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16 Pros And Cons Of Moving In Together (What You Should Know)

If you are thinking of moving in together with your partner, that’s a sign you are ready for a serious relationship. As you look forward to this change in your relationship, make sure you take the time to talk about money and the amount of space you need in your home to feel comfortable. If you aren’t sure if moving in together is the right course of action, hold off on it.

Wait until you are both confident that moving in together will improve your relationship and not harm it in any way. Granted, there is no guarantee that one outcome will happen over another and sometimes, you just have to risk it and give it a shot! There are many pros and cons that come with moving in together. 

First, you get the chance to start sharing expenses with your significant other. Second, you can share your apartment with someone you care about. Third, you can spend quality time with your partner - as often as you wish! However, there are disadvantages to sharing a small space with someone else. In this article, we’ll cover the pros and cons of moving in together!

The Pros Of Moving In Together

1. You get to spend more quality time together

you get to spend more quality time together

When moving in together, you get to see each other quite a bit more than when you are just dating and living in separate locations. It can be fun to share your lives with one another, to have someone to complain to about your day, and to discuss your problems, passions, hobbies, dreams, wishes, and deepest desires!

2. You can save money by living together

When moving in together, you can save a lot of money. No longer will you both individually have to pay for rent or mortgage. Instead, you’ll most likely combine your income to pay for your rent. This is a great reason for moving in together! 

I know when my man and I moved in together, we were able to split the rent of my condo, and it saved us both a ton of money. Instead of each of us paying rent separately, we were combining our paychecks to pay for that expense. It was really a nice thing to have some money tucked away for a rainy day once we combined our paychecks.

3. You get to see what marriage would be like

If you aren’t in a serious relationship and decide that moving in together is a good move, you will be in a serious relationship before you know it. You’ll also get to see what marriage would be like because you’ll be sharing a lot of things together. As you get used to being together more, you should discuss the status of your relationship. 

4. Your relationship may become stronger

You may not realize it now, but when you spend time with someone as much as you now will with the two of you living together, you may really improve your relationship. As long as you keep an open mind, you can become stronger in your relationship. If you are able to get through the ups and downs that come with living together, you can grow stronger! 

5. You can sell or donate duplicate belongings

If you decide that moving in together is the best move for your relationship, you will soon realize how much stuff you’ve accumulated. Decluttering your home is a must when you have duplicate items. Provided his or your stuff doesn’t have sentimental value, you can donate or sell on Facebook all your duplicate stuff (dishes, appliances, tools, etc.).

6. You get to think more about “US” instead of “ME” or “YOU.”

As you’ll soon discover, moving in together makes you think about the two of you more than just yourself. You will probably become a less selfish person because you need to be understanding and patient when you live with someone. If you make dinner plans, one sign of maturity is that you will invite your boyfriend or girlfriend to come along.

7. You always have someone to do something with

Whether it’s playing chess or watching the latest series on Netflix, it’s always great to have someone to do stuff with. If you have a funeral or wedding to go to, you’ll always have a date, provided your partner is not otherwise engaged in another activity. It’s great to always have someone to hang out with and go to the mall together.

8. It’s easier to cook for two people

Most recipes were made for 2-4 people. It’s better to create a casserole for 2-4 people than it is to heat up a microwave dinner for one. You can save money that way and do something nice for your partner (if you are the one who cooks). You may even have leftovers for another day if the two of you eat only your proportion of the casserole!

The Cons Of Moving In Together

1. You may feel like your personal space is being violated

You may feel a bit claustrophobic when you move in together because you won’t get a lot of personal time. You are more likely to spend quality time together than you are to be lonely all the time. This can be a good and bad thing. You might actually miss those nights when you could freely eat ice cream and watch chick flicks.

2. It can be difficult to adjust to sleeping next to someone new

This is a tough one, but it’s a very real problem that comes when moving in together. You may not have known that your partner snored or tossed and turned while they slept. If you are a light sleeper, this can be quite an adjustment. You may find that sleeping in separate rooms makes more sense after many sleepless nights.

My partner and I drove each other crazy for years because he snored, and I’m a light sleeper. Now, I snore, and he’s a light sleeper. Plus, I get up and down in the middle of the night, and that wakes him up. I also like to fall asleep with the television on, and he doesn’t like there to be any noise when he falls asleep.

After many years of both of us not sleeping well together, we finally turned one of our extra bedrooms into a spare bedroom. Now, we sleep in different rooms. This has been a difficult adjustment because we don’t cuddle as much, but we both get a good night’s sleep and are happy and awake the next day. This has benefited both of us.

3. You may drive each other crazy

you may drive each other crazy

If you think your partner had an annoying habit before you decided that moving in together was the right choice for you, you are going to be shocked at what it’s like to live with him or her now. Whatever was annoying when you were living separately will magnify when you live together. 

