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How To Seduce Your Husband (22 Easy Steps)

April 29, 2024

Has your marriage gone stale? 

Do you want to learn some seduction techniques to spice it up?

Are you worried your husband might get bored with you and start looking elsewhere if you don’t?

If so, you’re in the right place. Our guide features 22 ways to seduce your husband that anyone can learn.

However, before we dive into these tips, it’s important that you read the next few sentences carefully. 

Recently, I discovered a powerful aspect of male psychology which has a huge impact on how he feels about his intimate partners. 

It’s called The ‘Hero’s Instinct’

This psychological trigger releases intense feelings of power, purpose and self-worth inside a man. Few people seem to know about this, but if you can learn to activate it, it’s enough to make fall in love with you all over again. 

When I learned the ‘Hero’s Instinct’, it did so much to make my relationships more loving, caring and meaningful (read my personal story to learn more). 

It’s an easy skill to learn, and I have no problems ranking it as my #1 seduction hack. 

Read on for a list of 22 more...

Don’t worry. there are lots of ways to seduce your husband that anyone can learn.

Here Are The Seduction Skills That Anyone Can Learn:

Get Yourself Some Sexy Lingerie

Before you even think about seducing your husband you should get some sexy lingerie. It doesn’t matter if you are not a Victoria Secret’s model or have the shape of a pregnant elephant.

After a few years of marriage, one of the first things to go is nice underwear. We women presume we don’t need to make the effort anymore. We prefer comfort over substance and style.

But men are visual creatures. They get turned on with their eyes and by touching. They love to feel a woman’s curves through silk. The bulge of cleavage against some lace.

So make sure you go out and buy yourself some flattering and sexy lingerie and then read the rest of this advice. Because it’s no use trying to seduce your husband in a pair of baggy grey pants and a washed-out vest. Instead, woo your husband with a lace garter-belt ensemble.

Don’t Forget Foreplay

Once you get married - sex is available whenever you want it. Unfortunately, for some couples, that means diving straight into the act of sex without bothering about foreplay.

Foreplay is an important part of seduction. You wouldn’t expect to have full-blown sex with a new partner straight away would you? So why does it happen in marriages?

Because we get lazy and jump straight to the good bit. But foreplay and kissing and massaging are all good bits and set us up beautifully for sex.

It also shows you care about your husband if you want to spend time over his body, making him feel pleasure. So don’t skip the foreplay, put on some light music and spend more time on it to heighten his pleasure.

Take Control For The Night

Take Control For The Night

It might be the 21st century but men still initiate sex most of the time in the bedroom. Tell your husband that for tonight, you are in control and he has to do everything you tell him to do.

You can use some light bondage and tie him up, or instruct him what to do to your body. Treat him as a sex slave or try new things you’ve always wanted to.

Let Him Take Control

Or you can let him take control and be his sex slave. Let his imagination run wild as you ‘obey his commands’ (within reason of course).

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You can think up some stories to embellish the drama, such as you owe his boss money and you’ll do anything to ‘pay it off’. Or you are a spy and he has information and he has to seduce you in order to get you to reveal all.

Surprise Him

Remember when you were first dating and you’d think up surprises to make him happy? You don’t have to stop all that just because you’re married.

In fact, you should keep it up because you’re married. There’s no rule in life that says once he’s tied the knot he has to stay with you and vice versa.

So put some fun back into the marriage and surprise him once in a while.

Can’t think of any ideas? How about on a Friday evening when he comes home from work, you’ve booked a weekend away to a luxurious spa hotel?

Or turn up at his work in only a trench coat and underwear and drive him to a seedy hotel?

Or why don’t you indulge one of his passions and take him to the race tracks for a day to watch the Grand Prix? Even something simple like getting the grandparents to babysit the kids while you have a sexy night in will delight him.

Always Be Ready For Sex

It’s easy to feign a headache or blame your busy schedule to avoid sex with your husband. But making an effort to always agree to sex is a real turn on for guys.

After all, they get pissed off with rejection often enough. So it boosts their confidence in other aspects of the marriage if they think their advances are being reciprocated.

