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First Date Gifts (23 Impressive Ideas)

When it comes to a first date, what do you consider the most important thing? Is it the location, the timing of the date itself, what you wear, or the things you would say to your date? Everything concerning the first date with someone is important because you want to leave a lasting impression on him and hopefully go on more dates in the future. 

Another thing that women worry about is if guys should be the only ones giving first date gifts. Or if it is a good gesture to bring a gift of their own to the first date. Giving gifts is not something that is limited to one sex, it is one of the kind things anyone can do to show appreciation and care for their dates. 

Apart from trying to leave a good first impression, giving first date gifts can be great conversation starters that help to dispel the awkwardness of meeting someone you like for the first time. 

However, in giving first date gifts, you need to be careful and put in mind what he would like without going overboard. A small gift to start with can be the perfect gift but an exaggerated gift can cause the date to go wrong. 

Whatever gift you give him on the first date, it had to be done with enough thought for his personality type and to show him that you desire to get to know him better too.

It can be difficult to pick first date gifts for guys but, to help make the matter easier for you, this article contains tips for picking out great gift ideas that will score you another date with the person you like.

23 Appropriate First-Date Gift Ideas

1. Punctuality (Yes, That’s A Gift)

You might be wondering why this is even part of the gift ideas at all but, if your first date gift is to be received with utmost appreciation, then you need to practice some first date etiquette too.

One of the tips that you should adhere to is getting to the date venue on time. You might think it is fashionable to be late or be Cinderella making a grand entrance at a ball. However, not every man will be fascinated with a girl that almost stood him up. If you don’t arrive on time, he would assume you changed your mind and he might be gone before you get there. 

In that case, your gift was pointless. Even if you do meet him, it would be awkward to give him the gift as easily as you’d have if you were there at the agreed time. 

2. A Homemade Card

a homemade card

Homemade gifts speak volumes: they say “I care about you enough to make something special for you" or “you deserve something specially made". You don’t necessarily have to make the gift yourself, you can easily scout for simple yet rare handmade gift items in gift shops either online or in a physical store.

If he is into antique art, you can also get him a piece he will love and appreciate. Remember, you’re going for something simple yet significant. So, don’t go overboard with your search for a unique gift. 

3. A Simple Piece Of Jewelry

Now, it’s time to get him a gift. One of the easy gift choices to make is jewelry. A simple necklace, ear stud (if he wears any) or cufflinks will work in this case. However, you should take note ahead of whether he wears pieces of jewelry or not avoid buying a gift item he wouldn’t make use of.

Even if he doesn’t use other types of pieces of jewelry, most guys will have a course to use cufflinks at a point. Different types of cufflinks aren’t expensive. Look for a rare design to buy for him. 

4. A Ticket To A Game For Two

What kind of sport does he like? What is his favorite team? These are questions you should have answers to already before the first date, especially if you intend to buy him a gift. One way to make a man happy is to get him a ticket to a game he’d love to attend. 

When you buy two game tickets for the both of you, you’re saying you want to see him again and also share his sacred sports time with him. This gift idea is a bit tricky because if he doesn’t want to go on another date with you. You’ll either have to relinquish your ticket or attend an awkward outing with him. If he likes the gift, it means the relationship will proceed to the next level.

5. A Pair Of Socks

Starting with small gifts (like a pair of socks) simply means getting him something that comes in little packaging. How would you feel if someone bought you a car on the first date? Even if he is Mr. Grey from Shades of Grey and can afford to squander money if he so wishes, you would feel uneasy about getting a huge gift on a first hang out.

6. An Affordable Gift Like A Tie

If you want to spend a bit of money, a small tie is a way to go. Buying him the latest PlayStation Game on your first meeting is like asking will you marry me? It is better to start with gifts in little packaging and work your way up to getting him bigger things as you get to know him better.

7. A Gift That’s Not Too Romantic

Another mistake is overly romantic gifts. While you’re in a romance and hope to deepen the bond you share, something with a romantic connotation might symbol that you want something he might not be ready to give you.

Instead of giving him a gift card with mushy words, why not give him one with sweet and funny words, thereby creating a balance of sweetness and laidback humor. Things won’t go wrong this way.

