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Libra Man Leo Woman: How Well Do Leo And Libra Get On?

I want you to picture the lion, King of Jungle, proudly standing atop a mountain. Their magnificent roar permeates their imposing presence into the night. 

Now, who would be foolish enough to try and reason with such a commanding beast?  Can you even imagine trying to reason with such a fierce creature? Putting your point of view across in a calm and measured manner. I can think of only one – Libra. 

Yes, I am talking about a relationship between a Libra man and Leo woman. I am examining the Libra man and Leo woman compatibility. And perhaps yes, at first glance, this pair does appear to have challenges when it comes to a love relationship

Leo and Libra

So, could these two be a love match? Well, you might be surprised by what I am about to reveal. 

But first, let’s take a look at each sign in a little more detail.


  • Fire sign
  • Ruled by the Sun
  • Symbol of the Lion
  • Masculine forces

Leos believe that anything is possible. These luscious creatures are full to the brim of self-assurance and pride. They think that if they want something to happen it will happen. 

Leos believe that anything is possible

These are the leaders, the doers of the world. Leos start organizations they feel passionate about. They’ll direct and inspire others to take up their cause. 

Leos dazzle others with their brightness. After all, having the Sun as their ruler shines the spotlight on them. The Sun gives life to everything on Earth, and being around Leo sometimes feels the same. 

However, no star sign is perfect and neither is Leo. Leo women, in particular, are prone to fall for flattery. Whilst they might have a strong sense of self-esteem, their sense of pride is entangled up with their appearance.

As a result, their egos are easily stroked and manipulated. You wouldn’t think that the all-powerful lion had any weaknesses, but she does. Along with this fixation on her own beauty, she finds it difficult to accept advice or wisdom from others. This manifests itself in arrogance or an unwillingness to listen to others. 

Leo positives

Warmth, loyalty, natural leader, pride, generosity, mothering nature.

Leo negatives

Vain, arrogant, stand-offish, self-important, egotistical, tyrannical.


  • Air sign
  • Ruled by Venus
  • Symbol of the Scales
  • Masculine forces

Libra believes that balance is important in the world. Balance and fairness. Libra prides himself on being able to see both sides of any argument and judging them on equal merits. 

Libra has none of Leo’s vanity because Libra is concerned with what’s going on outside his frame of reference. He is not concerned with his own ego. Libra has a sense of social justice whereas Leo is more concerned with those in her immediate and close circle. 

Librans don’t feel the need to be centre stage, the way Leos do. They are the mediators of the world. They use the combined wisdom of their elders in order to solve the most difficult problems. 

But as with Leo, Librans are not perfect either. Librans can be so worried about finding the perfect balance of traits in potential love partners they forgo someone with minor imperfections.

Libras are also prone to indecision. They can be perfectionists and put off making decisions. Plus, emotional outbursts tend to alarm them and scare them off. 

Libra does not take kindly to drama and this may make it difficult for them to say no to things. They can be prone to becoming a doormat simply because they want to keep the peace. This makes them pretty easy to manipulate when it comes to love in a relationship. 

Libra positives

Balanced, fair, unbiased, gentle, charming, caring, giving, charming.

Libra negatives

Indecisive, lazy, procrastinating, weak-minded, feeble temperament.  

Are Leo And Libra Compatible?

Now that you have a little more of an understanding about Leo and Libra, let’s dive into the question of Libra man and Leo woman compatibility. Can they be a good love match? Are they compatible with one another? After all, they appear to have very different temperaments. 

For example, Leos burst into your space with their opinions already mapped out and set in stone. They assume that because they have the loudest voice that they are always right. 

But you can never question Leo’s passion or dedication to the cause. And you certainly better not try and put a dent in her pride. She’ll lash out with those claws. 

On the other hand, you have Libra; the essence of the debate. Libra listens carefully to both sides and weighs up the pros and cons. Sure, every Libra wants harmony and peace but they don’t mean shouting or hysterical outbursts. 

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Librans are the very definition of fairness, of balance, of, well, calm deliberation. 

