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How To Show Him You Love Him (51 Sweet Ways)

Whether you have just started dating or have clocked several months and years with your partner, you will find that sustaining love can be challenging, especially if you are not the expressive kind. 

Nevertheless, even if you are not expressive, there are other non-verbal ways to show your boyfriend you love him. In this article, I will reveal 51 ways to show a man how much you love him. 

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51 Ways To Show Him You Love Him

1. Give him your undivided attention

Communication goes beyond speaking. It is also actively listening, without distractions or interruptions. If you want to show your boyfriend you love him, learn to listen and give him your full attention. Not only will your full attention encourage him to be more open, but it also gives you clues into who he is and his innermost desires. 

2. Compliment him genuinely

In reality, it doesn't take much to make someone feel good and loved. An excellent example of simple yet significant acts like this is giving genuine compliments, with particular emphasis on 'genuine' because he will notice when it isn’t. When you say genuine and nice things to him, it will boost his self-esteem and make him feel appreciated.

3. Anticipate his needs

While many people know that life would be easier if they just spoke up about their needs, it still takes a lot of courage, to be honest about your needs to a partner. 

Therefore, anticipating your boyfriend's needs before he requests or even identifies them as things he wants will go a long way to proving how much you love him. That's because only someone who is attentive and genuinely cares about you will be able to anticipate your needs.

4. Verbally offer words of reaffirmation

At the start of a relationship, it is easy to shower your boyfriend with endless compliments and words of reaffirmation. However, after spending a while, you might start to feel that there is no need to tell them what they already know.

This train of thought can be dangerous as you should constantly remind your spouse why they are special to you. 

5. Speak his love language

Considering everyone has their expectations and definition of love, one way to show your partner that you love him is by learning to speak his love language. When you understand and express your love through his love language, he will have no reason to doubt your affections.

6. Create time for him

Except you are in a long-distance relationship where you can't spend time together frequently, you should endeavor to create quality time for your partner irrespective of how busy your schedule might be. By doing so, he will feel like a priority and know that you care deeply about him.

7. Make physical contact

Physical contact here can be anything from touch to sex. Whichever the case, physical touch is proof that you are comfortable with each other and you share a bond. So, next time you are watching a movie, walking, or just having a conversation, ensure to touch him gently. Remember, a touch is a subtle act that speaks volumes of affection.

8. Steal gazes at him, especially in public

Flirting with your partner in public is a clear indication that you love him and find him attractive. For instance, if you are in a family gathering and sitting apart, you can steal glances at him and smile or look away when he stares back. It will be like flirting with each other at the start of your relationship.

9. Give precise and detailed compliments about what makes him exceptional

So you say your boyfriend or husband is amazing all the time, but have you considered what it would mean to him if you were specific about the things that make him such an incredible being. For instance, instead of vaguely calling him fantastic, you can say he impresses you with his voice, skills, or commitment to work.

10. Support his ambitions

support his ambitions

Sometimes, a little support is all we need to realize our capabilities. So, in that light, supporting your partner's decisions, dreams, and business is a surefire way to show you love him without having to say a word. 

11. Get to know his relatives

Family is an integral part of most people's lives, so it will be hard to believe you love a man if you never inquire about his family. An excellent way to show you love your man and want to be with him for the long run is to extend your care and love to his relatives, whether by asking about them through him or checking up on them directly. 

12. Accommodate his friends

I used to have a boyfriend who was so sweet but had messy friends. So I understand how difficult it can be to respect and accommodate your man's friends, especially if they are nothing like him. 

Nevertheless, respecting his friends will indicate to him that you care about his happiness. Remember that respect is a two-way street, so they are more likely to regard you if you respect them.

13. Be honest about your feelings

Debunk the mindset that women shouldn't express their emotions. Instead, be honest about your feelings, even if it means saying those three little words. Tell him you love him, say you miss him, or say whatever you're feeling; just be honest about it.

14. Buy him presents

While it is great to get your man presents on special occasions, you should also know by now that this is expected and may or may not make him feel special. So, if you want to make him feel special and loved, consider getting him presents on random days.

It doesn't have to be something expensive. After all, the little things and the little efforts tend to have the loudest volume.

15. Ask about his needs

A huge part of love is showing care and concern towards your partner. Therefore, it will be hard for your boyfriend to believe you love him if you've never asked about his needs or cared to know his short and long-term goals. 

16. Be attentive to the little things

Does he like his coffee black? Is he a morning person? What are the things that lift his spirit when sad? All these are examples of tiny and perhaps, insignificant things that you should try to know about your boyfriend. As simple as they are, knowing them will signal to your partner that you are attentive.

