup plan

If a guy breaks your heart but is interested in still being good friends, it might mean that he likes you as a person and might get back to you if he does not find the right match for himself. He wants to explore a new life without you but still wants to keep the door open for you if he changes his mind and wants you back.

In short, this friendship might mean that you are just a backup plan if his other relationships don't work out.

8. They are using you financially

If the boy who broke your heart wants to be friends, they may have ulterior motives and might just be looking to use you. Friendships are not always pure; sometimes, the other person might want to use you for their benefits, like financial gains or any other help.

Your ex might want to use your naivety and use emotional blackmail in the name of friendship to make you do things that you are not comfortable doing.

9. They want to control you

If you were in a relationship with a narcissist, there are chances that they wish to be friends to know what is going on in your life and control you. They might try to find out about your new dates and try to make them against you. Friendships with such people after a breakup can ruin lives.

10. They want friendship only for the sake of it

they want friendship only for the sake of it

There are chances that you are reading too much between the lines, while your ex wants to stay friends only for the sake of it. They do not intend to call or text you daily but just want to part away on good terms. You are just a name in their list of friends, and they may text you once in a year to wish for your birthday or forward those Good Morning messages.

11. They really want a pure friendship

If you were friends before you started dating, there are chances that your ex misses that friendship. If that is the case, if you feel that your feelings will not come in between then you can easily be friends with your ex.

Is It Right If Your Ex Wants To Stay Friends After The Breakup?

It depends on your situation, the type of person you and your ex are, and your feelings. Just because you have split ways as a couple does not mean that you cannot be friends. There are various reasons for them wanting to be friends, and this friendship might be good for your personal growth.

The vital thing to do is to ensure that you two have moved on and have no feelings for each other, as these feelings can come in between your friendship. If you wish to be friends with an expectation that there will be more in the future, it can ruin the whole bond. So once you choose to be friends make sure it is pure friendship.


What do you do when your ex wants to be friends?

There is nothing bad in being friends with an ex if this is what you want. If your ex wants to be friends, there is nothing to panic or be suspicious about. Remember, the final decision will always be yours. After thinking about your current relationship and your bond with your ex when you were together, take your decision. Don't forget to set boundaries.

Can you be friends with an ex you still love?

It is not a good idea to be friends with an ex you still love because then you will always be in the hope that things will work out between you two and you will again be a couple. Moreover, if they get into a new relationship and start ignoring you, it will leave scars too difficult to heal. 

Why would an ex send you a friend request?

It would depend on how much time has passed since you two broke things off. If it has been years since they last saw you, it might mean that they just want to know how you are doing and maybe meet up for a coffee. Or, they might have matured and want to apologize for hurting you in the past. There are also chances that they might want to stalk you.

Is being friends with your ex a good idea?

All relationships are different, and what works for one will not necessarily work for others. As a general rule, one can be friends with their ex after they have followed the no contact rule. This will ensure that the time spent apart helps both parties to move on, and once there are no more feelings, the couple can be friends.

How do you know if your ex still has feelings?

If your ex has wholly vanished from social media and has stopped going out with his friends, then it is a sign that the split has hit them hard, and they still have feelings for you. Also, they might try to win you back.

In Conclusion

How has this content spoken to you? Has your ex ever asked you to be friends after your breakup? Do you think wanting to be friends with your ex is a good sign? We’d love to hear a word from you to help our readers. Please comment below!


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