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What Do Guys Think After You Sleep With Them? (25 Possible Things)

February 23, 2023

Do you wonder what a guy is thinking immediately after sleeping with you?

It’s common for women to obsess over this. 

Well, I’ve spoken with plenty of men about this, and let me tell you that most women really don’t have to worry.  

The thoughts on going in their head are almost always overwhelmingly POSITIVE.

Any dude who is having negative thoughts about you after sex is most likely experiencing plenty of nasty thoughts about himself or sex in general.

In this guide, I have listed 25 of the most common thoughts going through a man’s mind shortly after you’re done making love.

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Read on for my list of the 25 most common thoughts that guys experience after sex.

25 Things Guys Think After You Sleep With Them

1. They’re excited about the experience

When a guy has sex and the chemicals in his brain start to kick in, the only thing he’ll feel at that moment is the excitement. Guys aren’t as emotional as women and may not necessarily have complex thoughts as we do. Since what they see and touch mostly moves them, almost all sexual encounters would give them an exciting experience afterward. 

There is rarely any time where a man doesn’t feel excited about making love. Even though there are turn-offs along the way, he’ll still revel in the thought of having one more ‘conquest’. 

2. They want to know whether you enjoyed it too

They want to know whether you enjoyed it too

Men that are emphatic would naturally be concerned about pleasing their women in bed. They’ll want to see whether you’re also feeling as excited as they are about sex. If he’s in a relationship with you, your opinions about his skills would matter a lot to him because it would determine how future rounds will go. 

Not all men would be caring enough to think about the satisfaction of the women they slept with. Therefore, you can know when you have a good catch if he’s concerned about this subject because it will give you a little insight into his personality.

3. “Did she have an orgasm?”

Knowing that a woman reached climax and had an orgasm stroke a man’s ego when it comes to making love. It’s even better when you both complement each other and get there at the same time. It assures him of his skills and gives him a sense of accomplishment. It reaffirms that you indeed enjoyed yourself, which also adds to the excitement that he’s feeling. 

Since it’s exceedingly easy for women to fake orgasms nowadays, a guy would naturally wonder whether your orgasm was real or not. Guys worry about these subjects because it determines how confident they’ll feel after having sex with you. Your orgasm will undoubtedly guarantee his skills in bed.

4. He’s thinking whether to stay or go

Guys aren’t in touch with their emotions like women and would want to do random activities like watch TV and eat after having sex. Women, on the other hand, have a different perspective and may want to cuddle and hang out for longer. 

This reason is why after a one night stand with a guy, one thing he’s going to be thinking about is whether to stay or go. If he’s at your place, he might want to leave instead. If you’re at his apartment, he would think of requesting to drop you home or letting you pass the night.   

5. He’s thinking if he’s the best you ever had

Most guys want an essential place in the lives of the girls they’re intimate with, both physically and emotionally. A guy wants to make a woman feel so good that she doesn’t ever forget about him. This scenario will stroke his ego and make him feel confident about his performance. 

If he has sex with you, he wants to know whether it was different and somewhat better than all the others you’ve ever had, but he won’t have the balls to ask.  All men would fight to have an unforgettable slot in your head when it comes to sex because somehow, it proves their worth.  

6. He’s thinking about whether he finished too fast

When a guy gets too excited about having sex with you, it might be hard for him to stay longer before reaching climax, which would cause him to finish fast. There are a lot of other reasons why guys finish early in the bedroom, but it’s always a turnoff when they do. 

If a man realizes that he wasn’t able to satisfy you for as long as necessary, it will be a shame to his self-confidence. He’ll spend the night, and perhaps, a more extended period ruminating on his performance and hoping you don’t tell your friends about the ‘short time’ you spent with him. He’ll want to make everything right again.

7. He gets worried he stayed too long

He gets worried he stayed too long

Apart from the common concern of finishing too fast, a guy also gets worried about waiting too long. A woman would be dissatisfied when a guy is too short when having sex; and similarly, would be impatient when he takes too long. 

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The two scenarios would be a turnoff, which is why guys get worried about them. A delayed orgasm might be associated with other health conditions, so it’s prudent for a guy to ruminate on what caused the incident. He’ll think back to whether the problem is from him, or whether it was incited from an action that took place earlier.

8. He hopes you’re on your pills

If a man doesn’t use protection during sex, he’ll wonder whether you’re genuinely on your medications after having sex with you. He wouldn’t be able to think about these things before or during the process because he’ll be exhilarated from the experience. 

After the excitement has died out, his thoughts would run across the possibilities of you not being on your pills. If it’s a one night stand, he’ll find it hard to ask you about it, which will cause him to ponder for a moment. The possibilities of having an unplanned pregnancy will keep his thoughts preoccupied.