8. A Personalized Gift As A Conversation Starter

Personalizing gifts has become a common trend and for good reason. Seeing your name or favorite words inscribed on a gift item will not only make you feel cared for but also feel like the other person has your best interests at heart.

A personalized gift doesn’t have to cost much. Simply get him something that will blow his mind without making him feel you’re pushing him to read too much meaning into the thoughtful gift.

9. A Box Of Chocolates If He Has A Sweet Tooth

a box of chocolates if he has a sweet tooth

The best gift to get someone with a sweet tooth would be a box of chocolates or candy. Of course, you would have done your research to know what brand he likes and make sure you’re getting him something that won’t trigger any allergy he might have.

Many people relate chocolates gifts to only women but men are humans too and they have sweet cravings also.

10. A Bunch Of Flowers

Another sweet gift item that people think only girls should get is flowers. While it’s true that girls receive flowers more than guys do, it is not a forbidden thing to get men flowers.

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Flowers along with a bottle of wine will work best if the date is happening in his house or you’ll be making a stopover at his house before you head out for the date. This gift might surprise him but it could also delight him.

11. A Practical And Functional Item

A gift that is practical, functional, whimsical, funny, or even edible is a great idea. He can finish in one gulp. People say it’s the thought that matters. Most times, this is true, especially if you and your date are in tune with each other.

12. A Simple Gift

When thinking of a gift to get, it is best to lean towards simple and inexpensive gifts because you are just meeting this man. Even if you can afford to buy something expensive, you should go for something more simple that won’t freak him out or make you look too forward with your affections. 

Since you have an idea of some of the things he likes, tailor the gift you’ll get him to fit his desires instead of going for something costly and irrelevant.

13. A Notebook Or Journal Is A Safe Gift Idea Option

When you have no idea what to get your date in the first meeting, going for a safe option like a journal or notebook is a wise decision. If you haven’t been talking to him for too long and you want to see each other sooner than later, you might want to select a practical gift. 

This way, you don’t appear too familiar but your gift will still say “I care enough to want to know you more".

14. A Small Origami Figure

One of the purposes of going on dates is to bond with each other and playing games such as origami will help build this bond. Origami is a creative hobby whereby you make some interesting figures that can make a good gift.

If you’re not that good at forming shapes with origami papers, you can choose to do some origami together with your date if the setting allows you to do so. Not only is this a unique gift idea, but it is also a fun one that will make sure your date isn’t boring. 

15. A Book He’s Been Talking A Lot About

a book he's been talking a lot about

If he loves reading, getting him a book is a very great idea. If there is a particular book or author he reads the most or has been talking so much about, giving him the same book will make his day and probably the whole month. 

Bookworms or people who generally love reading cherish book gifts a lot because they consider books invaluable. However, be certain he loves reading else, your precious thoughtful gift will be wasted on him.

16. A Fridge Magnet As A Reminder Of The Amazing Date

Another practical yet whimsical gift choice is a pair (or pack) of fridge magnets. The magnets could have his favorite cartoon characters or funny inscriptions with inside jokes only both of you share. 

It might seem like a too simple gift but if he appreciates it, that’s all that matters.

17. A Gift That Has Lasting Memories

You know him to a large extent, or else, you wouldn’t be putting yourself in a vulnerable position by going out with him. He has also opened himself up to you and so, you should consider getting him a gift he will not only appreciate but one that will hold lasting memories for him.

18. A Fancy Keychain

One of the most appropriate and safest gift choices for guys is a fancy keychain. There are hundreds of thousands of keychain designs to choose from. Go for a unique design that will speak to him the most. If he truly likes you, the gift is sure to endear you more to him.

19. A Box Of Homemade Cookies

There is hardly anyone who hates homemade cookies. The effort of baking the cookies yourself is enough to make a man serious about you place you on a pedestal.

You can also ask him what type of cookies he loves the most and get the recipe. Some guys might perceive your gift as too personal but if he is worth the effort, why not?

