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Mirror Sex (11 Exciting Things About Mirror Sex)

June 3, 2024

Mirror sex is what most women dread a lot. That's because they feel insecure about their body features and feel they shouldn't have a glimpse of it during sex. According to research, many women have claimed mirror sex didn't turn out well for them because they had to deal with the thoughts of the act later. And that was a major turn-off for them.

On the contrary, some other women enjoy mirror sex. It's not because they love their nude appearances, but they have learned to accept seeing their wobbly bodies in front of the mirror during sex. The reason being that they have had the opportunity to experience firsthand porn. That includes seeing their expression.

The reviews of mirror sex are both negative and positive. While some say it's a sexual adventure to see how they respond to their partner’s touch, others get even more insecure after doing it. But, according to research, there tends to be more sexual alignment when there's a combination of touch and gaze.

This is what makes mirror sex exciting. As much as many women may dislike it, there are numerous reasons to try and enjoy mirror sex. Keep reading to know 11 exciting things about having sex in front of a mirror.

11 Exciting Things About Mirror Sex

1. It builds your confidence

it builds your confidence

There are cases of different people who can’t even have sex during the day. Some of them are also uncomfortable having sex with the lights on. A woman once said she feels insecure to go intimate with a man if it's not dark.

That's not a bad thing to do. It's also your preference, especially if you're not used to your partner yet. But, it's good to try having sex in front of the mirror to help build your confidence. It may sound minor, but in reality, it's the truth.

By seeing you and your partner go intimate together, you build up the courage to try out different sexual things with him without holding back. That won't only build your confidence, but turn your partner on. The good thing is, this confidence will extend out of the walls of your bedroom.

2. You can try out different sex positions

Doesn't it sound exciting to use a mirror to achieve one of your wildest fantasies? You won't only see your partner's body movement, but yours, too. The beautiful thing is that you can do it anywhere. It could be on your bed, bedroom floor, or anywhere you're most comfortable. 

That way, you can set your mirror in a way that would be favorable for you. Some women place the mirror on the floor while trying out positions like sitting on their partners or laying down, and watching their bodies ride from above. 

You could go ride him on top, facing one mirror to see your facial expression. Or, you could face the mirror in a way you both can see each other. Depending on how and where you place your mirrors, you alternate your sex position to satisfy each other's deepest desires.

3. It improves intimacy

You may be wondering how mirror sex improves intimacy. It's not one of the common things you do as part of your regular sex life. It's something you try out once in a while to enjoy pleasure. Trying out intimate acts during mirror sex spices up a relationship.

These include trying out different types of foreplay. You could both lock eyes in the process, which could lead to great arousal. In some cases, some women use hand mirrors to watch the man penetrate. Some of them place a huge mirror in the bedroom to cover all angles.

You could even place different mirrors in specific locations. That way, you get to have an interrupted opportunity of watching your intimate time with your partner from different angles. Additionally, you both could make it hot by slowly undressing and touching each other until you finish having sex.

4. It builds up excitement during sex

If you fall into the category of women who have bucket lists of what they want to try out in their sex lives, you should try having sex with a mirror in front of you. It will be one of the most amazing things to spice up your adventure life.

Apart from a wild intimate bond, having sex with mirrors is another way to achieve your deepest desire. You don't only enjoy the pleasure of watching your partner's body, but also have crazy fun. It doesn't matter the size of the mirror you use, but how you use it.

You watch and experience your fantasies come to reality. It's a time when you can combine foreplay and sex perfectly without stress. So, you could alternate between undressing, giving a blow job, and having sex. That's one of the pros of having sex in front of the mirror.

5. You get aroused seeing your partner turned on by you

you get aroused seeing your partner turned on by you

It's not a hidden fact that most people enjoy having sex. But, the question comes when you don't know what your partner is feeling. You're not sure if he's enjoying having sex with you, or he's just doing it for pleasure. 

The thing is, most men don't moan like women during sex. So, you rarely know if they're feeling as good as you are or not. But if you're using a mirror, especially a large mirror, you'll get a better chance to glance at your partner's facial expression when he's in the mood.

That could get you aroused even without knowing. The feeling is more intimate when you're both standing and he's hitting you from behind. That way, you get to watch a reflection of your bodies interacting mutually. If you've always wanted to see your partner turned on by you. Try having sex in front of a mirror.