17. Cuddle him

As stated earlier, physical touch is a non-verbal way to express affection, and what better way to show your boyfriend you love him so much than through cuddles? Cuddles are comforting, soothing, and altogether enjoyable, especially when it comes from someone you love. 

18. Accept what he has to offer and appreciate him

Admittedly, as teenagers, we all had expectations of what we wanted from a man and the qualities they should possess. However, you should know by now that no one is perfect. With this knowledge, learn to appreciate your partner for all the things and ways he loves you. Accept what he has to offer and let him know how much they mean to you.

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19. Be receptive to his affections

I understand that not everyone is a fan of public displays of affection (PDA). However, can you imagine how embarrassing it can be to have your partner reject your love? It will hurt. 

So, if you want your boyfriend to know you love him, be receptive to his affections. If it is not a love language you appreciate, consider having a calm conversation about it instead of outrightly rejecting them.

20. Comment on his social media posts

comment on his social media posts

Yes, the world doesn't have to know your business. However, I bet you have low-key hoped that someone you love would openly profess their feelings to you on social media. So, go ahead and make his day by gushing about him online or leaving cute comments under his posts.

21. Ask for his advice or opinions

Guys are instinctive problem solvers; many of them can't help it. This means a great way to show him you love him is to allow him to offer solutions to your problems. Next time you are in a hurdle, however small, consider asking for his advice. It will make him feel needed, helpful, and of course, desired.

22. Give him long hugs

Before you get defensive and start to talk about how you already hug your partner daily or frequently, remember that the emphasis here is on 'long hugs.' These types of hugs last longer and convey more emotions than the half-hazard hugs you give him when rushing off to work. 

23. Wear his favorite outfit

If you already didn't know this, here's news for you: guys are visual beings. They respond highly to attractive visuals, particularly from a woman they like.

It doesn't matter how long you've been together, take time out to wear an outfit your man likes or dress in his favorite color, and if you are unsure what that is, science says you can't go wrong with red.

24. Don't overly criticize him, instead make him comfortable venting to you

While many men prefer to act macho and keep their emotions hidden, many also wish for a safe space where they can vent and get emotional without feeling judged. You should aim to provide him with this safe space. 

Be a comfortable and non-judgemental support system for your man, where he can openly talk about his worries and fears.

25. Drop little love notes in random places where he will find them

When it comes to maintaining a healthy and loving relationship, couples need to come up with creative ideas that will keep the love burning, and one of such is giving your partner cute notes. Write simple letters about what makes your partner amazing and drop them around the house.

26. Prepare his favorite meal

I bet your mama already told you that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So treat your man to his favorite food made by you. Perhaps you can use this as a loving reward for all the times he's been good to you.

27. Join him in his hobbies

While there might be some truth to the statement "opposites attract," it can also be incredibly frustrating to be with someone who does not appreciate your hobbies and interest. Therefore, to show your love, go the extra mile by not only respecting his hobbies but joining him in them. 

28. Be his best friend

To have a lover and a best friend wrapped in one is one of the biggest flexes of any healthy relationship. So don't scrunch your nose if he ever wants to talk about work or belittle him for wanting to get playful now and then. Instead, listen, learn, and play with him.

29. Check on his parents and siblings

Don't be a stranger to his relatives. Call them on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays. It puts you in their good books and demonstrates to him that you love all of him.

30. Surprise him

surprise him

Okay, ladies, get in here. Many of us are guilty of assuming men do not like surprises. On the contrary, men also love to be surprised. You can check online for some creative ideas on how to surprise your man and emulate them.

31. Give him massages

Everyday life pressures can get to anyone, whether you are working or schooling. So consider giving your boyfriend weekly massages after work, and if you're feeling extra generous and freaky, you can close the session with a happy ending (if you know what I mean).

32. Thank him for the little things

I always love it when people notice and appreciate the little things I do for them. It shows that they are grateful for having you in their life. So go ahead and think of all the small yet significant things your partner does and thank him for them today.

33. Hold his hand in public

So maybe kissing and snuggling in public is not your thing, I understand. However, this does not mean you should completely rule out PDA as a way to show your love. That's because something as simple as holding his hand in public speaks volumes and communicates to him that you are proud of him.

34. Apologize when you're at fault

Okay, Ms. Always Right, we get it that even when you are at fault, you are also right. I know how hard it can be for us ladies to accept our faults and apologize. However, if you want to maintain a healthy relationship where your partner feels valued, learn to apologize when wrong.

35. Be willing to help

Perhaps you don't know how to mow the lawn, change your bulbs, or fix a leaking roof. That doesn't mean you should cross your legs and watch him. He will appreciate you getting him a cold lemonade or glass of water, assisting with the tools he needs, or just being present and talking while he works.

