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Are You Ready To Meet Someone For The First Time? (21 Ways to Impress Him)

May 4, 2024

When you meet new people, a lot of things go through your mind. Whether you want to or not, you judge your date on different levels. You already have preconceived notions and about the person, so you expect to see exactly who they told you they were. However, you might be disappointed that they don’t meet your expectations.

On your part too, you want to leave a great impression on your date, especially when you meet face to face initially. There are some things you shouldn’t do, and other things you should. That way, you’ll be comfortable, enjoy the date and make your date feel the same way. 

Even though you’re just meeting each other, it doesn’t take much to know if he is truly who he said he was. That’s one of the unsavory gifts online dating gives us. The devil is in the detail, not the big gestures he will display to impress you.

The tips in this article will help you make a good impression when meeting someone new. You’ll equally know if he is the kind of person you will want to go out with again.

21 Ways to Impress Someone You’re Meeting For the First Time

1. Show up comfortable 

show up comfortable

When meeting up with someone new, you will be tempted to dress to impress. They probably made a good impression on the online dating site, but don’t get carried away. Wearing clothes that you’re not entirely comfortable with is not the best. Don’t go overboard with your outfit just to impress people you don’t know so well yet.

If he tells the location ahead, you can dress in tandem with that. If you’re not so sure of the location, dress accordingly; neither too formal nor too casual. Then, watch how he shows up too. Is he dressed up in a way that makes you comfortable or otherwise?

2. Talk with confidence and awareness 

The conversation on your first date will ensure your date remembers you for a long while, especially if you like him and want the feeling to be mutual. Don’t be too coy or shy when you meet first, that’s a solid piece of advice. 

You can be reserved and still hold an active conversation. You can be coy and still maintain your partner’s interest for the duration of the date. Be confident in who you are and the topics you will discuss. 

3. Don’t sugar-coat to sound woke

 If you really like this guy and you see yourself having a relationship with him in the future, you shouldn’t mess up the first meeting with sugar-coated information about yourself. By giving half-truths when meeting someone new, you’re setting the potential relationship up for failure

Be as honest as possible without giving away information you’re not cool with. Discuss controversial topics without arguing and share your honest opinion. Being honest is the best symbol of a blossoming relationship.

4. Do something new and make yourself memorable 

Even if you end up not wanting to go on a date after the first time, you can make yourself memorable anyway. However, make sure whatever you do differently from the norm should be from a positive angle. You don’t want to do something that will make you feel miserable or embarrass your date. 

5. Let your body speak for you

Communication isn’t only verbal, but non-verbal gestures go a long way too. That’s what body language is all about. Ensure you keep eye contact strong and steady. Also, sit in a way that shows you’re confident yet comfortable, and carry yourself in a way that makes your date comfortable. Good body language will leave your date comfortable and willing to engage with you in conversation. 

6. Connect by arousing emotions

You want this man to develop deep feelings for you, so you should share details about you that will make him feel like he has known you all his life. You’re not faking or trying to manipulate him. Rather, you’re trying to make him feel closer to you through your stories. Your date should be able to do the same thing because it goes both ways

7. Actively listen 

It’s easy to get distracted while other people are talking. Distractions could come from your environment, your thoughts, or your date's mannerism. If you want to receive the same courtesy, give him your full attention to not miss important details. Give the kind of attention that will make the other person feel important at that moment. 

8. Use your smile to disarm him 

A smile can go a long way to make a date more enjoyable. Give genuine smiles that will trigger your date’s happy hormone and help him loosen up. He is probably just as nervous as you are, so don’t assume he doesn’t need to relax. Maintaining a smiling face will also let the date end on a good note, regardless of whether you like the guy or not.

9. Include names in the chat to make your date feel important 

You continuously mention the names of people you’re close to. There is something about saying people’s names that makes them feel more connected to you. So, throw his name in the conversation once in a while; it’ll make him feel important. It also shows you are paying attention to him. He should be able to do the same, even if it’s not often.

10. Show your fun and festive side 

show your fun and festive side

It’s your first date, and so you shouldn’t be complaining about anything, even if there’s any reason to do so. Is the meal not that good? 

Don’t get too high and haughty about it. There are subtle ways to deal with the situation. Channel the pleasantness of something else, how good the music is, the stellar company, or even the decor. 

Observe your date’s reaction as well, in order to know if he’s a complainer or someone who sees the fun in every situation. Even if nothing comes out of the date, your date will remember you as a fun person, and you’ll both be better people for it.

11. Show genuine interest in your date

Paying genuine attention to people when they share their stories is one way to win their hearts. Apply the 100% attention rule by continually making eye contact and come in with the right replies when necessary. If your date doesn’t reciprocate, then he’s probably not as present as you are. So, that’s a sign you should look out for.