9. He’s thinking about showering

After having sex, a man is bound to be sweaty and sticky. He would only realize these things when he’s out of cloud nine and begins to observe his environment. Often, his attention to this detail after having sex is what will push him to think about showering. If a guy tends to leave the bed as soon as he’s done with you, it could be because he wants to clean up the ‘mess’. 

You can consider showering with him to boost intimacy and provide an avenue for another round. He’ll be ecstatic about getting into the refreshing shower with you, especially if it’s a serious relationship.

10. He wonders if you’re in a relationship

If a guy thinks about this subject after having sex with you, it means he likes you a lot and is hoping you’re not already taken. On the contrary, he could feel intimidated by a partner that could potentially trouble him. If it’s a one night stand where he has little to no recollection of asking you about your relationship status, he will ponder on these things after having sex. 

At the end of the day, no one wants to be visited by a couple of ‘big-bodied friends’ in the night over something they did in the haze of the moment.

If the man likes you, he might summon up the courage to ask you whether you’re dating anyone. If he’s scared of being troubled by your boyfriend or husband, he might leave, hoping not to see you too soon.

11. He’s thinking about how you got there

What do guys think after you sleep with them? The truth is, if a guy is highly intoxicated, he might have patchy memories of how he met someone and spent the night with them. If he wakes up to a person for the first time, he might have all these questions about how she got beside him. 

This scenario will keep him dazed for a period, with plenty of questions to ask. Of course, not all men would put much thought to it, some men prefer to refrain from asking a lady how she got into his bed. If he enjoyed himself, he’d be more focused on that than how the previous night went.

12. He’s wondering what the next step is

Men also think about their future with a girl they just made love to. Again, not all men think this far ahead, especially if they feel it was a mistake. If the relationship is undefined between the man and the woman, he may or may not be thinking about getting more serious so he can see her again. 

Of course, it’s not all the time such thoughts plague them, but a lot of guys do think ahead. Some of these thoughts can keep him dazed in bed every time he has sex with you until he finalizes on what he should do. Therefore, it’s fair to say that guys also overthink the situation when it comes to their sexual associations.

13. He’s thinking about another round

Although guys wouldn’t necessarily ask for a second round in a first time sexual relationship, it’s undoubtedly something that crosses their mind on some occasions. If he’s in the mood for more but perceives that you’re tired out or not as excited as he is, he might refrain from requesting a rematch. 

In other cases, a guy might feel the need to showcase his stamina by asking for another round irrespective of the mood of the lady. If he truly enjoys his time with someone, it’s a fact that he will think about a rematch with her either immediately or sooner than expected.

14. He’s reminiscing on the impressive moves you displayed

Someone who’s not afraid to showcase their outstanding skills in bed will capture the attention of their partner. A little bit of confidence will get any man hooked on the experience he had with you and will cause him to be dazed for some time. 

This is one way to keep him coming back and to sustain a healthy relationship with him. Anything you do to make the moment memorable will give him a positive impression of you. Therefore, if you show your man a fantastic technique, be rest assured that he’ll think about it afterward.

15. He’s thinking about telling his friends

What do guys think after you sleep with them? Well, a lot of guys can’t think about anything else other than a way to share the juicy details with their friends. Not all men think this way, but others have this thought after sex with a woman for the first time because they feel excited about their encounter. 

They want their friends to know how active and impressive their sex life is because invariably, society praises men on these subjects. If you notice that he can’t get his eyes off his phone, especially after a steamy encounter with you, it might be because he’s already filling his friends in.  

16. He’s wondering whether to tell his friends or not

There’s another category of guys that think deeply before letting their friends in on their sexual encounters. They will consider many factors and determine whether it’s a good thing to involve others in their experiences with their women. 

If they're used to sharing all the juicy details of their encounters with women, it may be a habit they are used to or are trying to shake off. Therefore, it’s fair to say that some guys are more concerned about intimacy than the praise they’ll receive from friends. If he wants to get serious with you, he wouldn’t want to make any mistake that would cost him his association with you. 

17. He’s thinking about the right moment to call back

He’s thinking about the right moment to call back

More often than none, guys get confused on the subject of calling a lady after sex. If they were intimate for the first time, the man might be unclear about his decisions for the future. A man would love to keep everything casual but could get confused about when to reach out. 

For this reason, many guys end up delaying contact with a woman due to their uncertainties. It’s easy for women to get agitated about making contact after sex, but it’s more important to focus on the man’s desires for the future.

