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How To Respond To Pick Up Lines (27 Cheeky Ways)

Cheesy pick up lines find a way to get under your skin, either by being irritatingly disturbing or hilarious. What determines the outcome is, first, the appearance of the person trying to pick you up, then his body language. You might not notice it at the time, but your reaction to a pickup line is always based on the kind of man using pick up lines to get your attention. 

Back in the day (or maybe the 80s and 90s), these lines were the thing. If you wanted to get any lady's attention or swoon her right, you needed to be fluent in pick up lines. According to many dictionary meanings, a pickup line is usually a rehearsed phrase used to start a conversation with a stranger (mostly females) in hopes of getting their attention or picking them up. 

Overtime, ladies worldwide became fed up with the lame lines, especially the “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven.” It was funny at first, but now it isn't anymore. It's difficult to ward off these guys sometimes or find the right way to respond to such pick up lines. 

Also, your response to a pickup line determines how long the conversion would be on for, which is why it's essential to learn how to respond to pick up lines. If you like him, you could throw in a catchy reply to spice it up quickly. 

27 Ways To Respond To Pick Up Lines

1. Make Him Repeat Himself

make him repeat himself

When he drops one of those cheesy lines on you, make him repeat himself. It's never the same when you have to say a pickup line more than once; it becomes more and more awful, and he can tell. It takes the ‘cool’ out of it if he says it more than once, and he'll feel like you're trying to make a fool out of him (which you are). Just ask him to repeat it. 

2. Use An Anti-Pick Up Line

Some lines nullify whatever cheesy pick up that guys come up with you either woo you or get your attention. These anti-pick-up lines should be able to stop him on his tracks or, at the very least, make him laugh. 

If he says something like, “did it hurt when you fell off the sky?” he's implying that you are an angel. And because you know what he's about to say, you quickly reply, “No, but it'll hurt when I turn you down.” Or, if he cheesily asks for your name, you could respond by asking him if he doesn’t already have one. 

3. Pull A Copycat

Copy him and make him feel silly about talking to you. Throw his questions back at him as soon as he drops them. Believe me; he's going to get tired and leave. Let him cringe at the sound of his own words thrown back at him. I bet the guys who use these lines never actually listen to themselves. Plus, it never works; why do you still bother?

4. Be Honest

You don't have to pretend to like something that you don't. If a person uses a pick up line that practically makes you cringe, don’t try to be kind or respectful, let them know.

A gentleman wouldn't try a dirty pick up line to get your attention or in your pants. Tell him the truth. Being honest is one of the best ways to respond to a pick up line.

5. Smile


...But not too much. I mean, unless he looks like boyfriend material to you, a smile is a lot. However, depending on the person delivering the signature pick up line, sometimes it’s better to be polite. 

Some men do this to break the ice with a woman they're attracted to, not necessarily because they want it to work. The smile doesn't even have to be a genuine one; it could all be sarcasm. As I said, the choice is all yours.

6. Walk Away

Walking away saves you a lot of stress. You do not have to think about how to respond to the cheesy pick up line you just heard. This is the best move to make if you don't want anything to do with this guy ever! It sends a loud, clear message that that's not what you're into. If the person has a sense of decency, he’ll let it go.

7. Call People's Attention To Him

Since he's not primarily afraid of being embarrassed, call the attention of your friends (if you're not alone) and ask him to repeat what he said. If he doesn't, then he got the point. It takes a brave guy to walk up to a beautiful lady and her friends to say, “girl, are you a parking ticket because you’ve got ‘fine’ written all over you.” Please give him credit for the effort if you’re intrigued.

8. Tell Him You Heard It Before

You don't need to do too much if you're taking this route; quickly shut him down with the “I have heard that before” line, and he will stop. Nobody wants to create a mundane first impression with an outdated pick up line. This move would halt him in his tracks faster than a witty reply. Men don't like it when a girl shuts them down, so that'll send him away. 

9. Follow His Lead

When a guy hits you with a pickup line, he's getting at something. Maybe he wants to have a drink with you or get your number; either way, there's an end goal to those witty pick up lines. If you wish, you can follow his lead, and drop one pick up line or two. 

If he leads with, “Are you a bank loan, because you got my interest,” then you could respond with “That depends on the type of assets you have.” Depending on the time and place, you could actually sit down and get to know each other. 

10. Tell Him Off

Just come clean with him, let him know that you're not interested in whatever endpoint he's getting at if you aren't. Decent people will take a step back if they know the person they’re trying to ‘woo’ isn’t interested. There's no need to pretend about who you are to a total stranger. If you tell him off and mean it, he will give you your space. 

11. Be Nice

be nice

It can't hurt to be kind when responding to a pick up line. Some people may use a pick up line to spread joy, get your attention, or just make you smile. Smiling at him goes a long way to show him how much you appreciate him for the effort. 

Being nice also means not shooting him down the very minute he drops the first pick up line and maybe not making him repeat what he said to embarrass himself. But believe me, some guys deserve the cruelty. 

12. Lead Him On

I mean, two can play that game. Lead him on to where he's driving at with this pick up line and perhaps leave him there. Allow him to believe that the cheesy line worked on you, and then drop the bomb. Maybe in the process of leading him on, you may find something nice about him.

Drop your own cheesy pickup line and watch for where it all goes; as I said, it could turn out to be something beautiful in the end or a waste of your time. 

13. Be Calm

Don't freak out or anything; it's only a pickup line. I agree that some of them come from the pit of hell, but it should rile you up so much that you scream or lose your cool. Don't give them (the guys) too much satisfaction by your reaction. Plus, you may end up embarrassing yourself. However, if he's harassing you, speak up or call the attention of someone around you to it. 