If you couldn’t stand how she cried during chick flicks, be ready for even more tears once you are under the same roof. Annoying traits seem to be worse once you live with someone. You may find it useful to be patient, kind, and forgiving. Also, don’t forget that you have annoying traits, too! There are big trade-offs when moving in together.

4. You may begin to feel suffocated

Since your boyfriend or girlfriend is now always around, you may begin to feel a bit suffocated. There isn’t really a “place” that you can escape to when you need some alone time. This can be hard on a relationship, especially during fights or arguments. You won’t really have space to “cool off” as you did before.

5. Moving in together could damage your relationship

It really depends on the couple, but you may find that when moving in together, your relationship gets a bit rocky. You have to face whatever problem comes your way and accept that there will always be things that bother you about your partner. 

If he doesn’t close the microwave door, instead of complaining, you may have to get used to doing it yourself.

6. If you argue, there is no place to escape to

As mentioned, when moving in together, you don’t really have the room you did when you were dating and living separately. It’s hard to chill out at your place when you share it with someone else. This is why an understanding, patient attitude is crucial.

7. You may not get the approval of family and friends

Many people disapprove of people moving in together before marriage. If your friends and family have strong beliefs against this, you may have to hide it from them for a while or deal with disapproval from them. This can make it tough on those relationships.

8. Your children may not understand or adjust to this choice

If you or your partner have children, you will likely have to make some adjustments when moving in together. They may not understand or like your choices, and they may disapprove of the person you are dating, but you are an adult, and you can make your own decisions. You’ll just need to work with your kids to help them understand.

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How To Get Ready To Move In Together

Glamour has some great tips for moving in together and “boyfriend-proofing” your apartment or home. While not all these ideas come from Glamour, I think they are all critical when trying to make room for someone new in your home.

1. Hide your feminine products

Of course, guys are going to understand that women own these things, but they don’t always want to see them. You could stick them in a linen closet behind your pillowcases or something. That way, he doesn’t have to think about you having that time of the month. Over time, this can be something he will get used to and comfortable with.

2. Make room for your man (or woman) in your closet!

It’s important that you make room for your partner when you decide that moving in together is the best option for the two of you. You’ll want to get rid of all the extra clothing you have in your closet and dressers to make room for his or her stuff. After all, they need room to put their belongings and feel at home.

3. Hide the gross granny panties or tighty whities

While you probably won’t be wearing lingerie to bed every night, it’s a smart idea to hide those comfy granny panties (or tighty whities) that have holes in them. Better yet, get rid of them altogether! You don’t need to hold on to stuff like that. Decluttering your home can be quite fulfilling, so take the challenge and rid yourself of all that stuff.

4. Accept that there will be more clutter

Similar to having old undies, you may find that you have duplicate items because you both own a toaster and can opener. You could put those items in a box in the garage if you have one or rent a storage unit to hold all the duplicate items if you aren’t sure about your relationship’s long-term status. If you are in a solid relationship, get rid of it all.

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff

don't sweat the small stuff

You are going to have to learn to let things go once you live together. He or she may leave their toothbrush out instead of putting it in the toothbrush holder you bought especially for them, but you are just going to have to learn that that’s the way things are now. Learn to let the little things go and don’t get upset easily.

6. Understand that one of you will be the slob in the relationship

There’s a good chance that you will become more of a neat freak when moving in together because you have someone extra to pick up after. You might also notice that he or she is a bit of a slob. The opposite may come true, as well. You might discover that your partner is a neat freak and wants everything to be a certain way.

7. Hide the pics of the exes

If you are still hanging on to prom pictures and showing them proudly in your living room, it might be smart to go ahead and put them in your hope chest or somewhere hidden. There’s no reason to remind your partner of all the boyfriends or girlfriends you had before they came along.


How long should you wait to move in together?

Moving in together doesn’t have to be a big deal; you can start living with the right person after about a year or six months, depending on how much time you spent with one another at the beginning of the relationship. Living together is the next step if you are serious!

How do you know you're ready to move in together?

If you have been in a serious relationship for some time, the next step is to move in together and share a space. It might be helpful to start fresh with a new apartment or house. Talk about your future with your partner to decide what’s best.

Do relationships change when you move in together?

Many relationships do change once you move in together. You now share finances, share closet space, and share thoughts and feelings. Set boundaries with your partner and make sure you both understand the shared expenses you have together. Work together to create the ideal living space.

Is 3 months too soon to move in together?

It depends on how much time you have spent together. What is your relationship like? You should really get to know your partner before sharing living spaces with him or her. Moving in together is a big deal, so set boundaries and when it comes to money, talk things over.

Is moving in together a big step?

Moving in together is a big step because it’s a sign you are ready to take things to the next level. After living together, you may want to talk about marriage and your future together as a family. Talk to your significant other about paying bills and how to manage finances.

In Summary

Are you and your significant other moving in together? How do you handle shared finances and expenses? Does your partner spend hours taking longer showers than he or she should? Living together can be a blessing! Just make sure you discuss expenses and boundaries. If you enjoyed it, please share this post!

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