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33 Sexy Bedroom Ideas: Design, Decor and Outfits

April 8, 2024

I don’t know about you but when I think about Fifty Shades of Grey, I think about Christian Grey’s red room… and all the ways he indulges his desires within said room. I’m sure (more than) a couple of us have even thought about partaking in some of the activities that happen in a room like that, if you know what I mean. 

Creating a sexy bedroom can be something as small as adding elements of romance and passion, or it can be creating a full on sex room, and everything in between. A bedroom can say so much about a couple, their relationship and can help ignite the utmost intimacy. 

A bedroom is where you escape from the outside world, it's where you feel your most confident, and most vulnerable. Your pillow probably knows more about you than your best friend does. So, we should really take the time to think about how we want to decorate and style our bedroom, to create something special, personal, and sensual. 

If you did want to create a sexy bedroom; I’m talking sex toys as far as the eye can see, BDSM, sexy bedroom costumes, sex swings, the lot… Shows like How to Build a Sex Room (2023) are helping couples to delve into their darkest fantasies and create a room that’s personal to them but will also open up a thousand doors of exploration. 

Interior designer Melanie Rose helps couples to explore what they’re into, their boundaries, and essentially how far they’re willing to go. She explains that “a sex room could be anything from a sumptuous bedroom, to a dungeon under the stairs”.

You might be the most experienced person sexually, but there will always be something that you haven’t tried. A sex room is great! But if you’re simply looking to add a bit of spice to your life and make your bedroom sexier, there are many different ways to do so.

Sexy Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas

First of all, it’s best to establish what kind of style you want to go for. Your idea of sexy won’t be the same as everyone else’s. Make it personal to you and to your relationship. Delve deep into your fantasies and desires. Think about what turns you on, what makes you feel sexy and confident

1. Choose coziness and minimalism

For some couples, the idea of sexy is a minimalistic bedroom, with natural light, large open space, no curtains, and a big open window. This type of design can be really effective as it’s so raw that it can allow you and your partner to truly be yourselves within this space. 

2. Choose avant-garde 

Interior designer John Mcclain explains that “Avant-garde is known as an edgy, artistic style that breaks through traditional style genres. Avant-garde is frequently characterized as innovative, daring and breaks all design rules. In interior design it sculpts a house's design and transforms a home into art.”

3. Choose luxury and elegance

choose luxury and elegance

For some, luxury inspires romance. An expensive feel to a bedroom can encourage desire, passion, and intimacy. 

Think about that warm feeling you get in your tummy when you enter a luxurious hotel room. You know you’re getting a good night’s sleep, and you know you’re about to have amazing sex. Hotel sex is always the best. It’s like your body is programmed to relax as soon as you enter a hotel room.

4. Have dim lighting

Dim/soft lighting is necessary when creating a sexy bedroom. Light is such a significant part of how your finished room will look. Essentially, the darker the room, the cozier and the more sensual it will feel. 

5. Consider color-changing lights 

Colored lights can range from LED ceiling lights, to simple strips of fairy lights that you can buy for a couple of dollars. Having color-changing lights are great for when you want to mix up the mood of the room.

6. Think lamps

Lamps can help you to feel sexy, as the different shades of lighting can accentuateyour curves and help to flatter your figure. There are thousands of lamps to choose – from minimalistic to luxurious. Think about how they will fill the space in your bedroom and how they can help to flatter your figure and boost your confidence when it's time to get sexy.

7. Neon signs

Neon lamps can look super trendy and are a great option when looking at sexy bedroom decor ideas. You can go hardcore with a bondage lamp, or choose a subtler option and go with a sexy silhouette of a woman. This is something different, but is a great way to set the mood and to create a sexy private space.

8. Think candles

Candles are great for a romantic setup; especially scented candles as they add a sensual element to a bedroom. Tealights are a brilliant option on a budget, but larger antique candles that will fill your space will add a more luxurious and romantic feel to help set the mood. 

9. Consider a fireplace

Having a fireplace installed can be expensive, but is a perfect decorating decision when creating a sexy bedroom. The warmth and the sound of the crackling fire will help to make the room feel cozy, of course, but picture this… 

It’s winter, you and your partner are cuddling by the fire after a long day at work with a hot mulled wine. You begin to feel that tingling sensation in your vagina, so you kiss him passionately. He takes off your clothes and lays you down on the beautiful soft textured rug by the fireplace… and well you know the rest.

You might think it sounds like a fantasy, but why shouldn’t it be a reality? Sounds perfect to me! Romance is what we make of it, so I say give yourself and your partner intimate opportunities

10. Buy blackout blinds/curtains

Lighting can give a sexy feel to a bedroom, but so can the dark. Having sex in the dark can heighten your other senses making sex more enjoyable, this is why a lot of people use blindfolds. The room being pitch black can also help with a good night's sleep, and really, what’s sexier than that? 

