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How To Make a Libra Man Miss You (5 Little Known Tricks)

June 27, 2024

Are you trying to make a Libra man miss you?

Perhaps you’re in a long-distance relationship?

Or maybe there’s a previous lover who you desperately want back?

Either way, we’re going to reveal the best ways to make a Libra man miss you in this article.

However, it’s first really important that you listen to this story.   

There’s a little-known aspect of male psychology that can really help in your mission to make any man miss you. 

It’s a primal instinct often referred to as the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

When a woman learns how to activate this way of thinking in a man, it releases waves of powerful emotions inside him. He feels more strong, loved and purposeful. Naturally, he is drawn closer to women who make him feel like this. 

Once I learned how to trigger this line of thinking, it became so much easier to attract great men into my life (to learn more, read my personal story). 

This is a really easy skill to master, once you know how. And it’ll certainly help to make a man miss you when you leave. 

So, if you have a man thinking about you more than he currently is, I’d urge you to learn more about how I discovered the power of the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.   Having said that, the tips below work specifically well for Libras.  

How to Make a Libra Man Miss You

Making a Libra man miss you is a very specific skill. Luckily, the Libra is one of two signs ruled by Venus,  literally the planet of love, pleasure, and relationships! If anyone has an interest in being in love, romance and sharing the pleasures of life, it's a Libra. If they are alone, they aren't themselves, so now is the time to act before they are snapped up again!

1. You will need to be patient

It's likely that the Libra man hasn't had enough of you just yet, but making him miss you will mean being patient and will consist of a lot of work into wooing him once again. Making him miss you is all about acting with grace and gratitude. The Libra male has to be appreciated, and since this is an air sign the Libra man is usually trying to make up his mind with evidence as to your suitability for him. 

Unlike a Gemini, this sign can focus on more than one thing, so you might worry you have already lost him, but there's a good chance he is just busy and needs to be reminded of your amazing qualities. You need to try and get in front of him as soon as possible - as this highly romantic sign is capable of returning to a former lover, if you play it right.

2. Start your strategy ASAP

Although being patient is key, the timing of your strategy to make a Libra man miss you is very important. You need to change his mind and ensure he is attracted to you while there's still time. At the same time, don't leave it too late and risk trying to steam roller over a Libra man. He hates when people try and contradict him. If he has made up his mind to separate, then do not chase them after the breakup and beg him to come back, sadly, it's likely to be too late to get him back.

3. Act cool calm and balanced

A Libra man will likely have fallen for you when you were acting positive, balanced and calm. This is the type of woman a Libra naturally gravitates towards. If that was you with the beginning of the relationship, it is very likely that if you started arguing, or if the Libra man didn't feel they were admired and praised, they may want to recapture some of that magic. What can you do to revert to being more like the woman they first knew? You need to find a balance between the support you give your Libra man and the support he gives to you .

If you've had a short pop of a relationship or a liaison with a Libra man, now is the time to act cool and calm. He can be indecisive and free spirited, and he will decide when he is tied down. Sadly, you can't badger, cajole or push a Libra man into being committed too early on. The best bet is to be really independent and show that you are quite the catch yourself!

Any true  Libra man will want you to be independent and not place all your happiness in his hands. If you can show that you are taking care of yourself, that you are comfortable and that you value yourself as much as you value him, this will be a real turn on. It might mean you make sure you have your own interests and set boundaries, or if you are starting to k now him that you keep yourself busy, surrounded by friends and occupied, in short, living as if you are just fine without him!

4. Don't ignore him

To a Libra, being ignored is like taking the life force out of him. Naturally social, this sign will do anything to avoid the pain of being ignored. Unlike other signs, this is less about pride than his innate desire to be sociable. If you can ignore him, he might act like it's no big deal, but it will get to him. It depends on your individual Libra man and the situation to see whether this results in a win back campaign from him, or if he actually moves on. Sadly

Libra men never seem to have a shortage of willing women in their lives, so ignoring him can really backfire. It's better to be calm, reasoned and suggest you go out as friends. Let him come around in his own time to you. Be sincere and be appreciative. If he acts like a gentleman, really lay it on thick about how great that is. This is something he will really be flattered by and is a great way back into his heart.

5) Bring something new

A Libra man is a delight to be around but he thrives on positivist and get go.  He always tends to want a partner that can challenge hum. He isn't worried about his pride and the idea of you shining brighter than him - he will just find it delighting. If you are feeling glum and blue about his departure in your life, then be sure not to show it.

If you are still friends, suggest an adventure or something to make him really feel the buzz of life. Tell him some facts. Talk about the amazing plans you have ahead of you. Even if it feels like you are showing off, he won't take it this way - in fact, he will probably be your biggest cheerleader. If you are just nearby then you can win him over with smiles, pleasant conversation, and a heavily intentional dose of eye contact - as if you had just met.

Because they are so headstrong, to get back a Libra man you will need to show that you've changed and inspire them with your new image. He needs to be drawn to you to fall in love with you again. But know that for this sign, it's not enough just to say that you've changed Even if it's truly so he's already lost trust in you and you will need to employ special means of influence in order to make them want you. However, it's key that these changes are genuine and not games.

Of course, don’t manipulate the Libra man just to try and tempt him back to you. With this sign it’s a really dangerous game and as a good human who respects men you should of course be only interested in making a Libra miss you because you are your own wonderful self! Don’t lower yourself to playing childish games and risk damaging what you do have with him.

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There is hope!

If you can get the Libra man in your life to miss you, you will be onto a winner. He will pursue you and will likely want to be romantic and quite the gentleman. Ideally, you will be able to accept this with good grace and positivist. This ladies' man will show you he misses you by being attentive, starting conversations and will smile, dress smartly and compliment you openly. Look out for these signs that the Libra man is missing you. Unlike other signs who might mope or look sad without you, the Libra man may look just fine, but don't leave the idea of the relationship behind without looking out for the signs that he really is missing you!

How are you going to play it with the Libra man in your life? Why did you break up or move apart emotionally and what have you learned that worked? We love to hear about the people who have used our tips to improve their relationships and we would like to see some happy Libra men who can tell us first hand if they have gone back to a past lover, and why.

Please do share this article across your social networks or with a friend who might need some help with the wisdom of the zodiac to get that Libra man back in their life!


How Do You Make A Libra Man Miss You?

If you want to make a Libra man miss you then you need to make sure that you are patient. Making him miss you will take patience. Make sure that you don’t ignore him as this will put him off, remain calm and balanced if you are trying to get him to miss you. Try and show him new things so that he is interested in you and misses you when you aren’t there. 

What Does It Mean If A Libra Man Misses You?

If a Libra man misses you then it likely means that he likes you. Libra men like socialising so he likely doesn’t enjoy being alone, he may even miss you more than you miss him. If he does miss you he will probably be open with you and tell you exactly how he feels. 

How Do You Know If A Libra Man Is In Love With You?

If a Libra man really loves you then he will be vulnerable and open with you about his feelings. He will make an effort with and make time for you and make you one of his priorities. He will be physically affectionate with you and buy you cute and thoughtful gifts. These are the signs that a Libra man is in love with you. 

Should I Give My Libra Man Space?

If you have started dating a Libra it is important not to try and talk to him too much as he may lose interest quickly. Keep him interested by only talking to him a few times a week rather than all day every day. Try giving him space and he will probably start to like you even more. 

Do Libras Get Over An Ex?

Libras will not fall in love with just anyone. If they say they are in love with someone then they mean it. Libras can often become friends with their ex as they want to keep them in their life. However, Libras can move on from relationships quite quickly. 

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