12. What does his appearance say about him

First impressions go a long way, so it’s important to groom yourself properly. The truth is that we all put a lot of effort into good for a date. Your date should be held to the same standards. Sure, looks are not everything, but simple things like a manicure, combed hair, a pleasant cologne, and the rest go a long way.

13. Be timely 

If you don’t want your date to judge you as an unserious person, make sure you arrive early. This is particularly vital if you’re meeting someone at a given location. But if he is picking you up, be ready a lot earlier than anticipated. Being prepared shows you respect that he’s taking moments out of his day to be with you.

14. Watch your mannerisms

It is normal to want to nervously bite your nails, or impulsively twirl your hair, but resist it at all costs. If you’re a picky eater, only order what you can eat and finish. If your palms get sweaty from nervousness, discreetly wipe them on a napkin or your cloth, then give a dry firm handshake that pronounces your confidence. 

If touching your phone constantly is your weird mannerism, put your phone away for the date’s duration. In all, do your best to make the other person know you’re fully there with him.

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15. Make your first meeting be in the public

You don’t want to end up with the grim reaper as your date, so it’s best if you insist that the first date is in a public place. The world is full of weird people and chances are that you’ll run into one, sooner or later.

If he disagrees, then he probably has an ulterior motive. You can even choose the location just to be sure it is somewhere you can leave quickly, or call for help in case of any foul play. Make sure you’re with your cell phone, too, and don’t hesitate to call for help if you feel you’re in danger.

15. You don’t need to kiss or have sex with him on a first date.

Yes, you’ve gotten acquainted already, maybe you’ve even sexted a couple of times. But you don’t know him well enough to get jiggy with it already. You need further information about him before kissing or going the full 9 yards.

Even after you know him well, you’re not obligated to be intimate unless you want to. The fact that he paid for a couple of meals does not mean you owe him anything. To be on the safe side, insist on a split bill so you can pay for your own meal.

16. Be assertive about knowing him

You don’t need to wait for him to tell you everything about himself.  You can ask him questions about things you need to know. Don’t be overly assertive either and ask questions that will put him off. Ask questions that show you’re interested in knowing him without touching sore spots like his financial state, family problems, or personal deficiencies. In fact, you can indirectly get any information without being offensive.

17. Give sincere compliments 

Compliments can diffuse tense moments when meeting someone on a first date. People generally like it when they are complimented so that it will work in almost any situation. Compliment him on the way he is dressed, the way he speaks, or even the way he acts towards you. No matter what, make sure your compliments are sincere.

18. Ensure the date ends well  

The date is about both of you, but your feelings take precedence, so end the date early if you must. Remember, you want to make a lasting impression that will ensure there’s no bad blood between you even if things don’t work out. So, if you’ve been doing the right thing from the beginning of the date, the outing will end well. Let him know you had fun, he will definitely like that.

19. Just be yourself 

just be yourself

Don’t offer more information than is necessary. Also, don’t force interest, and pretend to be into him more than you are. Nobody wants you to treat them like you care when you don’t. You don’t have to be into people before you treat them nicely. Be authentic in your likeness and make sure you politely let your date know afterward that you don’t want to go on another date.

20. Don’t be conclusive about the person’s character with the first day

We are quick to judge people based on the first impression they give. How would you feel if someone decided you’re a standoffish person because you didn’t contribute much to the conversation on a first date? Bad right? While you knew you were nervous, they didn’t. As such, try to give people you like a second chance to prove they are worth your effort. 

21. The ball is always in your court

Regardless of how the first date goes, you have the right to do what you want with your initial impression of your date. Don't Feel like you have to go out with him again. If you think he’s worth another chance, fine. If not, let him know it won’t work out.


What do you do when you meet someone for the first time?

When you initially meet someone face-to-face, be yourself even though you’re trying to make them like you the more. Don’t fidget, don’t flatter. Tell the truth without sounding offensive.

What do you say when you meet someone for the first time?

Say all the right things, such as giving compliments on the way they are dressed. Ask how the person’s day went, the plans for the week, hobbies, favorite places to be, and other questions to make him relax and open up to you.

How do I meet for the first time?

Try to ensure that you meet in an open space so that you can leave whenever you want. You never know how it’ll go when you’re meeting someone strange and new. To be on the safe side, pick the location or suggest one.

Should you hug on the first date?

If it isn’t awkward, yes, you can hug on a first date, but it isn’t compulsory that you do. A simple firm handshake is good for starting the date, if you feel comfortable with him at the end of the date, you can hug him.

What do you bring to a guy’s house for the first time?

In this situation, you don’t want to spook him, so pack lightly. Only carry along necessities, leave behind the clutter, you are not moving in. It is not the time to bring big luggage that contains your complete makeup kit, or unnecessary clothes you won’t need. 

In Conclusion 

The first of many meetings usually makes both parties nervous, unsure, and awkward. If you follow the tips in this article, that initial meeting with the guy you like will go a little bit smoother. Did you like what you read? Please leave a comment and share it with someone else. 

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