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The Dark Side Of A Libra Man (7 Mysterious Traits)

May 31, 2024

What are the dark sides of Libra men in a relationship? If you are dating a libra man you may be wondering about the potential dark sides that may appear in your relationship with him. The Libra man is one of the air sides, and looking into astrology could help you to determine the dark side of his personality. 

Libras are defined by the scales and Libra men are often considered to be reasonable and logical, they are the ones that often find solutions in difficult situations. They can usually be relied upon when things get difficult in your relationship. However, when things go wrong, his dark side may appear and he may not be willing to tolerate certain things. 

You may be wondering what may happen if you hurt or upset your Libra man? Will he turn on you or will a side of him that you have never noticed before appearing in front of your eyes? What possible negative traits or weaknesses could appear when things go wrong in your relationship with this Libra man? Keep reading to find out more about his dark side. 

What Is The Dark Side Of A Libra Man In A Relationship?

You may be wondering how a Libra man may act when he is angry, upset, or annoyed? What can you expect from him if you find yourself in an argument with him? There are certain aspects of his personality that may appear when he is in a dark place, and it is important to be aware of them in case it happens to you when you are unprepared. 

When he is angry or annoyed he may not act obviously so. He will usually not be inclined to vent his anger outwardly, but may instead keep it within himself. He will want to try and maintain the balance and harmony of your relationship and will not want to upset this even if he is annoyed or upset with you, so be aware of this. 

He may appear aloof or detached because of this aspect of his personality. He may try his best to avoid outbursts of anger because of his desire to avoid any change in the balance of your relationship. However, this is not always a positive thing and it may result in him building up potential resentment against you despite his love for you. 

1. He might become detached

One of the potential downfalls of dating a Libra man could be that during an argument or a tough patch of your relationship, he may become detached and close his thoughts and emotions off from you. He is not likely to openly or obviously vent his anger toward you, rather, he may become aloof and hide all of his feelings from you and leave you in the dark. 

He likes to maintain the balance and harmony of the relationship, even if it is not the right thing to do in that situation. He will usually try to think logically before making any decision or action, but at times, this character trait can get the better of him. His desire to keep the balance coincides with his tendency to detach himself from situations. 

He will usually do his best to avoid any outbursts of emotion and will rather like to keep level-headed during arguments. His values of justice and balance are too strong for him to engage in emotional arguments but this also may mean that things do not get resolved as quickly as they would if you had engaged in an argument. 

2. He may cut you off

He may cut you off

If a Libra guy has been hurt once, he is not likely going to let it happen again. He is patient and likes to keep things in harmony, but once the line has been crossed he will walk away and won’t look back. He will like to take some time to think things over and decide how he wants to play the situation, but once he has his decision will be final. 

The Libra man won’t engage in drama as that kind of behaviour goes against his inner natural values of balance and harmony. He will be patient at first and will take a bit of time to decide what he wants and figure out what is best for him. He will judge the situation fairly and come to the conclusion regarding what is best for his own peace of mind. 

He won’t choose to partake in any type of drama that may upset the balance of his thoughts. Nothing is worth upsetting the harmony that he craves. If you happen to greatly hurt or upset the Libra man, he won’t forget it any time soon, he will walk away, cut you out of his life and won’t be likely to ever look back or regret his decision. 

3. He may involve his friends

Friends and family are one of the most important aspects of a Libra man’s life. These people are always held very close to his heart. To the Libra sign, maintaining a balance in all of his relationships is very important and he is usually pretty good at maintaining harmony in all of the relationships in his life. 

If he does find himself in an upsetting or confusing situation emotionally regarding his romantic partnership, he might be likely to involve his friends in finding a potential solution. While you may be likely to keep these types of situations private, Libras are likely to consult those closest to them in figuring out such a situation. 

If he finds himself in a difficult situation, he might talk to those around him before he decides on his final action. What you may consider being completely private, he may think it is normal and the right thing to do to share it with his friends and family. While you may see this as broken trust, he finds it difficult to keep anything from those close to him. 

4. He may not be likely to easily settle down

Libra men are charmers and naturally likeable. He is able to win over almost every woman with this charm and friendly nature. He knows how to talk to people and get them to like him. This usually means that this zodiac sign can get almost any woman that he sets his eyes on. But this sociable trait may mean that he will not easily settle down with just anyone. 

The libra man is romantic at heart. He is an air sign that is always looking for his soul mate and his perfect life partner. He will not likely settle with anyone until he is absolutely sure that she is the woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with. So be careful, when you are falling for a Libra man, as he may not be prone to settle easily. 