18. He wants to eat

After enjoying a steamy encounter with a lady, it’s natural for guys to think about food. Eating is the next good thing a man will think about because it’s the best way to regain energy for another potential round. 

If you’re dating someone who likes food, he might be courteous enough to get some snacks for the two of you, which is an excellent way to round off the night. Although girls prefer to snuggle with their partners after sex, some men would choose to rush into the kitchen to regain their energy after having a fantastic night.

19. He’s wondering whether he was selfish or not

Mutual satisfaction is essential in any serious relationship because it ensures both parties receive and give their best. However, one party can get carried away and monopolize the situation during sex. 

That’s why he may be wondering whether he gave you ample opportunity to reciprocate and own the moment as he should have. He knows it’s something that can determine whether you enjoyed the encounter or not, and would want to ensure he didn’t get all the pleasure while leaving you tired but unsatisfied.  

20. He’s thinking about your name

What do guys think after you sleep with them? Sometimes, they might be trying hard to remember your name. If there was no emotional connection before sex, the fact is that many men would focus more on intercourse than everything else at that point. 

One thing with men is that they pay less attention to details when their testosterone levels are off the roof. Therefore, after a fantastic encounter, they would search for the right way to refer to you without being offensive because they can’t recall your name.

21. He’s thinking of how he looked

One thing that can occupy a man’s head after intercourse is how he looked upon release. Many men shy away from revealing their vulnerable side to their partners because it lowers the ego about being macho during lovemaking. 

Anything that could potentially make them seem too emotional will become a significant thought to them. If they sense that their orgasm face was weird at any point through the course of sexual relations, it could make them worry. They would get concerned about being less masculine than they’d like to appear.

22. He regrets the situation

Many men have sex on different grounds. In serious relationships, it’s mostly for intimacy, while in a more casual case, everything could be for fun. Regardless, some guys have sexual relations for one reason or the other and regret them. A realization could change his opinion about getting physical with you and make him regret his actions. 

If he has a serious partner that could get hurt by his actions, or he’s trying to protect his relationship with you, he would feel bad about engaging in sexual intercourse with you.

23. He’s thinking about doing it more often

If a man hasn’t been in a relationship or had sex in a while, new activities with a lady will make him remember what he’s been missing. If his performance was outstanding, he’d recollect how great it made him feel, which will push him to the point of wanting to engage in such activities more often. 

24. He wants to watch TV

The truth is that most men behave differently after sex. For some, the best thing to do would be to embrace their partner and enjoy the moment; while others might think it’s right to grab the remote and watch some TV. 

Everything is all about perspective; if you don’t feel intimidated by your partner’s decision to watch TV, you can join him and enjoy the night. Regardless of his choices, you should always do something you feel would make the moment special.

25. He hopes that the night means nothing to you

For most men that don’t desire a relationship after hooking up, something that crosses their head after intercourse is the expectation that the woman feels the same way too. 

Such a guy would enjoy the course of the sexual relations but wouldn’t want that part of the relationship to become serious. If the lady makes a big deal about it, he might end the association to ensure he isn’t under undue pressure.  


How do I keep him interested after sleeping with him?

If you want a relationship after hooking up with a man, it’s best to make sure that the man is the committed type. If the guy is all about sex without any intention of settling or building a connection, it’s essential to bear this in mind before proceeding.

How do you know if a guy thinks you’re good in bed?

Women always ask, “What do guys think after you sleep with them?” especially when they want to know how they performed in bed. The answer to this question lies in the thing the man does afterward. The more he can’t get his hands off you, the more he suggests that you were terrific.

Why do guys change after you sleep with them?

Everyone has a motive for sleeping with another person. It could be more about their personal feelings and the excitement of being in bed with a woman. There’s a high chance such a guy will say or do anything to get a lady. When he succeeds, he’ll be less motivated to appear charming, which would make him seem different.

How long will a guy wait to sleep with you?

All guys have different perspectives on the right amount of time to wait to be in bed with a woman. Some might wait for an extended period with no intention of committing, while others that want a relationship might even be too impatient. Therefore, it’s more important to always bear in mind what you desire as a lady to know the right man for you.

How do you know if a man is making love to you?

You will know when your man is making love to you by his commitment to making you feel special during intercourse. If he doesn’t exclusively regard sex as something that makes two creatures feel good, but as an experience to show you how much he adores you, then it’s a positive sign.

To Conclude

Did you enjoy this article on ‘what do guys think after you sleep with them’? Remember that a lot of scenarios can cause a man to think about different things after lovemaking. Therefore, you can’t always conclude what’s running through his head. Kindly leave a comment below if you liked this article, and share it with other people.

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