11. Choose sensual colors

choose sensual colors

Choose a color scheme that you can commit to for your sexy bedroom vision, and try to choose a sensual one. Your idea of a sensual color may be different to someone else's, so think about what shade you associate with feeling sexy, romantic and confident; whether that’s red, gray, pink, blue… literally any color! 

From here, think about having an accent wall to pull all the colors together in the room, making it look much classier and romantic.

12. Have bold statement pieces or erotic art

Love tapestry, sexy bedroom art, or even erotic figures or decor are a perfect addition to a sexy bedroom. They remind you to feel empowered, and can even remind you of the need for self-pleasure – the ultimate way to feel sexy when alone.

13. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors!

The more, the better. You can have ceiling mirrors, mirrors that hang on the wall, floor length standing mirrors. There is no better feeling than watching yourself have sex. Remind yourself of your beauty and confidence. Watch yourself when masturbating, and admire your body. 

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14. Add a seating area

Going back to the idea of a luxurious hotel, a way to make your bedroom sexy is to add some fancy seating. Fill the space, think about textures and design, and think of how to make it as cozy as possible.

The most significant aspect of creating a sexy bedroom is privacy, especially if you struggle to escape your children. So, try and give yourself everything you need in your room, and that includes a comfortable seating area to relax and enjoy some privacy. It also gives you another piece of furniture to get frisky with your loved one.

15. Include a breakfast bar

If you really want to push the boat out when creating a private space, adding a breakfast bar to your bedroom can allow you and your partner to enjoy an extra half an hour of romance when starting your day before rejoining the real world.

16. Think rugs

Depending on your style, add different textures to your floor by decorating your soon-to-be sexy bedroom with a soft, large area rug. Choosing the right rug can look elegant, luxurious and it can add dimension of romance and intimacy to your space.

17. Think curtains

Curtains are crucial when it comes to sexy bedroom decor. Think about a sensual color scheme, textures and luxurious materials. After all, closing your curtains can trigger intimacy. Once your curtains are closed, you can set the mood and forget about the outside world. Curtains also make your space look much larger.

18. Choose the perfect bedding

There’s a lot to consider when choosing bedding. You have to consider the color scheme, the materials and textures, and, most importantly, the comfiness. Your bed must be cozy and sensual if you want to have a sexy bedroom.

Consider sexy satin bed sheets, or for a more minimalistic choice you can go with a simple cotton. Whatever is best for you and your partner, but remember, you want your bed to help ignite passion and indulge the senses. 

19. Throw pillows

throw pillows

Throw pillows can be so effective that they can tie together your whole color scheme. Choose a texture that you enjoy the feeling of, and aim for a sensual color to help you associate your bed with a sexual feeling.

Try to avoid having too many throw pillows as it can be frustrating when you want to get intimate and romantic with your partner having to remake the bed constantly with a lot of bed decor, it can also contribute to a messy room. Sometimes, simplicity is best when creating a sexy bedroom.

20. Make your bed the focal point of your bedroom

When you enter your bedroom you should be drawn directly to your bed, meaning that it’s important to have your bed at a focal point; usually this is central. It also helps to make your bedroom look like it has more space, making it look luxurious and elegant.

21. Choose carpet over hard flooring

Carpets can make your room feel more romantic. They help to create that cozy warm feeling in a bedroom. After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than winding down, taking off your shoes and allowing your feet to walk against the soft carpet; this can be so relaxing.

It’s also much comfier if you and your partner want to get romantic on the floor, although you may still need a few pillows.

22. Choose a luxury headboard

A stable headboard that doesn’t bang against the wall is crucial. A luxurious headboard can help make a minimalistic space look expensive as it adds a layer of decadence to a room. Again, you can consider different colors, or a textured headboard to add another sexy element to your bed. 

23. Have large open windows

Having large windows can help to make your bedroom space feel much larger, this is also a must if you have a nice view outside your bedroom. You can open up the curtains in the morning, enjoy the view, and spend time together with your partner in the morning before you must rejoin the rest of the world again. 

24. Avoid having a TV in the bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place where you can relax, enjoy peace and quiet, and feel romantic in your private bubble with your partner. A TV adds a distraction and can change the mood very quickly. If you avoid having a TV in the bedroom, you are able to put more energy into your partner before bed, as opposed to sitting in silence together.

25. Make it personal

Your bedroom should reflect yours and your partner's tastes. You have many rooms in the house, but this one in particular is just for you and your relationship. Hang up framed photographs on the wall of the two of you together to add an element of romance. 

