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How To Make A Man Feel Needed (5 Simple Ways)

Are you wondering how to make your man feel needed?

Maybe your current partner feels like you don’t appreciate him?

Perhaps you’re trying to date a man who is suffering from low self-esteem?

Either way, this guide is here to help you. It features five ideas to make a man feel needed. 

This is a tremendously under-rated way to attract a man. 

In recent years, I have been studying the biology behind what happens in the male brain when he is falling for a woman.  

And when a woman can make a man feel powerful, purposeful, loved and needed, THAT’S what sets the ‘love hormones’ off. 

The process for setting these emotions off inside a man is centered around an aspect of primal psychology called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’

I have been studying how to do this recently, and it’s THIS that helped men become more drawn to me than ever before. 

My relationships with men have become more loving and meaningful since I learned how to activate a man’s ‘Hero’s Instinct’. You can learn more about how I did it, by reading this personal blog post.

The post features an in-depth analysis of how I come to find out the importance of this psychological trigger.

However, I’ve also outlined the basics below.

How To Make A Man Feel Needed?

If you are wondering how to make sure that your partner feels needed, wanted, and desired in your relationship, it is important to be aware of whether you ever allow him to care and look after you. If he feels as if he is not able to look after you and help you out then he may begin to feel as if he is not needed by you and you’d be okay without him. 

He will feel good about himself if he knows that he is wanted and can look after you and it will likely cause other improvements in other aspects of your relationship too. He may start to think that he is not an important part of your life if you never allow him to be there for you and you always keep things to yourself. 

However, if you let him in and you allow yourself to be vulnerable you will have a much closer and more intimate relationship. He will likely treat you even better too when he knows how much of a positive impact he has on your life. He wants to know that he makes your life better and that you would miss him if he wasn’t there. 

Why Do Men Need To Feel Wanted And Needed?

Men love to feel needed as he wants to know that he can look after you and care for you when you need him. He wants to feel needed and desired and to know that he is a special part of his life. He likes to know that he can protect and look after you like you care for him. He will feel better about himself and feel more confident when he can care for you. 

However, if you make him feel like he is not a necessary part of your life he may begin to start looking for someone who does need him and will let him care for them. If he doesn’t feel wanted he may begin to lose interest in your relationship over time, so be aware of this if this is the case right now. Keep reading to find out what you can do to change this situation. 

It is not that difficult to make sure that he feels wanted and desired by you and often it is little acts of kindness that make the biggest difference in your relationship. However, it is important to be aware that these changes likely won’t happen overnight and it is going to take time to get used to being vulnerable and allowing him to care for you. 

Simple Ways To Make Him Feel Needed

1. Never Reject Him

never reject him

If he tries to make you happy make sure that you never reject these acts of care and love that he tries to offer you. If he does something to make you happy ensure that you never just ignore it and you acknowledge and show your appreciation of him. If you never show him how much you love when he makes you smile or laugh, he will likely lose interest in trying. 

If he comes over to you and hugs you for no real reason or he makes breakfast for you while you are still in bed, don’t get annoyed at him for making a mess, rather show him your appreciation for the nice things that he does for you every day and he will likely do even more things for you when he sees how happy it makes you. 

If you never show your appreciation or you even get annoyed at him when he does something nice for you he will begin to feel rejected and stupid for trying and will eventually stop trying to do things to make you happy. He may even begin to resent you for making him feel this way. Ensure that you never reject him when he is showing you kindness. 

2. Show Him Respect

If you want to make a man feel needed and love ensure that you show him how much you respect him and his opinions. Men need to feel respected in their relationships and nothing will make men feel worse than to know that their partner doesn’t respect them. This will play a huge part in his self-confidence and self-esteem. 

If you make it clear to this man that you think that he is worthless and you lack any respect for him it will negatively affect his confidence and self-image in a huge way. Make sure that you respect your man in the way that he respects you. 

3. Show How Much You Appreciate Him

show how much you appreciate him

Show appreciation for all of the nice things that your man does for you, even if they are only small acts of kindness. If he gets you a cup of coffee when you are working late, helps you to do the dishes after dinner, or helps you tidy your room, don’t ignore what he does for you, and show your appreciation. 

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Thank him when he does something nice for you and you will ensure your man feels needed. You will see his self-confidence and happiness increase as soon as you start appreciating him and the things that he does. 

4. Tell Him You Love Him

Ensure that you tell him that you love him often and show him how you feel about him. Men need to feel love as much as anyone else so it is important that you don’t neglect to tell him how much you love having him in your life often. These words are so important no matter how much you have been together. 

Show this man your love for him by doing anything nice to help him or show him you care. If you want to help a man feel needed to tell him every day how much you love and care for him. 

5. Ask Him To Help You 

ask him to help you

If you want to ensure he feels loved by you, allow yourself to be vulnerable with him no matter how independent and strong you are by yourself. In any relationship, it is important to allow yourself to be looked after now and again by your partner and it will ensure he feels needed by you too. 


Does a man need to feel needed?

Men feel the need to be loved by their partners as much as anyone else. So ensure that you are aware if your man does not feel wanted or loved by you. If you notice that he is lacking self-esteem or confidence in your relationship, try telling him how much he means to you and how much you love having him in your life. 

How do you make a man feel respected?

Even if you are a very independent person and you are not someone that is overly expressive with your emotions you need to ensure that your guy feels needed and wanted by you by showing him how much you respect him. More than anything, showing man your respect will ensure he feels valued and worthy in your relationship. 

How do I make him feel like a king?

If you want to ensure men feel like a king, show him your respect, appreciation, and love. If your guy always does nice things for you but you don’t do one kind thing for him in return he will start to seem rejected and stupid and will likely stop trying to do anything to ensure you are happy anymore. No matter how long you have been together showing him your love for him. 

What does a man want in a woman in bed?

Men want women that will do anything to ensure they are happy and secure in a relationship. No one wants to be rejected by a special person in their life. Ensure to show him how much you love and care for him in all aspects of your relationship and you will both be much happier. Show him your appreciation for how he treats you too. 

How do you test a guy to see if he really loves you?

If you want to know if a guy really loves you, you will likely be able to tell quite easily. Men aren’t usually good at hiding their emotions and if he really loves you he will let you know exactly how he feels about you. If he really loves you, he won’t leave you wondering about how he feels. So, if you are unloved by him you need to question whether he is the right person for you. 

To Sum Up…

Men need to feel loved by their partner just as much as anyone else. No one wants to be rejected when they try and make their loved ones happy. Ensure that you show him how much you love and appreciate having him around in your life. No matter how independent you are, let him in and allow yourself to be vulnerable sometimes. 

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