If you are looking for someone to settle down with and spend the rest of your life with, it is important to be careful and protect your heart if you are dating a Libra man. This is the dark side of a Libra and one of his negative personality traits. Don’t commit to a Libra man until you are sure that he is ready to commit too or you might risk getting hurt. 

5. He may be self-centred

The sign Libra may be prone to being self-centred and putting themselves first in any situation even though you may expect otherwise. To a Libra man, his own happiness is one of the most important things and he won’t put much above this. In whatever situation he finds himself in, he will almost always put his own desires and his own happiness first. 

He can be known to cut all ties with a situation if it is not making him really and truly happy. He will not settle down with anyone unless they make him happier than he has ever been. If he finds himself in a situation that he is not comfortable or happy in, it won’t take him long to leave it. But as long as his desire for harmony and balance is achieved, he will stay. 

Libras look for harmony and balance in all aspects of his life and if these things aren’t being achieved, he will do whatever needs to be done to ensure that this changes. He will accept being called selfish and know that he is doing the right thing for himself. So be careful when you are dating a Libra man, as he may be inclined to put his own happiness ahead of yours. 

6. He is logical

A Libra man can often be considered to be very logical and rational, this may mean however that he is not that emotional and can cause upset in his relationships because of this. He is often very choosy about what he chooses to argue or get upset about. He will think about an issue from all perspectives before he decides exactly how to react. 

This may mean that he appears cold or withdrawn in arguments or disagreements in his relationships, but this is just his way of dealing with the upset of balance. This type of behaviour may appear to his partner that he doesn’t care about her feelings, but only his own. However, his rationality and logical mind will always come before his emotions. 

Emotions can sometimes be too much for this Libra man and he may push them aside to instead focus on the rational solution to the situation. He may sometimes avoid arguments altogether just so that he can keep the balance and avoid the stress of such chaos. He is often perceived as a people-pleaser and a pushover because of this. 

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7. He never forgets anything

He never forgets anything

When you are in an argument with a libra, he might be likely to bring up past arguments or grudges. He will never forget anything. While a libra usually likes to avoid all types of arguments and conflicts if at all possible, when he does argue, he will remember all of the resentment and grudges that have built up over your time together. 

He may appear not to care, but he has been quietly building up grudges against you that will come to the surface in an argument. He may not be looking for revenge but he will never forget anything and this will become apparent during a disagreement. He will remember every detail and keep a record of everything that has happened in his mind. 

He won’t stop himself from bringing up old grudges or disagreements during an argument, and this may be hard to combat due to his great memory and eye for detail. You will find it hard to disagree with him as he is usually accurate with his information. You may find this hurtful, but this is just one of the natural personality traits of a Libra man, just be careful.


How do Libras act when they like someone? 

When Libras like someone they will show their charming side. Like some zodiac signs, these people are naturally charming and will show this side of their personality when they are attracted to someone. This is a man that is ruled by the air element, meaning that he does not like to tolerate imbalance or the loss of harmony in his love relationships, so he will likely not look for arguments. 

What are Libras attracted to?

Libras are attracted to people that are calm and balanced. Libras are ruled by the air element and are often known to be calm and balanced in their love relationships. They will not be attracted to someone that is overly dramatic or emotional as he does not like change or imbalance in his relationships. He will be attracted to someone that is similarly calm and relaxed. 

What is the bad side of a Libra?

Libras can tend to be someone detached in their love relationships and is one of the bad sides of his relationship. He will usually do his best to avoid any conflict or arguments with his partners. He is often very patient but if things go wrong, the bad side of his personality may appear. This can mean that he can keep things inside and develop resentment toward you. 

What is a Libra man weakness?

Libras can often become detached in his love relationships. If he is upset or angry toward his partner he may not be inclined to show his anger outwardly but this may become a negative thing as he doesn’t tell you how he is feeling. This may cause him to avoid telling you that something has upset him because he wants to avoid any conflict. 

How do you know if a Libra man is serious?

If you want to know whether a Libra man is serious about you and is planning to spend the rest of his life with you then consider how he acts when he is around you. If he talks about the future and his future dreams and he includes you in these plans, then this is a sign that he is really serious about you and he sees himself spending his life with you. 

To Sum Up… 

Libras are of the air element and are usually very loving, balanced and caring in their relationships. However, as with any partnership, going out with a Libra can have its own negative side too. Libras tend to keep things within themselves in order to avoid conflicts with their partner, however, this may cause resentment to build up and cause further issues. 

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