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4 Undeniable Signs a Leo Man Likes You

June 27, 2024

Are you wondering whether a Leo man likes you? 

Most Leos wear their hearts on the sleeve, but perhaps this one is being a bit more coy about his feelings?

If so, read on. 

This guide lists the four undeniable behavioural clues that a Leo man will leave when he’s attracted to someone. 

However, before these are revealed, I’d urge you to pay close attention to the following sentences. 

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Of course, it’s possible that this lovely Leo likes you already. If he does, he’ll be showing one or more of the behavioral hints listed below. 

What is a Leo man like?

You might not be totally sure if your man is a Leo. Luckily, this strong sign has plenty of recognizable characteristics that set him apart from others. Most Leo’s are proud to have one of the most powerful signs and will be quick to announce with confidence - ‘I’m a Leo!’ As you probably know, a Leo man will have a birthday between July 23 and August 22nd.

Leo men love to be front and center

Leos are naturally joyful and keen to be the center of attention. Their energy is boundless and they have an enthusiasm for life. Whether introvert or extrovert, a Leo enjoys spending time sharing their party spirit and are keen to involve everyone. That guy that’s always grabbing more drinks at parties, suggesting games or starting off beer pong? Probably a Leo. With the Sun as his ruler, bright colors are usually around him, so look out for that bright red sports car!

Leo men love to touch

Just like the lion from their namesake, a Leo man is touchy. He craves intimacy on a base level and will most likely be the kind of man who will swing an arm around your shoulder, hold your waist as you walk by and will be very comfortable with physical touch.

When it comes to their own likes, the ears, chin and neck (classic cat cuddle zones!) are the places that really show affection for him. Whilst it’s probably too soon to lunge at him and nuzzle unto his neck, this is good information to hold onto for later!

Leo men tend to be leaders

Perhaps the Leo man in your life is above you in title. Natural leaders, their fierce character attracts sheep looking for direction. If you’re interested in a Leo man you’ll have already started to fall for his domineering character, but with his strong personality, it can be tricky to read into his romantic feelings.

Leo men love a challenge

For a Leo man, everything is a challenge and nothing is unattainable. That vibrant energy in the boardroom or a party spills into his love life and when it comes to women, a Leo man will be wanting the very best beauty and brains. Make him laugh, but make him work for it and you’ll have him eating out the palm of your hand.

Signs a Leo Man Likes You

When it comes to undeniable signs a Leo man likes you, here are the ones I’ve seen time and time again that you need to start looking out for1

The Leo Man Hunts You Down

Firstly, the Leo man will seek you out. With a Leo man, you’ve got to keep his attention. After all this is a highly personable, vibrant individual who is always looking for something to catch his interest. Just like a cat tires of a toy and seeks out something else to play with, if a Leo man is seeking you out at parties work or in social situations, you’re surely in his good books.

You’ll start to notice that he’s always around you, and that he wants to make you laugh or lust after him. Because Leo men are sometimes referred to as the ‘ultimate bachelor’ this can be a thrill for you and a big compliment and an ego boost – after all, Leo men only go after the ‘cream of the crop’, but now is the time to remember that he likes a challenge. Don’t pander to him too soon. Whilst this is a delicate game to play, the thrill of the chase is everything for a Leo man so make sure you play along!

He Moves Quickly

A Leo man will want you to feel included and part of the group and he is luckily not the type who would withhold affection like other signs might. The only tricky part is deciding if this is just him being a Leo – happy to include people, share the love and spread good vibes, or if it’s something more!

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The romantic signs to look for walk a fine line between this, but it starts with alone time.  As well as him spending more time around you, he’ll be touching you in conversation when he can. The Leo man will want to build intimacy quickly, even if you’ve only just met. He might want to take Instagram photos of you together. He might suggest you head outside alone. He might talk about his family and home town.

He will be interested in talking to you, sitting with you and acting almost as if you have known each other years in no time at all. Expect him to swing a leg over you, to lounge back comfortably on the couch, and when you exchange numbers, to call you up for something or ‘just to chat’.

Whilst this might feel unusual and you might worry you are in the friend zone, these are all sure signs that the Leo man likes you and is letting you into his private world.

He’s Showing His Prowess

Leo men are also keen to make grand gestures and spend money to show love and also to showcase their power and dominance. If the Leo man is showering you with gifts, big or small, bringing you things (perhaps your morning Starbucks?) there’s a strong chance he wants to make you the lioness in his pride.

You don’t even need to be his girlfriend yet – if he’s going out of his way to show affection through gifts or even demonstrating his prowess (winning that toy at the fair, talking about his promotion, giving you financial advice) then you can be quite sure that the Leo man has set out to impress you and clearly likes you.

He’s also a pack animal, and will likely have a group of friends he shares his time with. A Leo that likes you will be in his element if he can impress you whilst in his group, so look out for invitations to things like beach volleyball or other group outings that put you together and give him the spotlight to show off his skills!

He’s Showing Dominance

Finally, the number one sign that shows the undeniable truth that a Leo man likes you is that he is jealous. Whilst this is one way to get a lion’s back up and shouldn’t be played with unless you want to get burned, a Leo that’s really into you will feel the flames of jealousy quickly.

He’ll show dominance against other males in the pack in a variety of ways. Perhaps he will make it to the bar first before anyone else can buy you a drink, or he will insist on paying for dinner in a group, or simply you get the sense that he is sending clear ‘back off’ messages to the other men when you are around.

He’ll be keen to use lots of words like ‘us’ and ‘we’ and will be on his guard against rivalries. Look out for these tell-tale signs that he’s keen for you to be the only lady in his life, but play safe!


How Do You Know If A Leo Man Likes You?

The proof is all in the attention he gives you. Leo men tend to equate attention to affection and as such, they dish the same out when they like someone. He also goes out of his way to ensure that you’re comfortable. He really wants to get to know you intimately.

How Do Leos Act When They Like Someone?

Their first instinct is to try to impress you, but this is not a show of pride in any way. It's just their way of flirting with you. Even more, they spend a lot more time with you. They use that charm of theirs to make you feel like the only person in the room.

How Do You Make A Leo Man Miss You?

Pay him the occasional compliment, Leos love to be praised and this will make his heart quite fond. Also, while you pursue him a bit, bring it down to the bare minimum. Let him pursue you for the most part of it. More importantly, keep it tight, do not slack on the looks front, he wants to show you off.

How Do You Know If A Leo Man Is Losing Interest?

He dials back on the attention level and you notice that both of you hardly talk. All that classic Leo charm is also dialed back and you're left with a cynic who puts you down at will. Also, he’s constantly making excuses for why he cannot spend time with you.

How Do Leo Guys Flirt?

For the most part, Leos are pretty hands on when it comes to their flirting style. They have silver tongues and they know how to use them, you will hear everything your heart wants to hear. All in all, they will woo you and make you feel like the only person in the world.

What Do You Think?

Do you agree with all the characteristics of Leo men here? What about your Leo, do you think that he is showing the signs of liking you?

And when you get the Leo man, do they change? Whilst every individual man is different, it’s great to get an insight into the characteristics he has as a Leo, one of the most captivating and dominant signs. As you can imagine, when he moves the relationship on you will be in for a real treat as you become someone special and valued in his life.

Why not see if your sign matches your Leo man and even see how your relationship could look in the future?

Share this article with someone you know who would love to know how to snare that Leo in their life!

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