20. A Gift That Shows He Has Your Attention

After picking out a good gift for him, what you do during the date will also back up your gift. You aren’t giving him a gift just because you want to impress him, you’re doing it as a gesture of care to show he means more than just a casual date to you. So pay attention to him all through the date.

If you’re out for a fling, it won’t be completely wise to get him a gift since you know you won’t stick around for too long.

21. Avoid Pressing Or Checking Your Phone Too Much

avoid pressing or checking your phone too much

The fact that you got him a gift is no reason to give him only half of your time while you use the other half pressing your phone. Even if you bought him the most thoughtful or expensive gift, it’s a sign of disrespect to be too focused on your phone while you’re on a date.

It would be best to switch off your phone, put it on silent mode or leave it at home. Good relationships are built through solid communication and the date will determine how well you can communicate with each other.

22. Offer To Split The Bill

It is no big deal for a lady to split the bill with a man when they are out on a date. Some women even consider it insulting if a man assumes she will like him to settle the bill. 

One way to make a man respect you is when you suggest sharing payment of the bill. If he insists you not worry about it and you’re okay with him paying the bill alone, he might consider you a personal gift to him because you at least offered.

23. A Charging Station

This is a great first impression gift if he’s a techie kind of guy. Someone who uses a lot of devices will appreciate a practical wireless charging system as he knows the value it brings. The best part is that it is a practical gift that will always remind him of you for a long while. 

First Date Tips To Remember

1. Come Well Dressed

One tip is to dress to suit the exact purpose for the date, as well as the location. If you’re meeting on a boat for a picnic, don’t dress like you’re going to the park. If you’re set to meet at the park, don’t dress like you are going for a dinner date. If you aren’t sure where he’ll be taking you, ask him to give you specific details. 

Even if he wants it to be a surprise, tell him to give you a hint to make sure you’re appropriately dressed and to avoid anything unpleasant from happening. Also, keep your makeup minimal and neutral. 

2. Be At Ease And Be Yourself

be at ease and be yourself

First dates can make you nervous and a bit scared because you’re going out with this person for the first time and you don’t know what to expect. Firstly, how well do you know him? You don’t need to know everything about him before you go out with him but you still need to know enough before you commit to meeting him anywhere. 

Before the date, ask him questions in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re grilling him unnecessarily. Slip questions based on anything and everything to make sure this is the kind of person you can hang out with. In getting to know him a little more before the date, you will put your mind at ease and enjoy the date. Even picking out the perfect gift for him would be easy. 

3. Don’t Go In Blind

Just like getting to know him well, it is wise that you don’t go whichever way he chooses until you’re sure it’s a safe option for you. That is, know where exactly you’re going for the date. This date is not the time to be secretive about the location or what you’ll be eating. What if he brings along something that contains ingredients you’re allergic to?

Ask him the details of the date so you can prepare properly for the date. Also, the gift you get him might be dependent on the place you’ll be having the date. E.g. a box of chocolates can melt in the open sun while you were expecting the date would be in an enclosed air-conditioned area. 


Should you bring a gift on a first date?

You don’t need to bring a gift along with you on first dates but, most guys would bring a gift with them, even if it’s just a flower. Therefore, it’s okay to take with you a gift in return.

What's a good gift for a first date?

A good first date gift is simple, inexpensive, unique, practical, or small. Getting your date a gift that falls in any of these categories will put you on a safe and unassuming side. If the relationship works out, fine, if not, that’s good too. You wouldn’t have invested too much in it.

What should happen after the first date?

If you feel comfortable with the man and you enjoyed the first date, you can agree to another date. If you feel even more relaxed with and attracted to him, you can allow him to kiss you after the date.

How can I make my first date special?

One of the ways to make your first date special is by buying your date a gift that will remind him of you for the longest time yet. You can also pick a special location and ensure it’s a place he’ll love.

How do you flirt with a guy on the first date?

Flirting with guys on first dates begins with your outfit and outlook. Dress appropriately but add a few sexy touches like the right shade of lipstick or high heels. Then, use body language to speak your desire to him.

To Conclude

While you don’t need to present a gift on a first date, it is not a bad idea either, especially if the man is special to you. If you consider the tips in this article, you shouldn’t find it hard to pick the best first date gift item next time.

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