Libras want a quiet, calm and logical discussion in order to air all the facts. The problem is, Leos, don’t do quiet or calm. The topics they argue about are the ones they feel passionate about. It’s very simple for them. 

Leos think to themselves why bother arguing about unimportant matters? 

You might wonder if these two zodiac signs are so different, why they are able to form a relationship with one another in the first place. But remember, we are talking about a Libra man and a Leo woman here. And that’s where it gets very interesting.

Leo collects the extravagant and luxurious. The bigger the better for this lioness. You wouldn’t think it but Libra is attracted to anything that is beautiful. Then there’s Leo’s vanity. Libra’s ability to flatter and compliment is second to none. This is nectar to any proud lion. 

But I’m painting the wrong picture here if you think Leo is nothing more than a vain creature staring at herself, waiting for praise. Lions are mainly known for their courage and daring. 

This is really what Libra admires. Libra is immensely proud of his lioness and her courage to tackle any problem. She is his match, whether in words or actions. And believe me, he’s been looking for a suitable challenger all his life. 

Libra Man Leo Woman Compatibility

Libra Man Leo Woman Compatibility

Consequently, if we are to consider Libra and Leo compatibility with one another, it is the gender pairing here that is most important. That is that it’s a Libra man and a Leo woman that’s crucial, and not the other way round. 

Let me examine it. The way I can easily describe this is – how do you tame a lioness? Or better still, who can tame a lioness? Remember, Libra is all about balance but he’s also the charmer in this relationship. 

Picture the lion in a circus, and the lion tamer beside her, with just a small whip, controlling this enormous, fierce beast as if she was a pussycat. Getting her to stand on two legs, perform tricks, and roll on her back. Surely the lion tamer is a Libra man. 

When it comes to a Leo woman and Libra man, the Libra man flatters and charms his Leo woman. He strokes her ego with his whip and never uses it to hurt or punish her. All the while Leo woman knows she could eat him for breakfast but she is in love with him, and, guess what, she’s getting all the attention. It’s a win-win situation. 

You have to be clever and calm to know exactly what buttons to press with your Leo woman. Libra man has spent eons searching the cosmos for someone who balances the scales perfectly. Once he’s found the ideal partner he finds the courage from somewhere to step into the ring with her. 

That’s not to say everything in this relationship will be plain sailing. Where they might not get along are on the subjects of jealousy and attention. You see, when we are talking about Leo woman and Libra man, Libra doesn’t understand why a person would get jealous. However, your average Libra man exudes this simple charm that draws women to him. 

He doesn’t notice it but you can bet his Leo woman does. Then there’s the other problem of all the attention that her splendour creates that her Libra man isn’t bothered by. She cannot understand why he is not worried by the obvious danger. 

He should also make sure that his lady is always the centre of attention in the relationship. Libra males have a tendency to let their minds wander. Leos don’t mind people who are lost in thought so long as they are thinking about them. 


Do Libras and Leos make a good couple?

Libra and Leo complement each other well. Leo loves attention and Libra is happy to give it. They are both fun and sociable and like an extravagant lifestyle. The longer they are in a relationship the deeper their love will grow

Are Libra men attracted to Leo woman?

Libra men find Leo women attracted due to their bravery and courage, a quality they seek out in others. Leo women are always the centre of attention and not easily missed. Libra is drawn to Leo’s warmth and beauty.

Why are Libras so attracted to Leo's?

Libras admire anyone who is brave and heroic. They also like a challenge and are attracted to beauty and the extravagant things in life. Leos surround themselves with the finer things. For Leo, bigger and brighter is always better. 

How can a Leo woman make a Libra Man Fall in Love?

Libra man is attracted to heroism and bravery but also a woman who has her own opinions. Librans gravitate towards those who are not afraid to show their passion. Libra admires Leo's ability to make things happen. 

Why are Libras so good in bed?

Libra is a caring sign that is respectful to their partner. Their obsession with balance and fairness means that they make considerate lovers. They always want to ensure their partner’s satisfaction as well as their own. 

In Conclusion

Are you in a Leo and Libra relationship? What do you think of my take on Libra man and Leo woman compatibility? Do let me know and please feel free to share this article if you enjoyed it.

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