6. Mirror sex builds stronger memories

If you're someone who loves having a good time by reflecting on your past sex experiences, sex in front of a mirror might be right for you. You still have memories when you have sex while laying on a bed or in any other comfortable position. But it gets more intense when you use a mirror.

That's because you'll have a stronger visual experience watching you and your partner touch each other's bodies. Like you have memories when you watch porn videos, this will be more intimate because it involves you.

If your partner is open-minded enough, you both can get to talk about your experiences afterward. Sex in front of the mirror is one of the sexual activities that improve imagination. When you try it, do your best to hold onto the best erotic images, not the ones that would make you feel insecure. That's a good thing mirror sex brings.

7. You improve your self-esteem

Talking about low self-esteem, most women fight this every day. They feel insecure about their body size looking bigger than it should. This makes women feel they're not as sexy as the next woman, or the ideal sexy woman out there.

Men see this differently. They care less about their body or their partner’s. According to research, a man loves to see his woman naked, or a reflection of her naked body. It doesn't matter if it's during, before, or after sex. A woman's naked body turns a man on.

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He may tell you, but it won't be as sexy as seeing his facial expression during mirror sex. That's when you see how much he adores you. Seeing this will go a long way to reduce your insecurities. You will learn to accept and love your body the way it is.

8. You'll have a firsthand visual experience

When it comes to sex, the first thing that arouses people is the visual aspect of it. Touch comes afterward. But sexuality begins with people getting attracted to other people's physical appearance. That's when they study the other person's features and how good they look. This is the first thing that happens before anything sexual.

Apart from when your partner touches your erogenous zones, you could get turned on when you look at his face in the mirror. You could also get turned on when you see how they move their body to flow with yours without stress. 

You get to see how your facial expressions when you respond to your partner's touch. So, it's more like watching you and your partner as a couple having a beautiful intimate time together, using a mirror. This means you're staging the act and viewing the show, simultaneously. 

9. It's a time to explore different foreplay moves

If there's any good time you can make foreplay hot, it's when you use a mirror. Some people close their eyes while giving or receiving oral from someone. The reason being that they want to avoid any distraction to enjoy the feeling they're getting.

Attempting foreplay in front of the mirror is hot and fascinating. It's something you would want to try. You could have your partner sit on the bed, or stand in front of the mirror, while you go down to give him oral. This is one straightforward way to turn him on. That's because he would be watching his expression.

For you, you could try sitting on his lap while he plays with your erogenous spots to turn you on. Depending on what you both want, you may decide to end it all in foreplay or take it to the next level of intimacy.

10. It makes stripteasing easy

it makes stripteasing easy

There are numerous things to striptease your partner for. It could be to spice up your sex session, for a lap dance, or just to make him feel special. Whatever the case may be, it makes it more exciting when it's in front of a full-length mirror.

That's because your partner gets to see your sexy body from every angle. This means he can see the part of you that is closer to him, and see the rest in the mirror. That way he gets turned on before you even get close.

Depending on what you want to achieve, you could have your partner sit in a chair facing a mirror, walk up to him, and slowly strip. It works for anything sex-related which includes lap dancing and foreplay. This is another exciting thing you get to enjoy with a mirror.

11. Mirrors spice up bathroom sex

When we talk of shower sex, it's one of the most adventurous sexual activities to try. It's even sexier when there's a mirror involved in a hot and steamy environment. The sight either of you has of the other’s reflection is erotic enough to heat things.

It's even more fun when you switch places but remain in the same steamy room to improve your pleasure. That way you both get the opportunity of watching your facial expressions. Mirror sex in the shower is erotic, especially when it's warm and cozy. So, it will be very lovely if you have a medium or large size mirror placed on your wall.

Alternatively, you could plan a little vacation just to explore this. It doesn't necessarily have to be a pricey exotic spot, but a beautiful place to achieve your desire, and enjoy the pleasure of being intimate with your partner.

In Conclusion  

Having sex with a mirror as a prop is one of the most adventurous things to do to improve intimacy. Read the 11 things I've mentioned to make you anticipate trying it. It will help neutralize any negative thoughts. I hope you liked this article. If you did, please feel free to invite others to read, and drop a comment.

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