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Annoying Husband (11 Ways To Deal With It)

July 1, 2024

Men have been vexing women from time immemorial. Yes, no gender has a monopoly of being annoying—it’s just that men have a knack for getting on women’s nerves. 

No matter how hard they try not to get women angry, there’s always the possibility that they would. In most cases, guys do so without even realizing it, invariably creating room for quarrels and misunderstandings

With that in mind, it’s entirely normal for your spouse to annoy you irrespective of whether you’re in a toxic or healthy marriage. Funny enough, your husband can be extremely annoying, yet it won’t change how you feel about him.

The list of things that can get a woman angry is endless. For instance, we quickly get vexed when we find dirty clothes scattered all over the house or when someone we love misunderstands us. And of course, as women, we are told to ignore and overlook annoying statements and bad habits, just so the love in the relationship continues to flourish.

However, if there is a habit that annoys you, it’s usually better to find ways to address the issue before it gets out of hand. Continue reading to find out how to deal with your husband’s annoying behavior. 

11 Ways To Deal With A Husband That Is Annoying

1. Check if the fault is from you

As women, we are easily irritated or annoyed when we’re unhappy about something. The thing bothering you may even be unrelated to your spouse or family. A bad day at work, stress, or more profound issues can quickly put you down and make you more irritable. 

In this sort of situation, anything your spouse does is likely going to get you angry and lead to an unfair transfer of aggression. Your little bouts of aggression may be the reason for his recent behaviors. Endeavor to look within to ensure you aren’t making a mountain out of a mole-hill. 

2. Talk to him about your concerns

Talk to him about your concerns

It’s almost inevitable for your significant other not to annoy you. He’s bound to say or do something that would vex you at some point. What’s more, there’s every possibility that he may not even be consciously aware that his behavior upsets you. 

While it’s okay to overlook certain things, some need to be discussed and addressed. If your spouse habitually does something that annoys you, sit him down and bring it to his notice. Bottling up resentment and anger is toxic to your union and could create room for other marital problems. If you don’t like that he leaves toilet paper on the toilet seat, say so and find ways to resolve it together.

3. Consider things from his perspective

Pause and consider if there are underlying reasons for his bad habits. This would save you from becoming unnecessarily irritated or annoyed. The success of your relationship lies in your ability to consider things from your partner’s perspective. 

There are a thousand and one reasons he’s acting this way. It could be stress from work, family issues, or something more personal. That’s why you need to look at things from a different point of view if you want to understand him.

In doing so, you’ll be able to decide on the most effective approach to take in dealing with the situation. What’s more, considering things from your spouse’s perspective will enhance communication and enable the relationship to thrive. 

4. Avoid confronting him when he is in a bad mood

When confronting your husband about the bad habits you don’t like, timing plays an integral role in guaranteeing success. If your significant other is in a bad mood, it’s better to avoid any form of confrontation. In this sort of situation, your spouse would be incapable of listening to reason due to built-up tensions.

Additionally, there’s a high chance of the conversation escalating into an argument or a fight. Instead of taking that risk, give him ample time to calm down before bringing up the matter. When you notice that your partner is angry, don’t say or do anything that may provoke your husband more.

5. Try not to give him the silent treatment

Most women use the silent treatment as a means of punishing their husbands when they annoy them. The idea is to ignore them till they realize themselves and make the necessary adjustments. While it is okay to ignore a specific lousy trait, it also has some far-reaching consequences.

In most cases, silent treatment leads to miscommunication, confusion, and hurt. What’s more, it could also be considered as a form of manipulation toxic to any healthy marriage. If you need to take some time off to cope with your spouse’s attitude, let him know why you need your personal space.

6. Focus on his good habits

It will help if you resist the urge to take your partner’s bad habits personally. No matter how annoying your significant other is, it shouldn’t downplay his good habits or change how you feel about him. Regardless of how frustrating it is putting up with these habits, try to focus on the good he does. 