Next time your husband starting kissing and cuddling you in bed and your instant thought is ‘Oh god he wants sex,’ put that thought to one side and turn over and kiss him back.

Tease Your Husband

Have you ever sent your husband a saucy text while he’s at work about what you’re going to do to him when he gets home? No? Well, start doing it.

What this means to your husband is that you are up for sex later that night. That thought alone will keep a smile on his face all day.

Why not call him just before he’s about to leave work and tell him what you are wearing? Or what you are doing to yourself? Actually you’d probably better not do that if he’s driving home.

Put A Full-Length Mirror Up While You Have Sex

Next time you have sex put a mirror up in the bedroom so that your husband can watch everything you are doing together.

Men are very visual animals. The sight of your body from a different angle will make him feel like he’s making love to you for the very first time. You can look into each other’s’ eyes while you make love to heighten the pleasure.

Be Spontaneous

Be Spontaneous

It’s so easy doing the same old thing, day in and day out and not even think about the consequences. When was the last time either of you said ‘Let’s go out for a romantic meal tonight?’  And even if one of you did ask, could the other one be bothered?

We all get into our old routines, it’s natural. Routines are safe and familiar and we don’t like change. But they become boring over time. It’s going back to the surprising your husband again. Making life exciting again. Imagine driving to the supermarket to do the weeks’ shopping and instead, you head off to a hotel.

Or one weekend when you’ve planned to do the decorating you spend the two days in bed making love. Why not? Painting can wait!

Use Your Words

Words are an excellent seduction technique, but only when they are used in the right way. It’s true that men are primarily visual creatures and get turned on by images. But words are also powerful, and you can use your words in a number of ways.

Whisper sweet nothings in his ear on the couch to get him to the bedroom. Talk dirty to him on the phone to get him in the mood for sex.

Text him your filthy thoughts on what you want to do to him when he gets home. Leave little post-it notes or love notes scattered about the house with references of what you like in bed.

Tell Him What You Like About Him

While you’re using your words, why not tell him what you like about him? Men love nothing more than to hear the good stuff about themselves. So tell him exactly what you like.

You might like the way he drives the car, the confidence he shows when he’s behind the wheel.

Or you may love the way he looks after your parents when they come to visit. The way he tends to their every need and makes them feel super welcome.

It might be the way that nothing is ever too much trouble. If you ask him to do something he’ll do it without question.

Whatever your husband does that you like, make sure he knows about it. By doing this you are creating a strong bond that makes it easier for you to seduce him.

Go Commando When You Are Out

Channel your best Basic Instinct Sharon Stone and go commando next time you are out for the evening together. Let him know by either whispering in his ear or showing him subtly under the table.

Or why not take his hand while you are at the bar and place it on your bottom so he knows you are not wearing any underwear.

Act Like A Prostitute

Why do so married men visit prostitutes? Is it because their wives are not having sex with them at home? Or is it because their wives are not having the right kind of sex with them at home?

Whichever one it is, find out by acting like a prostitute to your man. You can do this in a few different scenarios. Dress up in slutty clothes in the bedroom and get him to give you money beforehand.

Or roleplay as a high class escort out at a bar and seduce him away from his ‘boring wife at home’.

Some men are lazy lovers and just want to be pleasured themselves without the hassle of reciprocating. Others just want to experience the thrill of you taking charge in a dominant role.

Seducing your husband by acting like a prostitute isn’t about letting him get his rocks off without giving you anything. It’s about allowing him to fully explore his sexuality with you.

Perform A Striptease For Him

Okay so not every woman is going to be confident enough to pull this off, but if you can it’s a huge turn-on for your fella.

Get some of that sexy lingerie on, pick a sexy track on your phone and play it when you enter the bedroom. If you’re not that confident, get some online tips before you start your routine.

Act As If You’ve Never Met

Act As If You’ve Never Met

Meet in a bar and act as if you are total strangers meeting for the first time. Obviously arrange the time and the place beforehand and you’ll have to be quite confident to be able to pull this off.

If you’re not sure of how to approach this scenario but want to give it a try, agree on the script and what will happen before but just don’t go into too many details, it’ll spoil the whole thing.

You can walk into the bar, glance across at him and catch his eye. He asks the waiter to buy you a drink, you accept. He goes over and introduces himself and you can take it from there.