14. Ignore Him

Don't bother giving your name or replying to the pick up line. Pretend you didn't hear anything he said, he will go away. Don't smile at him or reply with something witty; he may have a lot of those under his sleeves. 

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Say nothing and don't acknowledge his presence at all. If you've got earplugs put them on and shut him out completely. That's the best reply you can give someone you’re not into. 

15. Be Fake As Well

I think when guys use a pickup line, they are fake. That's not how they talk to women who are important to them, and if maybe you agree to go out with him in the future, he's not going to use that famous pick up line to communicate his intentions. 

So, feed him the same dish he's serving you, be who you're not awkwardly. So much that he can tell you're faking it just like he is. 

16. Be Savage

Savagery is also an excellent way to shut him up. When he hits you up with a pick up line like “girl, Are you a time traveler? Because I absolutely see you in my future” respond with a savage anti-pick-pick-up line like “Are you the moon? Because I need you 238,000 miles away from me.”

17. Innocently Flirt

innocently flirt

Now is an excellent time to flirt with a stranger for the fun of it. You know none of the things you imply is ever going to happen, yet you give yourselves a good time pretending it could. 

18. Give Him A Shot

If you like this man, ignore my negative responses and go for it. People are different, and it's okay that this type of thing gets you swooned (no judgment). Blush at his every pick up line and perhaps lean into his subtle demands. Be open to whatever conversation he starts up and maybe give him your name and number at the end of the day. 

19. Shame Him A Little

If neither of us tells these men that it's a silly thing when they use a pickup line to get a girl, they'll keep it going. If you have the patience, lure him into a conversation and then tell him how ridiculous that move was or you can say it to him before anything else. 

Some of them need to know that this style is out of fashion and therefore, a bit annoying. We only take genuine compliments over here. 

20. Be Witty

Being witty just adds spice to everything and perhaps helps you have a friendly conversation with a stranger. It lightens the mood if you ask me. Throw him a witty comment and if he wants he can grab a seat. 

Being witty also makes him cut the crap faster than anything else. Also, there's never a wrong time to show off your humor, especially after hearing a crappy pick up line.

21. Call Him Lame

I think every guy’s worst fear is to be told that he's lame or below ordinary. That's what I think of the people who resort to pickup lines. Try to have a real conversation with a lady and pay her a genuine compliment if you want to. There's no need to go through the stress of rehearsing a pick up line to deliver when she can see right through it. Cut him halfway through his bullshit and call him lame. 

22. Ask Him To Take The Mask Off

ask him to take the mask off

Men, who use these lines are hiding behind a mask that someone else made, especially if it's a very generic one like “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” I usually give out points to guys who use something I haven't heard before, like a bonus for creativity. 

When you tell it to him like that, he's going to drop the act (if he's smart.) He may not want to hear this, but it's the truth, and we all know it hurts. 

23. Throw Him Your Lines

I think, as women, we need to have one signature pick up line as well. Keep them ready for an unfortunate guy who walks into our trap with his lines. This would take him off balance, make him blush, and probably turn the tables in your favor. 

Here are a few lines for you. ”Is there an aeroplane nearby or is that the sound of my heart taking off?” or ”Do you have an extra heart? Someone stole mine.” Playing their game may just tip the scales.

24. Laugh

You've got to admit that some of these pickup lines make you want to laugh so hard until your belly cramps up. I wonder who comes up with these things and how they even expect it to win a woman over. I mean it'll probably make you laugh even though you may or may not consider taking the person seriously?

25. Reject Him

As I said, there's always an end game to these pickup lines. If it's a dirty line, he wants to sleep with you. Turn him down if you don't want to do that. Let him know he's not going to get anything from you and is better off giving up on the cause. You can even tell him his cheesy lines won't take him anywhere and mean it. 

26. Be Logical

All of these pickup lines are not logical at all. If you think hard about it, it doesn't make any sense. These guys know that they are not rational, but they say it anyway because they believe it's cool. If you come at him logically, it'll throw him off balance. They never expect the lady to challenge it. He only hopes that it makes you smile enough to like him.

27. Be Silent

be silent

Don't say anything to a stranger who uses a vile pick up line to get your attention; he deserves dead silence. Let him say whatever he wants to, and when he doesn't get a response, he will leave. It's foolish to try to get a girl with a trashy pickup line, and the best answer for foolishness is silence, trust me. 


How do you respond to dirty pick up lines?

Unless you want to keep this going, the best response to these dirty pick up lines is not responding at all. The moment you say something or even nod in approval or disapproval, you're hooked. 

How do you respond to flirting?

Well, if you want to keep things going, respond with one nice compliment too. When guys are flirting with a girl, they drop many sweet compliments about the way she looks. These guys want to hear these things too, say something endearing about him too; keep it short and straightforward. 

However, you can also respond to flirting with body language; a little smile or hair flip would mean whatever he's doing is working on you. 

What is innocent flirting? 

Innocent flirting, unlike real flirtation, is explicitly done to feel good without any intentions of going any further. Like when you meet a guy at the bar and flirt with him even though you're never going to speak with him again. 
The thing about innocent flirting is that it's just straight talk; no actions take place afterward. Some couples permit each other to go innocent flirting as it spices up the relationship. 

What to say to pick up a guy? 

After a lot of eye contact, walk up to this man and say ”hello,” then introduce yourself confidently. You can start the conversation with a compliment as well, like “nice shoes,” guys live for these compliments as well. 

How do you impress a guy? 

The best way to impress a guy is to be yourself while you're at it. If you have to pretend to be someone else to be with him, it's not worth it. Guys are very impressed by brilliant women, find a subject he likes, and learn key things about it. 

In Summary 

This article is your best manual for responding to pick up lines; I hope you enjoyed reading them. Please leave a comment in the box below and share this article with your lovely friends.

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