Chances are, the more he sees how thankful you are for the little things that he does, he may want to make a positive change.

7. Scold him politely and lovingly

Scolding your husband in a cruel and unkind way can crush his spirit and hurt his ego. Most times, it escalates into a full-blown misunderstanding and argument, which is unhealthy for any marriage. What’s more, it could also cause your spouse to resent you, feel frustrated, or even have low self-esteem. 

Conversely, reprimanding him politely and lovingly nurtures mutual respect and enhances marital harmony. There’s no need to be caustic about calling your spouse to order when he pulls off any of his annoying acts. You can get your message across without being rude to him or undermining his masculinity.

8. Get busy

Get Busy

If you’re finding it difficult to cope with an annoying spouse, engage in things that would keep your mind preoccupied. 

The goal is to take your mind off your spouse for some time and do something fun or relaxing instead. Fortunately, there are several activities you can do to achieve this goal. Here are some viable ideas – cooking, hiking, reading a book, or going for long walks. 

9. Learn to live with some of his annoying behaviors

Like your spouse, you also have some annoying habits. The sad truth is that some of these annoying habits do not change, no matter how hard you try. Your spouse may consistently leave his dirty clothes scattered around, even when you always remind him. 

Sometimes, it’s better to learn to live with those bad habits than try to change them. Often, accepting these habits makes it easier for you to deal with them. Plus, if truth be told, he probably also has a few habits he would want you to stop as well. 

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10. Let his friend talk to him

If your significant other’s annoying tendencies are becoming increasingly rampant, his close friends could help talk to him. Most people don’t like involving a third party in a family matter, but sometimes it becomes expedient. 

If it’s a harmful habit that isn’t getting better with time, you need to help your husband in any way you can. Men tend to value the opinion of their friends more than anything. There’s a high chance that his friend will persuade him to stop annoying habits.

11. Seek professional help

If all other means of salvaging the situation have proved futile, the next possible step might be to seek professional guidance. Marriage counselors are trained to help couples deal with a wide range of marital problems. A good counselor can provide you with useful tips to help you cope better with your spouse’s annoying habits, especially if you still love him.

Plus, you’ll feel safer and freer to talk about these habits because he’s in an environment where he has to listen, and vice versa. If you don’t know any qualified marriage counselors, ask your doctor for a referral.


How do I deal with an annoying husband?

If you have a concern, open up to your significant other and try to sort it out. Additionally, try not to take his bad habits personally. Chances are, he may likely not be doing them intentionally. You can see a marriage counselor as a last resort to receive professional guidance in dealing with issues like name-calling, irresponsible spending, keeping malice, and more.

Is it normal for your spouse to annoy you?

Conflicts and disagreements are bound to come up in every relationship, no matter how much you love your spouse. However, what matters is the way and manner you manage conflict. Besides, it implies that your spouse has become comfortable letting his guard down around you. See every one of his annoying habits as an opportunity to know him better. 

How do you live with a difficult husband?

Firstly, you must acknowledge that you can’t change him in an instant. Try to work on the way you react to his annoying traits and characters. Having a deep sense of understanding and love is integral to coping with a difficult husband. Additionally, learn to voice out your concerns; it is better than building up resentment inside you.

Why husbands ignore their wives?

Sometimes, married men tend to ignore their wives when occupied with work or pressing issues like work, stress, or family issues. In most cases, they avoid talking about the situation to prevent it from escalating into an argument or a fight.

What are the signs of a toxic marriage?

Toxicity creeps into a relationship when marital issues are left unresolved and allowed to fester into bigger problems. Any relationship that leaves you frustrated, depressed, exhausted, insecure, or unhappy is toxic. Another subtle sign to watch out for is your partner’s attitude towards you. If he disrespects or abuses you, then you’re in an unhealthy marriage.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed the read? I’m sure you will find the tips provided above useful in dealing with your annoying spouse. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions via the comment section below. Additionally, kindly help other women going through a similar dilemma by sharing this article across various social networks. 

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