Flirt With Your Husband

Married couples can get bogged down with the nitty-gritty of life. The boring humdrum of taking the kids to school, doing the shopping, the house chores, going to work and so-on.

You simply don’t have time to flirt with your husband. Besides, you’re married to him now, why should you?

Because flirting is fun, it’s sexy and it brings the romance back into the relationship. If you’re not sure how to start flirting, here are some examples:·

  • ‘I loved what you did to me last night!’
  • ‘I can’t wait to try that position in bed again tonight!’
  • ‘You looked so handsome yesterday in that v-neck top, I wanted to climb all over you!’
  •  ‘Can we try the baby oil again tonight?’
  • ‘I love it when you wear that tight white t-shirt, it really shows off your guns.’
  • ‘Your ass looked amazing in those new jeans.’
  • 'You look gorgeous in that new cotton shirt.'
  •  ‘I can still smell you on me this morning!’
  • ‘Shall I wear that red teddy again tonight?’

Play Footsie Under The Table

If you are out dining, at a movie theater or drinking with friends, play footsie with your husband. He’ll love the hidden message it sends him. Take off your shoe and slowly run your foot up his calf to his lap.

Gently massage him with your toes and then caress the inside of his thighs. Make eye contact with him and look at him innocently while you do it as if nothing’s happening.

Ask Him What He Likes

Often in a marriage, couples get used to performing the same old sex routines without really knowing if their partner is turned on or not. Why not dedicate one night a week to each other to improving your sex life by asking them to explain exactly what they like.

There’s no comeback here, no reprimands, no chastising each other by saying things like ‘You never told me that before’ or ‘I thought you liked it when I did that’.

This is all about learning new stuff about your partner. About opening up and being honest to elevate your pleasure.

Send Him Saucy Snaps While He’s A Work

We’re not suggesting you take full-on nudie shots with your face showing. But how about a glimpse of your nipple straining against your bra? Or your shirt riding up and showing your stocking tops while you are at work?

Or even an up skirt shot in the loo and a message ‘Thinking of you’ will get his juices flowing.

Compliment Your Husband

What really turns you on about your husband? Have you ever told him? We all love compliments, it boosts our self-esteem. Not only do compliments about our sexual performance make us feel good, they make us want to try that little bit harder.

Here are some examples of what you can compliment your husband on:

  • Your body is so toned, I love running my hands over it.
  • You have such a deep masculine voice, it really turns me on.
  • I love burying my head in your hairy chest.
  • I love the smell of you when you’ve been training.
  • When you hold me I feel so safe and protected.
  • No other man turns me on the way you do.

Change Your Voice

One of the ways to seduce your husband is to learn how to speak in a seductive way. There’s no point saying the right things but sounding like Mickey Mouse.

Start by focussing on your breathing. Make it slow and bring it up from the abdomen, not the chest. This will make your voice sound deeper.

Then lower your voice and make an effort to keep it low. Now turn the volume down so it is more like a whisper that normal talk.

It might sound weird at first but if you focus on one thing at a time you’ll gradually get used to speaking in a different way.

Initiate Morning Sex

One thing men love and some women aren’t that in to is morning sex. Women have got too much to do. There are the house chores, school lunches to be packed, kids to be bathed and dressed, breakfasts to be made and eaten, there’s simply no time for sex.

So why not get ahead of the game? Pack the lunches that evening. Prepare the basics for breakfast and leave it out on the table. Get the kids bathed the night before and leave their school uniforms out ready.

Now you can focus all your attention on your husband. Wake him up early by giving him a delicious suck under the covers, then sit on him while he’s still half asleep. He’ll think he’s died and gone to heaven.

And best of all, he won’t stop thinking about it all day. You'll be one special wife I promise you.

Marriages don’t have to go stale. Sex with our partners doesn’t have to be boring. I hope you can see from our tips on how to seduce your husband that there are loads of ways to seduce your husband and get your sex life back on track.

Even if you choose just one or two of our tips. Happy seducing!

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Whether you're married or just started dating someone, infidelity rates have risen by over 40% in the past 20 years, so your concerns are justified.

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