36. Trust him

Trust is one of the primary reasons why relationships fold. On that note, you must learn to trust your man and be confident in his words, well, unless he gives you a reason to doubt. Even then, do not approach him with an accusatory tone. Instead, approach him with love and an open mind.

37. Don't compare him to other men

So what if your partner doesn't get you expensive gifts or flowers every other week? That doesn't make him a bad boyfriend or husband, so you shouldn't make him feel guilty for these shortcomings by comparing him to other men. Remember, comparison is the thief of joy.

38. Flirt with him

It doesn't matter how long you and your partner have been together; never stop flirting. By flirting, you remind him that he is still the sexiest man in your world, which keeps your relationship feeling fresh.

39. Give him some 'guy time'

It doesn't matter how great your relationship is; it is always good to create room for private moments. Whether it is time with friends or time alone with him, you should support and encourage him to do the things that will make him happy and more productive.

40. Let him have the remote

let him have the remote

I bet you were hoping that I would leave this one out. Unfortunately, here it is; ladies, leave the remote for your man once in a while. Let him watch his game or whatever interests him without having to fight for the remote first.

41. Choose his outfits

Let's be frank. Most men aren't great at dressing or looking good. If your man falls into this category, consider choosing his outfit for the next date night. You can make this fun by also allowing him to choose yours.

42. Invite him to family gatherings

Except you are estranged from your family, it will be hard to believe you love your partner if you haven't introduced him to your relatives. So don't hide him away. Instead, show him off proudly by inviting him to events.

43. Share your phone password with him

While you should learn to trust your partner, you should also prove that you are worthy of his trust. For instance, share your phone password or leave it unlocked, as this will reaffirm your love and commitment to him.

44. Be loyal

It is normal for your partner to get into rifts with your relatives or friends. However, this doesn't mean you have to pick sides. Even when your partner is in the wrong, avoid criticizing him in public. Instead, try as much as possible to show your support. You can always correct him later in private.

45. Tell him you miss him when you're apart

Who wouldn't be happy to know that they are such good company that when they are away, their partner misses them? No one I know. A simple 'I miss you' text will make your boyfriend feel loved and remind him of all the exciting memories you share.

46. Don't stress over the small stuff

No man wants to return home to a nagging wife or girlfriend so learn to choose your battles wisely and allow the past to stay in the past. Don't let the small stuff ruffle your feathers and create unnecessary stress and problems in your relationship. 

47. Be his peace

Aim to be your partner's confidant and best friend. Encourage him, support him, and don't belittle his feelings. This way, he will always be at peace around you, causing him to feel adored by you.

48. Have in-depth conversations

Don't shy away from deep, meaningful conversations, as this will improve the bond between you and your partner. Even if you are in a long-distance relationship, you can talk on facetime or skype.

49. Prove that he is a priority

No one likes to feel like an option, so avoid any scenario that will make your partner feel inferior or unworthy of your love.

50. Kiss him randomly

kiss him randomly

Kiss him on his neck, face, lips, or back; when he is sleeping, working, or just talking. Showering a man with random kisses is one of the cute ways to show you love him.

51. Take care of yourself

This point might seem a bit contradictory, considering you are supposed to show your boyfriend you love him. However, putting effort into self-care is a sign that you want to look good for him at all times, and you do not want him worrying about your physical or mental health.


How do you show a man you love him?

Hear him out when he speaks without interrupting, respect him, support him verbally and through actions, and be loyal to him. All these are simple ways to show a man you love him as they appeal to their primary needs of a woman.

How do you make a man feel loved?

If you want to make a man feel loved, you need first to know and understand his love language. When you know his love language, you can begin to act accordingly. For instance, if he is into gifts, consider getting him random and sentimental gifts often.

How do you show a guy you love him without saying it?

You don't always have to say "I love you" to prove to a guy that you love him. Some non-verbal things you can do include cooking for him, connecting with his friends and family, supporting his ambitions, and being a good listener.

What makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman?

Men are indeed visual beings. However, it takes more than a pretty face to win a man's heart. In addition to your physical attributes, empathy and emotional connections play an essential role. Men want a woman who shares in their values and can connect with them on every level.

How can I win my man's heart?

To win a man's heart, you should support his ambitions, listen to him, and not compare him to other men. Men hate comparisons so instead of doing that, appreciate him for what he has to offer and genuinely compliment him.

To Summarize

Relationships aren't the easiest things to navigate, but the golden rule to success is ensuring that your partner never doubts your love and loyalty. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this list of fun and cute things you can do to show your partner you love him and make him feel secure. If yes, please leave a comment behind, and don't forget to share.


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