26. Create a room scent

Scented candles are a great option when making your bedroom sexy and romantic, but if you choose a specific scent that both you and your partner love, it will help to condition your brain to feel a certain way when you enter the room. 

Consider buying a scent diffuser; they look luxurious and expensive, and last much longer than candles. Then, when you enter your room and smell that familiar scent, you will be reminded of yours and your partner's happy space, already putting you in the mood for another romantic evening together. 

27. Avoid having a messy room

Once you’ve created your sexy bedroom, keep it tidy! Nobody wants to have sex in a messy room, this will only end up making you feel more stressed. Take pride in your bedroom, and keep it looking luxurious. 

28. Dedicate a drawer to your sex toys

Having a dedicated space for your toys will add an entirely new dimension of opportunity to your romantic time together. You’ll know when you open the drawer that you’re about to have a lot of fun together.

You can even keep a lock for the drawer to add an element of naughtiness, this will also help to avoid children accidentally stumbling across your vibrator – we all know that can be a weird and difficult conversation.

29. Add bed restraints

Bed restraints can be great fun when you want to get kinky; very Fifty Shades of Grey! However, they can be a bit frustrating to attach when you’re already in the mood. If they’re constantly attached, it means that you can use them as and when you please, meaning that any romantic, soft moment can turn hardcore when you mean business.

30. Consider having a sex swing

Sex swings are great for many reasons, they can allow you to move much more freely making your sex life a lot easier, It’s also much more adventurous sometimes to have sex not on a bed, don’t you think? 

31. Sexy bedroom outfits

sexy bedroom outfits

Dedicate a space to your outfits and lingerie. When you plan on having a romantic evening with your partner, you can choose between your outfits and lingerie for the occasion.

32. Consider the temperature of the room

You want your bedroom to be warm and cozy, but you also want to be able to cool down when it's hot in the summer. Consider having both a fireplace and an air con, meaning that you can choose between both. 

33. Install a sound system

A unique way of making your bedroom feel sexy, is to install a sound system for when you want to add some ambience to the room. 

Get a sexy playlist going during your romantic sessions. Use soothing sounds when you want to relax. Even play some rock when you’re feeling super confident! This can be a great way to invoke different emotions in the bedroom, helping you to feel sexier. 


How can I make my bedroom sexy?

Making your bedroom sexy is a personal matter. The best advice to be given is to try and get rid of as much clutter as possible, and attempt to keep your bedroom stress-free. Make sure that you create a nice warm space to snuggle up with your partner after a hard day at work. Choose what type of style you want to go for, and try to stick with a theme.

How can I make my bedroom romantic?

Having a tidy space, dim lighting, candles, and having lots of different textures can help when making your bedroom feel romantic. Put the focus on the bed – you want to be able to look forward to getting in bed with your partner, so simply romanticize it. Use curtains or blinds for privacy and avoid all distractions when trying to have a romantic night together.

What should be in a man's bedroom?

Think about what you would want to expect to see in a man’s bedroom if you went home with him after a date. It’s likely you’d want darker colors, a neatly kept room, and minimalistic furniture. But there is no rule as to what should or shouldn’t be in a bedroom.

If you’re dating a guy who’s really into music, then his room might be more musical and decorated with posters and guitars. It’s entirely dependent on the man. As long as he keeps his space tidy, and washes his bedding. I’m not sure there should be anything specific in a man’s bedroom.

What should be in a girl's bedroom?

Similar answer to the previous question. However, expect to find more pillows and cushions (generally speaking, that is!) Women can tend to decorate their room more than men, and add personal touches. But again, as long as it's kept tidy, presentable, and is a nice and comfortable space, there is no set rule whatsoever.

How can I have a romantic night with my husband?

The most romantic nights are the ones where we truly escape the stresses of the day. Make sure the room is tidy, attempt a home-cooked meal (or a takeaway), light some candles and leave some massage oil and a couple of sex toys on the side as a teaser of what’s to come. (He doesn’t need to know that he’s the one that’s going to be giving the massage!)

The most romantic nights are those where we entirely put our focus towards one another and nothing else, so avoid all distractions, and allow yourself an evening of reconnection and passion.

In Conclusion 

There are a thousand and one different ideas for making your bedroom sexy. What’s important here is that it feels sexy to you! Really take the time to sit and think about what tips work for you, and what doesn’t. At the end of the day it can cost a lot of money to redecorate, and you’ll want everything to be perfect.

Make sure that your room symbolizes your relationship, and that you’re creating a safe space where you can truly be yourself. If you can’t feel sexy in bed, or in your bedroom, then where can you?

If you enjoyed reading through these tips on making your bedroom sexy, feel free to comment and share your own ideas. Best of luck and happy decorating!

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